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In my case, YES! I’ll use a product one day and then the next day if I have worse skin than usual, I wonder if the new product contributes to it. Then, I’m too afraid to try it again cause every single pimple that appears on my face leaves a dark mark. The struggles of having acne..

Other than that, I limit my LE things to special occasions only. 🙂

I have that problem, but you make a very good point! I most likely wont be able to finish them, so I might as well jump into my limited edition Cinderella palettes.
Thanks for the much needed perspective!

I agree on the much-needed perspective. Plus our tastes evolve and what is our fave product (e.g. nude lipstick) today may be ousted by the even better one we come across tomorrow… so we might as well use what we love while it lasts!

I was going to answer no, but actually: The ones with obviously little product in them, think Chanel’s Stylo Yeux. Unless you use sparingly and pick a unique shade, they barely warrant the price. I learned this the hard way when I used up “Espresso”, their dark brown shade, within the shortest amount of time by lining my eyes and upper waterline daily. I now use a gel eyeliner for cost-effective eye makeup and think twice about using products I am likely to go through too quickly.

Products that I really love that are discontinued (Chanel Dragon) or makeup that went out of style that still has a decent formula. I have some lipsticks that I really love the formula, but it’s a little too dark pink/brown for my skin tone right now. They look a little bad 90s on me as far as with what is in trend. So I keep it whilst I wait for it to be acceptable again.

Acceptable? But if you like the browns- wear them! They aren’t the 90’s, think about MAC Film Noir. The 1990s simply brought dark brown lipstick back from an earlier vampy age, you can set your own trends and not wait for the others to dictate to you what is acceptable to wear 😉

No! I don’t buy stuff with cute designs on it (like mac powders with oversprays and cute designs) ’cause I know I won’t use them.
I prefer simple packaging but usable.

Yes, I have a Urban Decay Naked Palette 1&2 that are still in their packaging that have never been used. I have so many neutral eyeshadows that i’m trying to use up before i start on them.
I figure that i have too much makeup and need to get through some before i can start using more. I’ve had these palettes for over a year.
Jules x

Well, until fairly recently, I was somewhat afraid to wear red lipsticks.
I thought daring choices wasn’t my thing, but something clicked after I tried Chanel Rouge Noir (though I don’t own that one yet), so right now, there’s no product I own I’m afraid to use. I still wouldn’t wear my YSL Rouge Couture #1 (a very bright red) to school though.
I also use LE products more sparingly, but regularly.

I don’t use a lot of my bright, bold eyeshadows, mainly because I can’t fathom how to wear them so they look nice! When I wear bright eyeshadow I tend to wear blues or purples, which offset my warm skintone; otherwise I wear neutrals.

There are one or two products I’m reluctant to use up – both MAC LE shadows – so I don’t use them often but I do use them but more on occasions when I can sort of relish using them rather than on days when I’m putting my makeup on quickly for an “ordinary day”. One is Grand Entrance shadow, which I probably won’t finish in any case and the other is a generous sample of Jardin Aires pigment which I could, conceivably, finish up within a year if I used it regularly.

Well I do own one, the discontinued Rouge Coco Ruban Rose,one of my favorite colors, the last lipstick I have from it I´m afraid to use. It is actually about to be finished so I barely ever use it…

I still haven’t used Marine Life, because, even though the points you’ve made are true, the seahorse will be gone forever 🙁 Also, lipsticks and nail polishes that I know are extremely rare and expensive, I will use very rarely.

No. I’m not a collector, and the sole reason I buy something is to use it. I do avoid buying stuff that I wouldn’t have the heart to use though, like the cat-shaped Paul & Joe blush sticks/lipsticks.

I just wanted to comment on the limited edition thing – it has just now occurred to me that it’s OKAY if I want to use my MAC Strada blush everyday, because if I actually do happen to run out of it (I have never even come close to hitting pan on a blush or highlighter!), it will be fun and exciting to go to Sephora and find a replacement. 😉

The only products I’m afraid to use are the ones that aren’t as flattering on me.

Otherwise I’m all for using LE products, after all I bought them to use them and if I don’t they’ll just go bad or get lost with time.

I recently bought the Nars Persia eyeshadow because I had to have it. I have yet to try it. It looks so pretty but orange eyeshadow. I’m 50. lol

Breaks my heart…50, 70, 95…who cares…it’s YOUR face so wear what YOU want, when YOU choose. I don’t understand why orange eyeshadow is a deal breaker at 50! What if you try wearing it on home only days to experiment and possibly play with color combinations (orange and browns, etc. to tone it down at 1st). Elkay, 50 is not a death sentence where you must avoid certain shades and wear “mom jeans”. You liked it enough to buy it…and you weren’t 25 when you made the purchase. Time isn’t going to reverse itself so enjoy your life!!!

Unfortunately. I discovered my Holy Grail bronzer… a perfect shade for my fair skin. It’s inexpensive, but has a beautiful texture, lasts for 18 hours on my oily skin, and no scent. Problem? It breaks me out! I adore it, but I’m scared to use it!

I have a tarina tarantino eyeliner in kansashi, but i’m afraid to use it in my waterline. I never use eyeliners, cause they’re kind of scary. I don’t want to tug and pull to take it off, and I worried that will happen and I’ll irritate my eyes badly.

I personally haven’t had any problems with TT’s liners, and my waterline is fairly sensitive (to the extent that I rarely line it). After I initially wash my face with a makeup remover, I just use a Q-tip, dip it into a different makeup remover with an oilier base (Neutrogena or Lancome works), and gently run it along the lash lines/waterlines to remove whatever remains.

Not at all! I love it when I actually hit pan on something… even if it is limited edition. There isn’t anything out there that is SOOOO rare and amazing that I shouldn’t try to use it up and get my money’s worth. Then I get the excuse to go makeup shopping and find something else to be excited about! Then again, I’m not really into MAC’s limited edition collections anymore, because most of the time the quality really isn’t there. I much prefer their permanent line — so I can always just get another one if I run out.

No, not really. Everything I’ve got can be replaced (as for now), and I’d rather enjoy using a good product often than let it go to waste by not using it and having to throw it away before it’s empty.

I think I speak for my fellow acne-prone when I say, YUP. But that’s a different matter than what the asker is talking about, I think.

As for limited edition, expensive, or just “too pretty” stuff… nope. I jump into that like it’s nobody’s business. Because I know there ten new limited edition things that I’ll want to get my hands on will be out in the time it takes me to finish one. So why bother trying to conserve?

I tend not to use some of my makeup but not because of their packaging or their price, but because some of them don’t flatter me and I still haven’t found a way to make them work. Other than that, I’ll use pretty much everything I have!

Ditto. I find it nearly impossible to use up an eyeshadow, blush, or lipstick given how many I have so the money/limited edition thing never scares me. Like you there are things that I bought that I can’t quite figure out how to use that. Maybe my New Years Resolution should be to experiment more because I hate to see things sitting unused (not to late for one of those, right?)

Yes, a Butter London lipgloss in Come To Bed Red. I wore it once and my mum said I looked like Rocky Horror. -.- I haven’t worn it since, but it’s so pretty and smells great. D; Other than that, no.

I use my Mac Marilyn lipsticks sparingly. I love the Love Goddess one and don’t ever want it to run out. The same goes with my current Mac Archie’s haul too.

lancome rouge in love lipstick in mignight rose 377 is very very similar to mac love goddess. i didnt realize unitl i purchased both.

Yup! Big Bow: Mac’s Hello Kitty lipstick. I love it SOO much, and there isn’t anything like it! I’ve only got a tiny bit left. 🙁

Yes, I own a Sleek Pount Paint in Peek-a-bloo, an opaque, bright blue lip paint,and a Barry M lipstick in black, both of which I have yet to wear outside the house… They actually look alright on me, but I feel as though I need to wear them with the perfect outfit, which I’ve yet to find…

Yep, definitely the LE stuff. Granted, I recently bought a bunch of LE (not for the LE factor but because the shades and finishes are my to-die-fors!). But all of it just reminds me of my favorite OPI lipstick that was discontinued years ago and I’m down to the bottom of the tube and it’s heartbreaking to think that with 10 more uses it’ll be gone forever.

Heartbreaking that I also haven’t found a lipstick that perfectly matches it on every possible level so I can get over it. >_> pfft.

Anyway, ridiculous thinking. Maybe I’ll go open that Strong Woman and Firm Form lipstick in my drawer.

I have a Hakuhodo finishing brush I was scared to use, but then I decided that was silly, and it’s amazing – I can’t believe it’s taken me so long to use it!

afraid is a strong word. orange lipstick. i love bright lipsticks but i can’t wear orange lipsticks, my morange and lady danger( it’s straight up orange on me, nc42) just sit around. i don’t think they look bad but i feel they look too hussy like.

mac party parrot that i bought, i didn’t wanna use it up, but then i bought a back up. i wear it no problem now.

This is why we can’t have nice things! Just kidding 😉 I destroyed my Lancôme powder with the little stret scene on it, my Marine Life, My Paradise… It’s why I haven’t bought the mouche and jewel imprinted Chanel powders- once the charming print was gone I would be sad. Functionality is key, but Dorian Grey had that portrait for a reason. I wouldn’t want the specialness of the product to disappear.

Any black or very bright eyeshadows! I’ve definitely not mastered the smoky eye, and I have a Laura Mercier cream shadow stick that’s nearly black that I haven’t used much because I know I’d apply it terribly.

A few of the brighter shadows in my UD palettes intimidate me too, so those usually go unused, unless I’m just wandering around my house.

I mentioned in another post I used to “save” certain items for special occasions. Then my Grandma passed away on 1/23/13 and I saw all of the things that she had saved for special occasions. In the end we ended up with her life in a box (we donated the rest and kept a few sentimental items). I don’t want to not use the things that make me feel amazing. You see I saw my Grams 4 hours before she passed and she was fine and had no indications or even being ill (other than being 93 y/o). Life is short. Also, seeing some things donated like my Grams teacups made me realize that you have to enjoy what you have and if I was to get in a car accident today and pass I wouldn’t have used all of my awesome things and the things I was saving would end up donated or trashed.

So agree with Keg…thank you for the excellent message. Glad you were able to see your Grams earlier that day…wishing you the best Janelle.

I sometimes get afraid that if I experience a breakout that something I used recently caused it. Sometimes it hard to pinpoint if it was a product or hormones. I’ll try something several times before I deem it the culprit, though.

I have some bright lipsticks that I’m too chicken to use, which is a shame because they sit there looking all lovely. I’ve also got some highlighters that I don’t use because I have larger pores and I don’t want to emphasize them (not sure what possessed me to get a highlighter knowing that). Maybe seeing them on other people.

I used to be afraid of using certain eyeshadows (glittery, metallic, colors other than brown/taupe, etc.) but last year I decided to just go for it and I’ve really branched out in the past year with more varied eye looks (I introduced myself to liquid liner for the first time). I’m reasonably fearless with my eye looks now…so hopefully I can apply that confidence to lip products soon.

When I first bought Dior Amber Diamond, I didn’t want to use it everyday because of how expensive it was. Then after about 3 months of owning it, I realized I had yet to use it. Now I tend to use it a few times a month.

I have products that will irritate my skin that I still own, but don’t use. But, if it is something I love I use it until it’s gone or expired. I don’t hesitate or conserve because there will always be something new, improved or different that I will love more. Not to mention that my taste may change and what worked for me two years ago may be absolute rubbish for me today.

Almost everything gets at least one use from me. The only things I don’t use often are probably the items that look unflattering on me and the colors that I’m not quite accustomed to wearing in public (yet!). I think green and blue eyeshadows look horrible on me, but I only found that out after I’ve bought a handful of them long ago, so those are being unused. I want to wear bolder lip colors but I’m not really used to that, so my reds, plums, and fuschias aren’t getting much love. I try to wear them around the house or on weekends sometimes though just to develop some confidence. 🙂 As for LEs, expensive items, and hard to find things, I use them all!

Bronzer. I have one, and as far as I can tell it matches me, but I’m scared it will look dirty on my very pale face.

MAC’s “Fever” blush definitely intimidates me. I am extremely pale-skinned, and I just love that Snow White look, so I thought that Fever would be good for that. I don’t have another blush that I have to be so careful with. For example, if I get it on my fingers, I can make red swipes all over my arms/hands (like swatches for swatches) with that tiny little bit, and it won’t stop depositing color, from the tiniest little bit of a swipe.

I am not shy of bright colored blushes, though. I tend to gravitate towards colors that are very bright (NARS’ Taj Mahal, MAC “Pinch o’ Peach”, Tarte Blushing Bride (powder version)), but Fever is just on another level. It’s just too difficult to use for my tastes.


Ive got glitter pigments, that im scared to use, Also pink rebel lustre drops, bright matte eyeshadows. The list goes on!

I have to be careful with dark eyeshadow- I have a few-but I am not as proficient at blending as I would like to be and can look “overdone” in harsh lighting. I’m also a bit afraid of my false eyelashes- I can always manage to screw up and basically end up ruining them-so I only wear them sparingly

I am nutmeg brown (NC55) and bought MAC’s Firm Form lipstick because I love makeup extremes – i love both nude and dark lipsticks. I was having a Grace Jones moment when I ordered it online on Christmas Eve ( lol). Firm form looks black but its really a very sheer dark purple. I’ve tried using MAC’s night moth lip liner with it, but it is a really weird lip color! Despite this quirky lipstick, I have every intention of wearing it before spring and summer shift into high gear. I’m just practicing different ways to wear it. Scratching my head about it – I guess I need to ask for suggestions from some MUAs.

I don’t own any products I’m afraid to use per se, but I do own a few that I don’t use because I feel like I never have an occasion to wear them. For instance, I own a beautiful orange gloss, yet I’ve only worn it twice because most times I feel like it is either too casual or too eccentric for the occasion I’m wearing it for. Therefore, it ends up getting no love. I try to double think items like this before purchasing now by asking myself, “What can I wear this with, and where to?”

I have some products that i’m not necessarily afraid to use, but that I don’t because making them work is difficult and time consuming. For example, NARS Taj Mahal blush can look really nice on me if I spend a while applying it, but if I accidentally put on a little too much I have to wipe clean and start all over.

I have OCD in this department. If I can afford the item, I buy two of it. Otherwise, I wont use it. I am not a collector of items. I do this even for makeup that is not limited edition. Because one day, that favorite color/ product will be discontinued. Maybe a color/ products does not get discontinued as soon as back in the historic ancient times, but back then, before I get a second chance to repurchase the item, it is gone or the entire brand- is discontinued. I just think I am just traumatized by it.

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