Do you ever tire of beauty (or get into a rut)?

I go in cycles where sometimes product releases feel a little “been there, done that” but still really enjoy playing with new products to see if they’re better, and there are a lot of brands/types of aesthetics out there now that it’s harder to get truly tired. I try to focus less on my personal feelings and more on that there are new people entering the beauty space all the time, so just because I’ve seen it doesn’t mean that it’s not new and exciting for someone else.

— Christine
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I don’t tire of playing with my makeup but I do get tired of the constant onslaught of new brands and new releases. You cannot keep up and social media is of little help bc they like and dislike things for the pettiest of reasons and they are constantly shoving product down your throat or it feels that way at times. Colourpop is horrific w releasing new product every week. At this point it is just white noise and I tune most of it out. Cannot think of the last time I purchased from them bc I am tired of them vomiting out new things weekly. Shame bc their quality is good. Just don’t care about it!

I was having difficulty defining why I was not at all interested in Colourpop.
What’s not to like with great prices and reviews?
I too am overloaded with the constant new releases.
Thank you for verbalizing the problem, at least for both of us.

Sometimes I get tired of seeing so many new releases, especially when I can dupe just about everything that comes out. I still like seeing the reviews and reading the comments, though.

I don’t get into ruts because my collection is so big. I have so much, I can always find new looks and combinations. There are shades in every palette I own that I’ve never used, so I have a lot to keep me from getting bored!

I definitely do get into a rut every once in a while, and sometimes get tired of all of the new releases and feeling like I need to keep up with the Joneses. But, I find that’s usually a good time to refocus on my collection and find ways to mix it up to get inspired.

I definitely go through phases where I am less interested. This year has been slower for me in terms of wants, with a lot of been there seen that, but I find this reassuring. It means I turn to new makeup less and less for the thrill and more and more to round out my stash.

Christine, I am so glad to see that beauty still brings you joy! May you never tire of makeup and cosmetics! I hope it will keep bringing you pleasure and that tingle when you discover something really pretty!
For myself, yes, my interest comes in spurts. But when I am less enthusiastic, that is when I am the most grateful that I have experimented and found my colours and products, so that I can rely on what I’ve discovered works for me. And actually, I never really get tired of putting on eyeshadows and lipstick in the morning. I am also grateful for this daily pick-me-up that makeup is!

No, but I DO get overwhelmed by the choices! Even within my own crazy stash. Which can sometimes lead to a state where I will default to my HG oldies out of a sense of too much mental input upon opening what once was my sock drawer. Especially when I’m in a hurry. But a genuine ‘rut’? Not a chance!

No. Haha! I have less desire to buy things now, but still love seeing what’s out there and trying new combinations and looks 🙂

I wouldn’t say that I get into ruts but there definite times when I just don’t apply makeup for several days in a row. I noticed especially when I was on the strict no buy, my interest in makeup waned and I was forced to admit that a lot of my interest was related to the hunt and purchase rather than the actual use of products. I am happy to have realized that and now I am trying to use more of my stash rather than add onto it all the time. I busted out Naked 2 today!! Wanted a cooler toned look. I still check the blog here everyday at least once if not more. I like reading what others are using, enjoying and lusting after. I love everything about Temptalia. This website has evolved since I started following many years ago and each new generations adds so much to the value for me. I am also interested in why people seem to stop following the blog or at least disappear from comments. I know there isn’t anyway to track that but I notice when certain people are not commenting anymore and always wonder why? Did they just stop liking makeup? Did they get overwhelmed? It is interesting. I also love that new people are commenting all the time and I think that is why Christine tries to keep it so fresh. Her response above is proof that she is aware new people are following all the time and they may or may not have a large stash. They may be totally new to makeup. I wish this blog had existed when I first started seriously buying more products.

Nope – never. Never get tired of it nor do I get into a rut. I have so much makeup to play with that there is always something different. And I do enjoy it so, so very much.

Now that I am retired and not wearing makeup every day I don’t have the same relationship with makeup. When I worked I would plan what I eye look I was going to do every day. Now I only wear makeup approximately twice a week and it’s usually only to run errands and I don’t wear eye shadow then. If I’m going out for the evening I do, and I love to do my whole routine then. I don’t think I will ever tire of makeup. It’s like art, painting your face, and you get to start anew every time.

I did for a long time. I barely wore any makeup, I barely paid attention to new releases, I stopped following most guru’s on youtube and didn’t read as many blogs. My stash gathered dust. Then I had a tidy up and went a bit Kon Mari on my collection, got rid of a lot and whittled it down so I didn’t have multiples of the same shades in different brands and endless nude palettes until my stash neatly fits into one set of drawers and 1 makeup bag. I focused on skincare for a bit and once I was happy with that I started taking more interest again. I guess I felt tired of the same old boring nude collections. The beauty community became so toxic with drama and controversy that I felt being a part of it was making me unhappy and in tern I stopped enjoying makeup.

Definitely. I’ve completely stopped wearing any kind of base makeup in the last year to focus on skincare, and slowly but surely eye makeup has fallen away too. I wear it maybe once a month these days. Still excited about lipsticks and cream blushes & highlighters though!

Until recently, I used to get very excited about new releases, but now I’ve grown a bit tired of the repetition and I feel like I want to see something truly new and mind blowing, but it isn’t happening. I still enjoy wearing my makeup, but I don’t find new releases capturing my attention as much anymore.

My interest waxes and wanes. Sometimes I get bored of the overabundance of the same colors and products released, but really I have enough makeup to do whatever I want, and then some.

I usually only get into ruts if I’m super busy or having a bout of depression. Items to go into a routine of rosy neutrals, because they’re flattering and easy. Sometimes, I just don’t want to think about anything more than I have to.

I don’t! I doubt I’ll ever get in a rut even if I make it to a 100 years old granny. Lol! I enjoy trying different colors everyday and combine this eyeshadow with this or that blush or lipstick certainly keeps my game fun and I look forward to the experiment in my beauty lab. I’m very fair and blend the heck out of everything to the point my mom and sister in law and a few close friends jokingly tell me ‘But where is your makeup?! To which I answer trust me I have it all on but I don’t imitate my cockatiel! None of their business I wear it to please myself not for them or even my hubby. I love it all and enjoy seeing and checking out tons of new releases. I don’t have to buy them or have the money fir all that but simply enjoy the commotion. Although at the moment I’m trying to avoid making new purchases since I feel I can dupe just about everything out there so I’m trying so very, very hard to only purchase what I need compared to before where I would just purchase on impulse seeing something pretty grabbing my attention. God of the beauties only knows I don’t need yet another highliter, eyeshadow or lipstick for eternity pretty much but won’t deny the temptation is strong. Most of what I own is drugstore and very few high end makeup I try to avoid entering a Sephora on my own, usually go with my mom or daughter when we go shopping and we have fun. They can tell I’m drooling over so many beautiful things! Lol!
I don’t mind new releases at all as long as they are safe products. I stay far away from all the beauty drama and will unsubscribe quickly to any YouTube blaming others, saying to much fu’s, etc. I’m more likely to follow simple ones/relatable to me and a few glamour ones, tutorials I love to watch but no gossip none of that. I don’t like however many de clutter videos I think is so wasteful and all that junk going into our landfill, beaches, etc. One day they are highly praising falsely a product next week goes in the trash! Awful. Just purchased two WetnWild silky lipsticks yesterday at Rite Aid they have awesome sales and got Hot Red it is gorgeous! Comparing it with a matte I already own Red Velvet deciding on the perfect shade for my nephew’s wedding coming up end of this month. So excited! My family is Cuban and we love to dance the night away so perfect celebration! Can’t wait to do the Conga! Yikes! I came to the U.S. at 12 years old so I’m very much American by now but darn it love my music! It’s in our DNA. Lol!
Seriously, those WetnWild lipsticks are so good the color remains put it doesn’t transfer all in a coffee cup as many others tend to do which I hate.

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