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Definitely! I don’t have any ‘rules’ but if I’m just running to the store or popping out for some errands, I’ll skip makeup. If I’m lazy, I’ll even forget about mascara or curling my lashes and head out the door. I try to do at least that though because I have short lashes that could use the extra boost of length and volume!

I don’t wear makeup on days I don’t leave my house unless I’m bored and want to play in my makeup

I often have no makeup days or minimum makeup days. I have such dry skin, I have to take a break when I can 🙂

I’m lucky that I have fairly good skin (and I’m generally happy with my face sans makeup) so I’d say Mon-Fri I don’t wear makeup 🙂

I definitely have no make up days. I love the days when I can just stay at home, have crazy hair and no make up 🙂 It makes putting make up on even better and I enjoy the process more once i’ve had a no make up day!

I often have no makeup day, espacially now because I’m studying during like 10 hours in a day. Usually, I don’t go outside so my hairs aren’t done, my clothes are not very… flattering. Everything fit perfectly XD

the last three days have been no makeup days! i dont know why, ive only really left the house to go supermarket shopping and for lunch with my cousins…. nothign that really requires crazy makeup. i just put sunglasses and lip balm on outside and its good! this said, at school, when shopping with friends, out to dinner, and on holidays i sport mascara, concealer, powder, blush and liquid eyeliner.

Yes. Most days are no makeup days for me. I’m a stay-at-home-mom. But when I do get the chance, you betta believe I’m lockin’ myself in my room and allotting myself a good hour+ to get ready while daddy watches the kids.

yes and im proud of them! i dont always want to wear makeup on all the time. its too much trouble. i believe if u can go around bare-faced and ppl except u and think u r pretty that way, than thats the best kind of beauty.

I have no makeup days. Running my butt off at the hospital doesn’t always lend itself to keeping a face on, so to speak. But probably 2-3 of the 5 days I work, I wear makeup and if I’m not working, I don’t go out without it. I’m 30, now, and have no skin issues aside from a bit of PMS-related acne, so I don’t really feel naked without makeup. If anything, I almost kind of wish my eyelids were naturally polychromatic!

if I ever sleep with my makeup then, the following day I have a no makeup day, which always motivates me to clean my face even I am dead tired 🙂

i have no make-up days! when i’m just staying at home the whole day i definitly wear no make-up. then i give my lashes and my skin time to recreate!

Not really. I only don’t wear makeup when I’m sick.

1) Putting on makeup in the morning is like my personal get-ready-to-face-the-day ritual. I always feel out of sorts if I don’t get to take the time out for myself in the morning even if I barely put on anything at all.

2) My skin actually does way better wearing makeup than not wearing makeup. Firstly, I take much better care of my skin when I do wear makeup (blotting, refreshing), secondly, my primer, foundation and powder all help to soak up oil so it doesn’t clog my skin. When I wear makeup, if I leave it on too long whiteheads start surfacing without fail around 2-3am if I haven’t blotted all day (I put on makeup around 9am daily). When I don’t wear makeup, I start clogging 3-4 hours after I’ve washed my face – literally wearing nothing but moisturizer!!!

Skin does not breathe, at least not from the outside. The top 50 layers or so are actually dead cells that form the primary barrier of your body. Cells “breathe” from the inside, getting oxygen and nutrients from the bloodstream. Makeup is only detrimental to your skin if it is clogging your pores. If you wear makeup that doesn’t clog your pores, it shouldn’t be a problem. (And the reason it’s bad to work out or sleep with makeup on is that your body temperature rises, opening up your pores, allowing normally non-pore clogging ingredients to be pore-clogging once your pores shrink back down.)

Yes I do have no makeup day. I love to let my skin breathe so 3/7 days in a weeks I wear no makeup, maybe just some gloss.

I use to have a day off make up once a week but now I feel as long as its off before bed I am doing well!

Never.. I have such bad skin inclusive of acne scarring, unevenness AND rosacea/reactive redness.. not pretty.

I don’t plan no makeup days either. It usually happens if I have to wake up too early (therefore too tired, anything before 9 am) to put on anything (*cough* school days)…

I only wear makeup when I go to work or go out with friends. But I’m always quick to take my makeup off when I arrive home! I feel like I can’ relax at home until all the makeup is off my face!

Not really, I enjoy my makeup too much NOT to wear it every day… 🙂 Plus I’m a natural blonde so I look pale and I have NO eyebrows or lashes until I “put my face on” 😀

I’m having one right now! I like to let my skin breathe every now and then. I’m not sure if it makes that much of a difference, but I like not having to worry about my makeup 🙂

Yeah, I have no make up days all the time! I don’t feel I need to wear it every day so when I do, I always make an effort to do it a bit special. Even if its for day time, I take my time to perfect it.

I don’t have designated no-makeup days but I generally don’t wear makeup when I’m not in the mood or am in the hurry. Most times I’ll still try to fill in my brows

about once a week when i don’t have to leave the house/have to clean it! running errands doesn’t merit make-up either. however, i am committed to doing as many ‘look-a-day’ looks as possible, so it’s a 50/50 chance i’d still wear some.

Sure do, its mostly on weekends or holidays when I dont plan on going anywhere special or when I dont have work

Yes. I try to put make-up on everyday that I go out just because it’s fun + when I look better I feel better, but tired days or days where I’m late I don’t. Most days I would have SOME sort of make-up on though. At least some mineral foundation or at least I fill in my brows because having good-looking skin and great eyebrows to frame the face is important to me.

Yes I do have ‘no-makeup days’! I could not stand wearing makeup day in and day out! I wear it only when I want to look my best, whether professionally or socially. I think it is important to use makeup as a tool, not for makeup to use us! I know many women who will not leave the house without makeup and I feel that this is more an issue about self-esteem and makeup is a by-product of that.

Yes! Today is a no makeup day because I am ill and I don’t plan on leaving the house so I really can’t be bothered.

I like having 1 day a week when I don’t wear makeup. Always when I’m off work, and I’ll go nowhere. I just need a day of “I don’t care what I look like”. Gives me time to do housework and stuff without too much bother.

The only time I ever have “no make-up days” is when I loungin’ around the house doin’ nothing….which is rare since I work full time, getting my masters, and planning a wedding. But on those day that I can just chill I like to let my skin breath…on those days I typically end up doing some sort of facial mask too. =)

Days that I don’t work or just run errands I skip make up, that feeling of transforming your look when you wear make up is really fun. If you wear it everyday you’d get bored with it!

i used to have no makeup days but that was in high school. now i’m 23 and if i leave the house i always put on some makeup, even if it’s only concealer and lipgloss. but usually i stick to my everyday routine with full makeup.
i use makeup for 3 main reasons:
1. i care much about how i look like and makeup gives me confidence, same with perfume.
2. i love makeup and perfumes so i also use them coz i just enjoy using them.
3. i also use some of my makeup stuff just to use them up so that they don’t go bad.

I never plan them either, but when I just don’t feel like it, I won’t wear any make-up. Or sometimes I’ll just wear concealer & powder to set.
I actually wore eye shadow for the first time in about a week yesterday! I just enjoyed keeping it really simple last week, I guess :]

Usually on the weekends if I am not going anywhere I don’t wear makeup. But I have also been sick with strep throat for 4 days, so I haven’t been wearing makeup then. It’s really good to let your skin breathe some.

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I only really wear makeup on the weekends cause im 15 and at school all week and tbh i dont see the point lol i like letting my skin breathe during the week 🙂

I only wear make up if I am doing a video or going out. Which can be anywhere from 2-5 days a week. On the days I dont wear make up. I usually play around with eye shadows to see what I would like to do next. 🙂

Yes almost everyday I do not wear make up. Only my day and Night creame
I do make up if am going somewhere not usual : movies,but not for work or school.

I have no makeup days if I’m just going out to run errands or see my boyfriend but for work and full day outings I have to wear it.

I’m not sure i’d dare walk out of the house without at least my urban decay tinted moisturizer; My skintone is pretty even but I have genetic dark circles. :/

ALL the time! if i’m just around the house for the day i don’t put on makeup. So about 2 times a week atleast 🙂

I don’t choose them to be no makeup days, but I usually don’t put any on if I know I’m not going anywhere that day, which really only happens on Sundays. And I also don’t take my makeup off on days I am already wearing it until I have to go bed, random plans may pop up and it’d be uber annoying to put it on again.

i definitely have no makeup days so my skin can breathe. for me it’s on the weekends unless i’m going somewhere special, but for normal weekend errands, etc i’m always au natural w/ lip balm. during the week, the first thing to come off for me when i get home from work are my contacts & then my makeup.

I defitenitly have those days! I love wearing makeup but when I really don’t need to then I like just letting my skin breath! I also think it’s quite refreshing, just even walking out of the house with no makeup but still feeling confident.

I usually wear no makeup when im running late or after a day of wearing alot of maekup like on formal days, so the day after i let my face breathe since my face is really sensitive

i have many no makeup days so that i can let my skin breathe and take a break from makeup
it’s also so that i can sleep in a little longer before i go to school
plus, my boyfriend says that he prefers me with little or no makeup:]

pretty much everyday is a “no makeup day” for me…the only thing i consistently wear daily is lipgloss. i like shine and not color generally.

Yep, definitely. I usually go once or twice a week with no makeup, sometimes more depending on the situation. When I go out, I put it on but if I’m home relaxing I see no point. For me, mascara can be difficult to get off so I give my eyelashes a break!

I wear no make up in the week… sometimes.. just foundation, blush and eyeliner.. but the weekend is very colourful 😉

I do, but I’m the same way – I don’t plan for them. Usually, if I wake up super late or exhausted, and don’t have time to take 30 minutes on my makeup, I don’t do any. I’m not one to just put on concealer or mascara, so I have to have time to do my whole face.

yes, all weekend, every weekend unless I’m going out somewhere but even then its usually just mascara and lip balm. I try to let my skin breathe on the weekend and also im just too lazy on the weekend, lol

sometimes i’m just too tired or to busy to put on makeup! so i don’t have any set days or set events, just whenever i don’t feel like doing it.

I have no makeup days. That doesn’t mean i’ll stay at home….I go out without makeup on too. Some days i’m just not in the mood for it, but I have things to do…so….. 🙂

I work from home so yes if I am not feeling it I don’t wear it. I usually have some mandatory no make up days after I do a convention or show because I am usually decked out in 10lbs of fairy glitz and glitter and my skin needs a break. I have acne prone skin and while I love my Makeup Forever HD primer (my photos with fans are SO much better with it) it breaks me out after 3 or 4 days in a row with it. I’m kinda vain though if I am going out I at least do tinted moisturizer, concealer and a coat of mascara even if it is to the store you never know who you are going to run into and I hate feeling frumpy!

The only days I don’t wear makeup at all are days when I KNOW I’m staying at home all day, like when I’m sick. Otherwise, I usually wear makeup everyday. Lately there have been some days when I don’t have time to do everything, so I only wear face makeup because my skin is terrible! I don’t mind going out with no eye makeup, but I never go out without skin makeup!

Not really. I have “less make up than usual” days, usually at the weekend, when I don’t go anywhere, but even then I wear eyeliner, mascara, foundation or at least some face powder, lipbalm/lipgloss. I don’t like how I look without make up, my skin is blotchy and I have very thin nothing little eyelashes, so my eyes don’t have any definition. Bleugh. 🙁

I have no makeup days often. Not planned – just more of a “Meh, I don’t feel like putting on makeup today” thing. 🙂

If I’m just home for the day I don’t wear any makeup. And once I’m in for the evening (I don’t go out much at night) I take it all off. Feels good to have a clean face.

Generally if I’m sick or just running a quick errand, I don’t put on makeup. Doesn’t make sense to me to spend 15 minutes doing my face for a 5 minute run! Also saves product and thus money.

pretty much everyday, sadly.

I started a new job a month ago, in a garden centre, so there’s not really much point. I wear a tinted moisturizer with an SPF and set with powder so I don’t look gross and that is about it.

Yes – mostly on the weekends. I don’t go to work without something on, even if it’s just mascara and concealer. The last two days have been no makeup days because we’ve been painting the house! 🙂

Nope. The least that I would have on would be a tinted moisturizer, eyeliner, mascara, bronzer, highlight and beauty powder as blush. I don’t know if you consider that no makeup.

I’m not wearing any makeup today, I stayed in the house I just cooked & cleaned and washed my hair so it was no need for makeup today.

Yeah, work days. I may wear eyeshadow and mascara but not all the time. It’s not pretty wearing foundation and be sweating at the same time.

My face is makeup-free any time I don’t leave the house. Therefore, I’ll go quite a while without makeup when I’m not feeling well. I use a scrub after the 3rd day (I wash my face each day) because my skin shows how sick I feel.

I do have to admit to putting on at least a bit of makeup on the few occasions I’ve had to visit the hospital. It’s more for me than anyone else – a wash of color on the cheeks and some lipstick helps me feel more normal when I feel cruddy inside.

When I don’t go out, i don’t put makeup on and that generally occurs on Sundays. I’ll often skip out on mascara during the week just because I find it better for my lashes.

I can’t go out with out make up on, not even to the grocery store. With that said I wear full face make-up 7 days a week and I love it!!!!

of course. mostly they’re are sundays but sometimes even during the week ( though in this case I still apply mascara)

Oh yes, and those are usually the days someone shows up that I would rather not see me without makeup! :o)

Usually Saturdays and Sundays if I dont go out. And when I get home in the afternoon from work, I first wash the slap off of my face and put some almond oil on my lashes. I had some lash extentions on, and they just about ruined my lashes, so now I have to nurse them back to health again. Any advice on how to get them nice and strong again?

I try to make a day for that every week especially if I don’t have any plans for the entire day. This week I went without makeup for about 2 days. I embrace my skin and only reason why I always wear makeup is because of my under eye circles, other wise I would go without makeup more often.

Summer time is a good time for that because my tan seems to help with giving me that natural glow.

Yes when my eczema flares. My skin gets too dry when I wear makeup every day because I can’t moisturize throughout the day

I don’t really plan whether or not I wear makeup. There certainly are days where I go out wearing no makeup.

All the time, I never wear makeup when I’m staying home, or if I’m just going out for a short amount of time.

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