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I totally agree with you Christine! I NEVER use a skincare/ makeup product for the first time for a special event! Actually that rule kind of applies for everyday too… I try to test out new makeup products around home or new skincare at night or when Im not leaving the house! Other than that, a good night’s sleep and some extra primp time go a long way!

I try to remember to pluck my eyebrows a day or two in advance, because I never know if my skin will be a bit red and bumpy the next morning (sometimes it is, sometimes it isn’t. I don’t want to take the chance). I also exfoliate and use a mask on my face, scrub my body, and use a deep conditioning treatment in my hair!

I try to get myself to the hairdresser’s and get a good night’s sleep. That’s about it. Ironically, I find that the more I prepare, the less I’m happy with my outfit/look. My last big event was the wedding of one of my closest friends and even though I’d gotten the invitation 3 months in advance (and knew about the engagement even longer) I ended up buying a dress the Friday before the wedding. I was lucky enough to find something I liked, but it was very stressful and I promised myself I’d try to be more organized in the future. Thankfully, the boy took care of the gift according to my guidelines, otherwise I probably would have been stuck at the mall on the morning of the wedding itself.

YES! And the secret is…. Guerlain’s spray bronzer. I carefully spray my face, neck and chest with it to get that perfect glowy tan before an event. It’s also a great confidence booster 🙂

Thanks so much for mentioning sleep, Christine! I did a little makeup for our company’s website shoot yesterday and one of the ladies had some serious bags under each eye and dull skin. She’s normally gorgeous, but yesterday it took a bit of work. I asked what had happened and she said, “No sleep.” You have to have at least 6 hours of sleep a night or you pay for it.

I’m a DIY girl, so I have a ‘get prepared’ plan for weeks in advance. About a month out, I usually do a home facial exfoliation and TCA peel. If I need a protein treatment, I do it at that time as well. I also increase my water intake at this time.

Two weeks out, I’ll give myself really deep hot oil treatment and first run on any style that I plan to wear. One week out, I’ll give myself a mild facial peel(like MUAC radiance peel), a full manicure and pedicure, and a full body scrub. I also do a test run on my makeup.

The day before I make sure to workout and sit in the steam room and/or sauna. I give myself another hot oil treatment(I have natural, VERY curly, ‘coarse’ hair, so it’s necessary), do any cleanup necessary on my manicure and pedicure, and pluck my brows.

Day of is easy! I just relax in a bath while I let a clay mask dry on my face and then whatever hair and makeup I decided on the week prior.

Absolutely! I use more products for special events including milk of magnesia to prime my face.. I tried new mascara once (ysl faux cils), after few hours went to the bathroom and I saw dark circle around my eyes so like you I always try to remember to use only familiar products lol and waterproof mascara if dancing is involved 🙂

There’s a few things I do the day before:

– Warm coconut oil treatment for my hair
– Teeth whitening treatment the night before
– Thorough manicure and pedicure (I love doing a sugar or salt scrub on my feet and maybe even a paraffin dip for my hands and feet!)
– Get a good workout and hydrate with cold water all day long. My skin looks so much better when I do these things!

And the day of, I:

– Pluck my eyebrows
– Shave, lol
– Deep condition my hair for 10 – 20 minutes so I can abuse it with heat later on

Kind of, but not really? I don’t change products or go out of my way to do anything too extravagant. If I’m wearing a dress/skirt I use Neutrogena Build-a-Tan one week before the event, exfoliate the day after and then repeat the process 3 days before. The day of, I avoid putting on any makeup, so that I don’t dry my skin out with having to wash my face before getting ready for the event. I also try to moisturize a few times through the day so my skin in ready for a slightly heavier than normal makeup routine.

Some great tips. I usually just give myself a one coat manicure the night before and put the second coat and top coat on the day of. Redo the pedicure the day before if necessary. I’ll also go to the hairdresser and eyebrow threader (again, if needed) 4-7 days prior.

Week Before: Make sure I’m drinking plenty of water every day, haircut and color, trial run of outfit and makeup.

Day Before: Manicure and Pedicure, get lots of sleep that night.

Day Of: Exercise in the morning, regular skincare, lots of water.

The teeth whitening tip posted above is a good idea!


As a model the week before a shoot I’m:

-Eating better
-Sleeping more
-Doing my eyebrows
-Shaving (it’s winter, come on!)
-Dying my roots
-Taking extra care of my lips so they’re not chapped and nasty

If it’s summer I’ll usually use a gradual self-tanner like Dove energy glow or L’Oreal Sublime Glow

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