Do you match your makeup to your clothes?

Do you match your makeup to your clothes?

I’ve said it in the past, but I’ll say it again — I’m not much of a clothes horse. I’m way more of a beauty addict, so fashion is definitely an area that I’m not an expert in, but one thing I love is bright colored clothes to match bright colored makeup. I also think that sometimes solid colored tops with subtle embellishments work really well when you go heavier on makeup (whether it’s bold eyes or lips), too.

I’ve found that black tops are ridiculously easy to coordinate your makeup with. I always opt for a dark gray or black top when I’m going for a bright, colorful eye look or wearing a daring lip color (usually the former, though, ha!). Since I’m following the A Woman’s World campaign, it’s made me evaluate some of my habits (like trying to be more balanced), and one of them is how lazy I’ve gotten when it comes to my appearance.

So, my current goal is to work on dressing more age appropriate and less yoga-pants-until-I-die, and some of that is being inspired by wearing makeup that’s colorful and fun. Another reason I’ve been thinking about how my makeup and clothes coordinate is because I had an upcoming wedding to attend, with lots of extended family present, and I didn’t want to be the slobby one, y’know! πŸ˜‰ This all leads me to ask you…

How do YOU coordinate your makeup and your clothes? Is one the star and the other the backdrop?

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Hardly ever, I’m too lazy & don’t care enough πŸ™‚ If it happens, it is if try a new lipstick or gloss and the sales woman always wants to try a color that matches my shirt.

No. I think if you’re not careful, it can look tacky or childish. I try not to clash, but I certainly wouldn’t wear green shadow with a green blouse. It’s just a no no in my book.

I’m not a fan of being matchy-matchy with my clothes and makeup, but if some of the colours in my makeup pop up in my outfit (shoes, sweater, shirt, jewelery), it’s not a HUGE deal.
I personally find that matching your eye makeup EXACTLY to your clothing can look tacky. Maybe that’s just because the only girl I knew who did that every single day dressed quite uh.. risque..*cough*slutty*cough*. Anyways, she would then apply some glittery eyeshadow of the same colour of her entire outfit.
So.. yeah. I think that being in between is best – if you are wearing purple as your main focus in your eye makeup, don’t wear your all-purple dress, but opt for a purple sweater with another colour that is not associated with your makeup.

I have though had those days where I do my makeup one colour and end up wearing an outfit that was almost the same colour, and on those days I always felt quite silly.

Totally does not apply to neutrals though. I think with neutrals, it’s okay to wear clothes of the same neutral palette, as it doesn’t look like the person intentionally did it. I guess it all depends!

I kind of agree, but I think the makeup should go with your outfit. I dont think the colors should be the same though. Like if your wearing a black top you might want to wear red eye shadow because red and black go together. Or if your wearing a purple top then you might want to wear pink eyeshadow. What dO you think?

Oh and let me add that as a woman obsessed with makeup and clothes, one does not take a backseat to the other. If I wear black and white, I punch it up with red lips. If I wear brown, I do plum lips. Most of the time I am spontaneous.

I tend to match my accesories to my make-up more than anything. If i’m wearing a intense turquoise eye, I pair that with some turquoise jewelry. If I wear somthing dark and smoky then I wear metals, chunky silver or gold. Wearing brown shadows and golds I will wear natural jewelry, such as shells, wooden beads and such.

I do think thats its terribly tacky to spend a great deal of time perfecting your face and then just throwing any ol thing on. I do think dramatic make-up stands out more with solids and darker color clothing, but solids don’t mean slouchy. I think matching your bright cloths with your bright make-up is somthing that is usually only done for photo sessions and by 13yr old punks. In real life, its overkill. Christine is right, Balance is the key, and once you find your balance and get a new routine, dressing fancy is just as easy as dressing slouchy. You just coordinate things in your closet so its grab and go.

Thats my two cents, just somthing I’ve learned working in the industry as a photographer and make-up artist.

Absolutely. And those who say you shouldn’t… well, let me tell you how many times I have been complimented on my eyeshadows matching my outfit/accessories, and absolutely not once anyone has said it looks tacky/ridiculous, etc. I don’t always match them and I also sometimes wear a black top so I can wear shadows that wouldn’t match any of my clothes (eg I rarely wear green clothes, esp not khaki shades, but wear lots of pinks and purples, so a brownish/khaki eye makeup would look odd with pink if you see what I mean, however, I like experimenting with make up colours), but I often try to match my clothes and/or accessories because I like colours and it’s fun.

Anyway, I think it’s okay to match as long as you don’t overdo it and end up looking like a giant marshmallow or a blue siren, lol.

most times, yes. i dont like for my makeup and clothes not to compliment each other. i try not to clash. most of the shadows i pick up at mac match perfectly with at least 1 clothing item just to make things easier on my lazier days when i dont feel like thinking about how some colors may look horrible together.

I sometimes do — especially for evening. I have a gorgeous plum colored dress that I will do a plum-y smokey eye with. I don’t match the colors exactly or anything — and I’ll add greys, etc into the eye makeup. Usually, if I’m going to do a strong eye with greens or blues I will just wear black — but when it comes down to it — I think each person should do what makes them feel pretty! πŸ™‚

Oh no. I think that is very tacky and you can always tell a fashion/makeup victim by it. It is very tacky to me, and usually they have no fashion or style. It is the worse thing to look at. Especially red or lime green or yellow-OH GOD! So horrible.

Check out some of the beauty shots from some of the upcoming Fall cosmetic launches — often if the model is wearing, say a dark sapphire silk dress — sometimes her eyes are a blue/grey smokey eye. It doesn’t necessarily mean fashion victim πŸ™‚ I don’t think this is about matching exact shades — but having makeup along the same color lines isn’t necessarily tacky if you know how to apply/blend colours properly.

i’d like to think i have both fashion and style but i do try to pull from my clothes for inspiration. if i’m wearing a top with alot of one color and very little of another i’ll make the little color to my eyes to make it pop. i think people who worry about being too tacky end up being tacky just because they spend so much time worrying about what not to do and forget to live and have fun doing what you want to. plus it all comes down to a personal choice. if you think you look great rock it and don’t ever let anyone be snoby or rude to you, just be confident and happy with your life. you may look back a few years later and say why did i do that but remember at the time it made you happy and confident and thats why you did it

I tend to match my makeup to my clothes if it’s a special occasion. I don’t get too matchy matchy but I make sure it coordinates well.

Other than that I just kind of go with whatever. If I’m in a mood to make my makeup match a little better than usual I’ll do it. I like to have at least one color in my makeup that goes with my clothes so it’s not too clashy.

No, I think matching your makeup to your outfit is a bit of an overkill. Now I wear more makeup then before, I tend to wear a lot of black, so my focus is more on the face, but still my outfit stays elegant and chic.

If your make up is applied well, it looks HOT, i love doing it and seeing it on other people.

However, a sloppy line of colored eyeliner or just some random wash of eyeshadow applied poorly just because it matches your outfit runs on the tacky side

Occasionally, yes, but I always make sure I spend a lot of time perfecting it and I usually use just a little of the colour. Like if my top is lime green, I’d probably have a shimmery gold eye with a pop of lime green shadow, or maybe a lime green liner.

What I really love to do, though, is co-ordinate my makeup with my accesories, especially headbands. I’ve seen Christine do it a couple of times, and it’s such a fun, subtle way to play with colour co-ordination.

personally I don’t like to play matchy matchy with my make up and clothes but I do however, play within the same colour tones or harmony. Say if I were to wear a beige top I’d match it with golden tones or if I were to wear something pink I like silvery cool eyes and so on…

I don’t do matchy-matchy, but I do make sure the colors compliment each other. I mean if I wear a simple brown tank, then I may pull out a bright purple or do some green on my eyes. But I don’t feel the need to wear green with green etc. For some people that may be the comfort zone. I have on occasion wore a bright top then did a neutral eye with a bright colored liner in the same color as one in the top.

I like matching my eyeshadow with what i’m wearing at that time, but not too over the top. Also it gives me a reason to wear different colored shadows haha^^.

Then collection is still growing and I don’t have a lot of different shades of a certain color…so i try to pick shades that fall on the same line as the clothing color…or something that can kinda contrast with it (usually it ends up matching my shoes…bag….hair pieces)

But it’s hard for me to match with my accesories…because most of them are silver, gold or black colored. lol. I guess it just works that way for me…cuz I don’t wear makeup all the time.

When I first read this it made me think of how my mom liked to match her shadow to her clothes. Cute.. lol

I don’t do that. I tend to match a look to what I’m wearing. Drama or otherwise. Colorwise, I don’t look to my clothes. I stick with the palettes that make my eyes pop or work with my coloring.

Of course I want my makeup to match my clothes. To all the people who say it’s tacky…um, do you wear a pink shirt with some green eyeshadow?? Not matching is what is tacky.

I think folks got to get one thing straight – there’s no such thing as a right, a wrong, a trend, in fashion, etc … its really finding out what works for you by trial. Some folks might look tacky when its matchy matchy and some folks might look fab in it. In terms of eye colours, its really to do with knowing what are winning combinations for you and good application techniques; and lastly, how you walk out of your house with an aura that just screams “I am in control of my life and I’ve got it all together!”

Sometimes when I have time. I have this really pretty purple dress that I wore to a wedding so I did purple eye makeup. Another time I was wearing a purple, teal and light blue dress that I wore out for dinner, so I wore eyeshadows in the same shades. Maybe once a week, I may pick out one color in my outfit and use it in my makeup.

I never match my eyeshadow to my outfit, but I make sure it “goes”. Like wearing green eyeshadow with a green shirt would be a little over the top, but I might use a plum or pink.

I know it’s considered a bit of a faux paus, but I do somewhat coordinate my makeup with my clothing. Usually, what I try to do is pick out a minor color in my clothing (ex. red shirt with black, white, and gray print. I would do a gray smokey eye) to try and coordinate with my clothing or pick a color that is associated with my accessories like the color of my earrings, purse, or shoes.

If it was a solid, then I would use a coordinated color. (ex., green shirt and brown pants would probably have a bronze eye look).

my clothes may not be the most up to date and the trendiest, so they are not the topic of conversation, but when people catch a glimpse of my make-up they are amazed. I love to have brightly colored make-up and different shades of eyeshadow at once, coral colored lips is my favorite thing to do right now. I also love big dramatic eyelashes. I am a perfectionist when it comes to my make-up and i can not go anywhere with out it on, or in my bag.

I adhere to the warm/cool philosophy. If my clothes have a warm tone (yellow based) I go with warm makeup (like corals, browns, etc.) and if I am wearing cool shades (blue based) I go with cool shades (pinks,mauve, etc.)Eye shadow coordinates but is not necessarily the same color as the clothes I am wearing.
Using this system allows me to wear practically any color, which is great because I love color!

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