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No lol! Just give me a product that looks the way I want it to. I hate the idea of a “lip topper” I feel like it’s just a money grab and a fancy name for lip gloss so they can sell more. Just make the original product work!

I’m not a fan of layering, generally. Too much to maintain when it all just comes off when I’m eating and drinking. I’ve been going for easier and more natural lips lately.

I do, mostly because I own a lot of liquid matte lipstick and they are really drying so I top up with a gloss and then blot. I love lip strobing but if I love a lipstick shade I don’t layer at all.

No, I’ve tried mixing shades, but it was just too much work, especially when it came to touch-ups while I’m out somewhere. I’m not into the sparkly toppers, either. The closest thing to layering that I do on a regular basis is wearing lip primer under lip color or putting a touch of lip balm on top of a liquid matte lipstick when it gets a bit too dry. (I know neither of those are really considered layering…lol)

Not really because I don’t care for gloss, so I usually just buy satins or creme formulas. I don’t like too many products on my lip – it feels heavy and I’m worried I’ll get spit lines because of too much gunk on my lips. If I really like the color of a lipstick and it’s matte, at this point I almost feel relieved to “have to” skp because I have too much already. I’m pretty certain I’d have a dupe or could mix and match what I have to get the color anyway. I didn’t realize my preference until about a year ago, I always just went for color and formula be damned or I’d make it work. The mattes that I am trying to use up, I will wear a gloss over them so my lips aren’t carpet in an hour.

I do like to use lipliner and lipstick, but I‘m not sure that counts as „layering“. Other than that I do sometimes layer lipsticks to change the colour. I love nude lips wirh a shiny gloss, however on me it never looks good :s My lipstick underneath always separates and it really doesn‘t look pretty anymore. So I prefer not to do that

I love using gloss over lipsticks, and I often like to use lip liners (although they aren’t necessary to me). However, I am not the type to layer different lipstick shades to get the right one as I’d rather just try to find the right one and save myself the time in the morning/when I need to reapply.

Pretty much all the time. (I’m Korean, so I often do the gradient lip look.) I think layering lip products really expands the range of looks you can do with the same lip collection because not only can you do the typical ‘mlbb to brights’ or ‘light to dark’, you can get creative with color combinations too, someting like purple to orange.

I even stopped using a lip liner. 😆 One single product on my lips it’s enough and it’s lipstick. I’m not a gloss / topper user and I don’t like to mix colors.

Yes, I do like altering my lipsticks different ways. I like using lip pencils, a lip topper, glosses and other lipsticks to make different colors. When using two different lipsticks I usually just swipe each on and smack my lips so no real science here!! To refresh I just take both lipsticks with me. I tend to use lip liner pencils and glosses when wearing liquid lips as I can’t tolerate the dryness and I like that a pencil underneath tends to make the liquid lip wear off a little nicer.

Roughly half of the time, yes, I do. But most of the time it depends on several factors: 1.) The lipstick shade. If I’m wearing a very classic red lip, then no, I’m not. 2.) The condition of my lips. If they’re dry and chapped, then heck yeah, I’m layering gloss on top! 3.) Climate has a lot to do with it, too. When it’s very dry, which it is most of the time, then gloss really helps to prevent my getting very chapped, peeling lips. 4.) I’m just feeling it! Feeling a bit extra or feeling a combo I’m looking at!

Yes! I mix lipsticks, liners, toppers, and glosses. On any given day I have anywhere from 3-5 products on my lips, and sometimes more. When I was working at a cosmetics counter it was always difficult to reveal the products I used on my lips. My customers would quickly add up the cost to buy those 3-5 lip products.

But I love mixing colors, especially lipsticks, and I sometimes purposefully mix colors that shouldn’t work together with amazing results!

My go to is 1. moisturize – wether this be thin layer of lip chap or vaseline.
2. lip liner
3. lip gloss, if i wanted to mess around with colors only then would i layer other than that i think one coat should suffice!

Hell, yes. I honestly have no conscious memory the last time I didn’t mix two shades together or top with a gloss. By the end of the day, I have no idea what the heck combination I’m wearing. It’s like a never ending experiment that keeps me endlessly entertained — every day, several times a day. 🙂

Yes, I layer lip products. But mostly it use multiple lip pencils to fill in lips and get the base shade or gradient that I want. Than I add a little lipstick or gloss to make it a little less dry. And then I say, hmmm…it needs a little more pink or peach or whatever and I put that on top. But I don’t use sparkle or specific lip toppers.

No, especially a gloss over a lipstick. For me, from a practical point of view, glosses are highly transferable and I don’t like to see my gloss all over my coffee cup at an internal meeting, at a meeting with a client or on a glass of water/wine at a restaurant. I prefer lipsticks. It’s easier for me to render a lipstick transfer-proof but it’s impossible with a gloss applied over a lipstick. If I wear glosses, I prefer to apply them directly on my lips. However I keep with me an YSL Tint-in-Oil in case my lipstick is gone and I need to have a quick-to-apply colour on my lips.

Are you telling me that everyone doesn’t??? LOL I almost NEVER where one color or one lip product, with one exception, a gloss. It’s the only lippie I’ll wear alone.

Sorry where=wear, I really need to read what I write first. And to add, that’s why I can rarely find a good lip color I’ve done before a second go around, because I layer different things almost every time and can’t always remember what I did (and I’ve tried writing it down, but then never go back to see what I wrote, dah!)

Yes, all the time. I think the dynamic here (besides color play) comes from doing my lips last – the step where the last little transformation is supposed to quantum leap all the prior steps, catapulting me into (drumroll) Beautiful & ten (twenty) years Younger – so I’ll swipe something on, look in the mirror and ….. uuhh…there I am, but w/ lipstick on. Refusing to give up hope, I reach for something else because I’m gonna hold on for another minute to the promise of bullet/wand/pigment. swipe/smear/pat. Look again. Turns out I’m not Sophia Loren/Jennifer Lawrence/Beyonce/your icon of womanly perfection here. Possibly I look a little “better”, if you’re the kind of person who likes how makeup looks.
Then I get a grip, say “good enough”, and get on with my day. Can anybody relate?
I’d love to hear other people’s mirror fantasies – unless Christine doesn’t feel it’s suitable here.

Yes, sometimes. I like to put a gloss over my lipstick on occasion. If I’m going out to a party maybe a glitter gloss. Sometimes I like to contour my lips as my lips are not very big so contouring gives them a little bit of oomph. Lip liner also helps with the longevity of my color and to nix bleeding.

YES! I know it seems silly to some, but I am convinced that one gets a “deeper” color (ie color with more depth) and longer-lasting stay by layering. I often use a lipliner, lip pencil, lipstick, and liquid (matte) lipstick (in that order).

Not really! Just a good enough lipstick which will last hours and leave a nice decent stain so it doesn’t entirely rub off. The only thing I layer is chapstick religiously under. Always forget to use lip gloss don’t like gooey mess and the running off. No.7 lipsticks don’t last on me hate that!
Love WetnWild ones! Cheap and excellent except the cap can fall out if not careful. Lol! But I have solved the issue and absolutely love them!

Also remembering the NYC lipsticks. I don’t see that brand anymore I think is available only in Canada. Got four shades of their pretty colors on the silky side but boy! They would transfer just about everything in a hot cup of coffee. No bueno! Loved the colors very smooth but so messy!

Sometimes I do – I like to layer a lighter or different shade of lipstick to produce a different colour or nuance to add depth to my overall lip colour. I never wear lipglosses.

I’m a lip makeup mixologist! Any color I wear is usually a combination of lipstick, lipgloss, and lipliner with multiples of each used in the same wear. What’s even more weird is that I either wear a mix of a great lip combo or I’m a Chapstick lip balm girl – there’s no in-between. However, with that being said, I usually wear just lip balm during the week and the fun and the bold on weekends and nights out.

Yes I have to use my massive collection up! lol. Makes me happy when I can do a variety of different lip looks. On average I use 3-4 lip products /day .

When wearing a full look, I find applying just one product on the lips kinda boring and low-effort! Layering does the rest of the face justice. For everyday, can’t be bothered—one and done.

I wear Rimmel’s Exxagerate lip liner in East End Snob to slightly overdraw my top lip – (East End Snob is the perfect MLBB shade for me & Rimmel’s Exxagerate lip liners are the longest lasting liners that do not dry out my lips- they even beat my Charlotte Tilbury & Tom Ford Liners!)

I also layer glosses & stains over East End Snob for simpler looks!

I started layering my lip products only recently. It has increased my choices exponentially! I have found that I truly love experimenting; and I have discovered that eyeshadow, blush, highlighters – everything can add a little something unexpected to lipsticks and lip gloss. This seems quite simple, but I only recently found that I love to wear a bold lipliner on my lips and a soft gloss to finish it off. I have been shortchanging myself for years!

Sometimes-a couple weeks ago I wore Revlon Ultra HD Carnelian Lip Lacquer over the Ultra HD Addiction liquid lipstick to get the berry shade I wanted. I also wear lip balm under my lipsticks to make sure they apply evenly.

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