Do you like to window shop for makeup?

Do you like to window shop for makeup? Or do you prefer to only look at makeup when you’re looking for something specific?

In-store, only if there’s something specific. Online, I’ll browse away!

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I do it all the time since I don’t need to go far to do so. Window shopping is how I better get a sense of what I really want and what is just a passing infatuation based on ad images 🙂

I do it online a LOT. Lol! In person *can* be fun sometimes, but also dangerous. Those have been the times that I have at times made impulse buys that I otherwise may not have made. Worse still, purchases made WITHOUT looking up reviews first, ie; MAC Media when Darkside would’ve worked waaaay better!

This question comes right after I spent about a half hour window shopping on Colourpop. I don’t window shop much in actual storefronts because I’m kind of a “get in, shop, and get out” kind of shopper. But I love window shopping online; it’s hassle free.

YES!! Touching all the textures, looking at colors in different lights, swatching shades looking for inspiration for new color combinations, comparing products, brand, trying to understand new trends by looking at how each display is set up and how they change over the seasons.. It’s an overall intense and very interesting experience for me, even on days I don’t end up buying anything on the spot 🙂

You describe this so well! I found myself nodding along bc I was JUST doing all this in Ulta. I really like doing this when the store isn’t crowded and everything is organized.

When I’m instore, I’ll usually get what I need and go but when I’m online, I can browse for days! I have made so many sephora shopping carts that will never be checked out. It fuels the fix without any of the damage.

I am the same way. If I am going to a store I am usually going for something specific but I may take a detour every once and awhile – nothing wrong with that. But online you can lust over things from afar.

‘Honey, did you have to ask?’ That’a a quote, not intending anything with impropriety. Only all the time. Ulta’s site won’t let me check out this AM…and I started VERY early for far too many Stila eye liners. You gotta window shop, when you’re an addict! I’ll be royally annoyed, if I have to go to the store, but at least it moved in, closer. Got a folder on the desktop with many relevant sites. If i did not window shop online, I’d get a lot more accomplished. Ironically, but maybe sensibly, I don’t window shop in person, only once something seems to be a likely purchase.

Hi Christine! Long time follower, first time commenter ;P

Does browsing your site count as window shopping? I think it has saved me MORE money by only buying the best 😀 Keep up the great work!

I window shop online ALL the time but usually not in stores. I tend to make a huge wishlist of things online, and when I happen to go into a store (rarely, i usually rely on your reviews for beauty purchases!) I’ll swatch everything on my wishlist and decide what stays and what gets cut! Also every month or so I’ll go through my wishlist on sephora and use your dupes list to compare to what I already have. You’ve saved me a TON!

i do most of my browsimg online really. I only visit the store with my research done and to verify texture, payoff and general feel of it.

I typically will do my research online first. But, if there is something that I feel I need to see in person first and if it is available near me and it’s not a LE, I will. That is really true with foundations ,concealer, and skin care. Unfortunately, many brands I am interested in are not available here. I try not to too much though because, once I see it and love it and it has good scores it will drive me nuts until I have it. For instance, the Armani eye tints. I swore those were way too much $ for one eye color. I got 4 Sat and want 4 more at least and it’s driving me nuts because I saw how gorgeous they really are in person! I love Sephora. But, I have really saved a lot of $ by not physically going into that store. Those sales associates are really good! I kinda prefer Ulta to browse even though their selection is less generally. Much less pushy.

I’m constantly window-shopping online! I’m not near makeup counters so when I get a chance, I like to browse but it’s only once or twice a year 🙂

I like to window shop for makeup. Sometimes I discover products I probably wouldn’t have tried when I spend a little too much time in the store lol

Yeah I do it a lot! The way I typically shop for makeup is this: go to a store to see and swatch the product. Go back home and order it online – because there are always more perks and promotions for online purchase, and of course there’s ebates!

When I can yes!!!! I don’t live near any Sephora’s or MAC in my area, so when I get to bigger cities I brows a number of products in person to see it the hype is worth me getting.

In Sephora’s case I usually have a list and I don’t get something I was craving, but other products that impressed me more.

Nothing playing with a product to get a sense of colour, texture, pigmentation and binders used. 😉

I have to say in the past about 50% of my online shopping was a gamble as to whether or not I felt like the shades look good on me.

I’m the opposite: Online I beeline right for the specific product I’m looking for, but in the stores I want to get my hands on everything. my hands are always completely covered with swatches by the time I’m ready to leave.

I love window shopping both online and in person. I enjoy staying informed about the newest makeup products that way and by way of YouTube. Most of the time when I go into Sephora I’m clear on what im there for. Because I’ve watched YouTube. Also Temptalia is very much a part of my window shopping process!

I love to window shop, but I do most of mine online. I love checking out the Just Arrived or What’s New sections or even the best sellers to see what people are into at the moment.

I love to “window” shop makeup online and in-store. I often look online first, then in-store, since colors can be “off” online. I also like to test products in-store, which gives me a far better sense of which products I might want to actually buy. I can’t afford buyer’s remorse!

Definitely! I browse online mostly to read reviews. When I’m in any store with a makeup department, be it a drugstore, department store or wherever, I always swing by the makeup department to see products in person and maybe get a sample to try.

I like to do both. Case in point – today I went to Sephora solely to window shop and confirm some items I was stalking online for weeks. Many of the items I reviewed online did not complement my skintone at all once I swatched in person. Saved myself some money and future mail returns. In person you can also get free samples.

I love window shopping for makeup — love swatching and testing out, getting a feel for different products. I also like to get samples to test out at home. It saves me from making mistakes and having to return things!

If I am in Nordstrom or Belk – or a similar store that carries tons of makeup lines, I definitely walk around and see what’s new – I have found some very good products that way! Normally I shop online : )

I have to admit with a little embarrassment…I HATE Sephora stores. Ulta is my own personal heaven. Sephora I will only shop online. I have severe anxiety and in the past I have had bouts with agoraphobia. Whenever I have walked into a Sephora I feel like a hundred people jump all over me. Someone is always following me around. I get sick of someone trying to make me buy something that I’m not even looking for. I just want to scream – GET AWAY FROM ME!

I sure do! I like checking out the lipstick colours the most because they often look so different when viewing them online. A lot of lipsticks turn pink on me (yuk!) and I need to check if they are true to colour.
Other makeup items I check out in the shops are foundation, powder and blushes to see if they are right for me.
I often browse online to check out deals on makeup that I have looked at in the shops. I always check out the reviews first though.

I completely agree with you wholeheartedly. I am so tired of purchasing a color that has swatches and it gets here and looks NOTHING like what it was supposed to. We differ only slightly because I personally LOOK for pink. My worst problem is nudes – I like the brownish or even pinkish nude as compared to the peachy. I wear nothing in peach, always makes my teeth look yellow (even the day after I had a teeth bleaching) and it is all wrong for my face.

In store, when I’m looking for something specific, I grab those and THEN window shop. Like today, finally broke my 2015 beauty no-buy (it lasted over 4 months–I’m quite proud actually) and went to Ulta to grab a couple Stila Smudgesticks and an IT LBD foundation brush–and also found some Zoya polishes on sale! Score!

I will not go in store unless I’m able to buy. However, I stalk everyday. I’m sure it’s no surprise that 95% of what I purchase is online

I don’t purchase that much makeup so I definitely indulge by looking and sometimes swatching, especially at Sephora’s since I don’t have one nearby and there are some products that I might potentially want. I’m too tempted not to and sometimes too tempted to leave without buying… lol

Drool, is more like it. I love to window shop! Its the best way to compare products to figure out what you want to buy. Trying and testing all the pretty colors…..BLISS!! Even when I go in to buy, I still window shop. Its the most free fun ever, especially if you get to know sales people who can guide you to new products, advise on upcoming sales, or just new colors.

i LOVE to do it online and sometimes i do it around the stores, but i have a thing, i never buy something without looking at the reviews first.

Hmmm. Online – yes. I am subscribed to so many beauty blogs I couldn’t help it, and also, I’m on the newsletter of almost every cosmetic company and cosmetic businesses. “Window shopping” at a store…actually I only do that at drugstores, grocery stores and the like, looking for new products that I haven’t seen before. When I go into Ulta or Sephora or Macy’s…I come to shop, looking around means spending money. I have an impulse problem.

Yes! I like to window shop for makeup whether it’s online or in person at the department. I always like to try something new or replenish my stash of makeup essentials. It helps me get an idea of how the product(s) work and well as the prices. I also do my research online as well. Once I have the money, I go out to the store and purchase what I want. If a product I like, i.e . MUFE’s Artist Rouge Lipstick in Mat 3 is only sold online, I’ll go online and purchase it, too.

I would love to shop a brick-and-mortar Ulta or Sephora, but there aren’t any convenient to me. So, other than that one fantasy, my shopping in stores is of the get-in-get-out variety. Online … I “window” shop for h o u r s .

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