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I have one shimmery and one matte one on hand at all times! I’ve been wearing a shimmery eye most days lately so I’ve pretty much only been using MAC Yogurt because it’s matte and I prefer a matte highlight with a shimmery eye. ^_^

Short answer: YES. I m tripping over boxes of eyeshadows, it is my particular weakness in cosmetics. There is no rhyme or reason to what goes on my lids. I do prefer something more opaque, more pale, and often reach for a shimmer, glitter, frost or shiney color of some kind even when the rest of the lid is more satin or matte.

I 99.99% of the time use Wet and Wild Brulee eyeshadow to highlight its the perfect matte creamy yellow toned color that is a dream to blend and goes with everything and doesn’t look stark light on my dark mexican skin(:

I literally have about 50 highlight colours (i know i know i’m linda and i’m an eyeshadowaholic) but i tend to always reach for the same 2/3 everytime, usually MAC blanc type, Mylar and i can’t remember the other one off the top of my head.

Am I weird? I hardly ever put anything above my crease. The few times I have done a highlight up there, it was never the same color, so I guess that counts as a yes.

Oodles – some of which I’ve chosen and some that come in palettes but I still use them. Favourites are from MAC – Blanc Type, Phloof and Dazzlelight.

Matt Smith from the theBalm’s Meet Matt(e) palette is pretty much my go-to shade for a matte brow finish, but I sometimes use UD Virgin or Milani Pearl when I want a gentle sheen.

I use MAC Blanc Type the majority of the time unless I want something shimmery or there’s already a decent highlighting shade in a palette I’m using. I absolutely adore Blanc Type though!

I have loads of highlighting shades, but most often I reach for MAC Vanilla, Phloof, Shroom, Blanc Type, Femme Fi, Dazzlelight and Creamy Bisque (I wish I’d bought a back-up of this one!). I like that some are more pink, some neutral, some more gold, and they have different finishes. Often I’ll use a more matte or satin shade from crease to brow and just add a little shimmer right under the brow. If I’m doing a look from a palette then I’ll probably use the highlighting shade included, if there is one.

I’m finishing off my second Blanc Type from MAC and I’m replacing it with my NYC Union Square brown bone shade I depotted from the palette that has the primer (not the quad of the same name… boo that! Why did you name two products by the same name NYC?)

I general use a matte light then my skin or white highlight in my looks as i have small eye. The most shimmer I got for is a satin finish like UD Virgin.

I always use Urban Decay Naked to blend out along the brow bone, unless there happens to be an appropriate shade in a palette I’m using.

I use a nice warm vanilla color that I got from a Lancome GWP. It’s not too light, not too dark, matte, and just the right consistency. Once I run out I have about a million other options (since just about every palette comes with a highlight color that’s fairly similar). I always stick to a warm vanilla because I find that more flattering on me than a cool tone.

I learned a trick from watching Rae Morris and now I only use a shimmery highlighter by taking a skinny angled brush and placing it directly under the eyebrow starting at the arch and extending to the end in a thin line. It’s very subtle. It keeps that area from looking puffy (since shimmery shades there can make it look like the brow bone is puffed out, and is kind of harsh for daytime).

You mean Rae Morris THE MAKEUP ARTIST, right? Not the singer/songwriter Rae Morris… It took me a moment to comprehend and made my day once I succeedeed 😉 Because I listen to Rae a lot and at first I was really perplexed like “wow, that’s curious, I’ve seen so much of her and never drawn any particular makeup inspiration…” 😉

I don’t really highlight my browbone, because I already use two shades in my eyebrows, darker from above and lighter over the browbone, so I’m just too lazy to use an additional shade for my browbone itself…

I use a couple of different highlighters depending on the look. I switch between MAC Vapour, MAC Brule, Illamasqua Stealth. I too do not care for too much of a shimmery highlight although sometimes I will add just the faintest touch of shimmer using a loose mineral powder like OCC to co-ordinate the look. Generally speaking, I go for a matte highlight.

When I’m not wearing eyeshadow (which is most of the time – I have hooded eyes and just don’t spend a lot of time on something that won’t be seen) I swipe my Dior Amber Diamond just under my brow for a little sheen. If I do wear shadow, I usually use MAC Brule or Blanc Type or something similar. I don’t recall ever using a shimmery highlight color on my brow, but sometimes use one in my tear duct. I have go-tos, but I don’t think there’s any single thing I have only one of. There are way too many options out there to limit one’s self:D

I usually use UD Virgin, Benefit Highbrow, Benefit Highbrow Glow, or resently UD KInky. If I’m using one of my L’oreal palettes, then I’ll use whatever highlight shade they include.

This question is meant for my mom. She is a brow bone junkie. Personally, I have a few, but I don’t highlight my brow bone on a day to day basis.

YES. I love highlighting shades, but for a matte highlighter I do have a favorite. I almost always use urban decay foxy for a matte highlight. But I have tons of shimmery highlight colors.

I’m nervous about shimmery eye highlighters, so I usually use a matte beige or off-white e/s, but it depends on the finish of the other products I’m using

I only use Tequila from Kat Von D’s Beethoven palette — it goes with everything! I can’t find any other highlight shade that I like. 🙁

Most of the time I use MAC Shroom; if I want something matte I use the highlight color of a Wet n’ Wild palette (I don´t remember the name, but it´s one that has peach and gray shades in it)!

For a shimmery highlight, I use MAC Ricepaper and for a matte one, Revlon Marshmallow (limited edition, unfortunately)

Medium/Tan skin.

I have three, depending upon what colors I use on the rest of the eye. Mac Vanilla was my first and probably my HG highlighter, but I also regularly use Naked Lunch or Dazzlelight.

I have monolids. Putting on a brow bone shade on the brow bone area does not work for me…I tend to use it slightly below the brow bone to blend a darker shade thru. Besides, I think a heavy brow bone application looks harsh and ends up looking like a porn star. And not being critical of anyone….just what I see.

Like Linda, below, I have *many*, but I usually use the same one. My HG highlight shade is Revlon Pure Pearl. Although it’s a white shadow, it doesn’t look dated, as I have very light skin, and it’s just sheer enough that my skin shows through, only leaving a pearlescent glow.

I use Mac Shroom and Bootycall from the UD Naked 2 palette typically. I also use the highlight shades that come in my Chanel quads sometimes. I need to pick up a matte highlight shade, foxy is about my skintone and I usually use that to blend out my eyeshadow.

I use a lot of different highlighters.
I´ll got like 20-30…I´m not sure.
But I use Dazzlelight the most.
Call Me Bubbles from the quad with the same name
is one of my favorites as well.

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