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im a bit of both liquid and powder ;D becaue using powder, i feel lighter.. but i agree that liquid has the greatest coverage

Even though I have a combo/oily skin type, I tend to prefer liquids over powders. With powder, it seems that its only a matter of time before my t-zone oily makes the foundation ‘float’ above my face, making me look ghastly. Liquids/tinted moisturizers seem less prone to this phenomena, and blot a lot easier.

Its a shame, really, because I love the idea of mineral foundations, but even the best seem to fall victim to the oil slick.

I prefer liquid foundation. Although, my cousins and aunt are of the opinion that it suffocates the skin.

Powder/Mineral accentuates my dry skin.

I’ve wanted to try cream foundation because it’s good for on the go and quicker to apply but I don’t know if it’ll look good on dry skin. Any recommendations?

I personally recommend that you avoid creams as I’ve tried 2 and they’ve both broken me out horribly (Max Factor Miracle Touch and Benefit Some Kinda Gorgeoues). Obviously everyone’s different but I think there’s either something in creams, or the fact that you’re really rubbing it into your skin, which isn’t good. They both made my skin look good for about 2 weeks but then the horrendous cystic acne kicked in =(

At first I prefered powder foundation all the way (MAC Mineralized SPF15 Foundation/Loose). But then I creeped over to a tinted moisturizer (MAC Studio Moisture Tint/Smashbox Sheer Focus), and now I went to MAC Pro Longwear Foundation! Haha I like how I increase in coverage, although I really do like my skin now more than I did when I used less-coverage powder!

I spent 10+ years as a liquid foundation wearer, but switched to MAC MSF Natural over the summer after finally coming to terms with the fact that no amount of foundation is going to cover up my giant pores for more than an hour and I can’t be bothered to constantly touch up my foundation.  My pores are really the only thing on my face I need to camouflage, so I no longer needed a foundation with much coverage.  I’ve avoided powder foundation as it always felt and looked cakey and uncomfortable, but MSF Natural feels weightless when applied with my 187, and takes no more than 60 seconds to apply.   If my skin ever changes so that it’s more high-maintenance than it is now I’ll probably go back to liquid but for now I’m quite happy with my MSF natural.

I prefer liquid for the coverage & I like how it looks. I like a more dewy-look.
Powder really doesn’t do anything for my dry skin and I can’t think of any cream foundations I’ve tried?

HANDS DOWN liquid. Like you said, way more natural looking. And it has a much wider variety of finishes and can be layered much more easily.
Powders always cake on me and creams are way to heavy for me.

I love lots of coverage and I always want my makeup to be flawless yet very even… I tend to wear liquid foundation set with just a little bit of powder foundation 🙂

if i HAD to choose i would say liquid- the coverage and natural state of it is great!
but i like powders for their ease and quickness! i don’t like waking up extra early to do my makeup 😉

Liquid…its the only one for getting skin-like finish: Cream is too cakey and powder is chalky or does not cover enough.

Liquid! Even though I also use a two-way powder foundation, I still find liquid foundation easier to handle and it’s got better coverage than powder.
Powder is mostly for quick touch-ups.

I prefer powder since on my combination skin liquids tend to slide off of my face in a matter of three hours. It doesn’t even matter if I use a creamy primer first. Slides right off.
The trick for making powders last longer is MACs Transparent Finishing Powder. I use it underneath foundation and this makes my foundation stay the whole day.

Liquid by far. I have oily skin and liquid foundation just looks so much fresher on my skin. I apply it with a damp sponge for daytime and it looks natural and pretty. Powders and cream foundation both look horrible on my skin.

Liquid for special occasions and powder for everyday. I find liquid takes a lot longer to apply, whereas I can brush on my MSFN with the 182 and be done in about 10 seconds!

I use to think liquid took forever to apply until I started using the beauty blender. It takes like 15 seconds.

I PREFER cream, but I use liquid because it’s just easier for me to mix and blend custom colors with – And there are some AMAZING liquid foundations out there – Can’t say the selection is that grand for creams.

I like the powder foundations especially better for their ease but I’m very oily. I wonder if the MAC Pro Longwear or Studio Fix liquid can tempt me. Hmmm…

I like all three! I believe there is a time and place for every finish/look that powder, cream, and liquid foundation can give you. But to be 100% honest if I could only use ONE it would be powder.

I definitely prefer liquid foundation. I fancy the ‘flawless’ look but also, my skin is very dry so powders don’t do me any favors anyway.

Powder for everyday, because its easy and quick and keeps my oily skin matte. I’ll bust out the liquid foundation and powder for special occasions, though.

I actually prefer mousse foundation. I just love how it melts into the skin. But my second favourite is definitely liquid, followed by powder foundation. I always use my mousse or liquid foundation with powder, just for this extra bit of coverage.

powder in the summer for sure (msf natural or studio fix). for fall/winter i’m not as oily so i can get away with liquid, but i’m still on the hunt for the best for my oily/acne prone skin. i powder for oil control, but i like how liquid evens out my skin tone.

Currently I’m using cream. I was told that it’s better to switch to cream during this summer-going-into-fall period. Right now I’m using MAC’s mineralized cream foundation, wonderful!

Powder b/c I dont like the feel of liquid on my face. Cream gives me the best coverage but sometimes settles in my pores and primers are too greasy for my skin.

I love the texture of cream foundations – especially gel-creme like Laura Mercier’s newest one. It feels really nice. I also love ones like Graftobian and CoverFX though. Liquid comes second and powder comes third.

I use both types of foundations. I use Studio Fix and Pro Longwear, depending on the day – since I have combination skin, some days its more dry and others oily. If its oily, Studio Fix, if its dry, pro longwear. Works rather well for me!

Love liquid foundation. It glides on easy and I find that it doesn’t cake as powder would, even when I layer it on for more coverage.

I definitely prefer liquid as well, for the same reason Christine has listed. When I’ve tried cream/powder foundations, they sit on top of my skin instead of absorbing and it looks like I’m wearing a mask!

Never tried powder, I’ve always been a liquid wearer, although I have oily skin, it’s never been a problem. I recently started using cream stick foundation which I LOVE.

I prefer liquid, but I’ve never used powder so I suppose it’s not really fair. I tried cream and hated it – so chunky! Maybe with better tools I could work it, but I totally failed.

I find cream to be faster and easier to apply for me. Plus with the better coverage I use it for concealer too.

i like powder foundation for the day- i have oily skin and the oil doesnt come through as quick as it would with liquid. I use liquids in the evening when im going out. But sometimes i’ll layer a powder foundation over the top lightly, just for more coverage and my skin looks good. The problem for me, (being darker) is that liquids tend to oxidise and go darker within a few hours!

Powder! The liquid stuff clogs my pores and doesn’t give me the coverage I need. Mineral powder not only evens out the redness in my skin, but it has also improved my skin’s condition.

I use powder for everyday use. It doesn’t cover everything but it evens my skin out and it’s very quick! Liquid when I want more coverage !

Liquid all the way! It takes only a bit more effort to apply than powder but the coverage and finish are so much better.

Liquid. I don’t like the feeling of wearing cream foundation. I am in love with Dior’s Diorskin Nude Foundation and I either apply it with my fingers or with the MAC 190 brush.

I also love Dior’s Diorskin Nude! It is the only liquid foundation I use. I apply it using the beauty blender. It looks very natural and flawless!I recently ordered the new Diorskin Nude creme gel compact. I can’t wait to try it!

I use liquid now after having used powder(BE) for 6 years. Could you tell me your favorite MAC liquid foundation? I’d really appreciate it!

I prefer liquid n cream for their easy application and I feel they are less cakey. Once in a while I would try Mineral ones too.

I prefer powder because I sweat above my lip and on my nose. It could be freezing cold outside and I am sweating just on those areas. Because of that I prefer powder. Also, I am scared that if I wear liquid it will transfer on my clothing or just look too cakey. I also feel insecure with liquid foundation because I feel people can tell I am wearing it. I have never purchased liquid foundation.

I have always used a powder, but I have a tinted cream moisturizer which I find doesn’t dry my skin and actually does coverage pretty well. I am going to start expanding to cream and liquids.

Powder! Hassle free, easy to apply, fool proof; that’s why I wear powder for my daily make up. When I go out, I wear liquid foundation.

definitly powder foundation!, i have combination-oily skin and i live in a hot and humid country, so yeah he lasting power is better on my face.I have tried mac studio fix liquid foundation and MUFE and oh my gosh, the foundation is melting on my face when i’m sweating! horrible

I really depends on what I’m going for. On “lighter days” – when I don’t go all out with my make-up, I use my Studio Fix powder foundation. Other times, my Studio Fix liquid, when I’m doing a full face and something more noticeable on my eyes too.

I prefer liquid foundation because sometimes my skin can get dry and if i use powder it will just stick to those dry spots and not look even.

I always prefered liquid, but now I’m using mineral powder and loving it! But I guess that if I find a liquid foundation that I absolutely love I’ll totally go back to liquid!

I really love liquid foundation but I have yet to find my HG so I always find myself going back to my tried and true MAC Studio Fix Powder foundation it has yet to let me down… I am currently wear Chanel Teint Innocence Naturally Luminous Fluid but it just not enough coverage for my liking but I get so many compliments when I wear it… so Im stil on the hunt for my HG of liquid foundation with MAC Studio Fix Powder Foundation holding up the rear

Liquid! I like the coverage it gives, makes your skin look gorg 🙂 For more information about Beauty Products Visit at sleekhair Website.

Liquid…hands down!  I love the natural look and coverage of liquid foundation.  It wears very well for me also.  I like the idea of powder foundation in theory, because it is quick and easy coverage, but all the one’s I’ve tried transfer too easily.  I HATE THAT!  Also, it seems to be harder for me to find a good match in powder foundation.  I always fall between shades!  The only powder I’ve ever fallen for is MAC MSFN and it breaks me out, so it was a very short love affair. 

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