Do you prefer mini, standard, or jumbo sizes for makeup?

Mini or standard so long as the mini is consistent with the quality and performance of the regular-size version! I don’t think I need jumbo-sized much in makeup.

— Christine


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Rachel Avatar

I think it really depends on the type of product. I prefer a good size amount for eyeshadow. I got so annoyed at companies like Colorpop who use a bigger looking pan, but it’s so shallow there really isn’t much product at all – it’s deceptive. I still have a slew of Bobbie Brown eyeshadows I put into my own container that I just finally hit pan on a few after 5+ years of weekly use.

Lipgloss – mini. They go ‘off’ or smell really bad after a bit I’ve found. Lipstick bullets, I prefer regular. I’ve only finished a full tube with a few select shades. Although my Besame mini’s are still going strong! Depends on the pigmentation and longevity of the product really.

Blush – I prefer mini or reg.

Jumbo – I would only say face powder for me. I go through a lot of loose face powder.

Mariella Avatar

I was really happy to be able to get a jumbo size of IT Cosmetics CC cream a few years ago as it’s something I use pretty much daily and if I were able to get UD Primer Potion in a jumbo size but in the old style, squeeze-y tube (not the dreadful packaging they have now), I’d be happy as can be but, for the most part, I’m happy with standard sized or even mini sizes (so long as the mini size also has a mini-price; sadly, this isn’t always the case) since I rarely finish up any makeup with the exception of favourite/HG lipsticks, blushes and pencil liners.

TropicalCowgirl Avatar

I think this is an interesting question. I used to think value per unit of measurement years ago. And it worked out for me years ago when I had a very basic routine. I hated running out of my mineral foundation and I remember one year they had a jumbo size in my color and I snatched it.

But today, I prefer standard. I honestly find minis don’t work for me with my brushes and such. I have a very small pan of Kevin Aucoin contour powder and I just couldn’t work with it. I love that stuff so I finally broke down and ordered a full size. The exception on minis are eye shadows. Those I can but unfortunately in the brands I love, I don’t really see them offered as much.

Sarah Avatar

It depends. I like most of my products to be standard size, but I do love mini lippies and mascaras. I feel like I can actually use them up before they turn.

Powders may last nearly forever, but creams don’t, so minis make more sense to me when it comes to those types of products.

AJ Avatar

I like minis as long as they’re not so small that they’re not practical — thinking of mini lipsticks that are so small they easily break off, or powder products with mini-pans too small to really get a brush into. But I think I’d be happy if I could basically buy everything in mini sizes, because I prefer to have a lot of variety which means I rarely use anything up.

Z Avatar

Mini – liquid lipstick
standard – basically everything else
jumbo – bareminerals blemish rescue cream, it’s been my go-to for years and I’m sick of buying it so often. while we’re at it, make lighter shades with a yellow or neutral tint, please.

Moxie Avatar

Regular size. I have a few mini pots and they’re hard to get a finger into, and I shouldn’t be forced to use a brush. (I don’t even own one, since all I wear is tinted lip products.)

I was gifted a Bite mini lipstick a few years ago that a friend was given in some beauty box and it was not good, I assume because of the size. Broke off/smooshed against the side the one time I tried to use it, so I wound up tossing it.

Ana Maria Avatar

Very good point, some things don’t make sense in minis because you can’t get the tools in (either brushes or finger).

Also, I have the same issue with lipsticks. Although I love the idea for both colors I don’t wear often (doesn’t make sense to have a big size of something I don’t use up) and everyday colors (easy to carry around and keep “fresh”), all the minis I tried are either difficult to apply, either break (or both).

Ana Maria Avatar

When it comes to make-up, I prefer regular sizes usually. I have a streamlined collection, only one item of each type (except color variations), and even so it takes time to finish a product. For example, a regular sized concealer or foundation lasts me at least 6 months, up to a year, so it’s enough for me to have enough, but without getting too close to expiration date. A mini will be finished too fast, a jumbo will just be to much and quality degrades with time.

Jumbo sizes are not only a no go because formula will eventually start to expire (and lose performance/quality), but because of size as well. I hate bulky make-up packaging. Even if say money wise a powder in a jumbo size would make sense for me, I would hate handling a jumbo sizes powder compact. And hate to store it too.

There are some make-up products I actually prefer in mini sizes:
* Liquid liner – I don’t use that often, I prefer to have minis I replace every 3-6 months or when they dry out
* Mascara – I never use a mascara more than 2-3 months (I only use one mascara at a time), it’s better for me to have minis, I can’t use up a full size
* Eye primer – I never used up an eye primer in a year… nowadays I love the ABH eye primer and even the mini can last me an year.

Jen Avatar

Minis are good for a couple of things like keeping a spare eye liner or mascara in my purse, or as part of sample bags like Ipsy’s, but beyond that I prefer standard sizes. Except for mini eye shadow palettes, I’m kind of loving those as long as the pan size is reasonable.

Frozendiva Avatar

I like standard sizes and some deluxe minis.

I like the GWP size mascaras – easy for work, travel, etc.

I don’t like the huge eyeshadow palettes. Lugging one on public transit is a challenge. A four or five colour palette is perfect. I do usually touch up my makeup at work – weather and taking transit. I do prefer lipgloss minis to full size ones. Blush wise, I prefer the standard size or a deluxe size mini palette. I do like the clutch sized lipsticks.

I will buy the larger toner size. The standard size is $10 less and you get double the product with the larger size. I do wish more companies had clear packaging for stuff that comes in tubes. I always chop my tubes to find a lot of additional product.

Rachel R. Avatar

Mini for color products, because I own so much makeup that I most likely won’t be using up full sized items. Mini for mascara, as I have sensitive eyes and need to stick to the 3-month throw-away guidelines. Minis in general are handy for traveling. Standard for everyday items such as primers, foundation, setting powder, etc. I like larger and jumbo sizes for setting sprays, as I go through them regularly.

Genevieve Avatar

For makeup – it really depends on the product. For example – I love the mini sized mascaras that often come with gift sets or holiday sets, as a mini size is about what I would use up within 3 months or so.
For foundation and lipsticks, I prefer the standard size as I definitely use up these products pretty rapidly.
As to eyeshadows – I do prefer anything from 6 – 15 pans, depending on the shades and cost.
Blushes and setting powder – I again prefer standard size so I can work my brushes into the product.

Charlotte Avatar

Minis for mascara (I get styes a lot) and cream products as I don’t tend to get through them fast enough as they go off faster.

Standard size packaging for everything else makeup – I wish more companies did refillable packaging or at least made it easier to depot and rearrange things, as I have tons of stuff I just don’t get around to using as I can’t fit it in my little makeup bag which sits in the coffee table drawer so I can do my face quickly before I go out. I’ve actually really got into cream products and products I can apply with my fingers so I don’t have to find space for makeup brushes in there.

Jumbo – cleansing balm (Clinique TTDO), eye makeup remover.

Cassie Avatar

Mini everything, ad long as the packaging isn’t difficult to use. I want to try things out before I buy the big one, and since I don’t wear daily makeup standard sized products can be a bit wasteful. I think I’m the only person who wishes for mini foundations!

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