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Sometimes I do, but it’s not usually borne out of a motivation to make it last longer!  More often, I do it to change up the color of the eyeliner or to give it a gentle fade/smudge by using something in a similar shade.  On rare occasions, usually with the water line, I’ve used a similar-colored powder to set.

— Christine

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We hope you'll consider supporting Temptalia by shopping through our links below. Thanks!


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Yes, I use either a matching eyeshadow or a translucent powder to set it. I prefer matching eyeshadow to deepen the look, which can be blended out as necessary. 

Yeah, I always set pencil or gel with powder shadow! I have crazy oily lids, so I always set pencil or gel liner with powder. I also do this to soften the line. Unless it’s a really thin line, a non-smudged line just looks a little to harsh on my smaller eye shape.

I will occasionally set pencil on my lashline if I feel like it’s likely to crease or fade throughout the day – say if it’s too creamy, or if for reason, I have a hard time getting the right shape with the pencil itself, I fix it with powder (i.e.: a cat-eye wing). I usually don’t set my waterline unless I want it to stay on all day, but I do sometimes use powder instead of a pencil on the waterline because most powders don’t bother my eyes (at least if it’s a pressed shadow) and I have more eyeshadow colors to play around with 😛

no eyeliner i’ve used lasts more than 1 h on my waterline 🙁 it just fades and smudges on the edges, with or w/o shadow…guess there’s smth wrong with me
i rarely apply eyeliner on my lower lashline, i rather apply eye shadow there

Very rarely. I use Gosh velvet liners or pencils from Lise Watier and they all wear so well that they don’t need to be set. If I use my UD 24/7 liners, I do set those as I find they really require it, so I’ll use shadow (sometimes something with a bit of glitter if the liner is matte), pressed in with a smudger brush but this is only rarely.

I set it with shadow to intensify the color or if it’s on the upper lash line and it’s smudges easily because of my hooded eyes I’ll end up with a weird line on the eye socket. 

I systematically go over the pencil liner (I only use it on my lower lash line) because I want the line to look softer. It’s also a great way to play with colors. MOST pencil liners I’ve tried smudge a tiny bit on the outer corners towards the end of the day even when I go over them with some eyeshadow, but it’s really not bad so I don’t specifically do it for that reason.

I have oily eyelids and dry skin, go figure so I usually use a similar shade of eyeshadow to set and soften the overall line.  Right now my favourite liner/shadow combination is the Guerlain kajal bleu pencil with Nars Daphne on top.  The kajal pencil holds fairly well on it’s own and I love the colour, but Daphne applied with an eyeliner brush on top really gives it even more of a kick and makes it last longer for my yucky eyelids.

I usually set my eyeliner with eyeshadow.  I do this with both gel and pencil liners – a lot of the pencils I use are quite creamy!
I find that it’s especially important on the waterline – it really helps it last.

I don’t find putting eyeshadow over a pencil is an effective way to make it last.  Since I have hooded eyes, putting eyeshadow over the eyeliner results in the powder transferring to the upper lid.  I usually just use a waterproof pencil.  

I’ve always put my eyeliner on after my powder eyeshadow, so in most cases, I find this too be sufficient. The only exception I’ve found is with UD pencils, so I just use those as bases when I want to use shadow as a liner, since they’re so greasy & don’t tend to hold up on their own. As far as my waterline, I find L’Oreal & Lancome are the only ones that seem to work, and I would never even consider placing any powder there. I usually use liquid or cake liner on my upper lid, anyway.

I do sometimes, but I find it doesn’t make much of a difference due to how hooded and deep set my eyes are.  Creasing is just inevitable, especially in the corners.  (Even gel liner will smudge onto my upper brow if I don’t make the line thin enough.)  Usually with pencil liner, I’ll go over it with a black shadow.  For gel liner, I’ll sometimes smooth over the main line with a liquid.  Liquid liner is the only one I can generally wear without altering it with something else.

If its a black eyeliner, I’ll set it with Carbon or Typographic eyeshadow, makes a big difference

I set it sometimes with a powder, but it’s because I want to change the color of my eyeliner a little bit to customize it to my look.  

i have super oily eyes, so i dust translucent powder where eyeliner would normally end up by the end of the day – not over the eyeliner itself. it helps immensely – smudges don’t want to go there. eventually, eyeliner kind of collects at the corners, but even that’s not as soon or as bad as it would normally be. since i started doing this, i never worry about the the smudge-related properties of my actual eyeliner anymore. i just wear anything. and once in a while i just forget to use the powder and the results are horrific.

Always.  Must for my oily lids, even with my trusty UD 24/7 Eyeliner, I set with a matching-coloured eyeshadow.  Unlike you, Christine, it really is for staying power!

I use a beige eyeliner pencil..LA Girl Sandy, or a light color or ugly matte color (Rimmel is good for these) I wouldn’t buy a special 28 dollar Chanel pencil, but a cheap or light pencil, that you may already own in your collection will surprisingly do the trick..I also think eye primers are overrated.. I tried the Loreal one and it smelled like paint thinner..I use some covergirl foundation on my eyelids and let it set for 2 to 5 minutes and it does the tricl.

when I’m really in the mood for it ..I normally set it with a similar colored eyeshadow.

I use Milani eyeliner in black on my waterline, that works pretty well for me! If I’m doing a smokey eye, or some look where I’m brining my liner along my lower lash line, I’ll actually use a bit of eyeshadow primer and put black eyeshadow over the eyeliner. It’s a much softer look and easier to blend out. After hours of wear, I don’t look like a sweaty raccoon! :]

susannah i just warm up the pencil with a lighter,hold on a cople of second and wow,all day long!

The only time I don’t use eyeshadow to set eyeliner is when I use liquid liner. I have a couple different eyeliner brushes. A stiff angled brush for when I don’t want to smudge, a pencil brush for smudging and smoking out, and a eyeliner “pusher” brush the Mac 214 brush.

What ever color pencil liner you are using try using a similar color eyeshadow to set the liner. Once the pencil is applied, take a liner brush and gently press the shadow onto the liner.

I do sometimes use 1) IT Cosmetics By By Pores Powder to set my liner on the bottom and my ‘wings on the upper lid. 2) I use Laura Geller’s Baked Vanilla to set the area just under where I have put my lower liner as that seems to put a barrier to keep my  lower liner from traveling. 3) Depends what liner I use on the bottom – sometimes I will put a 2nd color over some of them that I know tend to ‘travel.’ 4) I have the UD spray product – the one for non oily (there is another formula for oily) that is called I think All-Nighter. it’s supposed to set your eye makeup or all your makeup –  this product does not really seem to do much IMO.

I use bareMinerals i.d. Weather Anything Liner Sealer – even on my waterline.  It’s the only thing that consistently works for me.

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