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With makeup, it’s an escape – it’s pretty, fun, and drama-free (well, it’s supposed to be!), so I like a product that impresses me on all fronts. ย With more affordable brands, sometimes packaging or textures are a little less refined. ย At the end of the day, I reach for the best products I own, whether they were $2 or $40.

— Christine

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Same here, I get both drugstore brands and very high end (as well as everything in between) and I’ll use them all, together on their own, whatever :). Certain makeup items you do get what you pay for, but sometimes I just get high-end stuff to treat myself and as I call it “feel fancy” ๐Ÿ™‚

i don’t really have a preferred brand because every brand has its own specialty. if i find that a specific makeup looks good and satisfies me, i will go for it whether it is expensive or not. ๐Ÿ˜‰

I definitely prefer high end. I’ve been through plenty of drugstore items, but I just can’t do it. I am a proud make up snob.

I agree! I’m a total MAC whore. I’ve never been disappointed in a product I’ve gotten from them.

I like both as long that it does the job right than it’s ok for me. Sometimes I have problems with cheaper brands that I’m allergic to them, but I’ll always give them a try.I am also much more likely to test a cheaper product than an expensive one.

What kind of question is that? If you can afford it, why not? I wouldnt touch NYX for the life of me no matter how it looks and feel. Made in China…poison. Not all high end products are great either, but you get what you pay for.

I do, I’ve always loved high end Make Up, ocassionally I get drugstore Make Up, but definitely high end, especially Chanel, Dior and Guerlain

it depends on the quality of the product. there have been many times where i have liked drug store products better than high end brands and vice versa

I seriously don’t care if something is cheap if it works. If I find myself searching for a product that works WELL in some arena or another, I’ll definitely start reaching out to better brands. Or, if it’s not a huge jump in price.

I remember looking for a good face primer, and I was in an Ulta, and it seriously wasn’t all that much more to get UD’s primer than the store brand (this was before there were really many drugstore options), so I picked that up.

I’m sure there’s someone out there who would find it ridiculous that my face routine begins with a $30 primer and continues directly to a $4 concealer, but that’s what works for me.

Even if money were no object, and I had high-end everything that caught my eye, I’d still buy some of the cheaper brands. (I’d need my $4 concealer, of course, and I love Nyx lipsticks!)

I’m the same way lol! I use a more expensive foundation and then my concealer is like 5 bucks XD. Honestly I enjoy browsing the makeup section in Wal-mart just as much as browsing through an ULTA..I’m always looking for awesome products and it’s such a plus when it ends up being cheap too!! ๐Ÿ™‚ I’m not sure I actually own any HE stuff o.o… I’m still confused about if MAC or UD is considered High-end?? I’m assuming not.??….I feel like such a simple minded commoner… >.<

I feel like MAC and UD “mid-range” in that they have dept. store counters, and are in Sephora/have their own store/whatever, but they aren’t in the same league as Chanel, Dior, Guerlain etc.

I’ve certainly got both, and when I was younger I was certainly a Wet n Wild gal np wise, Revlon lipstick, Jane eyezings all that good time DS stuff. When I hit college it was all MAC all the time, and all my beloved Hall mates became my Haul mates and nowadays I’m rediscovering my Grandmothers favorite, EL, now that Peacheaux is at the helm. If it’s Illamasqua and unique I wouldn’t think twice about paying more and would cherish those products just a bit more. So my long winded answer can be condensed into I like higher end better because I’ve spent the extra money on a better performing product.

I like a mix, mostly because I love the feeling of owning and using high-end stuff, but I don’t like the giant hole in my bank account, lol. And if drugstore stuff works well, I’m happy because I’ve found something that makes me look and feel great.

I agree! If it’s an amazing product I don’t care if it’s $2 or $40. However, I definitely find more high end products to my liking compared to drugstore products. Although just today I found NYX e/s single in Black to be better than MAC Carbon, which I thought was the best black for years, lol.

Im crazy for NYX’s black. Way blacker than Carbon and also won’t shatter in your luggage on a trip ๐Ÿ˜‰

All brands have hits and misses IMO, my favourite brands to actually use (not just covet because of the brand etc) at the moment are Max Factor (fooundation), Maybelline (concealer and powder), Lumene (mascara), GOSH (eyeliner, eyebrows, lipgloss) and MAC (blushes and brushes) and they all perform very well – and I’ve had plenty of HE products in the past. Why pay more when the less expensive ones work just as well or better?

i love both drugstore and high end but theres something about knowing your blush is lancome or your lipstick is dior that makes me feel special ๐Ÿ™‚

i found out the hard way that cheaper makeup takes more skill, talent, creativity and experience to apply well than high-end stuff. that being said, obviously, as a make-up beginner, i like the expensive stuff. i don’t have that much experience with high, high-end stuff like chanel and nars, but i do have a solid love for MAC and urban decay and i find that each really good makeup company does everything pretty well, but each has their strong points (i.e. MAC lipstick rules and UD pencil liners and palettes are spectacular.)

I like to try new products with drugstore makeup but I turn to higher end for the staples and collections that really catch my eye. Drugstore makeup is great to buy on a whim when there is a new product or a great sale.

I definitely prefer high-end, no doubt about that. I will use drugstore though, since I have a few HG’s, but I don’t make a point of it. Every time I get sucked in by a new drugstore product, it just sits there unused after the first couple uses.

It depends. I’ve had too many good experiences with cheap brands like NYX and indie brands to go exclusively high end. Actually, an excessively high price can be a turn off. Why would I pay $30US for a powder when I have a great one that cost under $10US?

I like them both but I do tend to reach more to the high end products. I have very sensitive eyes and skin and I tend to get allergies easily; usually high end products seem to suit me better but I do try drugstore ones and, occasionally, I’m successful in finding good stuff for less money.

High, medium or drugstore – I’m not bothered so long as the product “delivers”. One of my favourite new eye shadows is a 4 dollar Joe Fresh one from the grocery store! I do find that higher end foundations seems to work better on me but if I found a “cheapie” that worked well, I’d be thrilled!

Yep I definitely only wear high-end makeup. Here’s my reasoning. First, because most of the types of makeup that I wear need to be color-matched (foundation, concealer, powder, and to an extent, bronzer) I need to be able to have easy access to samples. I mean, I’m not gonna buy 5 different bottles of one foundation for the sake of color-matching. In addition, most drugstores don’t have the kind of return policies that all department stores have. I mean… try returning a Sonia Kashuk Hidden Agenda Palette back to Target… yeah, no. If I don’t like something, I need to able to bring it back. Another reason is that because I don’t wear a full face of makeup, meaning I don’t do anything to my eyes, lips, or cheeks (like blush), I can afford to splurge a little more on the other stuff. Also, department stores have such a huge variety of products in the same category. You can find a foundation of any texture, shade, staying power, etc… You can’t find that in the drugstore. For example, my HG liquid foundation, Laura Mercier’s Silk Creme Foundation, has no comparable counterpart in the drugstore range, based on reviews on Youtube, Makeupalley, and other review websites. And trust me, I browse those constantly! It’s an obsession! Haha. So yeah, I have other reasons too.. but I think this post is already too long. :]

you have trouble returning makeup to target? huh, i’ve never had that problem. I’ve returned foundation, eyeshadow and a brush set w/out problems (even shampoo with no receipt!)

What?!? I’ve gone to 2 different Targets and asked the customer service department if I could return a foundation bottle after I’ve opened it and tested it, and they were like, uh… no. Derp. I even called the customer service number for Target, and same answer. Do people just hate me or something? Bahaha. But you know, I read their return policy and they said that cosmetics that have been opened cannot be returned. I also Googled this issue, and most people have reached the consensus that it’s generally impossible. I’m not sure what’s going on…

OK…just as a preface to what I am about to write: I don’t mean this to say people who buy super High-end don’t think about this or are any lesser for it…It’s just a very personal thing for me.

I used to be only high-end…but lately…I find it really hard to pay soo much money for something I don’t “need”. There are so many people who can’t even afford food..makeup is probably the last thing on their mind. I don’t know but super luxury things have just not sat right with me lately. They just seem so unnecessary in retrospect. So personally I struggle with paying that much for a luxury, even though I could afford it. I’d rather put that money towards something far more important(to me) in the long run. I know everyones different so I’m not meaning to be preachy I’m just simply answering the question with how I personally honestly feel. :).

i like either. I lean towards high end a little more but there are plenty of drugstore products i love. however, the high end stuff always has this quality that makes me feel really special when i use it.

I do prefer to use high end make up. 95% of the time, it’s a sure hit. Where as drugstore & lower end brands don’t always deliver.

I’m pretty much a makeup snob. If I do venture into drugstore products, it’ll usually be one of two things, either lipstick or lip liner. I currently have two drugstore lipsticks and they are both from Rimmel and one Annabelle lip liner. I would like to try out Revlonโ€™s lipsticks and lipglosses at some point but right now, Iโ€™m really trying not to purchase too much more makeup. I donโ€™t consider myself a โ€˜collectorโ€™ of makeup, I like to make use of what I have.

Oh and my choice for mascara is almost always drugstore!

This is just what works for me and makes me happy. To each their own.

I prefer mid to high end because a lot of drugstore brands don’t show up well on my dark complexion. I feel like its a waste of money to keep buying something that is not going to look good just because its cheaper. I’d rather spend the money and KNOW that I’m going to get my money’s worth out of a product.

If I said there is no preference, I’d be lying.

The lipsticks, for instance, are usually a lot more comfortable to wear and don’t dry my lips when they start coming off. The packaging is prettier, they tend to smell better and not taste ackward.

But I’m definitely not a makeup snob (loved the expression someone else used hehe) and I have many things in my stash that were incredibly inexpensive and do their job so well I haven’t yet felt inclined to try something else.

I tended to gravitate more to the higher-end makeup, but that’s because I really wasn’t used to “testing” a product before buying it. I just assumed that all high-end makeup would be great because of what I’m paying for it, but then I started checking out this blog (shout out to Christine!) and realized that some drugstore products may even perform just as great or better than their high-end dupes! (well especially with improvements to formulas over the past couple of years). I learned to really look at the individual product and see if it performs the way it should and not to settle on something that’s just “meh”. It’s a recession! If I’m spending my hard earned money on something, whether it’s $4 or $40, it better be worth it!! lol!

I get both as long as my skin and eyes agrees ! Unfortunately too many drugstore brands make my eyes cry…

For skincare, i’ve just about given up on DS items, because they are either scented or just dry me out. I don’t buy super expensive $200+ skincare – just something reasonable that my skin likes.

For make up, it just depends. I’m more likely to try DS items because of a store’s great return policy. I love HE items. I probably own a ratio of 80/20 HE/DS items.

I have some drug store favorites, like maybelline gel eyeliner and loreal bare natural concealer, that I like more than high end products. But the vast majority of drugstore products I have just don’t deliver; not pigmented, doesn’t go on smoothly, doesn’t last, color isn’t that great, etc. I end up throwing them away, and they aren’t that cheap when you add them all together.

i love some of the color stay marker eyeliner and i love the revlon color stay eye pencil. i also love maybelline’s dream mousse bronzer blush in sun glow

I stick to what works. But I also have issues with certain companies too. If they test on animals, regardless of how “good” a product is touted to be, I will not purchase. Period. That being said, out of the remaining high end to drugstore lines, I find that sometimes you do get what you pay for. So i stick to what works!

I haven’t dabbled much into the drugstore realm… I tried mascaras, but I just can’t find a formula that works for me. Same with foundations. I find many low-end lipsticks are heavily scented with those nauseating synthetic scents.
Most importantly, I was never allowed to wear drugstore makeup when I was younger. My dad grew up with 5 sisters, and they routinely used very cheap makeup that did horrible things for their skin. Mind you, this was in the 70s, so obviously things have changed since then, but his opinions have stayed the same. He paid for my makeup (and technically he still does…), so he chose the place where I purchased it. I’m just more familiar with high-end makeup now, and don’t see a need to try anything else.

Haha yeah, I know it’s quite strange! My dad is a single parent, my mom lives elsewhere and was never very present in my life. I’m lucky that he’s understanding of my girliness!

I do prefer certain high-end comestics because I find the quality is better than certain DS brands. I do love Chanel, their quality is great. And I have to add, I do have a lot of high-end cosmetics in my collection, so I have to use them before they spoil. I keep my makeup (lipstick and lipgloss) in the fridge when I am not using them; it extends the shelf-life.

I have a mix of drugstore and high end makeup and to me there’s not much difference. The only thing that I would buy high end only is foundation because it matches my skin tone better than the drugstore brands which are either too orange or too dark.

Since I am a snob :o), I have been wearing high end makeup since a was a teenager (not that I could really afford it, but I was 15 years old and was saving all I could to get me the Dior loose powder… as nothing compared to it IMO back in time!!).
Now that I am significantly older, I still perfer high end stuff (for packaging, quality, and that luxury club sensation of belonging to…) but I venture into other realms as well. I found “cheap” brands that are as good as high end (I adore Kiko, an italian brand that does terrific stuff, a MAC lookalike) so I use basically everything provided it delivers. For me , quality is key, so if I find smthg of good or excellent quality, I will use to matter which brand it belongs to (see ELF HD loose powder a dope of MUFE HD)

I agree, I prefer wearing my favorite products, whether I got them from a drugstore or from a department store. My favorite shadows are MAC and Urban Decay, and those cost $14 – $20, but my favorite brush was only $5!

Not really – as long as the product does the job, I donยดt pay much attention to whether it is high end or drugstore!

I use both. I honestly just want the product to work. Its somethings I like from the drugstore and its somethings I like to be highend. I prefer to go to a higher end store for my foundation and concealer. I just think that foundation is something that you should splurge on

I have a mix of both. At first when I didn’t know too much about makeup/beauty products, I pretty much stuck to whatever was in Sephora. Ever since I started reading beauty blogs I’ve discovered a lot of great drugstore products that work better for me than high-end stuff. Such include the L’Oreal Lineur Intense, Revlon Photoready, Covergirl LashBlast, and Rimmel Eyebrow pencil. Cheap doesn’t mean horrible!

A lot of people are picky about packaging. It’s like they need to have the fanciest packaging out there. I think it should be about the makeup itself not what it comes in. As long as it is good quality or it delivers coverage and good color application then I am sold. I use both drugstore and high end makeup. When I purchase makeup I go for products that are going to stay on and that do not have heavy fragrances.

I definitely think you get what you pay for, I have never been able to find a drugstore foundation that I really like so I just stopped looking and have been using high end foundation. But on the other hand the majority of my eyeshadows, or things like eyeliner which I go through like crazy are all drugstore or MAC. I would never spend 30$ on an eyeshadow when I can find really good ones at a drugstore

I pretty much only buy drugstore because of budget, so I like blogs like these just to lust over the high-end stuff. ๐Ÿ™‚

I used to not care but I later found that using high end makeup was just so much more fun for me; high end things always have testers and MAs to rec stuff and so far, I haven’t found anything from a luxury brand that I don’t like. I love my Le Metier and my Armani, the luxe feel of a Guerlain foundation bottle. With drugstore it’s just kind of blah… I’ll use it a few times but then I’ll feel like it’s more of a chore trying to use it up whereas I love reaching for my high end stuff.

It really depends on whether or not you have an unlimited budget for makeup…which most people don’t!

Many drugstore products are certainly award-winning. It makes no sense to pay extra money for one high-end product when a less pricey option exists in the drugstore. (Lipstick comes to mind.) That’s just wasting money!

On the other hand, if someone has special needs (like acne-prone skin), she probably would benefit best from a department store foundation. In addition, certain high-end products just don’t have a dupe. I’ll usually shell out the money for those, if I’m so tempted! ;-D

I use drugstore if i don’t have the money, but as a student I like high end makeup for my foundation, because my skin is so sensitive that only a few brands don’t break out my skin after a few days of use. I used neutragena blush for a little while and it broke out my skin where i used it. I switched to tara tarentino and no more breakout. But for eyes, i use drug store liquid liner, and mascara but eyeshadows it just depends on the color palette and the application.

I’m broke. I buy drugstore makeup when I can because it’s easy to save up for. Even if I wanted Armani eyeshadow (I do) the closest place to get it is 100 miles away so it’s not going to happen. It’s easy to look put together with only a few, affordable products.

I will use whatever works for me. That being said I probably do use more high end brands, particularly when it comes to concealer (it’s hard to get a good match at the drugstore when you are more yellow toned), but also for favorite products like eyeshadow, where the pigmentation is usually better in the higher end brands. But I use drugstore mascara and lip balm.

i just use what i like, and i don’t really pay attention to the high end ness. if i like something that happens to be from the drugstore then i’ll use it

I love my high-end makeup because I have super sensitive skin and not everything works for me so I typically avoid drugstore makeup though I am a big fan of indie makeup.

I don’t care if it’s high-end or drugstore; if it works how I want it to work, I’ll love it and use it. However, through trial and error, I’ve come to realize that I cannot count on the drugstore for foundation and concealer. So then, yes, in that case I do prefer wearing high-end makeup.

I love using HE items because they work. I’ve spent over 40 years trying to find my HGs and have tried a LOT of things from drugstore on up. Now, I have a mix of about 60% HE, 30% mid-range, and 10% drugstore. A happy mix for me. I also love that HE makes me feel good. And, after all, isn’t it all about feeling good about yourself? LOL

For some things, yes. I am more willing to spend the money on products that will last longer, such as lipstick. I always buy drugstore mascara or buy the packages at Sephora that have 10 little ones because when I spend $26 on a mascara, I feel bad about throwing it away after 3 months which you should always do.

I probably use 70% drug store makeup/30 % high-end makeup. I don’t splurge for high-end unless there’s NO drug store equivalent that measures up. For example, Too Faced Shadow Insurance. You’re not going to find anything as good in the drug store. So I pay the $18 rather than the $5 or $6 a drug store eye primer might cost me.
That said, I’m trying to make good ecological choices when it comes to makeup purchases, and LOTS of drug store makeup is tested on animals, full of icky chemicals and the companies aren’t vegetarian or earth-friendly. For that reason, I’m done buying any more CoverGirl, Maybelline, L’Oreal, etc. Instead, I’ll buy drug store brands like Physician’s Formula or NYX, who are cruelty-free. Or I’ll buy one of the many high-end brands that is cruelty-free (and there are maaany!)
I think I’m done with drug-store skin care, though. Everything makes my face red and irritated. I’m using the Body Shop’s aloe vera skin care line now and very happy with it.

I prefer to pay more for things I’ll put on my face, as long as I can think that paying more genuinely increases the quality, purity, and effectiveness of the product.

I have a mix of both and will use whatever works for me. With some products, if you did a blind test there is no way you would be able to tell if it were high end or drug store. Drug store products have come a long way in the last few years and drug store mascara formulas tend to be more cutting edge than high end. I like to replace my mascara every month (I work in an infectious disease clinic and have seen way too many nasty eye infections…) so drug store just makes more since. I do however, love my high end foundation. Nothing beats Laura Mercier and Chanel!! The important thing to remember is there is a difference between cheap and inexpensive. I will never buy anything that is cheap but who doesn’t love a quality product that’s affordable (inexpensive)??

I think I prefer higher end products. Especially for makeup. The colors/textures/lasting power are always impressive compared to drug-store products. There are certain things that I buy from drug store just because I’ve been using the product for a while and have been very satisfied with, but (with the exception of mascara) they’re mainly limited to skin care products. Drug stores are starting to get impressive with their skin care products, at least where I am.

I love cosmetics because they transform me by emphasizing my assets- that said, whatever product achieves that the most effectively is my HG product. Much of the high-end stuff is priced by elaborate packaging, prestige of the name, and a few other actually frivolous factors that aren’t worth my hard-earned dollars. I will purchase them if they deliver proportionately in quality: I could care less about how chic appearing the pressed powder compact is. In fact, I loathe to take it out in public and start preening in front of others. It seems rude and vain- I will excuse myself to the Ladies Room to do this in private. I am offended when my companion does this. So, I am not going to pay for a Guerlain lipstick just because it has a fancy case, when something less expensive is just as good.

Absolutely – my foundation is Makeup Forever HD – top quality and coverage
The extra cost is worth it – just like Lancome cosmetics – you get what you pay for – the colors are improved with more expensive pigments and ingrediants.

Hm.. I love products in the middle, like UD and Stila. And I also love drugstore. I don’t own any high end, it seems to expensive. But, as people were saying, some drugstore products are gimmicky and cheap, so I ALWAYS check it out on MakeupAlley before I go and spend my money. ๐Ÿ™‚ This prevents buying bad products, saves money, and helps weed out the best products from the stores.

High end!!! I am such a sucker for packaging and high end always has that luxe packaging that gets me every time lol and the products seem to always deliver for me. Dior is my absolute fav!!!! I will by drug store but I hate the lack of testers that are available in drugstores and Im almost usually 98% disappointed with drugstore makeup I find I waste more money with drugstore makeup because I cannot test it and I usually take it home and hate it and never end up using it again….waste of money. High end just makes me feel fabulous ๐Ÿ™‚

I like to use whatever makeup works best and looks best, doesn’t break me out, and that I can buy without too horrible sticker shock. I’ve found that for me, other than mascara, that’s MAC, Urban Decay and other brands around that level. Most of the drugstore stuff I’ve tried just doesn’t work as well, takes twice as long to use because it’s messier, or it breaks me out. I stick to drugstore mascara most of the time, but I’ve almost given up on eyeshadows and foundation. I do keep trying drugstore stuff though, especially things that get good reviews!

I believe the extra cost is worth it because I get satisfaction just from using it and makeup for me can last years before hitting pan. Lower end makeup just sits around and does feel like a chore to use when I do. I saw a girl just a moment ago at walgreens trying to match foundation and asking if she could try to return it. I wanted to be like ahhhh drive to sephora but I’m in a small town atm and she’s prolly never even heard of it! So I’m thankful. Overall I’m just the kind of person who would rather just go ahead and buy the best of the best and use it carefully than a ton of things on a whim

Definitely not. It’s a total waste of money, unless you’re talking about a specific color that you can’t find a dupe for. Anyone who has an understanding of marketing, packaging, and the ingredients that go into makeups (or anyone who reads Paula Begoun) can tell you that what you’re paying for in high-end stuff is rarely the product and almost always reflects what the manufacturer pays its models, its ad agencies, and the premium/desirability of brand name. It’s the same with these idiotic powders/shadows that have diff colored flowers on them – it’s a ploy. Sure, some things are only available in high-end, like Hourglass primer and some Mac colors. But for the most part, you’re just being had.

I admit – I’m a bit of a HE snob when it comes to makeup (except for mascara – love my Almay Amazing Lengths mascara) – I am a sucker for nice packaging. However, I am getting into NYX recently – really great quality items for the most part.

I wear both and prefer whichever performs to my satisfaction. My stash has $1 items from Dollar Tree and $40+ items from YSL. I prefer HE foundations but that is only b/c my skintone is uncommon and most drugstore colors are far to sallow for me to wear.

75% of my products are highend, to me mac isn’t drugstore but its not close to highend. The resin I avoid the cheaper products is because like someone said they do not tend to relieved. But when I find a product I do like it makes me happy. My foundation lately has been the deems maybeline one and with ud setting spray its perfect! I save money on this so I pay for another product I like. If some lower items are on sale ill take the leap like physicians formula bronzers for $4. But I would never use drug store skincare unless it was all natural.

I wouldn’t say that I prefer it, it depends on what it is. For example, any time I try a higher end mascara, I end up realizing that I’m just as satisfied with a drugstore brand. But, I happen to love Shiseido’s Refining Makeup Primer (evens me out) and Tarte’s Tinted Moisturizer in Agent 02 (finally a match to my skintone!) I do like to treat myself to a NARS product every so often, like a polish or an eyeshadow duo, the colors are so unique and I love the simple packaging and the worldly names. ๐Ÿ™‚

I have tried and tried and tried to like drugstore makeup. The only product I have found that I really like and is super cheap is the ELF waterproof eyeliner marker. Other than that, everything else I buy is high-end. I went through a period of always buying eyeshadows and things when Walgreens had a BOGO, but I very rarely liked whatever I purchased…I wasted a lot of money buying cheap makeup.

I generally use high end as I get better performance from a lot of them – but not all I have to say. $ is not what always makes the product work better. I am more interested in what’s in the product than the price when it comes to skin care, foundation, eye products. I certainly do use some lower price end products from drug store retail sites. When it comes to make up specifically, I am rather brand loyal over a period of time. I find 3 or 4 that really preform in certain categories (like eye shadow) and I stick with those brands. I find it end up using what I buy if I know how the brand works on me. I am really lousy about wanting to touch up my make up during the day. I want long lasting. I don’t want to carry much of anything with me but for lip touch up.

I have no problem with being a cosmetics snob. Loreal mascara is sometimes, But for everything else drugstore just won’t do. The packaging IS better and I trust the formulas far more than I do the…hmmm…OTC brands. Give me luscious Nars, wild MAC, UD’s Naked Palette, etc. And I’ll be happy. (Less thrilled if one of the high end brands doesn’t work for me!)

Honestly I just want the product to be the color it appears to be in the pan, jar, or tube, and do what the manufacturer says it’s supposed to do. It seems like high-end products offer the most bang for the buck. Except for my mascara (I’m a die hard Physician’s formula wearer because I have sensitive eyes), I tend to buy mid-range products like Mac and Urban Decay. I also love Chanel and Lancome, but there are times (especially lately) when I simply can’t justify a $30 lipstick. I never pass up the makeup aisle at the drugstore, but I rarely buy anything other than nail polish or lipsticks from there. I’m usually so disappointed with drugstore eye shadows I’ve stopped buying them. Every now and then I’ll pick up a Wet N Wild palette, but I rarely keep them. I’ll wear the colors once or twice and give the palette away to a friend.

I like many people wear whats good quality without being ridiculously pricy. I DO NOT spend the uber expensive prices for something that works just as well if not worse than Mac or Urban Decay… I feel theres a fine balance between expensive and ridiculous. So that doesnt mean i dislike Chanel and Armani and bleh it just means i am not prepared to spend those prices every day.. maybe just one thing that I have to have. But otherwise, my go-to brands are mac and urban decay

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