Do you organize your makeup by brand?

Do you organize your makeup by brand? Or color? Shape? What?

I organize mostly by brand, but for some product types, I do mix – like lipgloss and lipstick.  If I only have a couple glosses by a brand, then I keep those with the general high-end mix.

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Not really. Only if they have very similar packaging.

My NARS duos, blushes and singles are all in one place because it all has similar packaging.

I prefer to organize by product type. 🙂

I arrange my Nars together too, they have such uniform quality so they compel to be put together.

Also I have my MAC and Stila pans in palettes, so those are pretty uniform too.

But other than that things are more or less organized by product type.

I used to keep mine in a “MAC” or “non-MAC” that I am branching out to other high end brands I mostly keep things organized by product, such as shadows, liners, though my lip stuff has two containers one for MAC and one for other…all my face stuff ie- foundation, concealer, blushes is all together…

I organize by category (lipsticks, lipglosses, shadows, etc.) and by frequent usage — lipsticks I use most often are closer and easier to get to than ones I hardly wear. Eyeshadows are categorized in palettes by color, but the two palettes I use most are highlights and neutrals.

I organize by type of product (mascara, lipgloss, eyeshadow, etc.) instead of brand. It’s easier for me and I don’t have so many products that I organize them by who made them.

I organize by color and by most used. Have to say it is a bit of a pet hate of mine to see people organize things by brand (especially MAC fanatics who keep things in the box haha!) Seems a bit.. snobby? 😛

I organize by product type, so all my eyeshadows and eyeliners are together and all my lip products are together, etc… It makes it easier for me to find things that way.

I organise by family/type. I.e.: all Lipsticks, all glosses, al foundations, all blushes, all e/s are grouped by family. It’s faster for getting ready in the morning!

Since my collection is note huge I keep all of my makeup in 5 drawers, in my room. The top drawer keeps all of my everyday makeup (things that I’m trying to finish, or products that I use every single day, brushes, makeup remover, etc). In the second drawer I keep all of my lip products (lipstick, lipglosses and lipbalms). In the third drawer, I keep all of my eye products (eyeshadow, liners, mascaras, primers, etc). In the fourth drawer I keep all of my palettes, and in the last drawer I keep all my face products (foundation, blush, concealer, powders, MSF’s, primers). And that’s it! 🙂

I had always organized by brand but as a New Years Project I reorganized by color switching to z-palettes to handle different size shadow pans.

I envy those with space to keep ’em separate by brand!

In theory I keep ’em separated by type (shadows v. glosses v. liners etc) but in reality, that separation lasts less then a week. Just too easy rummaging around in the morning to mix them back up again!

I like to see and reach what I have, so I organize by function. Blushes/bronzers/highlighters together, lipsticks together, gloss together, foundation= together, etc and so on. It’s much easier to get ready at the ass crack of dawn when I know exactly which drawers to open for each make up step.

I tend to store my makeup by brand, it just fits better that way. My only exceptions are brow products and concealers, plus daily use items like my foundation, etc.

I am such a sucker for brow and concealer products that I have many more of those, and from brands I would never by anything else from, that I keep them all together regardless of brand. Makes sense, since my HG brow product is from a brand that I don’t have anything else from, and likely never will.

If I had enough make-up to where it would matter and truly help the organization, then yes I would. I do not have that much make-up and by not much I mean it fits in a make-up bag, so it’s not needed.

I organize my lipstick by type: blushes, eyeliner, eyeshadow, mascara, lipgloss, lipstick, lipliner & lip tools, etc. The only thing I do organize by brand is my Bare Esentuals shadows because I have so many, they are in a craft box organized by collection.

Some of my makeup is organized by type of makeup and some by type and brand… lip my lipsticks and lipglosses are seperated by type and brand mostly lip glosses and them mac glasses etc.

I tend to organize my E/S by color, regardless of brand, since I depot almost all of it. I like to use Z-palettes. Then I have the stuff I use the most grouped together, for easy access. The rest is put away in the top drawer of my makeup table, using drawer organizers, by what it is (e.g., all powders together, all liners together, etc.). If I depot an e/s palette, I tend to like to keep them together in the same Z-palette. But I only have 3-palettes all together. So, it really doesn’t make that much difference. I seem to get into at least two of them every day.

I organize my makeup in a train case, so I have the things I use most on the top two tiers organized by face,eyes, and lips. Then in the bottom of the train case are the things I use less organized by type of product.

Somewhat, but I mostly organize by type and size. I have an Urban Decay Urban Ammo box for my UD standard shadows (I stopped buying them at 16 so I have the box full :D), but the rest of my single shadows just go in a cute pink plastic basket from a 100 yen store.

I save lipstick and gloss boxes and cut them in half (got the tip from Karen at MABB), then store lipstick and gloss by size in a different cute pink Japanese basket. I only have about 20 lipsticks and about 10 glosses, so storage is pretty minimal. Most of it is MAC, so the sizes line up, but I do keep my long MAC products (like the Kissable Lipcolors and the Dare to Wear lipglasses) with lipgloss of similar size and diameter (like my Stila gloss minis) just because I’m a bit OC. 😀

I really should find a better way to organize my single shadows…

No, since I don’t have the room! I keep things by product – ie, eye liner, shadows, etc. I do however have all my MAC single pans in MAC palettes, and my UD 24/7 liners in their own cup (I keep my liners/mascaras displayed in pretty mugs) because there are tons, and the tons of MAC in another. I do however have things like high-end powders/blushes like MAC & Guerlain in one drawer, and drugstore/non-favorites in another.

Makeup is organized by area of application here. I have very little space here in this particular house so I use the rubbermaid plastic storage drawers (5 drawers high) to hold it. Each area of application has a drawer. Eye shadows and palettes (2 large drawers), fingernail polishes, Mascaras and liners and ES primers etc, Blushes, Foundations & powderss & primers & bronzers…etc. And on and on. Each drawer is further broken down into categories so that I (and my daughters) can find what we are looking for at any given time.

No, I organize by product type. But within my blush drawer, for example, all my MAC blushes are together because they’re the same size. And my lip glosses are organized by brand too because of the size/shape thing.

Nope. If I has a lot of products from one bard – such as NARS blush, say – I’d probably keep ’em together, just because it’d be more convenient to keep similarly shaped products together.

I organize it by type and then by frequency of use. I have 4 of those plastic sets of drawers going from largest to smallest, left to right. The smallest is directly in front of where I sit and it’s got what I reach for most often in it. I’m going to stack another one on top for products I’m testing for review and new things I haven’t used yet.

nno, i organize it by what i use and what i don’t. Like if its something i use a lot it goes in the top drawer, then things i don’t use are in the drawer below that and then the third drawer is extra things that i occasionally use, i guess there’s really no organization to it but it works for me. haha 🙂

I organize my lipsticks / lipgloss by brand…
the rest of my makeup is organized by category (cheeks, foundation/concealer, e/s, liners, mascara, etc)

I have a drawer of my “everyday” products, things that are staples for me and I reach for often. Then I have drawers divided into face, eye, and lip and they’re categorized by high end or low end, and brand.

I need to be more organized. I stick all eyeshadows in one small drawer, all lipsticks upside down with the label and shade name pointing up in another drawer. Other than that, it’s all jumbled together.

No, I organize it by more general categories like “Eyes,” “Lip Glosses” “Prep, Prime & Conceal products,” or “Mineral Makeup” because I find easier to do my makeup when I have like products together rather than having to go here there and everywhere just to do my makeup.

Yes, I have drawers for every brand (Chanel, MAC, Bobbi,Laura Mercier, and brushes have their own drawer as well. My collection is quite substantial – and I forget things if they are not organised in this way. I have artist rolls (with divider straps) for pencils – perfect for overview. But yes, I forget colours but re-discover them from time to time going through things…

Only my nail polish.. I don’t have that much makeup – more than the average consumer but not nearly enough to justify organizing by brand. I organize by product type (lip, eye, face, etc.) and by usage (things I use most often are easiest to grab).

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