Do you like having your makeup done by someone else?

When the makeup artist is particularly good, definitely — I like to see the outcome — but I wouldn’t say I find it relaxing/enjoyable to have someone else put makeup on me as an actual act.

— Christine
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Exactly what Christine said!

Also, I don’t like getting my nails done, either. I don’t understand how people find it relaxing. I feel so helpless when I’m getting a manicure.

It can definitely be relaxing, but I prefer someone doing my hair over doing my makeup. I don’t like anyone getting near my eyes with liner or mascara and a lot of times feel like it is hard to communicate with makeup what I am looking for. It is fun when they know some tricks that I don’t and I come away learning something new.

I would only have my makeup done by someone else if they were using my brushes and products, and even then, I’m not a big fan of anyone touching my face…I avoid going for facials even. I am a bit OCD about germs and cross contamination. Even in Sephora or any makeup stores, I will only test the products on the back of my hand, never on my face.
I will, however, allow my 11 year old daughter play and put eyeshadow on me from time to time. (not the results I hope for, but it’s fun for her)

Please be mindful of using the term “OCD”. It’s not possible to be “a bit OCD”. I’ve spent part of my career in psychiatric medicine and it’s a debilitating illness for people. I feel that using “OCD” loosely is minimizing to how serious and debilitating it is for people that actually have it.

Extremely hit and miss for me. Every time it’s happened it’s been very skilfully done and I appreciate that, but I have strong preferences as to how I like my makeup done, and I’m not always heard on that. I’m not very good at speaking up about it. (it’s just my preference, it’s good, just not how I like it) But when someone hears me, applies makeup to my taste, and maybe inches me a little out of my comfort zone, it’s a wonderful thing. And I enjoy learning from the process.

When I was a makeup newbie, all the time. I wanted to pick up tips and tricks. So a couple of dozen times. But then I realized out of those dozens, only 2 did my Asian eyes correctly. So I stopped wasting money on getting mine done.

Not really. Way BITD, Jane, one of the founders of Benefit did it, and the colors were so wrong. Two other times, a relative and an acquaintance did not know who I was, until I spoke. Only one guy, who is in community theatre, and worked for Borghese, no Chanel, was ok. My bestie worked for EL, and brow gel, oy, felt like the wrong part in your hair….. Haven’t done it in years…

I love it, it’s like a facial massage. For a big event (like being in a wedding) I would rather do it myself to make sure it’s to my liking. But I wish I had more opportunities to get my makeup done casually as it’s fun to see what someone else would do. But it’s usually me doing my friends for Halloween or a night out.

I also don’t find it necessarily relaxing/enjoyable, but I like learning new techniques from someone else doing my make-up; it’s like getting a new perspective, maybe something I would never tried. I love talking about make-up with a passionate and talented artist. 🙂

I love it. When I worked at the Clinique counter, we would practice on each other all the time. It triggers my ASMR and I find it super relaxing. At the end of the day, its just make up, so if I hate the results, I can just wash it off. Also, as the resident person good at make up in my social circle, I am ALWAYS doing everyone’s make up for them, so it’s a nice change to switch it up.

If I knew the person was really good, then yes, but in practice it’s never been relaxing for me, and I’ve never been happy with the result.

I’ve had my makeup done a few times, and it’s always been a fine experience. I prefer doing my own makeup. I feel like I just look more like myself when I do it myself.

I find it very soothing, and sometimes it’s interesting to see how an artist chooses to emphasize my features, as they can notice things that I don’t. More often than not the results I get at beauty and department store counters is no good, though.

I feel the opposite! I love having it done because it feels pampering (like having your hair washed), but often don’t care for the result.

Even though I’ve hit Rouge at Sephora and Obsessed at MAC enough times to get several makeover sessions with a MUA, I have yet to go for it. I really don’t think I’d be comfortable with someone else touching my face and not being able to see what is happening! Because in order for them to apply makeup, I would need to take off my glasses and thereafter I wouldn’t be able to see what’s in the mirror, lol. I suppose it all comes down to a matter of trust.

Unless my makeup is done by Andreea Ali, no. She is a very gifted MUA and I really like her style and approach to makeup. I had my makeup done twice, once by a Dior MUA and the second time, at Sephora. Each time they used heavy eyeliner on the bottom waterline and heavy makeup on my eyes. The result: it made my eyes look smaller, deep set and it added at least 10 years. This makeup style may look great on other people, but not on me. I have big eyes with a slight almond shape, and instead of enhancing them, the MUAs have the tendency when doing my makeup to use dark colors/shades. They don’t even look at my features, at the proportion between them. I look best with luminous shades on my lids, with the darker shades being used only on the outer portion of my eye, and with the eyeliner applied only on the top waterline. The only thing I use close to the outer corner of my bottom waterline, is a gel that adds a natural shade (Superlong Wear Gel in Cappuccino Froth by Mirenesse).

Nope nope nope. My mom used to do my makeup for school dances when I was in high school because I was a tomboy who couldn’t be bothered with makeup, and she always used too much base makeup, and it always made me feel uncomfortable. It’s just a bad habit that she has from how she does her own makeup. I also didn’t have my own foundation/concealer, so I had to use hers, which was way too high coverage for me. As a result, I don’t wear foundation LOL. Also, the one time I let someone at a makeup counter do my makeup, they put so much dark eyeliner on me that I looked like a raccoon. I typically don’t use much dark eyeliner either.

I don’t mind facials or the like, so it’s definitely just a control issue and not a thing with people touching my face.

Overall, I prefer to do other people’s makeup than to let them do mine.

l like the whole process of getting my makeup done by someone else but I rarely like the outcome. If I am having it done at a makeup counter I find it less enjoyable since they are hawking their wares but still it is rather like getting my hair done. I use to worry a bit about germs from other people using the makeup and/or brushes but since they use a lot of disposable stuff when doing your makeup, I don’t worry about it as much. Also, I am not a huge germ phobe since I am a nurse and get exposed to everything but never got sick. I think that is why, because of the exposure.

I get my makeup done at Sephora when I’m going to a special event. So far I’ve had good results, I bring a picture of what I want done. They do my face better than I can and I don’t mind being pampered. I always go early and have a facial done first too.

I love having someone else do my makeup! Not everyday mind you, but I always do my makeup the same way (I know what I like) and I find it really interesting to see what someone else does. I have actually discovered colors and products I would not have otherwise found from this. Back in my younger days, I sat fairly regularly as a experimental subject for Smashbox artists. I have deep hooded eyes, and they always found that challenging. It’s challenging for me, so a I get it! LOL! I am also involved in theatre (have been for over 30 years), so having someone else do my makeup just is what it is and I am comfortable with it.

I have hooded, deep-set eyes, wear glasses, and I’m blind as a bat, so doing my eye makeup is a challenge for me. If a MUA offers to do my eyes I’m always game, hoping I can learn something new to help. Unfortunately, I haven’t found anyone yet that has done a great job at it. I definitely don’t find it relaxing.

I don’t mind as long as the MUA is really good and we have discussed what is going to happen beforehand. The worst situation was when an Estee Lauder MUA, after telling her I had very sensitive skin, put toner on me (I didn’t know she was going to do that, no communication) and my skin badly reacted to it. Even though she put creams on to lessen the effect, the resulting double wear foundation looked shocking. So upset – it took me a week to calm my skin down.

Love having my make up done. Until recently had thee same rep for Chanel (25 years) and Tom Ford (10 years) at Neiman Marcus San Diego. Recently have returned to Nordstrom LaJolla for Tom Ford and Chanel & love my new reps. Because most of the high end luxury stores use the same pool of makeup artists I have 5 that I have known years! Neiman & Nordstrom usually have Beaty Events every Season (4 times a year) and also have special events that I regularly attend. It’s great to have someone who knows you and your skin and I enjoy the experince.

Love having my make up done. Until recently had thee same rep for Chanel (25 years) and Tom Ford (10 years) at Neiman Marcus San Diego. Recently have returned to Nordstrom LaJolla for Tom Ford and Chanel & love my new reps. Because most of the high end luxury stores use the same pool of makeup artists I have 5 that I have known years! Neiman & Nordstrom usually have Beaty Events every Season (4 times a year) and also have special events that I regularly attend. It’s great to have someone who knows you and your skin and I enjoy the experince.

I love it. I find it relaxing and very interesting to see how other’s see me and what they chose to enhance. I’ve almost always have had really good results. The only time I really disliked the outcome was from Guerlaine, way too dark and just wrong. I also enjoy talking makeup with the artists, I’ve learned a lot and have fond memories from all of the (other) makeovers.
I often ask for help when buying foundation just to have someone else try them on me.
Gosh, I feel odd now LOL!

I’ve had it done for modelling years ago, and more recently for guest appearances on TV, and It’s never how I see myself or would do my own.
I’ve even had my husband text me after a show and ask what they did to my face.
Even when I think I’m using a heavy hand with makeup, it’s nowhere close to what others have done.
Saying that, I also don’t like to have my hair done (or washed in those basin sinks) by others. I’ve very rarely liked it, until recently, I’ve found a stylist who gets long hair.

I’ve never had it done, but I think I’d be okay with it. Worst case, I hate it, take some pics, and take it off. I would probably do a better job at it, but I’m open to what others do.

I haven’t done it recently, but used to before I figured it out for myself. And the funny part was that some of the MUAs would get really thrown by my neutral skin tone. You could see them look puzzled and then become definitive– “These are the only colors you can wear!” and each time it was totally different. One time it was a full on burgundy smokey eye. Another time it was a pale golden eye. Another time is was silver taupe and ochre on the eyelid. Or a blue violet look. A TF MUA told me I could only wear silver and gold with bright pink lips. A By Terry saleswoman persuaded me to buy a color that I thought was totally wrong and it’s my favorite eye shadow of all time, a slightly greyed pearl yellow. Now that I know more, I’ve found that there are several distinct color ranges that work on the eyes. On the lips I can wear practically anything short of a deep blackened maroon. It’s been ages since I’ve had my makeup done.

Yes, despite being a bit of a control freak, I find it really interesting to see different people’s makeup styles interpreted on different faces!

Yes. Makeup, hair, nails. I found it extremely relaxing. Being pampered isn’t something I had or have in my life so I treat myself to it.

Not really, like I get self conscious that they are looking at all my flaws and I don’t really like people being overly touchy. I also don’t trust them to do my makeup how I like it, my eyes are hooded and are a bit puffy and no one has done them well apart from me. Also I’m so pale I know lots of normal colours that look too warm and saturated on me. Saying all this, someone super professional could probably do great work, I’d love to see what they come up with, and how good my base could look.

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