Do you have any beauty-related resolutions for 2018?

I don’t think I’ll have any resolutions for the upcoming 2018,
though I’m not usually someone who commits to particular goals by the year. I have long-term,
ongoing goals that I’ll continue to work toward but nothing specific in beauty.

— Christine
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Mostly: buy less makeup haha.
I have bought so much stuff the last 3 years, I think I will never finish it all. Doesn’t matter, because I really love everything that I’ve bought. But I’d better start saving money for some bigger stuff like a new car and a new kitchen 😉 Things like that..

Oh yes, I have only one: I will stop purchasing makeup unless I run out of something. I realized the amount of money I spent in makeup was outrageous so I’m cutting down. I don’t wear most of the makeup I own, I usually just stick to a simple routine and the other products I have are for “special occasions” which are as rare as me cooking (rarely).

Probably fewer impulse purchases (the sort of “but it’s SO lovely, I have to own it” reaction to new things) and also to try to finish up some products, especially skin care items, before adding new ones!

I have goals/resolutions for other aspects of my life, but not makeup. I am open to learning and trying new things, but I don’t plan on restricting or focusing myself necessarily!

To continue what I’ve been doing or not doing for the last few months — no more warm neutrals in eye shadows, no more highlighters. Wait for reviews. Keep refusing to buy anything from KvD.

I would like to change as far as being more careful about ingredients. I’m going to read labels more carefully and say no to anything with parabens.

I’ve learned that resolutions usually don’t work because I measured by breaking them; I do better by shifting behaviors over time. I’ve been doing ok to prioritize skin care and spending smarter, and lately on improving sleep patterns which will certainly have a beauty upside.

I haven’t decided yet but I think I’m going to have to. Since I’m buying a house, I’m going to need to streamline and use what I have in little samples up as much as I can.

I need to build a solid AM routine for skin.

I also need to make sure to find a daily sunscreen that I like, won’t break me out, make me red, and comes off easily. Feel free to make suggestions. I’m probably going to try Farmacy Green Screen and DR Jart Tiger Grass Color Corrector.

Because you asked and I have had similar problems with rubbing making me red, I have had great success w/Dr Dennis Gross Sheer Mineral Sun Spray SPF 50+. I spray it in my hand and pat/press it on my face. It’s also very ‘slippery’ so you can also spread it easily without any rubbing at all. I love it, but it’s a bit pricey. I can’t speak to breakouts because I’m so dry, but I haven’t experienced any white heads, which is what I get when products don’t work well for me. Maybe your Sephora will have a tester available and you can spray it on your hand to see what I’m talking about when I mentioned ‘slippery’. It absorbs nicely, too. Plays well with my liquid foundation as well.

Erin, have you tried First Aid Beauty Pure Mineral Sunscreen Moisturizer SPF 40 yet? I have super sensitive skin that’s prone to breakouts and has some rosacea. This sunscreen has been the one and only that has never given me any problems. I does stay on, even in this AZ summer oven!

On sunscreen: I highly recommend La Roche-Posay Anthelios 60 Melt In Sunscreen Milk Broad Spectrum SPF 60. I got it when Consumer Reports rated it best of dozens tested two years running, and I love how it really does melt into my skin, doesn’t throw off my makeup or make me break out. Trader Joe’s spray sunscreen came in close second.

The one I use, and I have sensitive skin, is the La Roche Posay’s Anthelios XL SPF 50+ Ultra Light 50 mL – it is excellent and the bottle lasts for a really long time – I use it daily. Where you are moving to you will need it probably all year round. I am sure you can get it on sale, even we can here in Aus.

I don’t know if it counts but I love it cosmetics Your Skin But Better CC+ Airbrush Perfecting Powder. I used to live in San Antonio, TX and this stuff is 50+ UVA/UVB and it kept me white as a sheet! I use it almost every day even though I now live in freezing cold Maryland and don’t need such a high spf. It has a lot of good stuff in it. I will swipe it on my neck and chest if I’m in a hurry but obviously if you are looking for a total body screen this is not a good option.

Missha’s All-Around Safe Block is my HG sunblock that comes in a bunch of finishes like gel, milk or essence. I use the milk that comes in the pink bottle. It’s totally non-greasy with a thin milk texture that sinks in immediately, it smells fantastic and feels like just like a light moisturiser. There’s no white cast at all either. It’s such a nice texture that you can mix it in with your daily moisturiser if you want to save time. It’s also perfect under makeup.

NOT to buy something that’s a dupe or near-dupe of something I already own (and love). It sounds like such a simple concept but it took me a while to learn. There’s no reason for me to have two gold highlighters, even if they are slightly different. Because then, every time I want to use a gold highlighter I will have to chose between the two. What’s the point? I want to get rid of all stress and confusion in my collection.

Now, if I want a new gold highlighter to replace the one I own and am not happy with, that is a different story and I will allow myself to do that. No reason to make myself use something I don’t love. I’m not about that punishment.

I don’t have any “low buy” plans, because I actually want to overhaul my lipstick collection a little. I own a lot of matte lipsticks and ones in heavy formulas (like Nars Audacious), but those aren’t comfortable for me on an everyday basis. I have really dry lips that peel so I will be looking into more hydrating formulas (but not going overboard). I’m starting to think about how long it actually takes to finish a product… I really shouldn’t buy more than I can use. The more I buy the more something else will get neglected.

I think the above rules will put me on an unintentional low buy because I really do love most of the products I own. When I think about buying a new product I will think Will I Use It? Will I get GOOD USE of it??

I agree with you on this point. It’s not a habit I got into but remember getting drawn into buying both a dupe and a back up for Benefit Dallas because there were rumours it would be discontinued. I am only now coming to the end of the original box. The product has still not been discontinued but I have 2 more products to work through.

I don’t know if it’s a resolution per se but I’m going using up what I have and continue my low or no buy for lipstick, foundations, concealers, eyeliners, mascara etc . And I will continue to rotate through what I have.

Also I pledge to not buy any indie or Trend Mood / social media hyped brands. Here’s why. I think there is so much being hyped and I’m not sure I’d even consider most if not for social media pushing the brands. I’m not saying these are good or bad brands. I’m just not falling for it considering I have a hard enough time saying no to mainstream brands. So I’m saying NO to Natasha Denona, Violet Voss, Farsali, Tatcha, Storybook Cosmetics. Nope not jumping on the bandwagon and buying what I don’t need and won’t use bc I’m not dropping what I currently have for it!

And I’m saying no to most Korean beauty. I’m not saying it’s all bad. But it isn’t all great either and most of the time I’m suckered into the cute packaging and the promises. It’s just more bs consumerism and I need to stop acting like it’s miracle products. They’re not. Sorry about it.

Which means I’m also going to stop buying makeup from Nordstrom Rack, Poshmark or Hautelook. Yes, those places have great deals. If you are out of something and you find it there, great but for me, it just encourages unnecessary makeup consumption.

So my resolutions seems like a lot of no but I’m just tired of the consumerism and want to use what I have. All these other places, angles, just sucker you into buying what you don’t need. Their gimmicks and they aren’t offering better than what I already have. I’m tired of the word “holy grail “. This constant need to search for the HG. You most likely won’t find it and will always look for it or be sad once it’s gone and the over consumerism train rolls again. I’m just going to use what I have and love what I have. I do.

Amen. I just checked Hautelook and saw Kevyn Aucoin Natura on sale for $10. Of course double checked Temptalia’s review/dupes and was like – yessssss it’s different-ish than Nars Madly but I own enough neutral blushes! No buying just because it’s a “deal” for me in 2018. This will be hard as Sephora is starting to aggressively discount more frequently (sits on hands).

Yes, mine is to STOP BUYING! Except whoops, Tarte Colorsplash lipsticks on the Sephora Weekly Wow, had to grab not one but two; not the new year yet, but a reminder of exactly what it is I have to look out for. Just because it’s on sale, and even if it’s something I’ve been wanting for a while, does not make it OK to buy.

This year I put myself on a no-buy, failed, and really beat myself up over it. Still, it gave me a good perspective about what I actually want to budget for makeup purchases. I’ve decided that for next year, I am allowed to spend $50 at my birthday (which is in July, so I have quite a bit of time) and then $100 during holiday sales. There are just SO MANY holiday sales I find it impossible to resist. I’d rather give myself a little bit of leeway to enjoy myself than agonize over every purchase I’m not “supposed” to make.

Mascara is exempt from these limitations for hygiene reasons.

Yes! I’m going on a low-buy for next year so I can focus on using up the products that I have and love. Too much money spent the past two years on products that just seem to expire in my makeup drawers, especially when I tend to use the same things over and over again.

Finally! Someone with something different than “buy less.” Of course no one should be going into debt over makeup, but if all the regulars here are on no-buys, what’s everyone going to talk about on the Temptalia boards in 2018?

Mine is to use more of what I already have, toss the expired stuff, and only buy new when I’m out of something I regularly use or it’s something I don’t already have that I really, really want. Play around more! Try fun looks, try editorial looks, there’s only so many neutral daytime looks you can do before you get bored. In short, more fun, less collecting!

This year I became more rigorous about skincare products and using up products entirely before I buy. Also much much less likely to purchase HE products overall, even with good reviews; a trend with me for a number of years now. I also know not to automatically replace items when I am getting low as I find I typically prefer to do research and move on and try something else. I do have products I would absolutely replace, but they are few.

Next year, my mission is to buy less than last. I want to become even more rigorous in my choices and cherry pick products that will complement my stash since the barrage of available product (both beauty and skincare) is now at levels where I find it incredibly overwhelming. For me, that’s a good thing. The sheer quantity acts as a point of indecision which prevents me from putting the pin in on a purchase.

I still have areas of weakness. Last minute additions to cart during big sales; usually items that have been sitting unfulfilled and percolating for months in my wishlist/shopping cart. I also seem to lose my head on certain product categories: foundation, highlighters. These I aim to no buy in 2017. I have enough quality and quantity in what I have. VIB early access is pure evil as well. I just ignored the BITE prismatic multisticks yesterday.

Yes! I WILL be sticking to a beauty budget this year. I had the best of intentions last year, but it kind of fell apart around summertime.

A couple of thoughts about why this year I will be more successful than last year:

1) I have opened my eyes to the sheer number of releases brands are pushing out. I am kind of disgusted by it, and it makes me feel that the actual effort and quality they’re putting into these releases has to be compromised (as if brands like Too Faced hasn’t proved this enough…) and it’s extremely wasteful. There’s simply no way to keep up, so I plan to stop ‘watching collections’ and coveting upcoming releases. I’m kind of burnt out on seeing new products right now.

2) I’ve pared down my collection significantly and I still don’t think there’ll be any need to purchase this year, even to replace a product. The only exceptions to this MIGHT be skincare and haircare, though I still think I have backups for most everything. I just bought the summer 3-pack of beautyblenders from Sephora clearance so I won’t even need sponges!

3) I plan to cut back on my YouTube/beauty video watching and to unsubscribe to Ulta and Sephora emails in an effort to minimize my exposure to sale announcements and new stuff. I tend to impulse buy when I’m tired or stressed so not having it in my inbox will hopefully help.

I never do the whole “New Year’s Resolution” thing, but I have made up my mind to go low, low, low this upcoming year. As in a low-buy. Possibly, even 2 years worth, if I can muster the willpower! I had my little wake-up call after hitting Rouge 2 years in a row, having my sock drawer taken over by eyeshadow palettes, having to purchase one of those lipstick storage tower units that spins, etc. That realization that it’s doubtful I will ever get to use up what I amassed was an “uh-oh-spaghettio” moment!

Four years and counting, Nancy, that I haven’t been a Rouge. When I finally figured out my skincare and then my foundation, it was easy street after that! And therefore, no more Rouge. I bought less this year than any previous year in memory, and it didn’t bother me one bit. So, I offer you lots of encouragement! And low-buy isn’t even a problem anymore because of the dearth of quality, cool-color products. My eyes literally glaze over because all the palettes look the same to me. After awhile, will power isn’t even needed, lol. I’ll never tire of looking at the new, but I’m just not into getting excited about the newest hyped thing anymore. It takes me a mental ’11’ on a scale of 1-10 to get me inspired now. I think I’ve hit the wall on all the overdone consumerism!

Buy less makeup. I have so much, and so many things I’ll never use halfway (forget about fully!). Over the last fifteen years I’ve hit pan on two eyeshadows and used up entirely two lipsticks. Considering I keep buying makeup like it’s an addiction, maybe it’s time to slow down.

No – I’ve set a few a couple of years ago (organize, be discerning) and I’ve met them and now it’s just as per usual. No need to rock the boat. Although I think ‘be discerning’ has evolved to ‘only buy LE’. ?

I’m not one to feel the need to ‘break out of a comfort zone’ or ‘shake things up’ – I know what I like and I find comfort in predictability and routine. I did try a bolder lip and a softer eye (not sure if that was a prior resolution or if that was just a question posed in Temptalia Asks You and I decided to try something different), though, and I like that so that is now added to my wardrobe of looks.

I waaaant to say buy way less makeup, but honestly I really want to add some neon shades of LIT glitters into my collection so let’s say buy less lipstick? Honestly it would cut my makeup spending in half even with this new skincare kick I’m on if I went on a lipstick no-buy. Let’s say no new lipsticks in 2018! My most ambitious makeup resolution ever!

Yes, I have one huge goal for 2018, not be a VIB Rouge next year. There is no way that I need to spend the kind of money that you have to spend in order to be a rouge and I find the “perks” associated with being a rouge to be very minimal and not worth the expense. I already buy most things that I can from Ulta because their perk program is better for me.

Yes!!! Also my goal for 2018! I’ve been Rouge two years in a row and it is ridiculous- embarrassing. No one needs that much makeup/skincare.i have backups of all my skincare, so I don’t see any reason not to achieve my goal! Yay, me!?‍♀️?

To use what I have before buying more, which applies to lip products and sheet masks (and books).

To keep my current pared down skincare routine going, and to do it even when I’m tired or lazy. Yes, too tired or lazy for literally two to three steps. That includes drinking nothing but water, because soda breaks me out.

Not really beauty perse, more overall health, but keeping my exercise regime up even in this brutal winter weather and beyond.

To be more selective! There’s no need for me to buy another palette, just because I can. I currently have just 2 on my list (Nabla Dreamy, if it ever comes back in stock and Violet Voss Hashtag because I resisted ND Lila SO HARD and also Huda Desert Dusk and I love purples and golds) but… realistically that will probably last until Colourpop put out a couple more palettes like Semi-Precious and All I See Is Magic 😉

Like most of us, buy less and shop my own stash.
When it comes to eyeshadow palettes, i definitely wish not to purchase one next year as I have so many to use up, and with the current trend of warm to very warm eyeshadows in the market, it should be an easy enough goal to reach. Ditto with lipsticks.
Another goal is to use and finish my skincare hoard as well.

No more wearing highlighter. It’s taken me way too long to realize it makes my skin look rough, almost pockmarked. I’ve tried a variety of brands and formulas and it’s just not for me.

Probably none that I’ll keep, lol! The main one being not buy so many eye and highlighter palettes and lippies. I already broke down and bought the new Violet Voss Hashtag palette after saying I was going to wait for Christine’s review. I saw the swatches and being they are to die for, it was right after pay day, I got $ for Christmas and am getting a raise…sigh. Also grabbed the new Sephora Give Me Some New Lip kit, justifiable because it has 2 full sized products, one being Marc Jacobs Le Marc Liquid lip crayon. The price on that alone is almost the price of the whole kit. I had one of those and one of the Fenty colors on my Loves list, so that was pretty much a no brainer to grab that.

Buy more fur brushes. Mac will stop selling fur brushes end of 2017. I was able to snaggle three 239 and three 217 brushes. The Mac sales associate told me that fur brushes pick up the make better. The synthetic does not pick up as well. Love my fur brushes.

My goal is to buy the product that I want and not settle for a dupe that is cheaper and/or lower quality. A good dupe is great, but not when it doesn’t perform at the level you want. I recently overhauled my collection and I’m glad to have quality items that I love and perform well.

Am actively panning products. I live in the U.K. so, thankfully, don’t have the easy access that you folks in the US have however I always have the compulsion on pay day to “treat” myself and need to get out of this mindset.

More of a guideline than a resolution. I am not going to purchase any more eyeshadow palettes unless I de-stash one I already own. Hopefully this will keep me from adding anything new that I don’t like as much as what I already own.

To me 2017 will always be the first year I REALLY got into makeup, especially the higher end stuff. It’s not something I see myself stopping but I would like to slow down! I’m limited on storage space and now after the holidays I may have exceeded it. So I will continue to use and love what’s in my collection and be more choosy when it comes to products I add. I can’t imagine there’s a color of eyeshadow out there that I would wear that I don’t already own. I’m set on most things for at least the next year. Of course I may need to replace foundation when it runs out, but that’s about it. I’d like to focus more on skin care in the coming year, but I’ll need to keep it budget-friendly.

Thanks for all the hard work you did this year Christine keeping this blog updated everyday, I don’t know how you do it!

Only repurchase what I run out of. I bought so much makeup this past year and the tiers I’ve reached at Sephora and Ulta are telling. Must fight FOMO!

Less is more. This seems to be the “theme” of most comments that I’ve read and I agree wholeheartedly! No more “Rouge” status for me in 2018. It’s totally unnecessary and the benefits are few.

Only use and replace what really suits me. Don’t fall into the “trend zone”. Continue to take really good care of my skin and work towards overall health. Also, try very hard to move towards using cruelty free brands.

Side note- THANK YOU, Christine, for all your hard work!!!!?

This isn’t a resolution as much as something to keep in mind when considering the next thing I don’t need – (ie. just about everything). I realized that a hidden corner of my mind thinks of myself as a MUA, with a shortlist of clients (guess who). That view justifies a professional level of experimentation, instead of a reality based assessment of what I’ll actually put on my face and wear out of the house. I’ve gotten much better at remembering who I am over time, even in light of beauty’s siren call – but there’s room for improvement.

Over the past year or two, I’ve really strayed from makeup, especially on an everyday basis! In the morning, I’m too worried to get out the door to really take time to create a new eye look, or wear a bold lip! I’d really like to use 2018 to get back into some of the things I really love about makeup products!

My beauty related NY resolution is to keep my skin clear and really up the flawless factor with professional treatments. After suffering from acne for most of my adult life, my skin is so good now with all the great skincare products on the market. Before, makeup was a burden to disguise and conceal. Makeup is so fun now!

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