Do you like having other people do your makeup?

Do you like having other people do your makeup? Share!

I like seeing what they envision for my face/features, but I don’t really like the process of it – I flinch/blink a LOT.

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Lara Avatar

I enjoy having other people do my makeup a lot – as long as the person is good at it! A gentle, careful touch and the ability to listen to me when I tell them that I don’t want something done are beyond important.

Nancy T Avatar

I’m *ok* with it, except for mascara and tightlining! Actually, skip them doing my eyeliner period, because no one can ever get it right due to my actual eye shape and hooded lids. And I’m like you, I flinch and blink too, but I believe that’s just a normal reflex though.

Katherine T. Avatar

I’ve only had my makeup done at the makeup counter, long time ago, and wasn’t too impressed. Due to bad store lighting, they didn’t pick the right color foundation/powder for me, and they packed on so many products and makeup, trying to sell me something. I ran home to wash it all off. If a professional makeup artist did it for me, using properly sanitized tools and products, and wasn’t trying to sell me something, I would be ok with it.

Pearl Avatar

I love getting my makeup done (!!!) but only by MAC MUAs. I don’t know if it’s their application, technique, or their training or what, but there’s something about the looks they create that I prefer over other MUAs/companies. It’s like a beauty tune-up for me. Aside from it being a treat, I have never been able to pick out colors that would work well together and look good on me and need help with that. I watch tutorials, I have a color wheel, I’ve tried experimenting, etc. but I just don’t have an eye for it. And also as my face changes over the years, I want to make sure I am applying makeup that looks good with the way my face is now (I think I’m starting to get a little bit of a hooded eye).

Anne Avatar

I’m pretty much the same. I love having someone who knows what they’re doing do my makeup, but get near my eyes and I flinch sooooo bad. I can’t let anyone else do my mascara as my eyes simply won’t cooperate. Same with anything near my waterline. Though I have a friend who is a makeup artist do my makeup and she’s really good about telling me exactly what she’s about to do (she’s known me since high school so knows I’m a wimp around my eyes) and when it’s time for mascara she just hands me the curler and the mascara, and just lets me know if I need to pile more on.

Elli-Anna Avatar

I’ve had it done for several occasions and neither time i liked what they did to my face. They either used products that broke me out afterwards and/or didn’t even find my right shade so i was looking like a match. What they did to my eyes and everywhere else I didn’t like either and all that although they were supposed to be professionals….
I found out i have to do my make up all by myself, I also must say i have a VERY difficult skintone and shade (I always have to mix and match foundation to get the shade right) and problematic skin overall….

Áine Avatar

Mostly. I like letting my friends and my partner do my makeup. With friends it’s like a fun, nostalgic way to go back to childhood sleepovers, and when you’re lucky enough to be dating another makeup enthusiast, it’s kind of sweet and intimate. But the one time a professional did my makeup (I was modelling clothes at a small art show), her process of putting eyeshadow on me felt a heck of a lot like being punched in the eye.
The designer also asked for all the models to be put in natural shadow and cat eye liner and I came out of the experience in what was definitely a grey smokey eye. On top of that she didn’t trim the false eyelashes she put on me so they were extending past my eye, glued to my cheek, which made it really hard to blink. The whole thing was a really confusing mess, honestly.
I’d like to have an actual professional do my makeup again sometime, as long as it’d be less traumatic, haha!

Momo Avatar

I’ve never in my life had someone do my makeup. I’m not exactly enthused by the idea, either. I don’t particularly like it when someone else does my hair, so I dread to imagine how much discomfort and anxiety would consume me if someone else applied my makeup. No, thank you.

Victoria Avatar

It varies I think I just don’t like to blink so much. I end up telling them to let me do my own mascara, I’m just awful that way. I’m also picky with people doing my makeup… I think because people make me look too different? If that makes any sense. Plus I would only let certain people do my makeup as I feel like they are excellent at it. Good thing of being in a cosplay community, it’s good meeting makeup artists and develop a good relationship with them; one in particular, I hope he will do my makeup someday. Hahaha!!

Olivia Avatar

I don’t like others doing my makeup. It never looks good to me. It’s always too much foundation, too much concealer under my eyes, too much eyeshadow… It is just not my style. Now if it was Lisa Eldridge, that would be another story haha. The only exception was for my wedding. I had a girl from Bobbi Brown do it and she did an amazing job. It looked natural. I looked like myself.

Cat Avatar

As long as they take my comfort into consideration throughout the entire process, sure. I’ve learned that other people tend to apply far more makeup to my face than I do, but it’s fun so I don’t mind.

Nicole Avatar

I like if I go ahead and do my skincare and foundation/concealer. I have pretty bad dark circles. I have only had my makeup done at Sephora and only maybe 2 or 3 times. For some reason they can’t seem to cover my undereye circles without it looking a cakey mess. I can do it pretty decently though.

Andrea K Avatar

I don’t mind it and kinda like the idea, but invariably I’m never happy with the result. So unless is like Lisa Eldridge doing it… I doubt I would ever be happy about.

Wednesday Avatar

I did a lot of photographic work for a designer in Toronto eons ago so had my makeup and hair done countless times. Although they were all professional makeup artists and stylists, I learned I actually quite dislike the space invasion.. not of the extraterrestrial kind, but of the physical kind with people I do not know being up close immediately in my personal space and touching me. I have to admit some of the results were amazing and would blow me away with their talent and vision, but definitely a process I lived through, but did not enjoy.

KK Avatar

I too love the idea of it – to see what technique they use or how they seem fit to enhance a particular feature. However, apart from the MAC MUAs, i have not been too inspired by other SAs who have tried doing makeup for me. They are more keen on selling products than on actual enhancing. I recently did a Makeover with a HE brand and the end result was disastrous – especially the eye makeup. The liner was uneven and the lines were shaky. But at the end of it the SA thought she had done a good job. I couldn’t fathom whether she actually thought she had done good or was saying it for appearance sake!

Ella Powell Avatar

Although I really enjoy doing my own makeup, I love having other people do my make up as well. I feel like it can be quite a good learning experience in terms of techniques and finding out ways to make the most of your features.

Lacey Avatar

I’ve only had it done a couple of times, not including having an associate help me with foundation colors. I don’t think I’ve had a full face done by a professional, just friends. I like it, though! Even if it didn’t turn out the way I was hoping, I actually just like the sensation of someone else applying it. It’s like having my back scratched or someone braiding my hair.

Ginny Avatar

I love it. It’s like a soothing face massage. When it comes to the outcome, I generally like the way I do my makeup better, because I know my face better. But I don’t even care what the makeup looks like when someone else does it, I just love the feel of the brushes.

Julie Avatar

Add me to the no list…I always get told they want to add “color” and “warmth” to me…so I end up with foundation that’s too dark and/or too warm, and too warm other colors. So I end up looking 2-toned (face/neck) and sickly (warm eyes/cheeks)!!

Kelly Avatar

The only time I’ve had my makeup done was for high school yearbook senior year photos (the only color photos in the yearbook)

…she made me into a Chola.

I was this Goth girl with ice-blonde hair and she’s like “let’s do a brown lip liner (overdrawn) on her with nothing but shinyass lip gloss inside and a shit ton of bronzer. Oh, and let’s also draw on black eyebrows.”

I had to have my mom go down and demand they give me a refund and retake my shots.

xamyx Avatar

If it’s for my own benefit, I don’t like it. I’ve spent far too much time, money, and energy figuring out what I like on me, and how I like it. I’ve never felt the need for a “makeover”, and although I guess it would be possible to be open to something new, it’s nearly impossible to recreate an unfamiliar technique. However, if someone suggests trying a certain shade in a different way, especially if it comes in a palette I plan to buy anyway, I’m open to suggestions.

When I did some modeling years ago, I didn’t care what my makeup looked like, as it wasn’t relevant. The artist/designer had a vision, and I was merely a vessel. I’d feel the same if I were in a wedding party, too; again, it’s not about me.

While I do value my personal space, I’m easygoing enough to deal with someone being so close. I’ve been fortunate enough to get to know the MUAs who’ve worked on me prior, and they all managed to stay a comfortable distance from their subject,

Rachel Avatar

I had my makeup done at MAC once and the MUA used bronzer as a contour powder and it looked awful! That was my only experience having someone else do my makeup.

Marissa Avatar

i like it because they actually know what to do and do it with such precision but i also blink a lot and sometimes the mua isnt delicate and while you see them applying my eyeliner i feel someone stabbing my eye.

Reyna Avatar

I’m not very good at makeup and my skin tone seems to be that annoying “in the middle” deep tan with neutral/warm undertones where almost nothing shows up on it so it is rare to find a MUA that can on the fly give me a look that I walk away 100% happy with.

Another problem I seem to have is that because I am typically bare faced, the person doing my makeup will often go into “lets do something totally different!” mode.

People like Teni Panosian that wear very soft looks are the kinda people I wish I would come across to do my makeup.

Lesley Avatar

Definitely! I love seeing myself in colors that I may not have selected and seeing techniques or makeup that I don’t have on myself. I always learn something new!

txabela Avatar

Yes: you get a different “perspective” of yourself. But only if using creams, powders and potions……no mascara or khol eyliner at all. In fact I cannot stand anyone “poking” in the lash area. Last time I went to have my eyelashes tinted and permed I left the salon with just them tinted as I couldn’t cope with the manipulation that involved the perming process. It was torture and I haven’t have them done since..

Jennifer Spears Avatar

I really, really, really do not like it because I don’t trust other people. I know what works for my features and my skin type (VERY dry). If it’s for fun, that’s one thing, but for a wedding or event I can’t do it. In fact, I have not since high school. I freelance so I am usually the person doing everyone else’s makeup. However, I have agreed to let a makeup artist in NOLA do my makeup for my sister’s wedding in February. Anyone down that way familiar with Betsy Boone?? Her work is impressive. Any feedback would be appreciated.

judy Avatar

I like people who are trained to do makeup or who have a genuine natural ability to do my makeup. I don’t like when someone doesn’t listen to me or allow themselves to understand me do a makeup look THEY think I should have.

Maricel Avatar

No. Maybe because I like a more natural makeup look. Most MUAs tend to make you look different. I prefer a “my face but better look” if that makes sense.

artemis Avatar

NO, except for lip stuff. I’m scared they’ll poke me or scratch my pimples…and also that it’ll most likely look horrible. I like putting it on others but only if they want to haha not gonna make them.

Genevieve Avatar

Generally no I don’t like others doing my makeup. In the past, with very poor lighting, I have had the wrong foundation applied, eye shadow that I didn’t like the colour of etc. But my recent experience with the MUA at Elizabeth Arden was fabulous. She showed me how to apply my eye shadow (in what order) on my hooded lids and I haven’t looked back.

Gigi Avatar

I don’t mind, but I model from time to time, and I’ve learned what they do and I can do it in half the time…and without them chewing gum in my face. Amateurs. Thanks Instagram and YouTube!

Melissa29 Avatar

I do not mind. I think of it as getting pampered:) I had makeup artists pick colors that I wouldn’t have picked out for myself and it turned out looking really good on my face. 🙂

Christine Avatar

I like the idea of getting my makeup done better than I like the actual result. MUAs consistently want to slather thick foundation on me, whether at the counter or for an event, it looks goopy. And the most recent time, after I explained I have hooded eyelids, the MUA put liner across my lids that took up the whole lid and immediately smeared. I’ve concluded I do my own makeup better than anyone else.

Kecia S. Avatar

At MAC & NARS counters, absolutely! I’ve also had a few Armani makeovers that I loved, but other counters have left me disappointed. I need a light touch around my eyes; a shadow brush shouldn’t feel like an SOS pad! I also need a creative artist who listens. Overall, I like to be pampered & I’m more prone to buy products if I’m pleased with the artist’s work.

Elizabeth K. Avatar

I don’t mind the process itself, but SAs almost NEVER get my foundation shade right. I had it done at Mario Tricoci salon once and the woman did an amazing job. Usually it’s Clown City.

Eileen Avatar

I love having my makeup done by a real pro who is more than a makeup technician and who is truly an artist. I generally say no thank you when some random MA at a counter asks me if I want my makeup done or refreshed. I know it’s just to sell me a product and chances are excellent that I’m not going to learn much from them. I never hesitate; however, to book an appointment when a national celebrity MA is going to be doing applications. I always learn so much and I have a lot of fun. These celeb MA’s travel so much and have some hilarious stories to tell. I like being touched so having someone else apply makeup on me doesn’t bother me in the least. And, it’s always great to see how a pro translates new trends so that they suit my age, features, and lifestyle.

Angel Avatar

Love it, but none of my friends like to do it. (I didn’t get a chance to read replies to yesterday’s question, so not sure if this is common, or just my friends!) I also have super-sensitive eyes, so I also blink a lot, which I guess is tough for the person trying to apply it. Anyway, I rarely get the opportunity to book a service at Sephora or a counter, but when I do, I just love to see the possibilities and techniques from another person’s POV!

Sky Avatar

No, I don’t like people doing eye makeups for me because I wear rigid eye contacts, and often times they rub my eyes so hard that my eye contacts fall off.

Morgan Avatar

No! I hate being touched and I know I don’t have a license but no MUA has never made me look better than I make me look.

However, one time I was really sick and asked my bf to do my makeup. He gave me a unibrow! I looked awful but he made me feel better.

Kayle Avatar

nope! what can i say, i’m a control freak. i don’t really like handing my face over to someone else because i don’t know what they’ll do and if it’s not done exactly how i like it or wanted it done i won’t be a happy camper haha. i like having full control over my makeup! not to mention having people so close to my face and poking at my eyes is kind of uncomfortable and really awkward!

Shaimaa Avatar

I don’t feel comfortable at all letting others doing my makeup , i always do my makeup and even my sisters …. last time i did it was a disaster , i went back home to redo it again and fix it …..

Helene Avatar

I like it. Sometimes it’s hit, sometimes, not many though, it’s a miss. I do think now, more than some 10 or so years ago, they are quite heavy on the foundation, and I like to keep foundation as thin as possible.
I suppose I might be strange, I like having the eyes done most of all. I’m quite good at keeping still, even for mascara.

Alecto Avatar

I can’t stand when someone touches my face, and the handful of times I allowed someone to do my makeup, I left feeling like they must think ‘m a ridiculous person to make me look like that. I’ve NEVER had anyone do my face in a way that looked “natural” or “pretty,” but that’s not my main complaint since I don’t do that for myself either (more Rocker Chic or Closet Goth). It’s more that it’s always amped up like stage makeup or glamour photo makeup, which is a baaaad look in person, on the street. I guess I never spent time with someone who knew what they were doing.

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