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It’s sometimes more of a turnoff for me if there are celebs endorsing it because you know they’re only doing so because they’re getting paid well. I’d rather have an honest review of the product than watch a celeb peddle it.

It’s not negative or positive for me, either, depending on the celebrity and the product. If Snookie were promoting self-tanner it might give me pause.

What’s with Proactive, though? Did anyone ever associate any of those celebrities with bad skin? It just doesn’t seem to make the point effectively, IMO.

haha thats so true! Ive never seen one zit on Justin Beiber or Katy Perry’s face and all of a sudden they have been suffering from acne for years.

But anywhoo for me, I think it affects me subconsciously and Im tempted to buy the products celebrities endorse, but I always like to read reviews first (hint hint: this site!) Is Hello Kitty or Wonder Woman considered a celebrity?

Some website posted closeup pictures of Katy Perry’s acne after she started doing the Proactive ads, but mostly celeb pictures are all airbrushed so you don’t see them. We know that if you see a celebrity out up close and in person and think, “wow, she has great skin,” that’s different than seeing a celebrity on the cover of a magazine and thinking she has great skin. I think the companies don’t think we’re smart enough to know the difference, and that makes me kind of mad.

Aside from that, I don’t really care about a celebrity endorsement, ESPECIALLY the ones for hair color. Yeah, I totally believe that Beyonce and the others grab their box of color of the same drugstore shelf I do an do it at home like I do. Seriously? I don’t buy that Beyonce and Sarah Jessica Parker are using the same boxed hair color that I buy off the Walmart shelf.

Thank You! I say this all the time about celebrities advertising for box color I’m a hair stylist and it drives me crazy anyone who thinks they use it is crazy. I have to fix what that box color does to peoples hair!

It seems a bit gimmicky. I’m not opposed to celebrity endorsement it just has no sway in whether i’d buy the product. If its good I buy if not I don’t. Just because Kate Winslett’s on the add doesn’t mean a thing accept they paid her instead of a model.

Now that I’m smarter and I realize that celebrities are being paid for the endorsement, it doesn’t sway me one way or another. When I was younger and was just getting into make up, I only wanted products that I could say “used” the same products as me. So I think it’s a smart marketing technique, especially when it’s for drugstore brands that are targeting younger people.

I think that maybe, possibly, subconciously it may have an effect on me. If I see Natalie Portman advertising a brand of blush, I may think of the blush everytime I see Natalie Portman.

Eh, I don’t really care for celebrities though. Does anyone?

Not really, I care about the product itself (ok and packaging I admit!.
It only makes a difference wether I remember a product or not.
But I think that a smart add with a pretty model would do the same.

BTW I loooove the ad with Kate moss Dior addict lipstick!

In the case of drugstore brands, I always chuckle a bit. I have very serious doubts that Beyonce and Eva Longoria are dying their hair by themselves, at home, with a boxed dye. In general, though, I have nothing against it. If you want a famous face representing your company, so be it. I feel the same way about (most) bloggers being sponsored/sent products for review. The company chooses who it wants to represent it’s brand, and I don’t really care either way if it’s something I like.

I think that’s why products cost more so the companies can afford to pay all these celebrities. It’s not like they even use the product anyways..?

No, if it’s a celebrity I dislike it will probably turn me off.

And if it’s a beauty ad and it’s been overly photoshopped, it makes me like them even less for allowing blatantly artifically enhanced images of themselves to sell product. I don’t know if they have any control of it themselves… but a tiny part of me really wants to ask Jessica Biel if she *really* thinks we don’t know she has super girnormous false lashes on in that Revlon Customeyes mascara ad…

I’m half and half on this one. While celebrities can give off a fun/role model vibe example (you want to buy the product because you want to look like them). On the other hand, I think they should have regular people audition for commercials and give them a make over with their product. This way it kind of gives off that feeling that the products are a success.

Doesn’t really matter to me. I dont pay too much attention to the celebrity, just the product. However, I do get a laugh out of the mascara ads that we all know the mascara didnt do!

Nah, I prefer models – there’s more variety and they can pick someone that really suits the ad/brand/whatever, a good example of this is Cara Delevingne for Burberry Beauty S/S 2011. I say actresses and singers should stick to acting and singing, let the models do the modelling! On magazine covers too!

No, I hate that! I think it’s stupid that marketing believes I would buy A instead of B just because a person that 90% of times does not even use the product but has just been paid for said s/he uses it, tell me I have to buy!
Usually, I boycott this kind of products. I don’t like companies that suppose I’m stupid.

I sort of feel like Jean – you do know they’re doing it for the money, rather than because they really love the brand. And let’s face it – most of them don’t look fantastic because of the products or brand – it’s because they’ve had 8 people working on them and photos retouched way beyond reality.

No. This goes along with another pet peeve of mine. I hate that it’s always a celebrity on the cover of fashion magazines like Harper’s Bazaar and Vogue. I’ve been subscribing to Bazaar since I was 15 (so, 1995) and I miss the days when there were different supermodels on the cover. People say that nowadays there really are no supermodels, but I think that’s just because they don’t get covers anymore. There are a lot of beautiful (and healthy looking) models out there they could put on the cover. But I guess the tactic is just to sell, sell, sell, and the average Jane knows who Kate Winslet is, but not Lily Donaldson. I want models to be the face of fashion magazines and ads for fashion-related things. If I wanted to read about Jennifer Aniston or Angelina Jolie, I’d buy People or US Weekly, Not Vogue or Bazaar.

Most celebrity endorsements don’t have an effect on me, but one exception is Cate Blanchett for SKII, just because her skin is so beautiful!

I’ll admit it. I’ve been swayed by a celebrity endorsed product. I have the worst case of celebrity worship and while I know I’m gullible to these gimmicks, it makes me happy. But on the credibility side, though I may try and my interest is piqued because of a celebrity endorsement, it doesn’t mean I’ll try the product again if it disappoints. But to tell you the truth, I haven’t tried a celebrity endorsed product that I didn’t like. And that’s not just my biased, celeb-obsessed side talking, either. I love my MAC Viva Gaga lip products, my Kat Von D palettes are amazing, my Britney Spears fragrances keeps me smelling good and my Katy Perry OPI nail polish keeps my nails looking sassy.

I neither like nor dislike it but what I can say is that it definitely doesn’t make me want to buy a product. Everytime I watch an ad with a celebrity in it, I think to myself…’yeah right like she really uses this product’ especially when it’s for a drugstore product. Actually, a celebrity endorsing drugstore mascaras can be believable but I don’t buy that any celebrity uses the ‘colour in a box’ they sell at drugstores for their hair lol.

I know now that most of the time they dont use the product. I wish that they would only promote products that they really believed in and USED. Seeing someone famous in a Loreal commercial when you know that they would never use a product like that is kind of ridiculous. Some celebrities are down to earth and would, but most wont.

Their endorsements mean nothing to me, and sometimes might even deter me from buying a certain product as I think, gee, if they need to pay a celeb to endorse this maybe it isnt that great 🙂

I don’t mind it for makeup. But like Vijaya said about Snookie.. that would make it a no deal for me.

Skin care.. I look for the ingredient deck to be impressed.

I’m not a fan. If anything it would make me less likely to buy because I find most celebrities to be obnoxious.

I don’t really like it. I feel like the companies think that we will buy a product just because a famous person uses that brand–which they probably don’t. I also hate when they photoshop the crap outta the celebrities who are endorsing their company…like recently Zoey Deschanell (sp?)that was ridiculously photoshopped. She was unrecognizable.

What I can’t stand is how these celeb spokesmodels claim in every magazine is that they’re wearing covergirl, almay

I can’t stand the idea of celebrity spokespeople. We all know that they are being paid handsomely for their involvement, which has nothing to do with the product. They’ll say anything when paid.

I don’t like it when celebrities promote make-up because at least here in Germany it’s often for some brands and products that aren’t really good and I know no celebrity would ever buy it.

Perfume adverts are fun, as they are upping their game, especially with the recent Natalie Portman and Keira Knightley ones, very entertaining. As for the seriously poreless photoshopped versions of celebs in Lancome, L’oreal, etc, not so much. However, I am mega impressed with Cate Blanchett with SKII, I mean the woman is amazing and she does use the products.

No, I hate it! I grew up in the 80’s & 90’s when models were still on the covers of the magazines, and I miss that! I hate it when a celebrity is on the cover of a magazine, and inside they pretend that all the makeup used for the cover is from the brand the celeb is representing. It’s just another way to cross-market to us.

the only things celebs have ever enticed me to buy are perfumes. i wanted to smell katy perrys new scent because i like her and i went to smell chanel coco mademoiselle after seeing the first keira knightley ad. having said that it took me 3years to buy it so i cant say i was sold, i just liked the scent along with many others.

It depends if I like the celebrity or not. If I like the celebrity, it does nothing. If I don’t like the celebrity, I won’t buy the product.

Hmmm not much depending on the celebrity (for example lady gaga) … I love her on viva glam! 🙂 I know she really supports the cause.

they are good when it’s a celeb known for beauty and they really use the products and offensive when the celeb is just making a buck.

good: Halle Berry for Revlon, Drew Barrymore for Covergirl.

I have to agree with most posters, for drugstore brands it’s definitly cheesy to see a celebrity spokesperson. I do like when they use unlikley celebrities like Ellen Degeneres, but it doesnt make me want to purchase the product any more or less.

For higher end cosmetics I would rather see a celebrity than a model because I’m more likley to look at the ad. This still has no bearing on my purchase decision, but may coax me to sample the product at Ulta or Sephora.

The most effective ad I’ve seen uses a model and is for MUFE’s HD line… Its titled “the world’s first un retouched makeup ad.” Has anyone seen this? I think its awesome.

i don’t blame the celebs or companies, coz there r ppl buying them for their favourite stars and everyone’s gotta make $.. i dont care.. watever..

It depends. If it’s a celebrity I LOVE, it makes me interested. But I pay more attention to if they are a good model. For example, I like Taylor Swift, but she has done l.e.i. and CoverGirl ads and to me she cannot model at all.

I like them in the advertisements, but when I read about their “favorite beauty” products and all of them are from one brand, it is not very convincing… Except from Cate Blanchett who is advertising for SKII, I heard her raving about the cream before she was advertising it. I want it sooo much, just because of her ravings 😉

Doesn’t really make a difference to me, although when they photoshop them to look plastic it always makes me skip over the ad because it’s so boring. two exceptions: Cate BLanchett for SK-II (she does have amazing skin) and Ellen DeGeneres for Colorgirl (I REALLY respect CG for using a less glamorous, more down-to-earth celeb)

I agree that it doesn’t really persuade me either way. When it comes down to it, I’m more interested in a products claims than who is announcing them.

Can’t stand it! I like stronger conceptual themes, such as illamasqua’s campaigns. Celebrities annoy me.

It bothers me because most of the time, celebrities do not sport the brands they “represent” on the red carpet; especially drug store brands. I am the only girl out of my group of friends who is seriously into makeup, and the rest just buy these products that don’t work because the celebrities are involved in campaigns for them! I don’t know. . .those adds bother me. But, for example, seeing Natalie Portman for Miss Dior Cherie isn’t bothering because I am sure she actually uses that fragrance since it is a designer brand.

I’m going to lean more towards NO. I suppose it’s not really their fault, they’re just working to get paid like everyone else. For example, I seriously doubt Eva Longoria or Beyonce use L’Oreal at home hair color in a box. I think that’s misleading which bothers me a little. Personally, I don’t use box hair color but there are a lot of people that do and they will purchase products because a certain celebrity endorses it. Did you know that L’Oreal makes professional hair color? Just speaking from a cosmetoloist point of view, that seems very contradictory to me.

No i’d rather see a real fresh face that isn’t a celeb because obviously celebs appear flawless in commercials etc. Like Katie perry for instance did the Pro-active commercial yet when he boyfriend(fiance) posted that quick pic of her on twitter with no makeup just getting out of bed you’d see she had acne and rough skin.

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