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Sure! I’ve definitely seen how much I’ve spent on a collection and thought about what else I could have done with it. Most of us have some sort of vice/hobby/distraction that we tend to “invest” in, and being happy and enjoying ourselves is part of living a good life. I regularly donate products to domestic violence victims, give to charity, and live within my means all while working hard to be able to do all those things.

— Christine

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We hope you'll consider supporting Temptalia by shopping through our links below. Thanks!


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Oh, I totally do. I feel guilty about spending so much money on it, although I’m not racking up credit card bills, and I feel guilty about having so much and not wearing that much sometimes, and I try to hide it from my husband because he just looks at me in confusion over it. But I live within my means and it makes me happy, and if I wasn’t buying makeup I’d be buying something else, probably bags and shoes and clothes.

But I still feel guilty when I look at my rapidly growing collection, and realize that once again I’m running out of storage space.

Yup, I feel guilty quite often about buying makeup. I’ll get over it temporarily, but when I look at the total amount of makeup I have then I feel guilty all over again. I definitely know I could put it to better use, but I feel like I should get to enjoy *something.*

Yes indeed. Because it is tested on animals and not so good for environment and useless too on the whole. I fell guilty when I ate meat, I don’t anymore. Maybe one day when I am strong enough ( mentally speaking ) I’ll go Vegan for makeup, clothes even though I’ll never go vegan for food because I do need eggs and milky products, organic most of the time.
So yes I feel guilty but I love makeup so much that I simply can’t get enough for the time being.

Yes, this is especially true when I know I have a box full of unopened makeup stored in the closet. Why is new makeup so tempting? Why do I have to get every shade of neutrals out there?

I’m just happy that somebody created pan projects.

I feel guilty 90% of the time when I find the product I use doesn’t work on me, especially when I was fooled by the BA to buy something not that good.

Also, I can stay sad for a few days when I have to change my foundation product when the old one wasn’t used up by half.

Hello, Gladys L.

Have you considered returning the products that don’t work for you? In my experience, most department store counters will accept a return if you are not pleased.

I do really appreciate your suggestion but I live in a country where return policy doesn’t apply for used products (sign….)

So I wish I can have a makeup haul trip in the future and try on them to enjoy this kind of return policy in my life time, haha

Oh, yes! Especially since I have rather expensive taste. I do have a tendancy to feel guilty quite easily though. I try to get over it simply by being very careful with how I spend my money, and by using absolutely all the products I buy, on a regular basis. So far, it works.
But I agree with Christine: next to everyone has that kind of “vice”; as long as it’s healthy, it is a positive thing.
I had not considered giving make up to charity, but it’s a fantastic idea! I already donate my clothes, but I’ll try to remember to do that too with products I don’t use.

YES, it would take me years to go through all the makeup I’ve got and I keep buying more! But I get over it rather quickly, especially when my boyfriend tells me I have a rather cheap hobby! (at least it’s not vintage cars, like his)

Hey Christine, which shelter do you donate to? Do you have any sort of resource that would direct me to be able to donate makeup in my area/nationally? Thanks!

I donate to a legal organization that provides free legal aid to victims of domestic violence. They do accept donations via mail when I asked in December:

Pro Bono Project
480 N. 1st Street, ste. 219
P.O. Box 103
San Jose, CA. 95103-0103

Yes, because of that I don’t remember the last piece of color cosmetics other than every day products (like concealer, & foundation) I purchased. I really started to evaluate if it was really worth it. I’ve been just using what I have, which is wayyyyy more than enough (3 large drawers worth). But it’s fun to see what is out there and what everyone else is getting.

LOL that’s a little over the top. 😛 I don’t feel bad when I buy makeup because I worked hard for that money so I get to spend it on whatever I want. 🙂

All the time! I always feel like that money could have gone to a better use! But it usually never stops me from spending again…. habits.

Sometimes. Because I already have more than I could ever use in a lifetime. but then I have to remind myself to not feel guilty..that it’s good to have a hobby. Even though sometimes I think my hobby is a bit ridiculous.

No. Never.

My pholosophy on money and how I spend it is simple.
I work hard, so I get to spend my own money the way I like. And I feel great about it. On the other side, I don’t let my family and friends buy me anything because on this case, I feel guilty.

I make my own money, I spend it the way I want. Desteny’s Child-ish in a way haha. (or Samantha Jones)

I feel aso guilty it actually ruins the joy out of getting something new. That and the storage problems i already have.

I feel the exact same way. I always have mixed feelings when I buy something, and never truly enjoy getting new products because of the feeling of guilt.

And the storage issues. I’ve been thinking about buying a new storage unit, because the one I’m currently using is full. Problem is I live in a small apartment and I don’t even have room for another unit. I really don’t know what to do because I have makeup everywhere at this point. In boxes in my closet where my clothes should be (I don’t have room for more clothes either because of my makeup stealing storage space!), on top of my drawers, night stand, bathroom.. It’s EVERYWHERE. And I still buy more. Oh, the guilt, the guilt 🙁

omg yes! Not all the time, but a fair share I do feel guilty because I already have so much that I haven’t used up or even close to using up. There is the other side though where I know I’m paying for quality products, and I’d much rather that than buy something cheaper but with poor quality. You get what you pay for, so in that sense I don’t feel guilty.

A lot. Because I have everything’s possible and the impossible too and still when I see a lipstick…..

My mom collects decorative suns and my dad collects beers from aroind the world and i never se them feel guilty about it. I think it has to do with the fact that makeup is suposed to be for use and we know we will never use it all up. And also there is soooo much available. My folks buy a few new pieces for their collections on every trip, but i could buy a makeup item on every trip to the grocery store.

Um, yes! I have way too much makeup. 🙂 It definitely gives me pleasure to buy, but I also know that I really have enough eyeshadow and blush to last me the rest of my life.

All the time especially as a student. I love lipsticks and I have way too many (30+). Still didn’t stop me from picking up a few things from the Archie’s Girls Collection. 😀

It’s so funny, because I just had slight buyer’s remorse purchasing two lipsticks and two lipglasses from the Archie’s Girls collection, since I told myself that I wasn’t going to get anything. Now I keep saying to myself that they’ll go straight back if I don’t love them, LOL. I feel I have more than enough lipsticks but I can’t seem to ever find a color in my stash that I like! 😉

Is it just me, but you all know how there is rehab for alcoholism and drug addiction? They need to have one for make-up. “Hi, my name is Stephanie and I’m a make-up addict. This week I spent $XX on make-up” LOL. I’m glad that I’m not the only one that looks at all the beautiful items in my bag/package and wonders, “There’s an outfit, or those pair of shoes, or that credit card bill payment…”

Absolutely. I agree with the person who said there should be rehab for makeup addicts! Every time I buy a new eyeshadow palette I tell myseld I now have every eyeshadow color possible…until find another one that I’ll just DIE if I don’t get! My boyfriend thinks I’m ridiculous, of course, but it makes me happy to buy new makeup!

You said it right girl, I agree it just makes you HAPPY! Cosmetic purchases are the only purchases that bring me serious joy. I feel much more guilt when I purchase other items probly cause my makeup collection is my most prized possession!

Omg yesterday when I spent a RIDICULOUS amount of money on Archies Girls I felt soooooo bad! After my purchase I immediately thought about how I was going to hang my head in shame when the UPS brings me yet ANOTHER package. SMH. Not to mention my lack of space for all the makeup that I have already!

Yea, I feel guilty sometimes. I haven’t bought much makeup in the past month or so though.

I do have more than enough lippies and eyeshadows so I try to wait for sales or narrow down a list of products I really want before I buy them. For skincare/lotion products, I’m trying to finish what I have now before buying new products. ^^

Never. Not once.

Like many of you beauties, I have a huge collection of makeup. People spend money on their hobbies. Makeup is my hobby.

There is a special thrill about doing really beautiful makeup with products that are unique and no longer available… then having people rave about it. I am also a freelance makeup artist, and there is =nothing= like someone being moved to tears (“Don’t smear the mascara!”) because of the work I did.

My makeup is worth every penny. I love having it and using it. And one day, my daughters will feel spectacular wearing Mama’s Chanel from decades ago. 😉

I love your comment! Its like you took the words right out of my mouth. I’m a makeup artist also and feel similarly about my makeup hobby (actually I consider it to be somewhere along the lines of an artistic passion) and you are right, there is literally nothing better than someones ecstatic appreciation for your work. I’m a mother as well and hope that when my child grows up he will feel a tinge of nostalgia every time he passes the lipstick display in a department store.

I feel guilty for making a rather expensive purchase from MAC last night. My collection of MAC products is rather small, and I bought things that are new to me, so I suppose it’s not so bad.

Well glad to see I’m not alone ladies. The amount of money I have spent on Makeup is a little insane. But what can you do? I love makeup and it does bring me happiness and is a huge stress reliever for me. Just gotta deal with all my friends thinking Im insane for how much I have, but at least it takes up less space than dozens of pairs of shoes which is what my friends obsess about!

Agreed on the stress relief thing. I have anxiety and makeup shopping (including comparing and researching products, reading reviews, etc) really does relieve stress.

Most of the time. I do have quite a stash but it’s all old (except for lipsticks, which I purged and kept only ‘favorites’ and still have more than I’ll ever use). I see all these beautiful new products – eye shadows, illuminating face powders – and I drool but rarely indulge. Tight budget – but fortunately hubby knows my affection for cosmetics and got me a sephora gift card at Christmas 🙂

I submitted this question! And about 99% answered YES! So it’s not just me. Yey! My friends and family sometimes give me a hard time with the amount of makeup I buy. “How does that new blush differ from the one you wore yesterday? We can’t even tell the difference!” I feel soooo much better now. Thanks for posting my question, Christine!

I sometimes feel guilty when i buy makeup because I’m on a tight budget and I usually think of what else I could have bought instead of the makeup. But drugstore makeup and nail polish are my “treat” items, and they’re definitely much cheaper than new shoes or new clothes. Plus think of how many people work in the makeup industry! It helps me to think about how I’m stimulating the economy with my frivolous purchases! Lol. Actually in all seriousness, it’s probably a female-dominated industry, so that is really cool that I’m helping to support female workers!

Until recently my stash was limited to lipsticks, nail polish and skin care products. Now that I have re-ignited my makeup routine to include foundation, concealer, eyeshadow, etc I remembered how expensive it can get! I decided to restrict my purchases to specific cycles – therefore I am ignoring all the Spring collection launches. I am living vicariously through my fellow makeup lovers and admiring everyones’ purchases. The only planned purchases I am seeking this season is a good BB face cream and a bronzer/ highlighter for my chocolate skin. I’m shopping in my ‘home haul” and using all the stash I bought in the Fall. At least that’s the plan.

If it’s something I take home and realize I don’t like, I sometimes do (no real returns policy where I live). But I don’t have a massive stash of makeup (it still mostly fits in one smallish bag), and most of it I really enjoy using. Plus I’ve done makeup for my sister and sisters-in-law, and that made all of them happy, so it’s not an entirely selfish vice. In my family everyone has some silly thing they buy to much or too many of, mine is probably the cheapest and least space consuming hobby, so that makes me feel *less guilty because they’re more guilty* (there really needs to a single word for that, lol).

I feel guilty when I buy new red lipsticks because I already have so many – but I can’t resist! Red lipstick is my favourite makeup item.

I feel guilty about it mostly when I realize, months later, that I bought something that I don’t really care for and can’t return it. Or I feel guilty about having so darn much of it when I have days when I don’t feel like wearing makeup (like today!) or when I do a quick simple look with just a few products.

No, and I think that’s part of my problem. =P I’m only 17, but I do have a job and make pretty good money, especially for being my first job. I save some of it and spend the rest on food, makeup, clothes, shoes…I’ve gotten a lot better, however, at determining what I really do and don’t need, and can walk away from things a lot better than I used to.

Yep, often. I’m obsessed about makeup (I’m a makeup artist)… but I’ve worked as a cosmetician too so I’m obsessed with skin care too! my latest new passion is hair care. I love to learn about this industry, the products and the way to use them. And since I buy high end products (majority of the time), it can cost me a lot :/ but it is always worth it 🙂 if I dont use it on myself, i use it on clients !

Yes. I feel guilty because expenses are up and salaries are going down. Cost of living is so high. Every once in a while I need a treat though.

I definitely find myself worrying about money often enough, and wondering if I ought to be saving it or donating to charity more instead of buying frivolous things. That said, I don’t think there’s anything wrong with choosing to buy makeup over other luxuries.

Yes I do, a lot. I just got into makeup a year ago and now I have two big drawers full of makeup, and there hardly is any drugstore. Even my husband now thinks I have too much and I should use some before buying more. I have spent thousands if dollars on makeup each month! Which is almost everything that my husband earned after the bills and necessities.

I do not feel guilty cos I only buy what I consider necessary and quality counts, therefore, I check this amazing blog 🙂 to get ideas for me and for helping my customers with their questions about the make up they need 🙂

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