Do you match your makeup to your clothes?

Do you match your makeup to your clothes?

I’ve said it in the past, but I’ll say it again — I’m not much of a clothes horse. I’m way more of a beauty addict, so fashion is definitely an area that I’m not an expert in, but one thing I love is bright colored clothes to match bright colored makeup. I also think that sometimes solid colored tops with subtle embellishments work really well when you go heavier on makeup (whether it’s bold eyes or lips), too.

I’ve found that black tops are ridiculously easy to coordinate your makeup with. I always opt for a dark gray or black top when I’m going for a bright, colorful eye look or wearing a daring lip color (usually the former, though, ha!). Since I’m following the A Woman’s World campaign, it’s made me evaluate some of my habits (like trying to be more balanced), and one of them is how lazy I’ve gotten when it comes to my appearance.

So, my current goal is to work on dressing more age appropriate and less yoga-pants-until-I-die, and some of that is being inspired by wearing makeup that’s colorful and fun. Another reason I’ve been thinking about how my makeup and clothes coordinate is because I had an upcoming wedding to attend, with lots of extended family present, and I didn’t want to be the slobby one, y’know! πŸ˜‰ This all leads me to ask you…

How do YOU coordinate your makeup and your clothes? Is one the star and the other the backdrop?

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