Do you ever have trouble using limited edition products?

I don’t; if you don’t use it, what’s the point? If you’re not using it, then its purpose has to be something other than just sitting in a drawer — it should be displayed or used in some other way. I’ve learned over the years that there’s always another product that’ll catch my fancy, so even if I eventually use something up and can’t replace it exactly, there are so many awesome shades that I want to use that maybe it’s just time to move on!

— Christine
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I have a few that I have trouble using because they’re unique (or seem so to me) so I despair of using them up – MAC’s Grand Entrance eyeshadow and Guerlain Cruel Gardenia highlighter are two about which I’m kinda miserly – but most other products are so easily duped that I’ve stopped worrying since almost everything can be replaced.

I’m not sure I could ever touch G’s CG. That’s a beauty. Probably end up in my will or something. Great ‘something old’ for a bride. I’m getting carried away, lol. But, it is so pretty.

Nope — it takes AGES to use something up. I’ve only ever completely used up one lipstick, two nail polishes, and I’ve never fully panned a powder product! (Well, not since my high school days, when I did manage to get through several CoverGirl blushes.)

I’d feel much sadder if I used it sparingly, then discovered one day that it had gone bad without me using it as much as I could have.

Not really. As you so rightly said, Christine, what’s the point in owning something if you’re not going to use it? I hate accumulating white elephants, whether they’re make up or clothing related etc.

Nope! It doesn’t faze me because even once the product is used up, provided of course the I do use it all up, there is still the packaging that it’s housed in to save if I so desire. Several years ago, my answer would have been very different, though. I really used to be terrified of using my very best LE products. Especially so if they were very expensive or rare! Now, I only want to enjoy what I have while I still can!

No, I don’t see the point of owning things I won’t use. Plus, it’s getting easier and easier to dupe things after they’re used up. Not that I use many things all the way up any more.

Not because it is LE but sometimes I have difficulty using really beautifully embossed products. I don’t really care about LE and use those products all the time. The beautifully embossed products I usually start by trying to work around the embossing and then ultimately I have to crack into the embossing. I do have an embossed blush from Japan that I haven’t had the heart yet to break into but it is more of a spring/summer shade so I will use it soon. I know not using a product because of the embossing is crazy but it is my problem, LOL!!

I use them as I would use anything else. After all, that is what they are there for. I do get sad when I am at the last bit of a product that has been discontinued, especially if it is something that I have been loving.

Never – I have so few LE products anyway and even if I had lots, I would still use them. Otherwise, what is the point? In eyeshadows, there is always something new and lovely coming out that maybe better than the LE product you are saving. And there is lots of dupes around too.
As far as lipsticks are concerned, the same shades are always being reinvented.

I have the KvonD palette Metal/Matte. I love every color in it! I hit pan on three, but I am going to continue to enjoy the palette be aud of the artwork!

No. And I’ve never understood keeping things aside so they don’t run out — not using it is the same as not having it. If it’s a lipstick, there are companies now that will duplicate the formula and color, so you don’t have to be without. Other products you’re probably out of luck on, but … again … not using something makes it not useful. If you love one particular thing so much that you have to save it for one special occasion, that makes sense, but saving it to just not be without it? :-/

I have a huuge problem using limited edition products! Especially when they are too pretty, like my Burberry runway palette highlighter. I’ve only used it once till now! (the other problem is that flowers are easily demolished by the lightest touch) I also have a problem with using limited colors that suit me too well. I’m just afraid of using them off and then don’t have a chance to rebuy it πŸ™ like Marc Jacobs coconut eyeshadow palette – I bought it in June and still haven’t touch it at all. I know it is stupid, but the stress is a too much for me >.< I should just stop buying LE products, but…

Definitely not. I am not a collector and furthermore, its hard to use up a product anyways so even if you use it every once in a while, it’ll never really lose its shape. it’ll take a while.

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