Do you have any beauty-related resolutions for 2020?

No specific resolutions from me! One goal I’ve been continuously working on for the last few years is to limit purchases to what I can reasonably review, and I’ve definitely improved on how much I actually review of what I buy. In a similar vein, I also try to set aside products to donate if I don’t think I’ll end up reviewing in the next six months — like I don’t want products to sit around for 2+ years on the off-chance I’ll get to ’em.

— Christine


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Valerie Avatar

I have a budget for beauty purchases in 2020. Basically a low buy. I made it through 1 day so far, and then saw the new Pat mini lipsticks. This is going to be even tougher than I expected ?

Lori Avatar

i was tempted by these, too – but i looked at reviews on sephora (with a grain of salt). based on those reviews the quality of the lipsticks/packaging was not up to par. they may not be worth it :/

Seraphine Avatar

A nearly-no-buy. I will only buy replacements for necessary products that I have run out of, like mascara, foundation, setting powder, or concealer. No more blush, highlighter, eyeshadow, or lipstick…with the one exception of MAC Ruby Woo when it comes out this spring because I’ve always wanted to have it, but never got around to buying it, and now it’s coming out in such pretty packaging, so I might as well make it my one lipstick purchase of the year. That’s the plan, at least.

Mar Avatar

I’m falling love with makeup all over again. Due to personal circumstances, it kind of got on the back burner but I’m starting to enjoy it again. Instead of constantly buying new stuff, I try to work with what I already have.

GUSnail Avatar

Nothing very specific. I did do a low buy for several months during 2019. It gave me some perspective. In 2020 I just want to hang onto that think about how much use I’ll get from an item before I buy it. I’ve been trying to stay with colors that I’ll use regularly versus maybe 3 times a year.

Nancy T Avatar

Not that I ever make NY resolutions, but I am going to **try** to get past my recent rut and start wearing my makeup more often than I have during the last 5-6 months. I’ve been stuck in a very unmotivated state of mind lately.
I’m also going to try to make more mindful purchases. Buying only what I know I’ll actually use frequently enough to warrant the $’s.

xamyx Avatar

I’m doing a “rollover” budget; I’m setting aside $100 each month, and can only spend that; however, if I have anything left over, that can/will be added to the following months budget. This includes any makeup *and* skincare. I came really close to being Sephora Rouge & ULTA Diamond this year, without even trying…

I also plan to do a couple of “Project Pans”, and really make use of what I have. While my goals may not be to completely finish every product (although that is the goal on some), and I won’t be “aggressive” about it, it’ll force me to revisit old favorites that were cast aside for new things. I want to do a “20 in 2020”, as well as some mini projects where I roll in some products that already have pan or show significant use, and actually finish them.

Finally, in the next few weeks, I need to purge my lip products, and just get rid of things that have gone bad, and others I know I simply won’t wear. I recently fell in love with Melt Cosmetics lipsticks, after indulging in a big sale, and need to make way for more when they have the next one.

Cameron Avatar

A no/low buy. I have spent a lot of money and effort trying new things in the slim chance it’d be better than what I already have. It’s time to take a step back and evaluate what I already have. I’m taking better notes of what I use.

Ana Maria Avatar

I’m not the one to make resolutions, or start on a Monday; if I’m doing something, I’m starting on a Friday August 21st when I decide to do it, not next Monday, not January 1st.

That being said, for 2020 and the future, I do want to progress more on being more sustainable when it comes to beauty. I was already a minimalist, having only one item of each opened, using products up (if they don’t expire in the meantime), but in 2019 I realizes more and more that even with that beauty is a wasteful industry. I was carelessly throwing make-up and skincare empty bottle in the recycling bin without realizing that most are not recyclable even if I do clean them and separate the individual materials; I mean some plastic bottles of skincare/bodycare actually state they are not recyclable.
I could never be the person to use no waste make-up and skincare… I have to accept that. So I decided to look closer and choose products that really come in recyclable packaging, while purchasing more and more from brands that have recycling products (I was over the moon when Paula’s Choice partnered with TerraCycle).

On the vain fun side… I was always a bold lipstick lover, but I felt that in 2019 I rarely used my favorites. I don’t know why… but I’m planning to get back with being bolder in 2020.

Vivian Avatar

I want to focus on upping my game in the area of tools, accessories, & organization rather than buying more color cosmetics. I’m fairly happy with where my collection is now; interested in expanding my eyeshadow selection here and there, and perhaps trying out a few new highlighter and contour products, but other than that there is truly no pressing need in the realm of colors. However, I don’t have a vanity mirror I like – I currently have a dinky little suction-cup one that forces me to crouch down to my desk in order to do my makeup. I now have a brush-cleaning regimen and products I like for that, but my brushes themselves aren’t anything particularly exciting. And I need a few acrylic organizer drawers because right now everything is either scattered across my desktop or in an opaque drawer for me to forget about.

I also truly want to commit myself to skincare this year. As with makeup, I own products that I enjoy and that do good things for my skin; I just need to put in the consistent effort.

These are more general goals than specific resolutions, but that’s what tends to work better for me – I give up too easily when it comes to concrete commitments.

AJ Avatar

I’ve set myself a goal to learn how to style my hair. I have really long hair that I love, but I usually wear it up in one style of bun, or down in a basic ponytail, or sometimes a three-strand braid, or down with a stretchy headband. There’s so much more I could be doing with it!

Genevieve Avatar

I don’t really make makeup resolutions because I tend to be very cautious when buying makeup anyway. Most of the eye palettes are not really suited to me as they contain too many reds, pinks, oranges etc. So I am saved from purchasing expensive eye palettes like PMG, ND etc.
Quite a few of my purchases for staples are from budget beauty brands like L’Oreal for foundation, Rimmel for mascara, setting powder and eye brow pencils, CP for lipsticks and so on.
I have a large eyeshadow palette stash and I will be focused on using more of those.

Audrey Avatar

Will try a low buy this year, buying only staple products that I use up, and getting rid of things that I never use so I can have a more curated and loved collection. Makeup should be fun but I’ve been feeling overwhelmed with all I have so I need to pare it down.

brendacr1 Avatar

I will still try to stick to my low/no buy. After reading your de-cluttering article it is motivating me to go through my bountiful stash and reduce and donate what I don’t use. After going through my mother’s house and seeing what it is like when someone doesn’t throw anything away, which when distributed among six of us siblings wasn’t unmanageable lol! But on a side note it was wonderful going through all the memories (she saved napkins from our wedding 40 years ago!!).

Rachel R. Avatar

I wouldn’t call them “resolutions.” I have some goals. I want to continue buying less, and having more of what I do buy be from indie brands.

I want to finish reorganizing and destashing my makeup collection.

I want to get more use out of shades I don’t often wear: Berry and burgundy lipsticks, and pink lipsticks and blushes. I wore those things more this past year, and I want to continue.

Moxie Avatar

I’m on a no-buy until I use up what I have, which should hopefully be some time before the world melts along with the products.

I’m also going to start hitting the gym, which to some may not be beauty related but it affects my mental health positively to work out and that shows on the outside.

Nyxx Avatar

Yes. It is pretty much the same as last years which is to shop my stash and only purchase essentials that run out. Although I didn’t stick to the 100% last year oit sure cut down my buying by about 90% I only purchased 2 eye shadow palettes last year and replaced my high end foundation with a just as good drug store foundation.

While i still enjoy looking at makeup I can literally dupe every palette even though I don’t have alot of palettes compared to other makeup enthusiasts .

I have literally been using the same eye shadow palette since black Friday. Like literally everyday. I have even considered getting rid of everything else because i am so happy with this palette but the hoarder in me won’t let me do it.

So as I said NOT BUYING ANYTHING except essentials that I run out of.

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