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No way! I think it looks so fake. I can always tell from a mile away when people have filled in their brows.

It doesn’t look fake if you know how to do it. But I agree that I do see a lot of people with very fake looking brows. Fake looking brows is often a result of too dark color and very sharp/defined lines.

That’s only badly filled in brows – when people do a good job, you definitely can’t tell.

I agree that badly filled in brows look awful though.

The answer to this question doesn’t come up right. It’s about buying makeup for a special occasion. But, I fill in my brows everyday. They’re super blonde, and without something, my face looks unfinished.

Everyday! This is one of my mandatory makeup steps. I have really sparse dark eyebrows so if I don’t fill them in, it is very noticeable! I also find that dark refined eyebrows really makes your makeup look polished. I use eyeshadow and an angled brush to apply. It looks the most natural in my opinion.

I should fill them in because the hairs are really fine and look patchy, but I’m usually too lazy to do so. Plus, I can’t find a really good color to fill them with.

Tinted brow gel works great for unifying patchy looking brows. Revlon, Anastasia, and MAC make good ones. I use MAC browset in Beguile every day. It’s super easy and looks completely natural. Thanks to the sheen they even glow a bit in sunlight like real hairs instead of looking cakey, thick, and fake. For special occasions or for nightlife I’ll define them a little more along the arch with an ashy brown powder and angled brush.

If I feel like it. I’m currently growing in my eyebrows, actually, and they’re REALLY patchy–does anyone have any recommendations for a brow/lash growth serum that’s effective but not too expensive? The way my brows grow in naturally, my arch is simply in the wrong location (I have bald spots where they should be!).

I don’t know any effective serums but about two months ago I started taking Biotin which is a vitamin that promotes hair and nail growth. Since using it my brows are not as patchy and it takes me less time to fill in my brows also my lashes are growing too. Biotin is not a quick fix but you will definitely start to notice results in about 6-8 weeks with daily use like I did. I took 1 5000mg pill per day with my multivitamin.I highly recommend to research it or talk to your doctor before starting and see which amount of dosage is right for you.

quick fix is take a mascara primer and go thru your brows. let dry and shape brows, powder on top of primer. fixs patchiness immediately while growing in hair

castor oil 😀 i heard it’s good for lashes too, tho kinda oily for that but for brows i guess it’ll be fine

Brow and Lash Serum with KGF and it’s only $9.50!!You can buy it at Skinactives.com.Their skincare is great,too.

I like to fill them in only to the point of keeping the shape of each as similar as possible, and to minimize spots that look a little too sparse.

Yes!! I almost never go out the house without filling in my brows. When I have time, I use Rock & Republic eyeshadow in Tribal with Sonia Kashuk brow brush to fill them in. On the go I will use Ulta Automatic eyeliner in Black Brown or Chocolate depending on the look im going for. Then I seal with Model in a Bottle Brow Gel. Even if wearing makeup or looking “too made up” is not your thing, filled in brows and some lipgloss can really enhance your beauty in my opinion.

I use tinted brow gel and it has taken the time it takes to fill in my brows down to like 15 seconds and they never look overdone, which is difficult to achieve when you have black eyebrows and pale skin

I have black eyebrows. I like dip down fluid line i use a teeny bit with a thin eyeliner brush.
Embark shadow from mac also works for me, lightly.

Please can you tell me which eyebrow gel you are using? I use an eyebrow pencil and although it does do the trick it can look a little harsh sometimes.

I don’t know if it’s filling in technically, but I sort of comb them with brown mascara, to darken and unify their color – they’re a bit ashier than my hair color so I try to make it match, and I also like a bold brow 🙂

Sadly. My brows have been the victim of overplucking, so from far away they look nonexistent. I use Anastasia Brow Powder and NARS Coconut Grove eyeshadow.

yes, I did way too much trimming to make them thin (used to be the thing when I was in high school) now they are patchy if I don’t fill them in.

I’ve been using anastasia brow powder to do it, but I try not to use too much. I always have a hard time finding a good color since I have red hair and dirty blondish eyebrows.

I fill them in a little when I wear full makeup, to balance my makeup and create a uniform brow where my brows are sparse. I use Urban Decay Twice Baked eyeshadow and an Ecotools angled brow/liner brush.

sometimes…I’ve had a hard time finding a good color, because every time I use a shadow or pencil, it looks SO fake. luckily NYX’s Dark Brown shadow is working okay for now…I’m just trying to refine my technique!

On special occasions or when I’m doing certain looks. But on a daily basis-no, i don’t really need it.

I have Vitiligo (a skin pigment disorder…haha, might explain my obsession with makeup.) Parts of my eyebrows have no pigment and are white. I have dark blonde/reddish hair…and it was hard to find a color that wasn’t too light or too dark to fill them in and still kinda match. I finally found Clinique’s “Super Fine Liner for Brows” in the shade Soft Auburn. It’s truly fantastic and looks much more natural than anything else I’ve ever tried. One pencil is $13 and lasts a decent amount of time. How can you beat that price?? It has great staying power too; I hope they never discontinue that shade.

Most of the time. I have quite thick and dark glasses so if I don’t fill in my eyebrows they get lost in the glasses.
I fill them in with powder.

Same here! Without real eyebrows on, the top rim of my glasses optically turn into eyebrows…and then I just look like Ernie (of Bert & Ernie). Haha.

Yes! I never used to because I have thick-ish brows. But now I fill in to define a little more. It doesn’t look obvious, and I get alot of compliments on how young I look since I started. They say that fuller brows are associated with youth…

Absolutely! I use a MAC shadow in Omega, Coquette or Cork – depending on the effect that I need. I also have a MAC brow pencil and their Brow Set, so that I can change things up. I choose my method based on what I need to complete my look. No matter what, I don’t go outside of my natural shape by much (a little just under the brow to define is all I need.) I try to follow up by brushing with my spoolie; that makes what I’ve done look natural.

I’ve benefitted from going to an aesthetician from time to time for brow advice.

In general I like my eyebrows, but I have these two patches that need filing in, because my brows are sprase there. I use Mac espresso e/s, because I feel it looks most natural.

I fill in my brows every day with Too Faced Velvet Revolver eyeshadow because I love the way dark , defined brows look even when I have lighter hair .

Oh yes this is an aboslute must. If I could only pick one thing to “makeup” on my face, it would be my brows because defined, thicker brows really frame and give shape and definition to my face. I use Bobbi Brown’s Long-Wear Cream Shadow in Ash with a MAC 266 to fill my brows in. Then I use MAC’s Brow Pencil in Spiked to fill in any patchy areas, and create a more defined brow, but nothing too harsh. This combination of products gives me a completely natural-looking brow that lasts forever; I don’t get any fading after 10 hours. Complete WIN! :]

Yes, because my eyebrow hair is really light can barely
tell I have any plus I dyed my hair really light so had to start
filling them since I use shiseido’s intergrate eyebrow powder
or canmake, kate kanebo, or etude house all which
look natural and easy to work with 🙂

I hv been using anatasia and Chanel crayon sourcil (amazing brows brush) I’d prefer to fill brows than the thick gel browscala (browsmascara

Yes. Nothing makes a bigger difference in my face; I do it every time I wear makeup and I use Anastasia brow powder. My brows are naturally sparse and VERY fair, so I feel I need it.

More often than not, yep. Not so much to fill in any patches, but just to darken them up a bit. My brows have always been very light compared to even my natural hair colour, so they only look worse now that my hair is dyed black. I fill them in with a dark brown powder and set it with a clear gel. Nothing fancy or overdone.

If I’m taking pictures, I do. Otherwise my brows don’t show up as well as they normally do, and I’m very proud of my eyebrows.

I fill in my brows because once I have done so, you can actually tell I have eyebrows. My brows look complete, they have a uniform shape and color, and my face looks like less of a “blank slate”- I hope that makes sense. I usually use a Maybelline eyebrow pencil in a blonde shade. Sometimes, if needed, I’ll also use a NYX taupe eyeshadow and angled liner brush. Any brow product recommendations for blonde brows would be greatly appreciated.

Yes, at a very young age my eyebrow hairs were falling out due to a severe case of eczema. Thankfully, there have been a lot of improved formulas for brows, and watching lisa eldridge brow tutorials have helped soo much!

I fill in my brows with an Anastasia brow palette I got for xmas from Sephora a few years back. I don’t change the shape or extend them or touch the included stencils, just darken in a little. I think it emphasizes my eyes subtly, particular because I wear glasses!

My brows are invisible if i don’t use anything since I have strawberry blonde hair. Anastasia brow powder gives a very natural look. A couple months ago I got my brows dyed and it’s saved a lot of time in the morning.

Yes. I was blessed with sparse, very thin eyebrows. Eyebrow pencils are the earliest makeup I used and I wouldn’t be caught dead without it. In fact, one time we went white water rafting, a friend who has the same (lack of) eyebrows as I brought nothing but eyebrow pencils in our pockets! It was ridiculous and we laughed the whole trip.

Yes, I fill in sparse areas. I use a Wet ‘n’ Wild pencil in Taupe that costs a dollar at the drugstore. It’s very creamy and the color looks very natural w/ my dark brows. It also lasts all day. Basically, it’s perfection. If I can help it, I’ll never use anything else. 🙂

I have recently dyed my hair blue so I sometimes colour them blue with gel liner or simply eyeshadow.
I love eyebrows, and love a filled in brow. For a natural brow I use MAC eyebrow pencil in Stud or a matte grey/brown powder (I like the GOSH brow powder set)

Yes I’ve started recently and feel it makes for a major improvement. I use Sourcils de Chanel and a MAC 266

I don’t fill in my eyebrows because my eyebrows are full and very litte spot of missing hair! I’m the girl who under wax and tweeze! I have try it, for me it came out to dark and didn’t the look! That just me!

I would if I could figure out how to do it and look natural… I have a patch of white hairs in one of my eyebrows and people always comment on it!! The problem is that I have black hair… so I feel like I have to be extra careful with filling them in. Dying them doesn’t work because the dye just washes out…

Of course!! I can live without concealer and foundation as long as my brows are perfect. I like using pencils in light colors even if I have dark hair — MAC brow pencils in lingering or dirty blonde, or the MUFE brow corrector in 0.

a liiiil bit…with a black gel or cream (dunno) eyeliner and that lil brush..but i don’t put much, actually it looks grey

I don’t need to fill them in. My brows are naturally full so I just got to tweeze them in order to keep them neat.

Yes, I do, every day. My hair is dark, but annoyingly my eyelashes and eyebrows are very light. I use ModelCo EYEBROWS DESIGNER BROW KIT which is an Australian brand. It’s fantastic and the only product I buy again and again.

Yup. My eyebrows are really light, almost nonexistent from far away. I usually use a no name matte brown eyeshadow or a pencil, it depends on whether i want them to look more natural or more bold.

Sigh. This is the one makeup skill (well, maybe besides liquid liner) that I feel like I totally suck at. No matter what I do, or what product I use they look scary and way too harsh when I attempt to fill them in! But my natural borws are way scary too – they are thin and sparse from years of overplucking, and they are too short – they stop growing about 2/3 of the way across my eye!!!

No, my brows are naturally thick and have a natural arch to them so I don’t do much to my brows.

I didn’t used to for many years but now I do fill them in every day with Suede by Studio Gear or Lingering by Mac.

I have very sparse, patchy brows, like many Asians. At minimum, I run Shu Uemura Brow Manicure through them to give them a bit of body and colour. Most commonly, I also pencil in the patchy bits with a pencil and length the ends, then go over it with a powder (NARS Bali) if I need it to last all day without fading or smudging.

Rarely…I’m always afraid of ending up looking like Groucho Marx or absentmindedly rubbing my hands across my forehead and ending up with brown streaks across my face!

When i remember to lol. Because im south asian, i always get mine thread, and i went through a few unfortunate events were in trying to find my go to threading place, i had alot of hairs plucked out in places i wish i didnt. If im due for a threading i wont fill it in as much otherwise it will look like i have huge eyebrows, but when they are newly threaded and all neat and tidy then i will with a variety of colours, for soft eyebrows i use laura mercier brow gel in soft, and when i want a nice defined brow i change between, mac’s espresso, dark edge and brun

Yes, always, my face looks weird without, haha! I use a Mac Angled brush and Wedge from Mac or Naked from Urban Decay, whichever is closer =D

Yes, I use the lightest shade eyebrowpencil to give my blond eyebrows some color. My face is just naked without. I’ll always be careful, I don’t want big brown brows on my face, it needs to look natural.

Yep, always. I didn’t used to, but Kandee Johnson got me hooked. I use a small angled Crown brush and powder- used to use a dark brown brow powder from Maybelline (my hair is almost black) but lately I’ve been using Naked from UD and like it a lot better- much less harsh.

Yes. It makes such a difference, at least for my face. I have one little area of hair missing essentially in teh middle of one brow and the other is shorter than the other. So, light strokes using Almay’s pencil makes a remarkable diffrence (I’ve even had people compliment me but can’t point out what is different!). Almay’s is my favorite so far, and the cheapest. I use to use Bare Escenauls, but it got messy and didn’t stay on as long. This somehow looks more natural and I can do in my car (not that I ever advocate that). I still like BEs clear brow gel, but ight shop around.

Yes, the inner half of my brows is darker than the outer half (it almost looks like I have two half brows), so I need something to make them look more even. I find that brow powders look more natural than pencils, so I currently use Anastacia brow powder duo in medium ash.

Hi Christine,

I just started to fill in my brows last week after an unfortunate slip of the hand during a late-night grooming session with one of those facial hair trimmers (!). I noticed that I looked more sophisticated and it brought out my eyes, so now I’m hooked!

Great job as always with the site!

Yes. I use MAC’s brow gel in Mink. Too bad it’s limited edition. I bought one, fell in love & bought two back up’s. I have one left, but also tried Anastasia’s brow gel & it works just as well. I love how it gives a natural look & is so easy to apply. Downfall is that it’s not sweatproof, so lately I haven’t been using it unless I know I’ll be indoors.

I do, I use a brow pencil from mac, which matches perfectly and adds just a little bit of defintion.

I do. I naturally have fine, wispy, sparse eyebrows. They are invisible if i don’t fill them in. I use an eyebrow powder and an angled brush and with a light hand just fill them in lightly to bring them out. It never looks harsh or anything. Eyebrows are such an important part of your face! If you have brows like mine, i really recommend filling them in, it makes a huuuuge difference!

Yeah, and it’s usually the only makeup I put on if I’m in a hurry. I have very sparse brows, and filling them in makes a huge difference.

I usually use this dark grey eyeshadow. Having black hair, I found that grey looks a lot more natural on me than brown.

I have to, because my eyebrows are a really really light blonde, when I was a kid my schoolmates always laughed at me because it looked like I didn’t have any brows at all, and my hair is dark blonde, so it looked really weird. Then I started dyeing my hair black with 16 an then I also started to fill in my brows because it would look ridiculous if I didn’t.

Nope. 😀 My brows are pretty thick and grow really fast. When it comes to my brows, tweezers are my only friend. 😉

sometimes i do and sometimes i don’t. my brows are pretty full and bushy, so filling them in makes them look really dark. i try to fill in the spots with a lighter brown shade, but something that is still darker than my skin. Then it’s kind of a compromise. I go between using a too faced shadow that is in their natural palette, and I also have the brown kit from Urban Decay that I use as well.

Absolutely. My brows are naturally thin and I think a look is much more polished when people fill them in. I’ve yet to come across a person with perfect brows that don’t need at least a little shaping. I think a lot of people who think that it’s fake looking are either too heavy-handed or use to seeing “sharpie brows” like this ^ ^.

I always do. My brows are very full but they are way to blond for my dark brown hair. I use Le Crayon Poudre from Lancome in taupe.

I fill in my brows every single day even though I don’t really have to, I’m just really into the strong brows look since I keep the rest of my face to a minimum.

YES. Eyebrows are the one thing that make my face look polished and put together. I overplucked them as a teenager and although they’ve grown back to a decent thickness, they’re sparse and patchy. It doesn’t help that I’m NC20-25 pale and have jet black hair.

Step 1: Brush through with a spoolie to get out any foundation that gets caught in the hairs.
Step 2: Smooth over with MAC’s Brow Finisher. This step is essential because I’m super oily, and the oil will just dissolve most brow powders after 3-4 hours. The wax really helps keep the powder in place most of the day.
Step 3: I rotate between 3 brow powders depending on how heavy I want my brows to be: Copperplate eyeshadow, BareMinerals Brow Color in Brunette, and Illamasqua Brow Cake in Vehement. The BareMinerals powder is the only one I can get away with not using wax first…it has the best wear of any powder eyebrow product I’ve used. Then I’ll fill in with a 208 (much better than a 266, more control).
Step 4: Lightly go over with Anastasia Brow Gel in Brunette.

This seems like a lot but I’m pretty good at it, so it takes me around 2 minutes or less. If I’m going out dancing or know I’ll be sweating alot for a long period of time, I’ll forgo the last 3 steps and just use MUFE’s Eyebrow Corrector in No. 4. That stuff is bulletproof.

Yes! I’m Chinese & have typical Asian brows. I use a variety of products, depending on time: MAC Brun shadow, Rimmel brow pencil in black/brown, Vincent Longo brow in black (not really black, more charcoal). I just fill in lightly, & it looks pretty realistic.

Yep, a bad salon waxing incident left the middle third of one brow totally bare (and it still hasn’t grown back more than 2-3 hairs years later), so now I “connect the dots” and fill in the other one to match.

Oh, I forgot to mention I use the Wet N Wild Ash Brown brow kit. The lighter-colored powder is perfect for me!

yep! about a year ago i had a tragic overplucking accident, so i fill ’em in with milani’s brow fix kit. it was a life saver!

I have really light blonde hair and my brows are basically invisible b/c they are also blonde. I’ve tried darkening them in but it always looks fake. Also, one of my brows is higher than the other so it looks odd. I’d love to be able to fill them in and have it look right but it just doesn’t work for me.

If I’m getting really dressed up and full makeup, I’ll use a little bit of Lingering. But day to day I usually don’t, People always tell me I have great brows, so I guess I don’t NEED to fill them in..

Not *really*, they’re a bit sparse at the centre from over-tweezing (I can never decide what to do) but the rest of my brow is pretty full. Mostly I just “tame” them.

I do. I have red hair but my eyebrows are a light strawberry blonde and even closer to skin color than real blonde would be. I use MAC brow shader in Auburn to lightly fill them in so I don’t look like an alien.

I do just because I have brown hair but, like, blonde eyebrow hairs XD so I fill them in with an ashy brown color, currently the NYC brow filler (which they don’t sell anymore :() and then sometimes some eyebrow wax. And sometimes I use the maybelline eyebrow retractable pencil thingies.

I still have blonde eyebrows from when I was a kid. I think an number of people that started off blonde but turn auburn do as well. XP

That being said I HATE were they landed completly on the ridge of my brow bone. I hate my Man Brows/Neanderthal brows! But there so thin that plucking them into a different shape is impossible as well. So I chose to leave them alone and not make them more prominent …. I wish I could get a brow lift half the time or just shave them off. lol

No, I don’t. However, I don’t have sparse brows or patchy areas. If I did then I probably would fill them in. I currently just use a clear brow gel to keep them in place.

Yes, and i urge others to consider it. I believe that it finishes the look of the eye. Not the over-dramatic, arched look but a natural, full looking brow gives makeup a polished look. The best product (and i’ve tried them all) is MUFE brow corrector. This product doesn’t move the entire day and a LITTLE goes a long way. It does take a little practice but the work is worth it!!

The outer parts of my eyebrows are a bit patchy, so I fill them in with either the dark shade from the Too Faced Brow Envy palette or whatever matte brown eyeshadow is closest to hand.

I don’t because I feel like my eyebrows are dark enough. I want to get mine waxed so that they actually have a good shape to them though, so maybe when I do that I’ll ween myself into filling in my eyebrows.

Always. My brow hairs are dark yet thin and sparse. I need to fill them in for a polished look. I use MAC Concrete applied lightly with the 208.

Yes, with Anastasia brow powder. I’m so pale and my eyebrows are very blonde, that if I don’t fill them in they’re pretty tough to see.

Yes I do .. I using Benefit Brow Zings in dark ( I’m Arabic and I have dark black hair ) .Then , I set it with Mac brow set in clear , and I always highlighter my brow bone using Mac cream color base in pearl or Nylon eyeshadow .

Yes, my eyebrows are thin at the ends, so filling them in is a must! I use MAC’s eyebrow pencil. The color I use is Spiked.

Not usually. My brows are pretty thick, and they’re also darker than my hair so it usually looks overdone if I do.

I do because they are a bit sparse and very dark and I am very pale. I use either my MAC eyeshadow in espresso with a small angle brush or my mary kayn brow definer pencil in brunette. I also set them with great lash clear mascara

Funny story – when I first started dating my husband, I decided to use his trimmers to “trim” my eyebrows….BUUUUTTTT I wasn’t familiar with the setting and I set it too low – like 3 and went after my first eyebrow and OMG – it was gone! Did I mention I’ve got blondish eyebrows! I stood there looking in the mirror wondering what to do, so I took the trimmers to the other side and decided it was time for me to learn how to “fill in” my brows! Needless to say the month it took my brows to grow back I perfected using eyebrow products!
Nowadays, I get my brows waxed and I still trim them, but at the highest setting and when my brows get a little too light (from the sun), I use powder to fill them in!

I use Urban Decay brow box, amazing! I prefer a powder to a pencil, looks less harsh and more natural.

every day! i’m super blonde and look like a completely different person without my eyebrows or eyelashes darkened. i use mac products, generally. i lived by their now discontinued brow wax pencils (no idea what the official name is anymore), but now i just use shadow and an angled brush. when i do my makeup, i colour in my brows first. i use bare escentuals powder foundation and go over my brows with the brush as i’m applying it to my face, which lightens the colour a bit. maybe this is an unconventional way to do it, but whenever i tell people that i colour in my brows they don’t believe me. i also find that the products for blonde brows are too red for my skin tone, so shadow works best for me.

I only do it sometimes not everyday. but if i dont i use anastasia clear brow gel and for days i do fill in my brows i use the urban decay brow kit

My brows are very thin for the outer two-thirds. It looks like I overplucked them, but they were always that way. So yes, I fill them in because otherwise I get people asking if I overplucked them, LOL. If you do it right, it’s not at all noticeable.

Have to…I am blond – fair – and lost a lot of brow hair to chemo X2 sets of rounds 5 yrs apart. I look alien without my brows ‘on.’ I can put nothing else but skin care on my face but I need brows on for daytime, even if just hanging at home. Also, I lived through the 60’s when plucking brows super sparse was ‘the look.’ Brows had not been that thin since the 30’s.

I do fill in my brows, I never used to. I noticed though eyebrows make a huge difference on your look, and i have super duper thin hair and so my eyebrows arent the best so i started filling them in with an eyebrow brush from Sephora that i love! and i fill em in with Mac Brun Eyeshadow. Love it!

even if i’m not wearing make up i fill in my brows, and i use black mascara! i know it sounds crazy, but it is less harsh than the pencil i used to use. i just brush the mascara on my brows with a q-tip and it darkens the individual hairs instead of making the entire brows look drawn on. i think it the color would be too harsh if i had my natural brown hair, but i dye my hair black so this is the perfect trick for brows.

Yes, I do, with MAC. Just because I lost a lot from lashes and brows due to illness. I have had good results with Rapidlash from Costco on both lashes and brows. It takes about 4 weeks to show results though, but it made a huge difference. Saw hairs in eyebrows I hadn’t seen in years! They came in a pack of 2 and I am on my 2nd tube now.

Yes, everyday. I have very sparse brows 🙁
I use Rimmel brow pencil in Hazel – HG
I prefer pencils over powder.

I fill in my eyebrows lightly since there are a few small patches. I use Benefit’s Brow Zings in Medium.

Not at all, I have dark brows and no patches that need filling in. I use a little makeup remover on a qtip to get rid of any foundation and powder, then brush them with a spoolie thing (or use clear mascara) to set them in place.

Yes I do, I think it makes a huge difference on your face if your browns are nicely shaped… I over plucked my browns ends and now I have to fill them. I use Suqqu felt tip liner… It’s perfect! Natural and last all day!

Usually. I have pretty thick brows, but I like to add more definition. I’ll use a loose brow powder from Bare Escentuals on a regular basis, but if I’m in a hurry, I use a NYX eyebrow pencil.

Yes! I have dark red hair naturally, but my eyebrows are almost an ash blonde color (same with eyelashes). I use and recommend to all auburn/red heads Lorac Creamy Brow Pencil in Auburn. It’s natural looking, the absolute ONLY brow product I’ve found (Anastasia, UD, Smashbox, etc.) that truly matches the natural red/auburn tone. It’s HG material.

Yes i do fill in my brows, i never used to, but people cant tell they’re “filled in” they just think my brows are nice and full, and I love the bold way it looks!! I don’t go too crazy, but I can definitely tell the difference 🙂

Absolutely!! Mijne are so sparse they are nearly non-existant!! I use GA eyebrow pencil and it looks very natural

I never used to fill in my brows until I saw a picture of myself and it looked like I was brow-less!! I was a swimmer and the chlorine had bleached and burned my eyebrows into nothingness. I didn’t want a pencil because I had always thought they looked too fake, so the helpful Sephora lady pointed me in the direction of Anastasia tinted brow gel. It’t pretty much amazing. It is like mascara for your brows. It takes what you have and makes them darker. It looks very natural. I still use it (and will continue to do so) even though I am done swimming and my brows have redarkened. It just holds them in place and keeps them looking clean and sleek.

I fill them just right near the arch and a little on the outside, but the best way to do it is to not get super close to the mirror. Look at yourself in the mirror with a little distance and figure out where the fill-in spots should be. My brows are super sparse, so it helps make them a little more uniform. By not hovering directly in front of the mirror, I think it helps me refrain from looking like Groucho Marx. (insert cigar here)

Yes yes a thousand times yes!
I have very thick brows, and quite lucky to have a nice natural shape. I fill them in because they arent as thick at the ends as they are at the beginning. I currently use the Benefit Brow Zings set, and love it, but the best so far has been the Modelco brow set. It even came with stencils and was much more generous than the Benefit set for the same price. I find that on days im not putting as much effort in, as long as I have my brows “done” and mascara, I look neat and polished.

Yes, but I do it because I contently change my hair color. Right now I have dark auburn hair, but a few months ago I had a dark chocolate brown color. To keep it looking natural, I fill in my brows with a complimentary color. Usually, I’ll go online and look at pictures of people with the same color hair that I have at the moment and study the color of their brows to find the best choice. Nothing looks faker than odd colored eyebrows.

No, I never do. They’re fine with just a little plucking and maybe a touch of brow wax to keep that one unruly hair in line.

Yes! They are very sparse, thanks to my Asian heritage 🙂

I use MAC’s Concrete and sometimes MAC’s Coquette. Color-wise, Bare Mineral’s Brunette brow powder is a perfect match.

Yes! It is one of the most important steps in my daily makeup routine. Unfortunately I naturally have very small and sparely shaped eyebrows (not due to overplucking) so filling them in makes a big difference for me. On days where I am in a rush or have little makeup on, I use Lancome Brow Groomer (a tinted brow gel) as it takes little time to apply and the results are very natural. When I am not in a rush & have a full face of makeup on, I use Maybelline Define-A-Brow, a brow powder, and set it with clear brow gel.

yes. almost everyday! it makes a big difference, and helps me create an arched look. u use powder and an eyeliner brush. i also use highlight color o the brow bone to make the arch more noticeable.

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