Do you like receiving beauty products as gifts?

Do you like receiving beauty products as gifts? Or do you prefer to buy those things yourself? Why/why not?

I don’t have the patience to wait for most beauty products until a specific date! I can also be very picky, so I’d rather someone gift me something I might not have thought of, because makeup is the one area that I regularly spend money on, so I’m not lacking in that department!

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I’d love it! But no one I know is as into makeup as I am, so they’d be kinda clueless when it came to getting me something. People usually just opt for a Sephora gift card, which is more than adequate 🙂

Well getting a backup of a beauty item that I already love is okay. But since I have to tell them what to get me, it takes the mystery out of opening a gift. So while it has happened before in the past, I’d rather give them a non-beauty category to choose from and wait in suspense. 🙂

Clothes are difficult too since they don’t know what size, material, or style that I prefer.

Now that I think of it, most people just give my gift cards because I am rather picky. Haha! It’s boring, but very useful.

I don’t mind receiving gift cards as long as those are for my favorite stores like Sephora or Mac. I think it’s better that way than someone buys actual products which don’t work for my skin color.

Yes and no. I’m extremely picky and has a pretty extensive collection already, so it’s hard for people to give me beauty products as gift without asking me up front which one I’d like to receive.

I prefer to purchase my gift and let my husband know what he got me. LOL I know what I like, and I’ve always got my finger on the pulse of new releases that must be pounced on before they sell out. So I’d say the answer is no. 🙂

Yes and no. I don’t receive a lot of gifts in the year (including Christmas) so I love getting makeup products. But I’d rather they know my taste and preferences, as well as, ask what brands I’m in to.

I don’t like receiving drugstore products as gifts like I did one year because they are never on my wishlist and I don’t gravitate towards using them (they’ve never blown me away except mascaras). Then I feel guilty that I’m not using them but I HATE clutter, yet I can’t throw them away…

Yes i do lol! My best friend’s sister is a MUA and has a pro card so i loveee recieving goodies off her. But shes the only one who buys me makeup. My boyfriend tells me he will buy me anything in the world, but not makeup lol he says i spend enough on it and have enough of it….bummer.

I’m pretty hard to shop for, because if I want something bad enough I will just buy it for myself, and I hate waiting after something releases to buy it, I tend to buy it right away. But there are a few select friends who I think could manage to find something for me I would like and they would know I don’t have.

I second your point about being picky. Unless it’s something that I’ve already hinted about wanting but that I can’t find or can’t afford, then I’m all for someone buying it for me hahah. But people buying random beauty-related gifts is risky. It might be a brand that I don’t like, something that irritates my skin, the wrong shade, or a product I don’t like. So I guess what I’m saying is that the thought is sweet, but a nice Sephora gift card would be the best bet ;P

I love getting new beauty products but unless it’s something I specifically asked for, I don’t like receiving them as gifts because they’re almost always something I don’t like/won’t use and then it’s wasted money AND product.

I do like getting beauty items as gifts, as long as it’s something that 1) I really want and 2) can’t normally or easily acquire for myself due to price or accessibility here in Canada. (For example, Edward Bess or Tom Ford goodies.)

Now beauty gift cards – that’s the best of all worlds. That shows the person really understands and respects my interest, even if they might not understand it, and it gives me the freedom to choose what pleases me.

Yes and no really… I’m the same with music and games, if there’s something I really want, I will buy it for myself instead of wait weeks/months for it. With regards to beauty I’d love to receive a gift set from a favourite brand of mine (anything Soap & Glory, Urban Decay, Lush are good bets for people who know me) but it’d be a bit hit and miss to buy me a random lipstick or something.

A voucher for a place that sells ONLY makeup so I wasn’t tempted to spend it on something else would be awesome, I think I enjoy the thrill of the research, browsing, chasing and shopping as much as actually getting a new beauty product so a voucher would bring me loads of joy!

I love getting beauty products, provided they’re things on my “wish list” or items that I currently use (a friend used to purchase a particilar Laura Mercier lipstick for me every year as part of my birthday present because, at the time, I could’t get it locally; my husband and my daughter both know which skin care and body care items I love). So I’m always glad to get products that are ones I’m going to love.

I don’t know why, but I really don’t like receiving makeup as a gift. It makes me feel uncomfortable. I’d much rather receive a gift card and buy the item myself.

On an unrelated note – has the comment form changed on the mobile site? I haven’t been able to leave a comment from there in weeks. If I click on “Leave a Comment” (which isn’t even on every post), it just links me back to the article. Am I looking in the wrong place?

My boyfriend requested Skyward Sword for Christmas and is willing to get me nail polish in exchange. I’m too cheap to buy the fancy stuff on my own, but if it’s a present it totally doesn’t count! I’ll tell him exactly what I want, so I know he’s not going to be wasting his money.

Only my mother and that’s only because she hands me her credit card and I pick out the things I want and can do without until Christmas/my Birthday. Otherwise I would just rather a gift card to Sephora or Ulta (which is where my boyfriend shines, lol)

Well YES I do!! Hubby, hope you’re reading this!!

I love all the boxes of nicely scented body care you can find during the holiday season.

And I also do like to receive makeup: people usually choose colors I wouldn’t naturally go for, and it’s an opportunity for me to discover more shades that work for me (or not…).
Of course it has to be good quality products.

Yes. I love beauty products so much that I usually get some kind of gratification out of even terrible cheap drugstore crap, so random beauty products are good by me!

I love beauty gifts. But the problem is most of the time people don’t know what to get and I’m not interested in a profusion glitter palette from CVS. My constant wishlist at any given time is all beauty so I just forward that when birthday comes around. Everyone for my bday this year got me great stuff. MUFE aquacreams, the smashbox be discovered palette, the lorac bejeweled day and night palette, nyx slide on eyeliners, a nyx lip palette. I just hope christmas will be as fun!

Well, every year I receive stuff like shower gel or lotion as part of my Christmas presents. I’m not ALWAYS keen on it, just because I do have sensitive/drier skin that doesn’t always do well with whatever people give me. That’s why I prefer to purchase beauty products on my own. I haven’t received any makeup products though (people around me wear none. They’re OK with me doing it for the most part, but they wouldn’t actively encourage it lol), so I wouldn’t know how to feel!

No way I’d end up with one of those huge blockbuster palletes that lack quality and have funky colors that I’d never wear. I’d much rather have a gift card!!

Amusingly, I just got 4 of the holiday box sets from Zoya from a friend of mine this Christmas. I was floored, and, thankfully, had none of the colors. I would NEVER buy some of the colors in the sets normally, but I am now hooked on 2 of them in particular. So I am totally open to future beauty products as presents, hah!

I’m really picky about my beauty stuff. Especially since ive probably spent hours pouring over the good and bad of the products. So I don’t really want people just picking up any old stuff. However, I keep a running list on my phone of polishes and makeup I want and if I get gifts from that list, I’m fine with getting beauty products.
Actually, this year my mom asked for stocking stuffers and I just sent her the list of polishes I wanted!

I would love to receive a gift card or a beauty product like a mascara or a lipstick.. but I never receive any… In past I gave my friends bank gift cards so they can shop at any store they’d like, guess what i received? Liquor, wine… ALWAYS! and I don’t [email protected]#$%#$ drink!!!
Well this year they all getting Victoria Secret lotions 😉

While I’m always grateful for any gift (though I prefer giving gifts than receiving them, honestly), I do think cosmetics is one of those gifts that depends on a good understanding of the recipient. (And if one is less familiar, include the receipt for exchange.) It’s one thing to buy a little drug store set for a young person who’s just getting into it. For an adult woman or man, though, I’d want to be familiar with their cosmetic habits to some extent. As a personal example, the two friends I did buy cosmetics for this year are not only two women I’ve known for years, but they’re also the type that I’m familiar with their beauty habits. I know what colors they prefer, what works with their skin tone, etc.

While I love giftcards to places like Sephora and Ulta, I’m not a fan of actually getting cosmetic items as gifts. It is so hard to find the perfect shade or scent . . . and that’s when I’m shopping for myself! I don’t know if anyone else would be able to do it for me . . . .

It depends. I only have one friend who really understands what I enjoy about makeup, and she always gets me something I love. From the rest of my family/friends, I’d rather get a gift card to Sephora or Ulta and pick out the products myself 🙂

I love getting beauty products as gifts. Especially lipstick and nail polishes. Its interesting to see what other colors people like on me other than the colors I like on myself. I could never reject recieving beauty products but I would prefer to not receive perfume. To me fragrances are very much a personal decision. Plus, I wouldn’t feel great giving anything away solely because I can’t stand it. Lip glosses are the safest choice I, think. Then eyeshadow palettes.

For me, it depends. If I’m looking for something specific, I’d rather buy it myself or come with the person who’s buying it for me (I don’t mind when people don’t know what to get me and just ask haha), rather than ask for “a green MUFE eyeliner” and get a completely different green, or something. I love surprises though, like when I don’t ask for gifts/makeup, and someone gives me a lovely eyeshadow palette or blush or something.

Yes, I love receiving beauty products as gifts. Sometimes I just say those I want and let them choose. Most of the time I just let them surprise me. I would either get Estee Lauder or Clinique products. So it’s not bad. 🙂

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