Do you have separate items you only take when traveling or do you pick from your stash?

I tend to repeat the items I take with me traveling (for me, it’s usually the rare time when I am not testing as extensively, so I pick my favorites), but they are products that are part of my regular stash, not just for travel.

— Christine
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From my stash, but I have seriously considered getting an eyeshadow palette just for travel. I can use my “loose pressed” (i.e. they came in just magnetic pans designed for custom palettes) but I’d like more choices, as the ones I have are pretty basic. Really, what I need to do is press some of the truly loose shadows I have. I’m just … [sigh] … lazy.

As far as non-eyeshadow items, yeah, full-sized, right out of my stash. I wish I could get everything I “need” in skin care and makeup into one of those TSA-sized clear bags, but I’ve resolved myself to always checking my bag.

They are no longer picky about the makeup fitting in the bags. I travel with my fairly medium sized makeup bag with everything i need in it.what i do is take it out if my suitcase and open it and put it in the basket with like my phone and other small stuff. In the many times I’ve flown. Security has never had a problem with my makeup and i bring a lot.. All small/mini/deluxe but a lot

The biggest offenders in my luggage are the skincare liquids (with the exception of foundation and some ColourPop eyeshadows, all my makeup is powder), which I … don’t know how to reduce. They’re all individually smaller than the rules require, but there are enough that they don’t all fit in that one specific-sized bag that they limit you to. Maybe I’ll do some more research and see if I can bring a larger clear plastic bag. It would really break my heart to get there and have them tell me I have too many liquids and to choose which ones go.

Well, no, I would just go back and check my bag.

I have separate shampoo/conditioner for travel, but mostly I pick from my stash. The major concession I make to traveling is pulling pans from my larger palette (I use MUFE’s metal palettes) and put them into a few trio palettes instead for ease of use. I’ll sometimes swap out mascara for a sample if I’ve gotten one recently.

Most of what I would pack would be from my stash: an eyeshadow palette, a few lipsticks, liners for eyes & lips, blush. But, I would try to take samples or minis of mascara (maybe?), skincare and liquid highlighter. It really depends on the item. I prefer to not bring anything in a glass container, so I may put some of my foundation in a plastic container, perhaps even some skincare items that are in glass.

Well, I count travel sizes as part of my stash, so no. I keep free mini samples stashed away in drawers, since they are great for travel. If no sample is available, then I pour my favorite makeup/skincare items into a sample jar/bottle and carry it with me. I don’t think I have any special beauty/skincare items just for travel; it’s usually what I would normally use every day, except I don’t like to travel with LE items, and I might pack a heavier moisturizer if I’m flying

I don’t have special items just for travel except for those that pertain to airline restrictions. I shop my stash and depending on where I am going I will sometimes limit what I am taking knowing that I plan to shop and buy additional products. I live in such a rural area that half the fun of traveling is getting to buy new products.

Except for minis of things (usually GWP or points perks) or samples, no – I pick from my stash. I use GOSH Metallic Brass pencil a lot and have 3 of them open just now. The one that’s been sharpened down the most is the one that says with my travel items, though (and the same with the small MAC sample jars of IT CC Cream and Bye Bye Under Eye concealer). Everything else is from my regular collection of stuff.

For me, it is that I can usually only take some of my items when traveling, due to item size. Eg, ABH modern renaissance palette is larger so unlikely to come with me. But what I do take with me is certainly among those I use often, since I want to feel comfortable and good since travel is often a hassle

I take travel size of shampoo, conditioner, face wash and tooth paste. Maybe a travel perfume. Everything else I bring regular size from my stash

I usually just take items from my stash that are easy to work with and travel well. The only exception is when we take our beach vacation – I have some cream formula face products (mostly deluxe samples) that I use because I don’t wear any base products in the high heat, and they can go over my gross, greasy high SPF sunscreen better than my typical powder formulations.

May I suggest that you try MDSolarScience sunscreen. I too hate wearing sunscreen as I feel like my face is one big zit but this stuff is different and so much more comfortable on the skin. They even have a tinted one so you can look tanned. It’s the only sunscreen I’ll wear.

For skin care, I just take travel sizes of my regular products. It’s easy to transfer a bit of product into something that is TSA friendly. For makeup, I usually pack one or two all inclusive palettes (there are so many excellent ones) and mascara and I’m good to go.

I have a complete and separate bag for travel as we travel often and this works best.
Recently we had a very formal out of town event which required more attention than usual to packing. Thankfully, it was accomplished and packed well ahead. We had a death in the family at the last moment and there would have been no time, nor clarity to spend packing.

My biggest makup decisions for the formal event were eyeshadow and lipstick. Thanks to Temptalia and Christine, and a little of my own testing, the winners for the evening were: Chanel Empreinte du Desert Eyeshadow quad and
Nars Audacious Marlene lipstick
They looked nice and lasted all evening!

For makeup, the only item I can think of that I consistently bring is my NARS Steven Klein One Shocking Moment palette. It’s technically part of my stash, but I never really reach for it because it’s not stored with all my other blushes and bronzers because it’s too big but it’s super convenient to have contour, setting powder, bronzer, and four blushes in one spot.

I have a big bin of samples and trial size items that I use for skincare and haircare when traveling.

If I get a deluxe sample of something that I know without a doubt I want the full size, I’ll get the full size and save the sample for travel, especially for skin care or packaging that exceeds carry-on volume.

I have definitely purchased makeup specifically for a certain trip – a Buxom eye shadow palette because I was too worried about breaking my Naked palettes, for example, or products to achieve a specific “look” while I’m gone (event or something, Buxom palette was for Vegas). But I’ll keep using the products once home again of course!

On my last trip, I broke my MAC blush that I always thought was the safest to travel with due to the packaging, but the top window popped right out, so next time it will be a blush with no clear window, like Tarte or Benefit. Live and learn, LOL.

When I travel I try to bring minis and travel-sizes, it’s the only time I really use them! So I have a bag with all my makeup travel-sizes and I pick stuff from there, and then complete with favorites from my stash.

My everyday face stuff is in a bag that goes with me automatically, then I throw in the flavor of the moment eye palette and a lip color or three and I am set to go.

Since we travel every weekend, I have a permanently packed suitcase including makeup (all the basics and a blush palette). I do add/change out the eye shadow palette and lippies to match my outfits for that weekend.

I have a makeup bag of separate items packed & ready to go. I travel a fair amount & usually do carry on so I have selected items specifically because the can do double duty, wears well for a long day, the packaging is sturdy, etc, etc. I have a Sleek eyeshadow pallet in Au Nautural for my eyes as well as a Rimmel shadow stick in taupe. I like to travel with theBalm cream foundation (forgot the name, sorry) because it’s invincible, doubles as concealer and doesn’t need to be in my 1q bag. I’ve got separate finishing powder & blush already packed. I usually just have to chuck in my current mascara and liner.
My biggest tip is that I pack a few shades of retractable lip liners & then just one nude lipstick. I can get several color combos out of this and not have to lug a bunch of lipsticks.

Depends on the definition of traveling. For nights at my SO’s house or if I will need to do a full face while out, I have a very large zipper bag (was a VIB perk in May) that I keep lesser loved face and eye primers, a spare beauty blender, one of my many foundations, a baby Nars blush, a deluxe sample of chocolate soleil bronzer for contouring, a baby highlighter and a travel mascara and setting spray. I just grab the shadows I want – which I don’t have duplicates of – plus liner and falsies and glue. I keep a few brushes from sub boxes in there but take my favorites.

Need to add that trips of a few days plus, I pull my best stuff out of my stash.

If someone could recommend a fairly active makeup discussion forum that caters to 30 plus, please lmk. Or contact if you want to chat about makeup. Thanks! [email protected]

I have a separate makeup bag that’s always packed for travel. I also collect skincare samples and use them on trips instead of packing my everyday products.

I fill travel size containers with shampoo, conditioner, styling cream, body wash, basically anything that’s liquid goes into those types of containers and is on my checked luggage. I use my depaned palettes for my favorite eyeshadow and blushes. I take a few basic Colourpop eye shadows and try to stay in one color scheme for the whole trip. I have white hair and am fair, so I use brown based shadows, eyeliner and mascara. I can pair coral or pink blush and coral or pink lipstick/lipgloss with the brown shadow scheme. I am trying to not take a gazillion brushes with me. I have a one week trip coming up. Let’s see if I get real tired of brown eyeshadow. ?

I don’t travel much but when I do I use a small palette of eyeshadows and lipsticks. And a few separate favorite ones if there’s an elegant outing. Foundation, blush, mascara, two brushes a big fluffy one and smaller and Q-tips and cotton balls to blend away everything. Would hate to have my nicer items broken so I carry with me and make it as practical as possible. Sunblock is a must! I save the small samples from dermatologists visit and they come very convenient. And comfortable shoes to walk a marathon!

I almost always take Mini lipsticks and deluxe items with me when i travel including perfumes, lotions and foundations. The full sized item I might bring is an eye shadow palette but usually I bring a smaller one. I do this because I almost always buy makeup when I’m traveling so I’ll end up with fullsized items anyway.

On a regular I don’t really use my mini lipsticks much unless I’m traveling or going out to the club and not bringing a big purse.

I don’t usually bother to wear makeup when traveling, so it’s not really an issue. I have bought stuff just for travel, like mini shampoo and conditioner so I don’t have to check my luggage. But if I’m going to a wedding and want to wear makeup, I’d just bring stuff from my stash.

i’ll save the samples of sunscreen and if i have minis of my regular products, i’ll take it. otherwise i’ll just take a neutral palette, a couple of bright shadows and easy products that i know will work for where i’m going. i don’t like to bring things i haven’t tried yet.

I use samples as much as possible, especially skincare and fragrance. The rest is from my regular stash. I take permanent items in case something were to get lost, stolen, or broken. I also have a small Zpalette, so if I take a pre-made neutral shadow palette, I can pop in some bright singles.

I tend to take sample foundation, sample or Mimi mascara, a smaller eye shadow pallet with blush smaller contour pallet and my necessities, like primers ect.

Stash here! I travel a ton for work, so I like to do it with a customized medium-sized Mac Pro Palette, no inserts. (I like this size over the large or the double bc it fits in all my m/u bags, AND I’m super anal retentive about keeping my palettes clean and dust-free…this size is perfect for “blowing” away any powder kick-up or fallout). In it I fit two blush pans (a shimmer and a matte), a Color Cream Base (for highlight), 1 concealer pan, and 6 eye shadow pans. I interchange my colors depending on the primary tones of the clothes I’ll be wearing. I then add the palette to a m/u bag with foundation, primer, sample-size mascara, lip & eye liner pencils, and brushes.

I travel a few times a year average. I keep a packed bag of sample size toiletries and skincare in a weekender ready to go. For makeup, I will choose from the stash. I try to minimize what I take but still have options so I’ll bring a shadow palette(usually a Naked) and only a single or two if necessary for a special event. I’ll bring all the regular foundation ,concealer ,blush, etc with a few lipsticks and gloss. However, if I’m flying, I always bring a large tote for carry on and then pack a Coach slim tote for my purse during the trip. I put all my makeup in the carry on, with the liquid products in the TSA bag. Toiletries can go checked if I need the room because I can make do buying or borrowing substitutes. Makeup is expensive to repurchase and replace so I can’t risk it getting lost, broken, or stolen. It has to be with me. 🙂

I have a few things that stay in my travel bag. Tarte has a single pot gel eyeliner that one side is black and the other brown – perfect for every look. Mini nars orgasm, mini hula bronzer, I always have a million deluxe mascaras (good way to test new ones) mini Laura Heller gilded honey, mini marc Jacobs liners and I found the too faced natural eyes and boudoir eyes pallete are amazing travelers (they’re small, indestructible and allows for any look and tone you want) basically I’ve been able to collect some of my all time favorites into travel size and I have a ready to make up bag for whenever it’s time to hit the road. I travel a bunch for work and a couple of things I have found are essential items for my go bag are a mini candle (hotel rooms always smell like bleach), a pillowcase, a mega mini Bluetooth speaker, and one of those collapsible bags (like bagu) that work as a beach/pool bag or for shopping overflow and take up literally no space.

Both. Actually I am travelling today, only for two nights so I’m taking carry on luggage.

I have two small face sets (contour-blush-highlighter) exclusive for travel and the Sleek Storm eye palette which never gets attention at home, but is the perfect travel item (sleek, big mirror, light shimmers, jewel tones and black for liners, brown mattes that double for brows). I might take a different eye palette or pair two, but always one has a mirror big enough to see my whole face.
The rest is from my stash, but I have staples that are more likely to go because of their size, how easy they work or how universal they are.
For tools, I have a few brushes bought with the intention for traveling, but actually I prefer to take my everyday favorites. It’s fuss free to use what I know. I only limit myself with the size of face brushes.

For bathroom supplies, I always put my regular body wash, shampoo, etc. into smaller containers, even when I check in luggage. This time I went a bit overboard because I’ve put EVERYTHING into tiny jars (face wash, foundation, hair conditioner), I took samples of face and eye creams (tested one during the weekend) and I hope the hotel body wash and shampoo to be good. All because of those plastic bags you have to fit in, and thanks to Charlotte Cho, my new face routine probably would not fit in that bag.

I hardly ever fly, so that makes that part easier, but I do try to pare down for travelling. I’ll still take from my stash, but I will be really selective because I hate to have to unpack after the trip is over.

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