Do you feel naked without makeup?

Do you feel naked without makeup? Do you feel there’s a minimum for going to work/errands/school?

I haven’t for a long time, but when I first started wearing makeup, I definitely had a period of time where it felt weird to go out without a stitch of makeup. For me, that was a bit of a wake up call — I need to be comfortable in my bare skin.

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I feel naked if I have absolutely nothing on. I like to at least have concealer and a hint of blush because I feel like my face is out of balance without both of those. Dark circles and a flat complexion? No thanks lol

Short answer; yes. I usually manage to throw on at least some mascara, tinted moisturizer, and tinted lip balm even if I don’t have time for anything else. I used to be ok with a bare face, but I’m turning 34 in a few months, and I’m starting to feel like I need a little extra sparkle before I can leave the house.

I feel naked without my brows filled in. I started becoming interested in makeup relatively late and am still a minimalist, but I don’t think I’d feel comfortable going out with naked brows. πŸ™

Nope! I definitely don’t feel like I’m “exposed” when I’m not wearing any makeup. I got into makeup because of the creative/artistic aspect. I do think I look more put together or more glamorous with makeup, but it doesn’t affect the way I see myself in terms of value or overall attractiveness. Makeup is just an accessory to me.

Ever since I started wearing makeup I won’t leave the house without it. I won’t take shortcuts either, it has to be a “full face.” I don’t feel naked without it, just ugly and nondescript. I have mild rosacea and I want my skin to look like porcelain, like it used to before the rosacea came out. I’m very fair and without eye makeup and bright lipstick I just feel very washed out and anonymous. When I have it on I feel like I can take on the world!

Yes, because I have acne event as an adult and very bad scarring, so my confidence plummets without having a full face of foundation, blush and Bronzer every day. I can skip eyeliner and eye makeup but clear looking skin is a must.

I feel naked without some kind of makeup on if I’m going out. If I’m running to the grocery store I’ll put on mascara, blush and some lippy. Other than that I’m fine. However I kind of miss when I wouldn’t leave without my full face done. It kept my skills sharp.

The only thing I feel “naked” without is concealer. I have dark circles from a combination of genetics and years of insomnia, and they are particularly noticeable in the colder seasons when my skin is very fair. I tend to look tired when I don’t touch them up with concealer, so it’s the one thing that makes me feel self-conscious if I don’t have makeup on. This being said, I can and will go barefaced without much problem. I work in a hospital IV room, so my coworkers have all seen me makeupless at least once. πŸ˜›

It really depends. Generally feeling naked doens’t have to be a bad thing, depending on how secure you feel about yourself. When my skin is good and I don’t feel sleep deprived, I don’t mind going out without makeup to run errands, go to the gym or grocery shopping. On other days I wouldn’t leave the house without concealer, blush and mascara, simply because I don’t like what I’m seeing in the mirror.

I do, but it’s mostly because in the last few years, I’ve been having a lot of problems with my skin (blemishes, scarring, redness). Right now, I feel a little like I can’t see people I know without any makeup on, but I’m hoping that will go away as my skin heals.

No. I look pretty much the same with or without makeup on. I have good skin and I’m comfortable going out with no makeup, but I wont leave without sunscreen and lipbalm. I wish I was one of those people that looked AMAZING and completely different/gorgeous with makeup, but I look the same, just with a bit of color. Maybe if I started wearing false lashes or something…but I’m scared of using glue around my eyes and I wear contacts and I dont want to pull out my natural lashes while I’m removing the fake ones.

I do feel naked without makeup, but I don’t think it stems from any self-consciousness or anything like that. I think it’s more because putting on makeup is habit for me, and I’m used to it. Just like I wear rings and necklaces most days, and feel naked without those too.

No I don’t, except when doing something ‘formal’ (eg. at work, at a wedding…) I know it’s going to be a different story when I get older so I like to enjoy not wearing make up from time to time and still feel ok with it.

guilty! i need to have at least groomed eyebrows. next would be concealer and lipbalm. in case there’s really no time for any of it, a pair of sunnies will make me feel a bit dressed up.

Not necessarily “naked”, but I feel unpolished and frumpy. I don’t like going places without makeup for the same reason I don’t like going out in a t-shirt and shorts–I enjoy dressing up and looking put-together and presentable at all times.

The only times I’m okay with going out without makeup are when I’m going to go somewhere where I won’t be interacting with people and how I look doesn’t matter, like if I’m leaving the house to get some fast food or going to Walgreens, or if the only thing I’m doing all day is going to the mechanic’s to fix my car (which is often). For these occasions, I’m also more likely to wear plain clothes and throw my hair in a ponytail, because I don’t care about making a good impression on people and how I look doesn’t matter.

Oh yeah! I don’t go out without makeup, I don’t use a ton of it, but I like to have some color on me. Only early in the morning when I workout, and that is around 7 am I don’t wear any makeup, but must of all, I really love to wear makeup everyday.

Somewhat. If I’m going to the local shops I honestly don’t care, but if I’m going to be out of the house for a while I’d prefer to have something on. I think I look a lot better with makeup, which isn’t to say I hate how I look or anything, I just think something, mascara and eyeliner in particular helps make my features a bit more balanced and appealing.

I don’t feel naked, I just feel like I look tired. I mean even with two different concealers under my eyes I still have dark circles. I like throwing a little concealer under my eyes and eyelids and mascara. That’s the minimum!

I’m not wearing makeup today and I actually feel kind of refreshed and clean. Possibly because I love the way my face feels when I take off all my makeup. I only wear makeup half the time, sometimes to distract from something else like a bad hair day or repeat outfit, or just because! It’s a fun thing.

Nope. I think I go without any makeup at least 2-3 days a week. Another 2 days are probably mascara-only days. Full makeup is something I only do once or twice in a normal week. I definitely own too much makeup for how infrequently I wear it!

I have the huge nasty hereditary dark circles, so concealer is a must!! I can go out without all other makeup, but concealer is as necessary as putting on clothes!! For running basic errands, I’ll do a full makeup if I feel like it, but if not it’s no big deal. It’s a nice break, actually.

I feel naked without mascara on but that’s about it. πŸ˜‰

The reason why is despite my hair getting darker and auburn my lashes are still blonde but I’m ok without mascara as well. lol

I used to not wear makeup at all. If I did it was just some lipstick. I didn’t really care much. I started wearing makeup a bit more, then miraculously got a job at Sephora, so I have to wear it every work day. I feel kind of liberated on my days off, when I don’t have to wear anything. I’m a “wash n go” kind of gal, who cleans up nicely when I have to haha

I don’t feel naked, but I do feel odd when I don’t have something on my eyes- mainly because now it’s such a natural part of my morning routine. If I have zero on either I’m sick or beyond lazy, which I don’t like!

Not for a long time now. I used to have pretty bad acne and just felt so miserable without makeup on. Now it’s pretty much completely cleared up and I feel fine going out in just bare skin. I have really puffy eyes and pale skin, but that’s beautiful compared to the cystic acne I used to have. I’m grateful, now, for how I look. Little imperfections aren’t all that bad, in perspective.

Yes, after my skin took a turn for the worse 4-5 years ago, I feel very naked without make-up, and I rarely go without it. I can go with the bare escentuals; mascara, concealer and eyebrow fixing (my eyebrows are thin and invisible on their own), but I feel best when I’ve done the whole face. πŸ™‚

I didn’t even own makeup until I was 23, but right after I started wearing it, I would freak out if I forgot to put on mascara or lipstick. Two years later, though, I’m much more comfortable going barefaced, though I prefer a little lip color and something on my eyes if I’m going to be socializing.

I do feel naked. I just can’t leave the house with a full face of makeup. Even when I’m not doing anything at all. Just to hang in the house, on a day off from work I put on makeup. I’m comfortable like this. It’s not insecurity at all. I just love wearing makeup!

Love your answer, I’ve told people who tell me I don’t need to wear makeup that I’m not trying to hide anything, I just love makeup.

I wear makeup 80% of the time, and I usually don’t care about going without makeup but I hate it when people tell me I look sickly/tired that day. I’m like, no people, this is how I naturally look lol.

I typically only wear my face but better makeup so I guess it’s hard for people to tell anyway.

I have had a few days off this week, normally I wont leave the house without make up so being at home I havent bothered. Although today I put a little BB cream and mascara on as well as penciling in my brows and I felt so much better, almost less lathargic in a way. It odd, but I really do feel better with make up on.

I wouldn’t say I feel naked, but I feel more put together with makeup on. But I don’t mind keep in minimal, either. I don’t feel like I need a full face everyday, especially if I’m just running errands.

It depends on the situation. If I’m hanging around the house or doing some physical activity, it feels more comfortable not to wear any makeup. In a social situation or going to work, yes, I would feel a bit naked. Applying it makes me feel more put-together.

I feel so blah without makeup! But since I’ve become a mom, I find myself running off to the pediatrician or running errands nearly bare faced. Then I catch a glimpse of myself in a mirror and I think “Eek!” Never in my life did I ever expect that!

I do. I’m wearing my makeup 99% of the time when I have an occasion to go outside… it’s because I also think that wearing makeup also demonstrates how much I care about and respect the people I encounter… it shows the amount of time you dedicate to meet that person! It shows that they are valuable to my life…I hope this makes sense <3


Huh. Men aren’t expected to show respect by covering most of their faces. Wear make-up if you think it’s fun. Most people don’t care.

No, I don’t feel naked without makeup, but I just feel more confident when redness and unevenness are covered.
I wish I could use a lighter foundation to archive an even skintone, especially for work or when I go out with friends. I am happy that I found the products to create a kind of no-makeup-makeup look.

Nope! I mentioned it here before but, it’s because that I go through the ritual of putting on make-up so frequently that I’ve grown to become so comfortable in my own skin. You just have to think like a honeybadger!

No I don’t. On my days off from work I wear nothing on my face and feel fine. In fact I like going “naked”, I feel like my skin gets a break and a chance to breathe.

Somewhat, I have been known to leave the house without it when running errands and on the weekends. However, I wear makeup every day during the work week.

I don’t feel naked without make up at all, most days I don’t even bother. But saying that, I had an issue with blushing a lot when I was a teenager, it isn’t so bad now but sometime when I find myself in awkward or embarrassing situations and I start to blush I do find myself wishing I was wearing make up to cover it up – not so much as to wear make up all the time to defend against blushing, but in the moment it does cross my mind.

I love the way makeup looks but I hate the feeling of foundation on my face, so I wash it off the first chance I get when I get home. I don’t feel naked without makeup, I feel like I’m wearing a mask with makeup! haha

I don’t feel naked without makeup. I am quite comfortable in my own skin and how I look with or without makeup. I do feel unbalanced if I have eye makeup on and no face makeup. Or eye makeup and no mascara. It just feels awkward on myself. I had a job that I couldn’t have makeup on or do my nails and my hair was hidden in a bun under a hair cover, so it is quite normal to be bare faced.

I don’t feel naked, but I feel better wearing it. I wear a full face everyday, primarily out of necessity & also because i love to wear it. I used to have great skin, and never needed to wear any make-up in the past, but ever since i had kids, my skin changed drastically, as a result of irreversible side-effects from necessary medication I was taking after delivery. I have extremely uneven skin tone – the hyper-pigmented areas are VERY,very dark. While some people have dark circles under their eyes, i have PANDA eyes. I have virtually no brows, so i have to “create” brows every day. My eyelashes are virtually non-existent, so i need to wear falsies, or else i look really wierd.

I don’t feel naked per se, but since the reason why I don’t wear makeup when I go out is usually because I was in a hurry, I do feel like it makes me look like I just rolled out of bed and ran out of my house. Probably because that’s exactly what happened lmao

I really dont feel put together unless I have something on. That doesn’t mean a ton of makeup though, I feel totally comfortable with some tinted moisturizer and a tinted lip balm. However I rarely go out completely bare faced. I think I figure I need moisturizer anyway so why not make it a tinted one. My skin is pretty fair and sometines redness or acne scars really stand out against the paleness of my skin so the one thing I always do is even out my skintone.

I don’t feel comfortable with no makeup on. I know this is the “real me” but, at 52, there is nothing great about being natural. I lived through the 1970’s. There was nothing great about it unless you were young–which I was back then. Everyone can use a little bit of help no matter what age they are. You score no points with me if you are of a certain age and wear no makeup–you just look older than you have to.

Without my lipstick IΒ΄m absolutely naked! Last time I went with no makeup out I was terribly sick, had nausea and felt like I was going to die, of course I was on my way to the clinic and ended up to have had eaten something bad and needed antibiotics for two weeks πŸ™ . No matter how tired I am, I will allways use my lipliner and my lipstick. If I donΒ΄t have time I will just lipline my lips and apply my lipstick over the lipliner aswell. I can apply concelear for undereye dark circles on my way to wherever IΒ΄m going, and that is the most minimal I am about makeup. If I have time I use mascara and blush. I hope to learn how to use eyeliner aswell one day lol.

I’m pretty alright going out without makeup, though I get a little squeamish if I don’t at least have brow pencil on. I’m a natural medium ash, with gaps in my brows, so those feel naked. ;3 On a day to day, while I’m in school the “usual” amount of makeup I wear is bb cream, blush, brow pencil and some lip gloss. I only go all out if I’m feeling down/ill, need a break, or need to look more put together. <3

No, I’m in my mid-20’s with mild acne and no other issues. I tend to put on blush if I’m going out because going out means putting on sunscreen (to decrease acne scarring) and that washes me out a bit.

Nope, not at all. I am perfectly comfortable in my own skin. However, I tend to feel extremely uncomfortable wearing very neutral, nudey, normal colors as oppose to colorful makeup when I do wear makeup. I know, I’m weird! xD

I see makeup on some level as personal maintenance, like brushing your hair, so I try, even on the worst days, to at least have some powder and mascara on.

I used to, but now I don’t really. I don’t feel confident barefaced, like I do when I’m made up nicely, but I do go out barefaced fairly often. I rarely wear makeup on sundays, for example, or if I have a day where I know I’m not leaving the house. I very rarely go to work without makeup though – honestly I feel like it’s only been once or twice. I would feel naked without makeup at work.

Interestingly, I stayed by the beach between Christmas and New Year, and I wore makeup once in that time. I have never gone sans makeup for more than a day or two! It was ODD! Nice though haha!

I don’t like going to work without makeup because I have to see so many people and I don’t want to look exhausted. For school or errands I don’t mind either way. I’ve also gone through periods where I won’t leave the house without makeup, but I think I’ve found a happy medium now, and I have several quick go to makeup looks if I’m in a rush πŸ™‚

Not naked. Ungroomed.

At fifty ones skin starts to show those slings and arrows of time; A light foundation w/ under eye concealer and lip gloss helps. My eyebrows are 60% snow white so they need doing, one shadow and liner pencil mascara.

I’ll go out in no make up and not care but people react so much better with some on. My grandmother lived on a plantation in rural nowhere and did some light make up every morning. She was also well groomed and widely adored. Thirty years after her death? She’s spoken of as the Very Elegant Mrs. Doe.

This tells me volumes!

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