Do you prefer your eyeshadows in pots or palettes?

Do you prefer your eyeshadows in pots or palettes? Do you depot shadows to fit into palettes? Only buy from brands with palette options?


I prefer palettes myself. I just find I forget about anything that isn’t in the palette — if it’s in the palette, I’ll see it when I’m feeling like a blue eyeshadow or a pink one.

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I prefer pots. I love palettes because of the value, but I like taking my makeup around with me if I’m going out. And if I’m only using one or two eyeshadows out of a giant palette, I’m not gonna want to schlep all that around.

You can have things post on a schedule – so I often schedule the morning posts so they’re up for those on the east coast, while I’m probably sleeping on the west coast, lol!

me too !
i feel the same way.
my MAC, urban decay, and benefit eyeshadows that are not depotted sit in the drawer never to be found again. I find palettes more convenient too !

I prefer palettes as well! Usually eye make-up calls for many colours so it’s easier for me to just pull one or two palettes out instead of bringing out multiple pots!

Palettes! Bobbi Brown’s Simplify Organize etc palettes are my holy grail, because you get the option to store either all eyeshadows, or several eyeshadows and a blush in the same palette.

I tend to travel a lot, so palettes are a must have.

thats a hard one cuz I love making my own palattes from Mac and buyin palettes as well, but I also hate buying palettes, do to not using all the colors in them so at times I think it’s a waste of money for me but u do get more money for your buck??? but on the other hand I love buy pots that way I can just get the one or 2 colors I love and not the others as too I may not use them ..hmmm so now I think I may just buy pots seeing that I have soo many palettes that I don’t use all the colors and what do u do with them after u use the colors u like..

i have three mac palettes but i recently started to buy them in the pots. idk why lol i think that imm sorta the opposite lol cuz i always forget to use my mufe palette.

Palettes, definitely! I tend to forget about colors if I don’t have them in palettes too.
I haven’t depotted the shadows I have that are in limited edition packaging though. Like the ones from Neo Sci-Fi, Moonbathe or Style Warrior. They’re just so pretty… But I might do it one day.

To this day, I still prefer my eye shadows in pots. I am sure I am one in a thousand. 😛 I take my make-up everywhere for touch-ups, and I could not be bothered taking an entire palette (which I would find some way to shatter) or taking four out and putting them in a quad each morning and then putting them back at night. It is just not convenient for me. If I ever did depot though, that should would be an interesting Back 2 MAC trip! 😛 I must have at least 150 pots…

I just use pots!
I travel too and from uni quite a lot and its easier just to be able to pick up one or 2 pots, then take a whole pallette.
Plus, it makes it look like I’ve got lots of makeup 😉

I much prefer palettes (and will go to the trouble depot a color I love). I’m way too scattered during makeup application, and having my shadows all in one place makes life a little easier. Good question!

I used to depot my eyeshadows thinking that I can save space but realised that eyeshadows in pots have their advantages: 1) I can bring a specific color with me when I travel without having to bring the entire palette 2) Less risk of damaging the e/shadow 3) Higher resell value when I someday decide to sell that particular eyeshadow

I have about 90% of all my eyeshadows in pots, but I slowly start to prefer palettes, especially when they are color coordinated.

I love those empty Bobbi Brown ones where you can create you own perfect face palette.

I prefer my e/s in palettes because I find it easier to get an overview, to decided which combinations to choose, and I just like to organize them and keep my collection neat and nice. 🙂

i am the same. If i dont have my eye shadows in a palette i forget they even exist. I could love a color so much but ill never use it if its not organized in a palette and in front of me.

Definately palettes! Before I knew MAC e/s was available in a pan without the pot, all of my e/s were pots and it was not functional for me! I forgot about colours! Good thing was if I dropped a pot there wasn’t much of a mess whereas if/when I drop my palettes its uber messy! I only by pans now unless its a LE e/s 🙂

I also prefer palettes, it’s very hard to see what you have if they’re all in pots. That’s why I depotted most of my singles into a 15 palette. A lot of brands that I like don’t do as many singles as Mac, so I don’t tend to buy them much anyway except for 17 (very good value eyeshadows for less than half of Mac’s price) and L’Oreal and a couple of Dior singles.

Just a question, when I went to my Mac counter with my B2M empty pots, the sales assistant said they weren’t allowed / very keen on taking them without the pans – although she did take them and I got 2 lovely lipsticks. Anyway, is this true? Also how can you depot eyeshadows without utting / messing up the plastic around the pan?

I prefer paletts, I depot any eyeshadow to fit into my paletts, it is much easier storage and easier to find a specific color I want to wear that day.

I tend to use my palette-d mac eyeshadows far more than my single ones that are not in palettes.
I want to try to depot my eyeshadows that are non mac and dedicate a palette for them, but they wouldn’t fit and there are some I use much more often, so I think I’ll keep my drug-store eyeshadows in their pots and pans and whatever they come in and my mac-ones in palettes (:

I depot all my eyeshadows now. I find that I use all my eyeshadows more when they are in palette form because I can see them all at once. Plus I’ve been able to get a lot of free product from the recycling program!

I rarely enjoy premade palettes, since you are stuck with what the manufacturer has decided works. On the other hand, I love being able to get pro palettes, and fill them up with shadow refills or depotted singles, creating my own palettes. The visibility means easy access and less forgetting of what there is in the stash!

I think i prefer palettes because I always reach for those first so I can see all my options at once. Then fish through my e/s pots to see if theres anything better. But in the end I used my palettes more often than my eyeshadow pots. If I was better at depotting I would depot all of my potted mac shadows that couldnt come in a pan refill =P

I prefer pots (except Mac eyeshadows, because of the price). Palettes are nicer to have (they look prettier (in my eyes)) and the storage of them is great, but I don’t use the palettes I have as much as my pots. So definitely the pots.

I prefer palettes since I love depotting my eyeshadows so that I can see what colors that I want to use. It makes it so much easier on me. I always buy LE eyeshadows in pot form while I buy the permanent eyeshadows in pan form.

I depotted all my MAC-sized eyeshadows into 15-pan pro palettes for space reasons, and I prefer palettes for that purpose (otherwise I’d need a bigger apartment, haha). The one thing I find sort of annoying is when I want to combine two colors that I put in different palettes. 😉

I definitely prefer palettes. I LOVE opening my palettes and seeing all my pretty eyeshadows waiting for me lol. I just started my second MAC palette and I’m so excited to start filling it! I only buy MAC shadows in the pan. The only time I’ll buy a MAC shadow in the pot is if I’m purchasing from the CCO. That way I’ll end up paying $4 LESS than regular price AND I get to B2M the pot after depotting… which is another reason I love palettes!! I have 12 pots ready to go B2M!!! Two free lipsticks here I come!! LOL (I’ve been debating on what to get for weeks now lol)

I really prefer palettes as they help me imagine new looks. I do keep some smaller palettes for carrying around and will pop in the shadows I need. I really like Bobbi Brown’s packaging where the shadows pop easily out of their containers and into a palette. I can pop them back into their container for on the go use.

palette, so I can see them all!

Maybe if I had a big makeup area in my home where I could lay all my eyeshadow out I would like it in pots, but palette is so much easier.

Right now I am contemplating about depotting the rest of my MAC shadows into one of their 12 pan palettes. I have made 2 palettes on my own and now I’m becoming palette crazy. I think it’ll just make my makeup more organized. Also, I have been traveling with my UD Ammo palette – so much easier to pack!

I don’t mind either…However now that I got my first MAC 15x , I never want to buy singles again! lol

I have 26 single mac shadows right now .. I have no clue how to depot really… If it isn’t easy, I’m afraid I’d crack the shadow doing it lol

Same here. I definitely prefer palettes because I forget about eyeshadows that are in pots. That’s probably why I barely use my Urban Decay eyeshadows in pots and just end up using all my MAC eyeshadows which are in palettes.

Hi! Urban Decay e/s can also fit into a MAC palette. You can depot them the same way you do with MAC. 🙂 All of my MAC, UD, Lorac, and NYX trio e/s live happily together. Lol!

I keep my favorites in pot becasue I’d like to throw some in my purse before I leave home.
I keep the others eye shadows which I rarely use in palette.

I prefer to get the 15x palettes and put my own arrangement of colours in each palette, usually by moods or themes.

But I do have other brands that I won’t depot because I do find carrying a single pot or two when I’m travelling. If i’m not going to my mom’s I don’t want to carry around all my stuff so I try to travel light.

i’m undecided….i kind of prefer pots for their sturdiness as someone mentioned, but they take up a lot of space and can be cumbersome to transport. i also wish that everyone made the same format as mac so they could be easily viewed in my collection… LOL…actually i don’t really like mac’s ‘special’ packaging for some LE collections (for example moonbathe) because although it looks nice on its own, the packaging kinda distracts when i’m looking at all the shadows together and trying to select colours. i’ve started depotting my mac shadows for this reason, but i also wish that mac would put a clear cover on their 15 pan palettes!

Have you tried the zpalette? I have five of them and the large can fit 26 MAC sized e/s plus it has a clear cover! I replaced my MAC palette with these. You can buy it through or The large is $20 and they also have a smaller size as well. Check it out!

Palettes all the way. I’m kind of a palette junkie. I love seeing all the colors next to each other and visualizing color combos. It’s also a huge time saver. Sure it can get messy but I have a spare fluffy brush that I use to sweep it clean once a week, more or less.

Palette for sure!
My main reasoning is that what I feel like I’m doing when I’m doing my makeup (and I’m sure a lot of people do) is sort of like painting a picture, even if I’m not wearing very much makeup that day.
A painter holds up his palette and dips his brush into one color and then quickly dabs from another and a little from another etc.
So yes definitely palettes because all of the colors are ready to use and laid out in front of you 🙂

I’m on the fence in regards to palettes or pots. I have depotted several of my es to save on storage; however, I kinda miss having my small pots. I tend to buy bands that sell in both palette and individual form. I love having both options available to me. If I like the product I will buy it.

I definitely prefer individual pots but I have more eye shadows in palettes as it allows me to carry all of my shadows in my kit, with ease. I really hate how messy the palettes get though. 🙁

I have more than 200 MAC eyeshadows, so I have mine organized in 12 Palettes because they are so much easier to use and store than having all those black pots sitting around. Plus, getting the 11.00 pans instead of the 15.00 pots saves money!

I prefer Palettes, however I have only around 25 eyeshadows, 18 which are MAC, 2 Bobbi Brown, 1 Micabella, and others(pigments). So I don’t forget my eyeshadows easily. When I say palettes, I mean the customizable MAC propalette because I rarely like every colour in a pre-packaged one.

Palettes because:
You can see all the colours in an overview. I lay my palettes on my bathroom counter so I can’t drop it really (at least not high enough to case damage if I am holding it and drop it). I don’t re-touch my make-up through out the day expect my lips so travel isn’t an issue too much. Although when I sometimes do my makeup on the train (because I’m in a morning rush), I take the ProPalette X4 and some brushes for a simple look.

I do keep my Limited Edition eye shadows in their pots just because they are LE but I have mixed feelings if I should just depot them especially if my collection grows bigger.

I prefer pots! I cant stand palettes 🙁 I find that the powder from one shadow tends to migrate to the neighbouring shadow sometimes mixing itself! Hate it.

The shadows in my palettes get neglected!

I prefer them in a pallette. I have WAY too many MAC shadows. Well not as many as some people, but I have about 8 pallettes full of shadows and 2 blush pallettes. It saves on room and is easier for travel (like when I do a friends makeup).

I do like the idea of the Z-palletes because they have a clear cover though 🙂

I LOVE the zpalette! I have five of them and I really do prefer them over MAC. The clear cover can get a little messy on the inside, but all I do is cut out a piece of wax paper the same size as the palette and keep it over the e/s when the lid is closed. You can still see the e/s through the wax paper plus the clear lid keeps clean. 🙂

i love my palettes i really do! but i just love the little pots! they are so cute that somehow the e/s in the palettes lose their cuteness. -shrugs-
i own both, but prefer pots 🙂

I prefer to purchase pans & create my own MAC palettes. I will purchase, depot & back2mac a single shadow if a pan refill is not available in the color I want. For travel, I will create my own quad to tote.

I am not inclined to purchase predetermined palettes (like a book of shadows or similar) b/c I don’t use all the colors.

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