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Since I’ll want time to get ready (makeup/hair) before the actual event, I’ll probably do my nails the day/night before. This works well for me because I’m not the neatest nail painter, so the polish I got around my nails will come off in the shower on the big day.
I pretty much always have my nails done. I’m a nail polish junkie!

I do the same:D and totally agree with “will come off in the shower on the big day” and also consider myself a nail polish junkie 😛

Not for a night out, but I will change to a fun, possibly sparkly, nail polish for holidays, like Christmas and New Years!

I use Gelish nail polish. Keeping my hands nice is important to me, so I wanted to keep my polish routine easy, but high-quality. I can use my hands, avoid chips and everything stays go out-ready.

I always do my nails myself. I am good at it, and no one really stops and grabs my hands to examine my nails.

I have really good news! I have been accepted to Columbia University! *dances a jig*

My nails are always painted, so I like to match them with my make up or clothes for a special occasion. So yes, it’s like a habit.

Usually, it is rare if I don’t! If I have time for nothing else, then I do a top coat to give them a gloss. I tend to paint them the evening before or in the morning but end up taking it off the next day if it was a night out due to drunken chipping! >.< No matter how good the polish and top coat, chipping does tend to occur when I go out.

For a big event, always! I love to have my outift, my hair, my makeup, jewellery and nails all figured out a few days before. For a night out, I try to put on a complete new manicure, but most of the time I run out of time 🙁

I try to do my nails the day before, since I always need ages for my hair on the day of.

I do my nails every few days, so anyways I’m used to doing them big event or not. If there is a special occasion, though, I will probably take a little longer to do a full-on manicure.

On the contrary, nails are the first thing that I do before an important event! It’s a real ritual for me, I have to have my finger and toe nails perfectly ready, even if I’m planning to wear closed shoes or gloves lol And I usually choose a dark-vampy red, I find it so edgy and elegant and it goes with everything!

I always plan to, but it never really seems to work out that way. Knowing my planning skills, I’ll probably have chipped blue nail polish on for my wedding.

Yes definitely, that’s actually th most important thing for me, I’d hate to go out with chipped nail polish, that ruins the whole appearance.

Yes, definitely!! I would’t be able to feel ok with myself with bad nails. I know I do it more for me than for others but I actually feel that, even though my hair and makeup are perfect, without beautiful nails I’m incomplete.

I never do my nails during regular time. I work at a job where we can’t wear nail polish at all so the only time I do my nails is for special events. I try to do them the day before so I’m not dealing with wet nails when I’m getting ready.

I will always do my nails for a big event or even just a night out. I will usually do them the night before just before I go to bed. I think people always notice if you have got nice nails…it’s always something that I notice about other people.

I usually do my nails for both, just because I love an excuse to change my polish. I’m almost always got polish on, so I just make sure my mani is holding up well for events.

I always have my nails done anyway so I never need to worry but I don’t think people really pay attention to them. I dont tend to change my make up I like to stick to cat eyes with liquid liner which is quick and simple I don’t like wearing lots of eyeshadow so I’m more interested in how my nails look

My nails are always painted. I am a bit obsessed with nail polish and I change my polish almost every 2 days… not kidding! But I make sure to always paint my nails the night before a big party/event, its so routine to me now.

My hands/nails are a mess from work, so when I go out, I cheat and use french-tipped press ons. lol

If I have my act together then I do. If I don’t then, well, I don’t 🙂 I try to at least put *something* like a nude or sheer colour, or even just a top coat- I work more events than I attend, so for me it’s tricky because my nails only last 5 minutes into lugging this or washing that :/

i paint my own nails/toenails once a week in crazy colors (right now deep turquise with bright teal duochrome shimmer on top). i never go a single day without polish as i feel women’s hands/feet just look like men’s if there’s no polish (gross!). polish-less nails on any woman is one of my pet peeves. LOL

I do my nails every other day! But I always do something special for an event or occasion. I’m a nail polish addict and love it all!!!

LOL Hell, I do my nails to go to the market!! I have a huge nail polish fetish and do my nails for just about everything.

Always! Back when I used to play bass (yes.guitar and upright) I was soooo vain about having long (real not acrylics) fingernails and prided myself that even with long nails that I could play better and faster than any other guy. Of couse, 10 to 20 years ago when I “performed” regularly before nail hardners and stuff..haha..I used to PILE on the polish! we’re talking like 15 to 20 coats! SERIOUSLY! So had had to start 2 or 3 days ahead of the “event” sit away from any fans (no airbubbles..as if anyone is going to SEE them..but I saw them!!) And do 1 coat, wait 15 min, then another coat, put my hands in icewater and then another coat put in icewater for the rest of the night..then the NEXT night start all over..and PRAY I didn’t get the infamous “sheet marks” worse yet SHEET MARKS W/AIR BUBBLES! AHH..THOSE WERE THE OCD days..but now..with polishes like RBL, Zoya (it doesn’t hold up AS well when I use my Fender Jazz bass) and Lippmann’s polish. Totally anxious to try Nufu holographic polish (Christine..could you review this one and also Glitter Gal..I heard such good things about them..but s/h from AUSTRAILIA for glitter gal..is 25.00!!! ahhh!). Feet are also a must! But they last WAY longer than nails! I know..sorry TMI!

I do them about a day before even if it means fixing one the day of. I usually don’t want to worry about doing them, the dry time and all the same day as a big event…but yes, I do think about my nails before a big event. If I have a shade on already that is appropriate and will do, I just put a new coat and new topper over it and go with that.

Nails are the icing on the cake for me. I try to do a polish that complements my outfit. If I’m in a mad rush, I’ll still do a color close to my skin tone that I don’t have to be too careful about. Polished toes are an absolute must over nails, though.

If my nails are not painted then I will do them a day before the event but recently my nails have been always painted so I dont have to really think about it much anymore

My nails are always painted. So of course for a big event they’re done, usually the day before to ensure I can take my time and do something extra special with them.

Around family and friends I’m known for wearing all sorts of nail polish, that’s what everybody notices and comments on. I know people respond in a positive manner to well-kempt hair and make-up and appreciate it but nails have become my first priority. Second is make-up, third is hair.

Yes, actually! I’ll either get them done the day of/before at the nail salon across from work, or do them quickly myself. I own lots of very fast-drying polishes, so usually it’s pretty quick for me. If they’re not polished, I make sure they’re trimmed and buffed perfectly!

Always! I try to do them the morning of or the day before so I can be sure all the excess has peeled off my cuticles by then.

I love sparkly nails, but sparkly nail polish takes FOREVER to remove! So, I usually stick to a dark color. I love deep purples and sometimes I will wear a black polish. Lately, I have been painting all of my nails black EXCEPT for my pinky and pointer finger. Those I paint a different color, like red or a bright pink. Once again, the inspiration is from Pretty Little Liars — I call it my “Hanna Marin Manicure.” It’s something different and fun. The Sally Hansen Nail Polish Strips are also a must have. I love them for both my hands AND my feet!

i agree one hundred per cent.. i always try to but rarely end up actually painting them because im usually taking my time with my makeup application then wind up being short for time!

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