Do you find cheek palettes useful?

I like duos and trios but more than that is where shades become less functional/useful generally… that being said, I wear a lot of colors/undertones myself (by choice), and a lot of the larger palettes are trying to appeal to “most,” which ends up being a light-to-medium skin tone usually so a lot do work for me. I like duos and trios as they seem more practical, easier to store, and more likely to contain two great shades (for me).

— Christine
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The idea of a palette that has all the blush/highlighter shades I’d want for travel purposes appeals to me, but I haven’t found one I like enough yet. Especially I never use bronzer, so I don’t want to pay for it/have it take up space. I also find blush only or highlighter only palettes can be a good deal to try out a much raved formula.

I don’t find cheek palettes useful at all. There are always a couple of colors that I end up not using, so it seems like a waste of money for me. Also, most cheek palettes come in a powder form, and I like powder on my face less and less these days.

I only have one cheek-related palette: ABH Moonchild Glow Kit. Although it’s fun to work with because there are so many choices, I don’t like that I can’t toss it in my purse to use for touchups later in the day. I think this will keep me from buying cheek palettes in the future.

I really enjoy a nice cheek palette that includes a highlighter(s) and a bronzer. As long as I can find ones that work well with my skin tone I am all in as they tend to be good value for your money. I have a few Nars palettes and a Becca palette that I enjoy rotating.

I have one highlighter palette, the BH Blacklight palette. I don’t use it all that often because it is an INTENSE highlight, not one I can easily wear to work. But when I want something kind of crazy, I’m glad I have it. That said, I will probably not buy any more cheek palettes – it’s just a lot of product at once.

Like that one. Offbeat HL is my thing, a way to get some subtle…or not so subtle…color in an otherwise neutral look. Primarily use at night job, as day job is primarily direct care with DD individuals. Not that they can’t…and I can…but it is hardly the place to look good or highlit. No one is more dressed up than total grubbiness, so total look seems silly. I do like blush palettes, bec you get a smaller amt of deselected colors, that are used rarely. If it’s predominantly pink and coral, I don’t bite, but otherwise, esp Nars, all in.

Premade ones, no — there are always at least one or two colors I won’t use. However, the build-your-own blush palettes from Coastal Scents are very nice and also inexpensive.

Pretty much! I have several cheek palettes that I know I would make far better use of if I had a better organizational system in place. One where all 4 were in my direct line of vision. I do tend to go for cheek palettes that are flattering to medium/tan/dark skintones. Catch is, most are *still* marketed to the fair/light/lt.-med segment of the population.

Yes, I love them! I find 3 – 6 shades ideal with a variety of finishes and shades. I’ve used many cheek colours in palettes that I wouldn’t have otherwise tried or even looked at as singles, so as long as the value is there, I’m a fan.

I don’t find them useful. Generally, if I’m carrying a blush with me at all, I only need one (to take to the gym, to work for a touch up, etc.) so a palette – even 3 shades – is just too big for my liking. Additionally, almost invariably, these palettes contain both warm and cool shades and I really can’t wear warm tones all that well – they don’t look natural on me.

No, I never purchase cheek palettes because most of the time, I only really like one or two shades. I much prefer singles or duos. I find the bronzer shade, which I never wear, to be too orangey anyway.

I have one cheek palette and it’s the blush bazaar from tarte last year (the round one). I bought it on sale and love that it allows me to try a lot of different tones without committing to a full size product with a full size price. It also saved me some money because I’d see someone using a blush in a tutorial I’ve never used before, like a tangerine, and rather than buy a new one I’ll find that I most likely I’ll have something similar in that palette. Other than that, I find highlighter palettes to be a waste because unless they’re colorful ones most highlights look very similar once applied.

I do in some cases. Ones with 2-4 shades are most useful for everyday. I have very fair (13N) skin, so larger cheek palettes can be challenging. Many cheek palettes have blush shades that are too dark or bright. Palettes with bronzers are especially problematic: Usually they are too dark, too orange, and too shimmery.

However, when I do find ones that work, I find them very useful for traveling. I love variety. It’s really convenient to have blushes and highlighters in one place, too. ABH Moonchild, UD x Gwen Stefani, Tarte Pin-up Girl, Tarte Blush Bazaar, Too Faced Natural Face Palette, and NARS NARSissist Wanted Cheek Palette Vol. I are my favorite cheek palettes.

I used to hate the idea of the, but I have three (BECCA Be A Light & the NARS Wanted I & II) that I found that I love, and I’ve noticed I rarely if ever reach for my singles anymore. My mom is significantly darker than I am and both can work on her tan skin and mine. I think it’s all about the right ones! Doing other peoples’ makeup, it’s also handy to not have singles to drop.

I really prefer individual products in mini sizes if available. Not sure if I ever hit pan while the product is still viable. I love my mini highlighers. I’ve used them for ages w/o hitting pan

Nah, they’re not really for me. I’m just interested in 1-2 shades of blush and highlighter at this point.

Maybe if I was first getting into makeup I’d be more interested in them as a way to play with a lot of different shades.

I would say yes, though the only two cheek palettes I have are the UD Pirates of the Caribbean and a self-made palette from depotted singles, ABH unpackaged singles, and a depotted Benefit 6-color palette.

I think I have just about the perfect skin tone for cheek colors, as I can make anything from purple to yellow-orange work for me and actually enhance my appearance (the only thing truly tricky for me is pastel-ish cool pink). Of course, I also deliberately veer into not-enhancing, but that aside, I find that mixing different tones (sometimes wildly different) is a really great look, and along those lines, the Viseart blush palette in Orange/Violet makes me weep with longing. It’s pretty likely I’ll eventually possess it.

Reading others’ comments made me realize I completely forgot about my Milk Makeup “Holographic” powder quad and Makeup Revolution Ultra Cool Glow palette. It’s not that I don’t use them — I do — it’s just that whenever I think “cheek palette” I immediately think blush.

I will amend my first comment to say that I don’t find cheek palettes that include bronzers as useful because I don’t … bronze. I have a few that were forced on me by other palettes and sets and I use them as eyeshadows.

I usually don’t find cheek palettes useful or cost effective. Most of the time they are full of blushes that are way too muted for my skin tone, bronzer (which I never wear), and highlighter that is too dark or chunky. The one exception to this (for me) is the Natasha Denona Diamond and Blush palette in Darya because I can actually wear the entire palette very well. Ultimately I think that by trying to make palettes that work for everyone, they end up working for no one, and most of the time people are better off using individual products that suit their coloring.

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