Do you ever buy makeup and never wear it?

I buy everything with the intention of reviewing it (which is my version of wearing it), and generally, I’m not someone who will buy makeup just to look at – like I’ll buy a pretty limited edition compact and use it, even if it destroys an embossing, and I’m okay with that. The way I see it is that if you enjoy looking at a compact more than using it, and you have the funds to do it, then it becomes more like a piece of art or decor to enjoy aesthetically–and that’s just fine!

— Christine


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Joan Avatar

YES. But not intentionally. Sometimes it’s hard to shade match Korean makeup and not all sellers have friendly return policies. I recently bought a cushion that was too dark for me. But at least the packaging is SO beautiful.

Nancy T Avatar

Never, ever have I done so intentionally! But I have bought some items that I either tired of much sooner than expected or just didn’t love how they looked on me anymore, and as a result they either hardly ever make it back into my rotation, or they find their way into my makeup graveyard!

Katherine T. Avatar

Uh no. I like to use makeup, not just look at it. As soon as I open up the packaging, I can’t resist swatching it. If the embossing is really pretty, that might stop me for a few minutes to admire it, but I always cave. The only makeup I never wear is something I forgot about and got lost in my stash

Dee Avatar

Yes! I’m like that with foundations that I can’t test. If it doesn’t look right I’ll immediately returned it. I think I only do that with foundation. Everything else I purchase for the long haul, but once in a while I misplace things and they go bad before they’re worn or I buy something to replace it, then give away the original once I find it if I can’t make both of them useful. The ladies at my daycare get good size bags of unused samples, gift with purchase items and accidental duplicates once or twice a year.

Mimi Avatar

Actually, that’s good. You get full enjoyment out of what you buy. Use it, love it, and move on! Better than me, I hoard stuff and never use it, then end up giving it away. That’s silly and a waste of money.

Amara Avatar

I seem to buy things all at the same time so I forget to try everything I’ve bought so some things may go months without ever getting used.. but I’m trying to get use out of everything I own so I shop my stash very often

Nadia A. Avatar

Hello Amara! I have the same problem too. In 2016, I really want to focus on constantly shopping my own makeup stash because I do have a large makeup collection with some products that have never been used at all.

Leah Avatar

I also have way too much makeup and I want to use it. The problem is powder products take FOREVER to use up. I decided at the beginning of the summer to use a Physician’s Formula blush that takes up way too much space. I used it almost every single day for the past four months and I still have another four months probably in it. As much as I want to finish it, it just seems so silly to force myself to use something I don’t really like when I have so many other beautiful blushes.

Marina Avatar

I personally never have but I would!! Like you said, it can be seen as a piece of art. If something was really beautiful I’d even consider buying a second one so I have one to use and one to keep. Some compacts are even pretty enough to display, truthfully. There was a recent Guerlain one that was so stunning! I wish that brand was in my budget just for their gorgeous packaging!!

IRockFaces Avatar

I wear everything in my collection no matter how recently I just bought it. To me quality makeup usually costs something your comfortable paying because you know you can get a ton of use out of it. There’s no point in buying a blush for instance just to let it sit on a shelf somewhere and never get any attention. That would be tragic and a total waste of money. I think shopping your own stash helps with wearing things more often. Make a challenge for yourself to only use one eyeshadow palette for an entire week, or one lipstick color family, etc and see what you come up with. You’d be surprised how quickly you get more use out of your items and how much fun you can have in the process. 🙂

Anastasia Avatar

That’s what I do. I rotate the items in my collection every week. Alot of times I buy things all at once, so I may not get to it in the first few weeks but it will be used.

Pearl Avatar

I do that – sort of. I decide what I’m wearing for the week, right down to the blush, eye shadow(s), blusher, lipstick and brushes. It’s made it easier to make good use of my stash and also I don’t get bored.

IRockFaces Avatar

Sometimes I’m able to preplan my looks when I have major things to do, when I need to be quick before I head out the door, or for traveling even. But most of the time I make up new looks and combos every time. If I do plan ahead I try to pick just one element to keep the same all week and create around that. I usually wear all new items at least twice to see if I’m keeping them or not too. Makeup is no fun if it doesn’t work for you.

Lacey Avatar

I haven’t ever bought something with the intention of saving it forever, although there are definitely some LE items that I save for special occasions because I hate to see the pretty embossing (or product itself) disappear. But the only items I have that I simply avoid using are those that just didn’t work for me, for one reason or another. I used to have a bad habit of buying new things and saving them for ‘later’–after I’d finished another product, for a special occasion, etc. Sadly, that’s no way to make use of a good return policy when said items failed to work! So I’m either stuck with them or I have to re-home them.

Zelda Avatar

Ericca, your post made me sad. You need to move that into action. Your eyeshadow is sitting in a drawer, crying, unable to fulfill it’s life’s purpose. “Why? Why doesn’t she love us? We’re good shadow, we want to go out!”

It’s just makeup, it washes right off. If you put it on and don’t like the look, you can take it off immediately. Try some looks when you’re not going anywhere, figure out what you like. Pick a pretty mid-toned shade and just do a color wash on your lid, fast and easy. There are so many tutorials on YouTube, pictures on pinterest and Instagram, on Reddit/MakeupAddiction. Get in the game, it’s so much fun.

Lulle Avatar

It’s never my intention, but yes, it has happened. I have too much stuff in my stash, from lipsticks to palettes, that was only worn 2 or 3 times, or sometimes even only swatched. I think it comes from the amount of products I own, and the fact that I keep buying more: the newest stuff is always on top of the pile and some recent purchases get forgotten very fast.
I also have a handful of completely new, never opened makeup items. They’re all from the drugstore, and what happens is that I’ll get more than I need just to take advantage of some kind of sale, like a BOGO, even though I don’t care about the product so much. I’m actually getting better at not doing that.

Shana Avatar

I wear most of them.
There are only 1 product that I bought with the intention to keep it intact. It’s the Guerlain Sun in the city highlighter, LE. It’s too gold, too shimmery. But the embossing is a piece of art ! I saw it at -50%, and took it as a piece of art. You can still see it’s picture on top of some of counters’ light adds.
Otherwise if I know that I’m not going to use, I just won’t buy. But it happens that I just forget about it. But when I find it, I’m happy to use it.

Anne Avatar

I don’t think so, no. I’m too utilitarian for that not to bug me. I get why some people might do so, I think, but makeup for purely decorative purposes isn’t my thing. I reuse nice candle containers for things like makeup brushes (and just as my glasses for drinks as the Yankee candle ones work great for that!) but the key word there is “re” use.

Momo Avatar

Hmm… Intentionally or unintentionally never wear it?

I’ve never bought a makeup product with the intention to never wear it. For myself, the idea just seems a little silly. I put my time, energy, and money into possessing that product, so why wouldn’t I use it? It’s comparable to finally purchasing a bed, which I’ve never previously own, yet needed, but I still continue to sleep on the floor. Why wouldn’t I sleep on the bed? 🙂 I’ve even worn very rare, hard to find makeup that some makeup enthusiasts deem as ‘never to be touched’ collectibles.

I’d say, out of my entire makeup stash, about 99% of the makeup I’ve bought, I’ve worn at least once or more. The remaining 1% were unintentionally skipped, because most of these untouched items are usually eyeshadows that I haven’t gotten around to using in an eye look. Any other unscathed products are probably items that I’ve abandoned after a very disappointing swatch, and then set them aside with the intent to discard or give away. It truly is a matter of eventually circulating through whatever I already own.

I do understand that some individuals may buy a product and choose to not disrupt its contents (as with an exquisitely embossed pressed powder). Believe me, I’ve hesitated more than a few times before digging into a beautiful product, but I eventually get it done. Perhaps some ‘makeup preservists’ intend to sell their intact item(s) at a later time, or they simply chose to keep it for themselves as part of a private collection. If that’s what makes you happy, then so be it. Intentionally not using a product I bought for myself is a practice I can’t see myself doing. I must get my money’s worth! Lol

Anna Avatar

I always buy makeup with the intent to wear it. Using new makeup for me is like opening a jar of fresh peanut butter. My problem is that I often find myself buying something bold imagining how awesome it will look, and then I don’t have the cojones to walk out of the house with it. I did just see an awesome LE MAC blush on Reddit that was so pretty, it had a gold seahorse embossed into it. That one would probably be hard for me to dig into.

Jenny Avatar

I’ll admit that beautiful packaging is more likely to sway me to make the purchase, but I use everything that I buy. Of course, there are always items I don’t use as often as others, or I find that the product ultimately didn’t work as I’d wanted it to.

Gillian Avatar

That’s one thing I never do. I’m the kind of person who will break open any new makeup on the way home or as soon as I get in. I buy something because I love it and want to use it on myself and I try to be very picky these days as to what is really necessary. Not that I won’t buy things I don’t need but I try to limit how often I do that. That’s where Temptalia comes in handy for checking reviews and dupes so I don’t waste my money! So, to answer the question- no! 🙂

jade Avatar

i over-purchase, and i also used to get a lot of makeup as christmas/birthday gifts from friends and family…and my friend used to work for vanity fair and she used to get free makeup and she never wears makeup….so guess who it went to :p sooo i pretty much have an overhaul of eyeshadow palettes hahaha

Wednesday Avatar

Yes, I have. I am odd about things and in some cases absolutely cannot bring myself to ‘sully’ a product by using it thereby taking away the coveted newness and pristineness. I have the exact same issue with clothing and footwear. I do get a bit obsessive and sometimes it takes me quite awhile before I can bring myself to actually use/wear it. In some cases, I never get there and carefully store (surely I mean hoard) it.

p.s. No my home is not filling with plastic convered furniture and lamp shades, okay. That’s just crazy. 😀

TheOtherHelen Avatar

Never. I have a hard enough time justifying how much I spend on makeup so I make it a point to use and enjoy everything I buy. I’ve definitely been tempted especially with the Guerlain holiday snowglobe meteorites released this year.

Trina Avatar

I’m the weirdo! Everyone is going to think I’m nuts!! Almost anything limited edition i don’t use. I like collecting makeup there is just something about the untouched surface of a new lipstick or eyeshadow palette and the fresh lines in the pressed powder. If i really like something i buy 2 or find a really close dupe to use. I’ve gotten a little better i recently started using some of my mac lipstick. I neatly put everything in plastic storage bins but I’m running out of room! I have parted with a few things and sold them on ebay.

Mary Avatar

I admit that I’ll purchase beautiful limited editions that I just can ‘t make myself use. Trying to convince myself that it would be prettier on me than in the package. 🙂

Nicole Avatar

I don’t think that’s weird at all Trina. I totally get it. I may have started collecting.I wound up with 2 Guerlain Holiday Meteorites and can’t seem to return one. I have the Nars cofrette and don’t plan to use it. Its going on a shelf. I’ve literally gasped at the beauty of some pieces. I think I’ll probably add some pieces here.

Trina Avatar

Thanks you’re a sweetheart! Some products are just to pretty to use. Either the packaging or actual contents are just unique and gorgeous i can’t bring myself to ruin it. Meteorites are the only thing I’ve never bought. I’m very tempted especially by this years holiday release. Keep both so you can use one 🙂 collecting is so fun i hope you enjoy it as much as i do! Happy holidays. Xoxo

Tova J Avatar

Not intentionally! I don’t collect makeup in that way. It has happened that I buy something without reading reviews, and it’s super bad when I try it out. Usually I’m super excited about new makeup and wear it as soon as I can though!

Brittany Avatar

I always buy makeup with the intention of trying it on at the very least. If I’m buying a new makeup item, it’s because I think I’ll wear it at least for a special occasion or that I’ll wear it regularly or seasonally. Unfortunately, I’ve bought items I thought I wanted to use or thought I would like and then it turned out that they weren’t for me, so I never touch them, and then I end up holding onto them for a while because I don’t want to get rid of them “just in case.”

Kelly Avatar

Yes, unfortunately, and it’s quite a large chunk of my collection.

-I’m a neutral makeup girl, but I’ve bought my share of bold lipsticks and colored eyeliners. I always hope I’d have an occasion to wear them because they are just so pretty, but in reality they only get swatched at home and admired. I feel clownish when I try to wear them out in the real world.
-I also have a highligher weakness despite the fact that I very rarely use highlighter. Having one or two would probably suffice for when I feel like wearing it, but I have at least a dozen. I’m sure some of them have only been swatched and never actually worn outside.
-There’s the many products that didn’t quite turn out as I’d hoped, but I didn’t dislike them enough initially to return them while I still could.
-Items that come in sets, where I wanted enough of the set to buy it, but there were also items in the set I had no interest in.

viv Avatar

no, i don’t buy make up only to look at it. but with some items i get this -too good to use – too deep respect. and i really have to force myself to use it. cause thats why i read about it and waited for it and spent money for it.

Lisa Avatar

I always buy with the intention of using the product. There may come a time when I feel it doesn’t suit me anymore or just gets lost in my stash. But I really try to use it up. Life’s too short to just buy pretty things to look at!

Pearl Avatar

Yes. I’ve had to work on this, using what I’ve bought. It’s like what Wwendy said about not wanting to sully it (clothes and shoes also) because then it’s not new anymore. It’s the weirdest thing, but it’s very hard for me to buy something and then take it home and start using it right away. I think it’s probably from years of indiscriminate buying and then the shame at the wastefulness and impulse-buy returning. I don’t buy now unless I have every intention of using a product, but I have to let it sit in the drawer for a few days, take it out and look at it, put it back, let it sit, etc. That wait time helps prepare me for breaking it in and taking the first swipe. It’s weird and odd and strange, but there it is.

I almost bought the Night Sky eye cream from Tom Ford. I really wanted to because I am a huge (HA-YUGE) fan of his eye color creams and I like collecting from him, but the colors and/or look just wouldn’t work for me. A year or two ago, I would have bought it without hesitation, even knowing I would never end up using it, because it would have mattered more that my TF eye color cream collection was up to date. I actually had it in my cart until a week ago. 😐 It’s still hard to not impulse buy in a situation like that (HG brand for a product I love), but it felt good to show some discipline and walk away.

Wednesday Avatar

Hi Pearl: OMG.. I do that whole ritual of taking items out, looking at them, and then putting back. I think in my head I am always saving everything for ‘good’. This whole concept was very much entrenched in my psyche from my youth. We didn’t have much so our good clothes were worn like we were visiting royalty. Know what I mean?

You are not missing much with the night sky TF cream duo. It’s okay, but far more difficult/pricey than it is worth. The Giorgio Armani eye tint in Minuit is far better and very similar on.

Pearl Avatar

Yes, exactly! We had to really take care of what we had because it was few and far between before we ever were able to get “new” anything, and often it was only ‘new to you’.

I picked up a few things at Sephora yesterday, I figure I’ll be ready to wear them by Christmas! 😀

Jackie Avatar

Not intentionally…I always buy makeup with the intention of wearing it. It’s just that I sometimes forget I have it since I buy new makeup pretty regularly. I have to make it a point to ‘shop’ my stash more. I would consider it a waste of money if I bought a makeup item and didn’t make use of it.

Rachel R. Avatar

Intentionally — rarely, and never something expensive. There are some cheaper items I got for cute packaging and hoping I could wear them, but I didn’t end up liking them. If it’s packaging I like, I’ll keep it. If it’s not, I give it away. I just can’t bring myself to buy expensive makeup and never use it.

Unintentionally — again, rarely. I usually use a new item right away. Occasionally something gets put away and I forget about it for awhile. I have a lot of stuff, so some things get used a lot less frequently than others, but I use everything at least once in a while. It keeps me from getting bored.

Halie Avatar

That’s basically the story of my life right now. There have been so many amazing eye shadow palettes that have come out recently that I don’t even end up wearing the eyeshadows I bought. I just have too much to choose from.

doroffee Avatar

Recently, I have not done that, but earlier, I did loads. Especially when it came to non-conventional beauty items which I chickened out of wearing. Green hair mascara, almost black dark purple lipstick… and stuff that are pretty but fussy to use (loose powders, pigments, glitters). Oh, and one time, I won in a nail polish naming contest… so I have a spare bottle of that certain nail polish I named just to be presented in my room.

ceebee_eebee Avatar

Absolutely. Not a TON, but I’ve bought some things that I find beautiful just to look at (like that Chanel highlighter embossed to look like lace) and they decorate my dressing room. Like you said, they are art objects that make me incredibly happy to see everyday while I get ready.

Heather Avatar

Too freakin’ often! So at this point I try to exclusively buy from Sephora, so if I find I’ve only used something once or nonce a month after I’ve bought it I can just return it. I always find myself caught in the loop of “Oo I’m gonna try and wear more red lipstick!” “Oo I’m gonna try and wear more colorful eyeshadow!” (Nevermind.)

Annaham Avatar

SOMETIMES. I recently got a couple of the Makeup Geek eyeshadows (Sea Mist, Untamed, and Stealth) and a z-palette to store them in, but since swatching them a few weeks back, have not worn them. This is mostly due to my fibromyalgia pain flaring up since the weather has gotten quite a bit chillier since then–and the pain makes me go “eh, I don’t have enough energy to do any makeup other than tinted moisturizer/BB cream and lip color.” Really annoying. I’m trying to get better about using the makeup that I have–especially eye products!–but it’s tough when you have things like fluctuating pain and fatigue levels that get in the way! :\

Wednesday Avatar

I hope you are feeling better soon~ I am a fellow sufferer of autoimmune diseases: RA, Lupus, and Fibro. Have you been checked for gluten intolerance, celiac disease, hashimoto’s thyroiditis? I have been on a long journey for the past 5 years going from almost 3 years of aggressive treatment (the chemo, the steroids, the biologics…the whole enchilada) and now to living simply and eating really clean (pretty much paleo diet with autoimmune protocol) and as much as I hate to admit it because I adore love LOVE carbs, I’m feeling better than I have since this whole awful journey began. Still have plenty of issues, but I’m feeling far less lupus and fibro fog and much less overwhelming soft tissue and joint pain. Good luck to you 😀

Raquel F. Avatar

Yes. When I make the purchase it’s not intentional 90 percent of the time, that I will not be using it. But, at least 10 percent of the time it just happens that way because I may something in that category already open and in use or I may have changed my mind of wanting to even use that particular item. However I do enjoy beautiful packaging and purchasing because of just the packaging.

Elizabeth Wadsworth Avatar

That’s why I purchase the majority of my cosmetics from Nordstrom. They have a great return/exchange policy. I have purchased items after trying them on in the store, only to look at the results outside in the daylight after purchasing and realizing how unflattering they were. Mistakes like that are expensive and the lighting in the store always distorts the colors.

Genevieve Avatar

Nope – soon as I get it (especially an eye shadow palette) – I am opening it up and giving it a go. I do have to rotate my palettes to give them some love (currently loving my Dior 3 colour Khaki that I bought awhile ago – this was when Dior was really good). But I love ripping into a new one.

Penny Avatar

Yes. I only wear make-up occasionally. I have palettes that haven’t been touched in two years. I recently began to take out my make-up and play with it. I am starting to enjoy my collection again ??❤️

Sarah Avatar

I’m the worst right now. I went on a buying frenzy the past 9 months. I literally have makeup that is still untouched and in their boxes. They will get used. But my collection is getting too big. I’m waiting for the day it becomes sentient.

Cory Avatar

Hey Christine!
Unfortunately I do have quite a few eyeshadows, blushers, & eyeliners that I’ve only used once or not at all. I’ve swatched every single one, but the shades I don’t use at all are usually in palettes. But they’re all from two or three yrs ago when I didn’t need to be as frugal as I now do (with the exception of some MUFE Artist shadows—I had the Artist shadow fever..).
Currently I ONLY buy what I KNOW I’m going to use regularly. But if it doesn’t work out or I realize I’m not going to get any use out of the product, I’ll now exchange it for something else.
* I NVR used to return ANYTHING because I felt so bad about it, but I’ve come into the realization that exchanging is a necessity if you realize you’re not going to use something after you bought it, & that it’s just going to take up space somewhere in your life. Plus it wastes your hard-earned moolah! :-*

Nell Avatar

with concrete intention to just look at it – no. I however admit that some LE purchases are just too special for everyday wear like a particular lipstick shade and this is somewhat close to buying for the sake of having. Or back then when i was young and stupid i got a MAC le brushes – that small xmas set and used them once because these were shockingly bad

Mimi Avatar

Oh yes, and clothes, shoes, jewelry, handbags, etc. The consignment store loves me, so many of my items are unworn. I am at a place in my life where I want to get rid of excess stuff. I feel better and have more appreciation for the things I keep and care about. Wish I had a daughter to give all this to. My son’s girlfriend receives a lot of makeup, handbags and jewelry from me but doesn’t fit in the clothes or shoes. I want to be more conscious of what I purchase instead of just buying stuff because I’m bored and it’s pretty. I want to really enjoy the things I keep and let the other stuff go to someone who will enjoy it. When you are young, you want so much and it’s hard to hold back but now I realize all this stuff is just temporary. One finds peace as one ages.

sally walker Avatar

Someone asked me the percentage of makeup I used. That made me think. I have used about 40% of my makeup. That is a bit embarassing to admit, but I get so much pleasure out of having it. I tell my self that it will all get used eventually 🙂


Stephanie Avatar

Not ever intentionally. I love every step of a makeup purchase from stalking it in the store, bringing it home, removing the box, etc then swatching and adding to the stash. I wear everything I own unless it was a rare error. Luckily my sister wears cools colours well while I don’t so she gets those rare bad purchases.

Meghan Avatar

I have a lot of makeup that I barely use 😐 like others, I have good intentions. I love makeup and it’s so fun. I usually try to rotate different products in, but mostly I just don’t give myself enough time to think about switching it up or using an actual eye palette before work. And on the weekends, unless I have a reason to go *out*, I don’t typically wear makeup (for the grocery store, etc.). I need to use the makeup I buy, especially the eye palettes and lipsticks (bases and blushes are easier for me to go through – but I still have a lot!).

Sandra Avatar

I have a really bad habit of unintentionally doing that. I buy stuff for date night and never make it out. I love pretty packaging but I will use it….once or twice. I do get bored quickly though. One good thing gets replaced by another something that is even better and one winds up with a pretty bad graveyard. I just need to wear it more often. I guess that an early New Years resolution.

Bibi Avatar

Yes, unfortunately I have bought makeup that I never wear. Usually it’s a color I want to try but when I actually wear it, it just doesn’t ‘pan out’. (Pun intended). Stila’s Baked Eye Shadow trio in bronze looked gorgeous in the pan but was rather wan & unflattering on me.
I also have products I bought because of the hype (ie Nars Orgasm blush) that just didn’t work as well as I had hoped- anything coral, orange, yellow, brown, or too gold just does not look good on me. Only pinks, mauves, rose, & plums look good on me.
I’ve also bought products that some of my girlfriends were selling (Younique, D’Nature) just to be nice that I haven’t been too pleased with.
If I don’t wear something for a year I usually give it to one of my teenaged nieces whom are deep toned in complexion & can wear any color.

Susan Avatar

Repurchased makeup, tried and disliked it. Luckily, I have a 21 yr old granddaughter who likes what I don’t. She is happy to have it.. occasionally I will return a makeup set that just doesn’t work for me. I am honest with my reason for return and absorb whatever costs I owe. I don’t buy products to save for their presentation but can understand the temptation.

Char Avatar

Yesss, honey. Guilty as charged. I was advised not open and swatch immediately unless it’s a product that will be used right away because of product breakdown. So, yes, sometim

Ellen Avatar

Only by accident, as in, I’ll buy some makeup and never use it because it turns out to be rubbish/bad product. Or if I buy the wrong colour. I do have a bad habit of getting over-excited by bright lipsticks….then every time I actually go to wear them I chicken out. Nars satin lip pencil in Yu is the latest example. I love it but have never actually worn it outside of the house!

Freya Avatar

I intend to use everything I buy but since the whole makeup scene blew up & there’s so many stunning new releases practically every day so I do have an embarrassing amount of cosmetics & skincare products that are just sitting here untouched. Sometimes I don’t even get around to swatching the new makeup I buy! Last summer I started slowing down on my makeup purchases after I came to the realization that I’d run out of room. I’m still tempted to buy every beautiful new item but I ask myself “do I really need this? “How many do u have that are similar to this? “Where are u gonna put it?”. 9 times out of 10 I realize that I don’t actually need it & about 6 times out of 10 I’m successful in not buying the new object of my affection :).

One thing that has been bothering me about the whole influx of makeup postings on social media (Instagram), specifically MOTD posts. I’ll be scrolling thru my IG feed when I come across a post showing various makeup products & beauty tools & in the description it’ll say something like “Today’s makeup! My makeup mess! #motd” but when u look closely at the makeup, specifically powder products & lipstick, & everything is completely untouched! The eyeshadow/blush/contour palette/highlighter hasn’t even been swatched let alone had a brush in it & the brushes &/or beauty blender looks brand new! Everything is pristine! I also see this a lot in reviews, unboxings & haul posts where the person posts a pic of a product or makeup brushes & says “I’m loving my new _____!!! OMG! _____ is AMAZING! Been using it all week!”. Unfortunately the product in question looks brand new. I just saw a post like this in reference to new makeup brushes that looked straight out of the packaging.

MissJae1908 Avatar

That happened a lot when I first got into makeup. I felt like I needed to buy all the hot new items and I bought into the hype. Now a days, I research a product to death before I buy it. I also check my stash and look for possible dupes. If I find that the product is too similar to a product I already own, I will return the new product. This especially happens when it comes to palettes. Everything is so customizable now that it takes a lot for pre-made palettes to impress me. If there isn’t a transition shade in the palette for my skin tone, I’m probably not gonna buy it.

Marta Avatar

I get makeup I intend not to use for some time. For example last month i got two Sleek Eye & Cheek palettes because they were half price and I love the travel friendly idea. I know they will probably wait till next summer. I COULD use them, but I do not NEED to use them now and I think that if I spoil their newness, the due date will kind of start ticking.
Same is if I buy things because they are LE or being discontinued. I know I do not need them now, so they wait for their turn. The only problem is if before they get their turn, I find a better product.
I also have a few things I kept repurchasing but just stopped using them and have unpacked backups. Recently I gave my sister three colors of unused Rimmel Stay Mattes (three because I kept rotating between colors as the seasons went by but now I prefer transparent)

miekogirlie Avatar

sadly yes… i purchased a LE burberry blush but when i realized it had an overspray i havent even swatched it! 🙁 along with the chantecaille elephant blush…i will one day!

Leah Avatar

I would never buy something just for collection purposes (I think makeup collections are dumb), but I did buy the Hourglass Ambient Light Palette months ago and I haven’t touched it. I’m so afraid of not liking it. I watched all these youtube videos that described it as being good for an all-over glow, but then when I was just in Sephora a couple weeks ago and asked a sales girl about it, she said “no, they’re highlighting powders, it’s not a setting powder.” So now I’m confused.

Lindsay Avatar

Unfortunately yes but it’s only because I come to find that I am sensitive to the product/s I usually end up giving that stuff away! A couple of times I bought lipsticks that didn’t look so great on me with my skin tone so I gave those away as well but yeah it’s usually because I have a bad reaction to something that I don’t end up using it

HeavyMetalJess Avatar

Sometimes. It’s always sad when I do and I tend to keep it around for a couple years to see if I’ll change my mind and then pass it on to a friend.

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