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I think it’s weird when my face products are scented, even moisturizers, creams and clensers (unless they have a natural scent like a Lush scent). I have sensitive/acne prone skin and I’ve had so many experiences in the past where scented face products have made me break out so I always get that weird ‘idk if I should put this on my face cause it’ll make me break out’ feeling even when I’m buying higher end products that probably wouldn’t anyway. However I absolutely have no problems with my lip products being scented. Honestly, when i get a lip product that isn’t scented I’m usually bummed like “well where’s the fun in that?” I also hate hate HATE when my lip products have a chemical scent. Ugh, so bad.

I actually like my makeup scented so long as it isn’t too strong. I like the perfume-y smell of L’Oreal products. My favorite scents are vanilla and rose.

Hey, do you know of any foundations that are vanilla scented?
I had professional makeup done for a fashion show and it smelt amazing.

I liked my lipstick with a little fragrance like MAC’s vanilla or Lancome’s have a slight perfume scent. I find if it doesn’t have a scent sometimes it makes it taste weird. IDK I guess if the L/S is high quality scent is not needed.

I hate scents on most anything that would be close to my eyes.

I love the smell of roses that Lancome’s eye remover has, but it bothers my eyes and quiet frankly not sure why an eye remover needs to smell of roses.

Lip products are ok; I like the typical MAC lipgloss scent a lot. But eyeproducts must be scent free because my eyes react very badly to it

unscented… otherwise i jsut have too many conflicting smells… perfume and shampoo already try to battle sometimes.

I like it as long as its not too over powering. Like how the MAC lipglass and lipsticks smell, those are great

Most of the time I say I’d like it unscented but I love my lip products to be scented. I wish everything was scented like Mac’s Tendertones because oh my god that’s the best strawberry kiwi lippie scent everrr

I love everything scented 🙂
i found my skincare boring (dermalogica chromawhite) boring cuz it doesnt smell exciting haha. Dior skincare smells good, the dior hydralife tint smells gooood

Bleh. No, never!! (Not even my lipsticks.) I’m a bit of a fragrance junkie, and I hate it when scents from my makeup, skincare, or haircare get in the way of my perfumes 😛

I prefer unscented products for face makeup because fragrance can be drying. I tolerate scented lip products, and, yes, MAC vanilla is very nice. For some reason, I find the “rose” scent of D&G Fascination lipstick reminds me of kerosene.

i dont have to have my makeup products scented but it adds a nice touch
i love the rosy fragrance in chanel’s cosmetics, so luxurious!:]
i like my lip products to have a scent on the other hand
if it doesn’t, i usually wont use it as often or like it as much

I do….but it depends on the scent. I love rose scents and almond scents best. If I buy a product with a scent I don’t like though, it ruins everything for me. For example: YSL Rouge Volupte lipsticks…I can’t stand the mango scent so I would never wear one.

I don’t really mind most scented products, but for some reason i cannot stand rose scents! for that reason alone i had to return chanel mat lumiere. that rose scent on my face all day–it was just too much.

I don’t like scented make up at all. Scented lip products gross me out big time with the exception of Mac. I can only buy the most stunning Chanel lispticks because that’s the only way I can stomach the scent. Ugh.

No, unless it’s a lip product. With all of the perfumes, shampoos, body lotions, body washes that we use throughout the day, why add another scent on top of all of that?

I like anything that smells like something you eat. No one wants to smell like trees or grass =/
Besides most of the stuff that is scented smells different on your skin because everyones skin is different.
I love the vanilla smell by MAC. I find myself opening lipsticks just to smell them even though I hardly ever wear them!
Same thing with burt bee’s, omg, wonderfulness! Burt bee’s anything really! =D

i don’t mind it… but i prefer unscented on face products besides lip products due to my sensitive skin…

i hate cherry flavored/scented lip products like nyx lip glosses because even tho i still use it… Mac is one of my favors 🙂

I like things to be unscented. I’m not allergic to scent but I get very bored of the same smell so it causes products to drop out of use after a while so I can have a change.

I’m using Estee Lauders night serum at the moment and it smells so bad that I have to hold my breath as I apply it! Once on the skin it’s OK but it makes my hands smell to the point where I have to wash them twice to get rid of it.

I honestly never noticed scents. I don’t go up and smell my lipsticks and eyemakeup removers and whatnot haha. The only thing I clearly remember having a scent was a sample I got of an Urban Decay Pocket Rocket Gloss in Timothy. It smelled like crème brule or mainly just a huge caramel sugarbomb. It was overpowering but it eventually died down.

I’m going to go smell my lipsticks haha.

Well I prefer no scent, but the problem is that perfume-free products often smell bad (yes, scents in cosmetics are there to hide their original bad smell). But I don’t like overwhelming scents, the vanilla in Mac and Illamasqua products is perfect for me. Something sweeter can become sickening.

I might be weired, but I like them slightly floral-scented, somehow I relate the scent to classy and sophisticated products.

I really like the MAC lipstick scent 🙂 I generally like it. I once had a woman try to return a lipstick because of the scent when I worked in a drugstore which is sold unsealed. We have a no make up return policy which is printed on the stands, the only time there was any give in the policy would be an exchange for, say a sealed mascara that was the wrong colour. I don’t think it was even heavily scented but she complained that the testers did not smell and I had to explain that they don’t because they are leave in the open air and perhaps she would like to leave her lipstick open to get rid of the ‘scent’

Like you, I prefer my cosmetics to have no scent, especially concealers and foundations! However, I don’t mind lip colors having scents. I love Vanilla, a light sweet mint scent, lemon, and occasionally a sweet artificial fruit smell (but to an extent… no Hello Kitty lipgloss strawberry scents!)

It really depends on the smell it self ,
I hate sweet fragrances especially in lipglosses
but I how YSL lip products smell and taste , like water melon soo fresh
also the Estee Lauder day wear lotion smells the cucumber which is so refreshing and nice

I think fragrance free is fine, otherwise I do like a very light rose scent to my makeup (very light, not the knock you out, make your eyes water perfume!).

I prefer unscented products, though I don’t mind clean, fresh scents in my skincare (except face cream).

I love the scent of Mac lipsticks and lipglosses, just last night I opened the drawer where I keep all my Dazzleglasses and it smelled so nice! 🙂 I also love Guerlain’s violet scented Meteorites, and I like rose scent as well.

I can’t stand Urban Decay’s burnt sugar smell and also the chemical smells. Oh and I also don’t like minty lipproducts. If I want a mint, I’ll eat one, thank you. 🙂

I tried one of the urban decay glosses, a pocket rocket I think, oh my god, I almost passed out from the stench! That’s a guarantee of me not every buying one, no matter how much I could like the color.

Nothing that touches my face is scented. I have sensitive skin and very sensitive eyes. The only thing I could ever stand was scented lip glosses but they are starting to break me out so I have give up on all scented items.

I like it to be scented as long as it’s a pleasant smell. I adore my new Nars gloss, but the smell is ICKY.

i don’t mind scented as long as it doesn’t irritate my skin. I love MAC lipglasses and lipsticks – smells good LOL. I’m not too crazy about NARS lipglosses – they smell like “???” and if it’s not scented, it’s hard for me to tell if they are bad or not. also, i love mac cleanse off oil… smells good…

so overall, yes i like my makeup to be scented… 🙂

Unscented. I have a kagillion-and-two allergies, quite a few of which are to scents. Scents in lip products don’t bother me, for whatever reason, and in that case I like citrus (lemon especially), vanilla, strawberry, or pineapple. I used to have the BEST lipgloss ever that smelled (and tasted!) like pineapple….but I haven’t been able to ever find it again after I finished that first tube….

I prefer my make up and skin care to be unscented. With a couple of exceptions being Korres skin care because their’s smell like naturally grown things and they’re not cloying either or any skin care that smells maybe lemony/citrusy or fresh but that still goes away and doesn’t linger.

My lipsticks and glosses must have no taste however and barely any smell to them. That’s why I keep buying MAC lipsticks because they have no taste and that vanilla smell is barely there and you forget about it within seconds. The sad thing about Nars and Black Opal lipsticks is they both have this horrible chemical, bitter taste and slight chemical smell, although it’s mostly what you’re tasting.

An expensive company like Nars should get rid of that taste in their lipsticks otherwise I would buy their ones all the time but I just can’t justify it.

I also love my lip products scented. Vanilla, lemon, strawberry. Just never anything that smells like melon. It makes me feel green around the jaw!

I prefer fragrance-free products. Partly because I don’t really see the point and I don’t want and scents interfering with the perfume I use. I want to chose my scent myself. Second I’ve got easily irritated skin, and I find that the fragrance in make up is usually of very bad quality.

I love Anna Sui colors, but I can’t wear her lipsticks or gloss–the rose scent is too overpowering. who wants perfume mouth? gross.

I like my make-up scented lightly or non-scented. Although I must admit, I know a lot of people hate the smell of UD lipstick, it doesn’t really bother me.

I personally do not like a lot of scent in my makeup products, but I appreciate a scent/flavor in my lip products. My favorite is mint. But if my eyeshadow or foundation were scented, it would just seem too much. Really unnecessary.. who wants their FACE to smell good? Or even smell at all..

I prefer unscented and fragrance-free products. L’Oreal lipsticks are the worst offender IMO! Too bad, because I think the formulas & selection of colors are pretty good for a drugstore brand.

On the other hand, I bought Bare Minerals Buxom Big & Healthy Lip Stick in Brooklyn and it unexpectedly smells like the beach! Divine!

I like scent in all makeup except eye products–but only when I *like* the scent. The only makeup scent I’ve disliked is the one in L’Oreal lipsticks, but it’s been so long since I’ve tried one that they might have changed it. I think cleansers should be fragrance-free, but I enjoy the little added luxury of a pleasant scent in other skin care products.

I usually don’t care but, I bought YSL Everlong mascara a few months ago and I was pleasantly surprised that it smelled like fresh flowers! Although I don’t think it was supposed to smell like that…

Scented face and lip products really bother me and can give me a headache. =( I had to return my Guerlain Cherry Summer Kiss Kiss Baby Lip Balm because of the scent, even though I loved the product itself. The more perfume-y the smell, the more it bothers me.

I don’t mind MAC’s light vanilla scent, though. It’s not too strong and smells… “clean” to me, if that makes any sense. =) I guess I just love vanilla!

I tend not to care either way, except I hate, hate, HATE it when a lip gloss scent reminds me of the flavored medicine I took when I was a kid. I’ve passed on quite a few glosses from Victoria’s Secret and Liplicious because of that problem.

I would have to say that I like my makeup fragrance free. However it does not bother me if it is scented. I do not like over powering or horrible smells.

Like you said Christine, I don’t mind the lip products being scented but everything else I prefer for it to have no scent.

I do like a nice scent in my products although I do know that what one person thinks is a pleasent scent others may hate (i love guerlains violet scent but i hate anything vanilla) so i think it may be safer for some companys to not scent there products.

One of the scents that has really gotten to be over the years was philosophy’s hope in a jar, that scent turned my stomach which was a shame because it was a good product, but the smell made me feel so ill I just couldn’t keep using it

In general I like have a scent there (like my YSL mascara that I constantly open to sniff!) But some scents are just SO off-putting (like Estee Lauder lipsticks, yuck!) that I refuse to go near them

Nooooooo! Some products are so horribly scented i can’t use them or even be near someone wearing them, like YSL lip products.

Oh, and I like vanilla scents, like MAC products and H&M Anni-Can Rock lipgloss, and fruity scents, like Maybelline Watershine glosses and Max Factor Vibrant Curve Effect glosses. Vibrant Curve Effect has the best smell EVER ♥

No scents ever in anything. I’m sensitive to most artificial scents; they give me migraines at best.

I prefer my products to be non-scented but it’s hard to avoid sometimes. A lot of my lip glosses are scented. I don’t mind the fragrance of Coralista because I can’t smell it once it’s on my face. I don’t like the smell of any of my Chanel products (except for perfume of course) and I can smell them on my face but I deal with it because they look so beautiful.

I do like a light scent to my makeup. I agree with the first comment left by a reader. I like a light clean or maybe sweet scent, but an overpowering or “very vanilla” scent can me nauseating.

It totally depends on the scent. My facial cleanser smells like pineapple, and I don’t even notice anymore. Vanilla is fine, as long as it’s not too strong. I guess I’m not too picky as long as it doesn’t smell cheap or yucky. Or minty.

I like the way Benefit’s Coralista powder is scented with rose. It’s really faint but I like to take a sniff out of the box. Very pretty scent.

I personally don’t care for a scent. Plus sometimes, you can be allergic to it…so the less scent the better..personally

It really depends. I love the MAC lipstick smell but things like the Buxom lip gloss and lipsticks make me sick to my stomach. All in all, I think I need scented because the smell of plain cosmetics (mainly lipsticks) is a real turn off. Something about a bad smelling product makes it feel bad on my lips. It’s psychological but it does effect my opinion of a product.

Depends entirely upon the scent. I love the way the Laura Mericer glosses or MAC lipsticks and glosses smell. However, and I hate to say this because I love Bobbi Brown as a woman, makeup artist, and her makeup is beautiful – but I can’t stand the lavender scent to a lot of the BB makeup/skin care. Unfortunately, it gives me a headache.

I would prefer unscented, because in a make-up usually are already enough different ingredients (a challenge for sensitive skin) so adding one more that does not even have an effect on skin seems unnecessary. Also most scents, even those that appear “light”, easily feel overpowering.
There is one exception of a product with a good scent, though, which is MAC lipstick, the only lipstick that does not smell “perfumey”.

No, I don’t. I’m incredibly sensitive to fragrances. I prefer everything to be unscented because I don’t like the migraines that come with a fragranced product. Only my shampoo and conditioner are scented and even that bothers me sometimes.

I think everything, to a certain extent, has a smell, but makeup itself shouldn’t really smell like much. To me, anyway. It actually turns me off when products have a strong, perfumey scent (like Benefit blushes. I don’t know why I keep buying those damn things, they smell like the perfume counter at Sears and they don’t show up on my NC45 skin no matter how much I layer).

I don’t mind my lip products and stuff smelling like canilla or something, but if it’s anything stronger than that, I automatically assume it’s just going to wreack havoc with my skin and make my face a mass of red bumps. Not a fan!

I don’t really care, though I mostly prefer unscented. For lip products though, I like a nice scent that isn’t too strong – my favorite is mint!

I really prefer unscented but if I really like a product then I will get it despite the fact I might not go crazy about it’s smell…

NO WAY!!!! I do not want to smell ANYTHING when it comes to makeup, skin care, or any product that goes on my face. It is extremely aversive to me and I can definitely get pretty bad headaches from it. It is a total deal-breaker for me.

i really like the old fashioned floral scents to powders. i like something very mild for my lip glosses or lipsticks, if its too sweet or fruity, i get nausaus (sp).

I prefer my makeup scented with a pleasant scent, which is why most of my skincare and (base) makeup collection is consisted with Shiseido products.

I have to have a good smelling lip product… I love the Estee Lauder scent, even though I know many do not.

I like fresh and clean scents or even fruity. I love vanilla too. However it’s nice for it to be unscented too. As long as it’s not a granny or cherry scented makeup product.

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