Do you like doing other people’s makeup?

Do you like doing other people’s makeup? Share!

It is more fun now than it was for me five years ago, but I think I put less pressure on myself presently. I still far prefer to apply my own, LOL!

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Nancy T Avatar

It was fun back in the 80’s when it was my job, sometimes, LoL. Now it’s just my own face that I do. But there are times when I’ll be in MAC, and I just want to break out of my shell and return to doing other people’s, and then I have to remind myself that it has been nearly 30 years since I worked as a MUA. So, nope. Too late.

Pearl Avatar

No! I’m too nervous and self conscious about it. I know the general rules about where to apply what color or finish and all that and I’ve done makeup for a few friends and family, but it’s nerve-wracking for me.

Katherine T. Avatar

I’ve never really done anyone’s makeup. None of my family or friends are really into makeup, except for minimal amounts. But even if I had a guinea pig to practice on, I think I would be too nervous, as I’m still learning how to do my own !

pePear Avatar

No,I think it too much for me to guessing some random peoples what they like in makeup but I can do makeup for my family or close friends tho because I can ask them or them tell me what they want and not come out as demanding awkward moment

Lenny Avatar

I don’t think I like it. When doing my own, I know what I’m looking for, and what I want to look like. When doing others, especially those who doesn’t really understand makeup, when asked what look they prefer, usually a very broad idea is given. And I just don’t know that person’s personal preference. The final look I give might be not a look she/he was hoping. So.. I don’t know. I guess one’s should take a professional class first before doing makeup on others?

Staci Avatar

Not really. I think I do a pretty good job with my own. Then other people expect I can do the same for them, but their face is not like mine. You really notice the differences in features when you start applying makeup to someone else. The techniques that work on my features don’t work so well on others.

Vanessa V Avatar

I only like doing other people’s makeup when I have time, i.e if I’m going out with friends and they want me to do their makeup, I need to be fully ready before I can start on them lol but when I have ample time I get into a zone and really enjoy applying makeup on others!

Kate Avatar

I hate it actually lol maybe if I had my own kit, I wouldn’t mind it as much, but whenever people ask me to do their makeup, I’m using my own products and brushes, meaning I’d have to clean/disinfect everything to do their makeup, just to clean/disinfect it all again. It’s just a hobby of mine and it’s too much money and effort to start a kit.

Laura Avatar

Definitely! I enjoy makeup in general and it’s fun to do looks on someone with a different eye shape and skin tone than my own. The only time I don’t enjoy it is when it’s someone I haven’t done before and there’s a time crunch.

Myriam Avatar

I use to love doing other people’s makeup but I got so many bad experiences working at a makeup counter that now I am hesitant when somebody ask me to do their makeup.

Eileen Avatar

I love doing other people’s makeup. I have a great eye for color and solid technical skills so my only reservation about doing someone else’s makeup would be if we didn’t have the same expectation for the finished look. I don’t want the person to be disappointed or uncomfortable with the outcome.

KK Avatar

I do! I find it a creative process. I have tried my hand on my sister and a couple of friends just for experimenting. And loved doing that. Sometimes, when people are not into makeup (or do the barely there kinds) – I just want to show them how dramatically different and groomed their look can be with just a few changes.

WildDove Avatar

I’d love to try doing other people’s makeup if I could find anybody to sit still long enough – LOL! I’d also need to find a suitable high chair that would be comfortable for the person, so I could work with their makeup without them getting fatigued or impatient.

Vanessa Avatar

No. Being so close to someone’s face would make me very nervous that I’d mess up! I’m still learning how to do my own too. I’ve only ever tried on my mom and it was kind of hard trying to adapt the techniques I use onto her. At work, when someone asks me for help on choosing a color or how to apply something, I find an artist to assist them instead. They all know exactly what they’re doing and they are great.

Genevieve Avatar

No I haven’t ever done anyone else’s makeup, but I have helped my daughter in law with her makeup – applying what I have learnt from here – using moisturizer, primer, correct foundation shade etc. We have worked out her colours and she has had fun using my eye shadow palettes (with her own brushes – which I bought for her on her birthday).

Elizabeth Avatar

Yes, I do, and I did it freelance for many years for many people at the various salons and spas I worked in. Even though I am retired now, I still get asked by friends and family to do it for special occasions. It was also a great way to enjoy my love of anything to do with makeup.

Cat Avatar

Having three kids and two step-children, I’ve done my share of doing hair and makeup for someone else. I am fine with everything except mascara — probably because one of my daughters always freaks out when I start to get the mascara wand close to her eye. I did my (now deceased) mother’s makeup a few times for special occasions, and I know I’ve applied makeup to a few others but that was a long, long time ago. I’d have to say that the process of applying makeup to someone else can be frustrating (when they tend to fidget or freak) but the end results have always been rewarding enough to make up for it.

michelle maffia Avatar

As a working makeup artist for over 25 yrs., I still love it to this day. Working retail of course you’ll a negative experience or ten, but nothing beats transforming a client and seeing her reaction. I built incredible connections, bonds, and friendships in front of and behind a makeup counter as well as freelance.

Shaimaa Avatar

Yes , I am doing makeup for my sisters & friends . and enjoy doing it a lot dealing with different faces features is a interesting challenge .

Quinctia Avatar

I did my sister and a good friend’s Halloween makeup, and it was really fun. Partly because my costume called for nearly nonexistent makeup (I was Katniss wearing her arena outfit).

The only real downside for that was trying to get them to make choices in colors, and design.

Oh, and they had to do liner and lashes on their own. My eyeliner application relies a lot on feel, and, even though the one time I wore falsies I got them on in one go, that could’ve just been beginner’s luck.

Kimberly Avatar

I do enjoy it, although I’ve only ever done my family/close friends. I feel like/have been told that I have an eye for color and application. I really love applying eyeshadow, that is my favorite. I very much enjoy different eye shapes, application placements, etc. It’s funny because sometimes I can feel so unsure of pulling certain colors off on myself, whereas on someone else, my mind just goes reeling with endless opportunities! I also love using natural looking HAC on different face shapes. When done very subtly, it can really change someone’s appearance. And, that moment when they look into the mirror and say, “Oh, wow!”. Love it!

Jenna Avatar

If I could do that for the rest of my life I would.. I went to school for Hair but I really love the makeup aspect of it. The only thing I get nervous about it applying mascara cause people just don’t know where to look or they don’t open enough. lol

Shweta Avatar

I love to.. Though I am not a makeup artist but most of my family members and close friends come to me for getting their makeup done. Mostly everyone likes and appreciates my work. But I have to admit that i do get very nervous and tend to google a lot of ideas depending on their face/ eye structure and colors of their clothes.

Ebony Avatar

No, i enjoy doing my own. i’m not the best at makeup but i’m way better at it then i was 3 years ago lol i’m always afraid of messing up someone’s make up cause sometimes i mess up mines or they not liking it.

Kayle Avatar

i love it! i do it for my mom a lot and i’ve admittedly used my sister as a guinea pig on multiple occasions. i don’t know if i’d do it on strangers but i definitely enjoy doing it for family and friends because i know their tastes and they won’t judge me too hard if i screw up lol

Kelly Avatar

I haven’t really applied makeup to anyone else, but I don’t think I would feel comfortable doing so. This may seem odd, but it’s more of a personal space issue, as opposed to not knowing how to create a beautiful look on someone. I am FAR from being great at applying my own makeup. I still am a die-hard fan of YouTubing makeup application!

Stacy Avatar

Once upon a time, I made a living by giving makeup lessons and “makeovers.” I use to volunteer to do makeup for community theater too. And sometimes… most of the time, honestly… it was great. But other times, it was bloody awful! Now I’ll only do it for a very few specific friends. And with them, it’s always tons of relaxing, giggly fun. I’ll also put some black eyeliner on my boyfriend when he asks me, but it kills my ego because he looks better in it than I do! LOL

Lindsay Avatar

I LOVE doing other people’s make up I find it easier to put make up on others more than myself LOL… But my favorite part of it is the reaction when I am all done! It gives them confidence and they feel beautiful! ?

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