Do you consider makeup a hobby?

I don’t really have many hobbies these days, so in a way, yes, I do, but on the other hand, 95% of the time I’m doing something with makeup it is for the blog, which is technically work. I feel like if I wasn’t blogging, I would still play with makeup a lot, so I think it is safe to say it is a hobby for me!

— Christine


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Kuávsui Avatar

Sort of. I don’t wear makeup every single day, and I have a basic everyday routine that I’m happy with for when I do wear makeup to work, meetings etc, but I still like to read blogs and watch videos for tips on how to do makeup and reviews if I’m in the market for something new. Lately it’s been more about how to get the most out of what I already have than looking for new things.

Mariella Avatar

Kuavsui, I need to adopt a bit more of your attitude/approach – getting more out of what I already have. It’s hard sometimes, to reign myself in when I see lovely new things here at Temptalia or when I watch youtube videos and am left feeling I need to “buy, buy, buy”.

Mariella Avatar

I guess it must be, since I have waaay more makeup than I need to face the world with a presentable type of face (meaning finished, polished and like I’ve taken some care with myself; this is no slight against those who are happy to face the world “bare faced”) so it must mean that it’s an interest or a hobby (otherwise, I might have to call it an obsession).

AJ Avatar

Yes! I’m definitely not some sort of professional, but I’m more interested in and dedicated to it than someone who just sees it as part of their daily routine. I enjoy the creative aspects of it, both on my side (the creativity of coming up with looks) and the brands’ side (the creativity of curating collections and designing packages and occasionally innovating whole new kinds of products.

Heather Avatar

I feel like makeup is my hobby, but not in the “playing with makeup” sense at the moment — I don’t have much time to apply makeup, so I view it as a tool at best (albeit a purely optional one).

But even though my life is too busy to *physically* play with my makeup, keeping in touch with the beauty community makes it feel like it’s still my hobby (if that makes sense). I can’t apply eyeshadow at my work desk, but I can still stay on top of new releases, listen to others’ opinions and experiences with their beauty purchases, and fantasize about what combinations I’d like to try when I get the chance. 🙂

Charlie Avatar

I think a hobby only counts as a hobby if you do it for yourself. There’s a lot of pressure on women to wear foundation and mascara to be treated as people in today’s society and a bare face or outrageous colors are frowned upon. So, I think makeup for me (and a lot of others) was obligation and a chore to make myself more palatable for others, but since I’ve stepped away from complexion products and worrying about if I look ‘pretty’ or ‘normal’ enough I think my makeup HAS turned into a hobby. Now I wear bright neon colors and ‘weird’ looks just for the fun of it and without worrying what other people think, which makes my makeup more of an art and expression of fun rather than obligation. (And I get a lot of ‘I wish I could wear that!’ compliments and the secret is you can! If you stop viewing yourself as a product for the consumption of others and just do things that look fun and interesting!)

Alecto Avatar

I’d be willing to bet that I have more color cosmetics than most here (not throwing down the gauntlet, just prefacing my next statement), and I’d have to say “no.” This question actually forced me to look up the (or a) definition of “hobby,” as it occurred to me that it likely has a very specific meaning which gets fudged in day-to-day use. The first definition I found was: “an activity done regularly in one’s leisure time for pleasure.” So … no. I’d say I enjoy doing it, but I don’t approach makeup as an end-goal activity (like reading or gardening), but rather as a step in preparing for my day. For me, it’s in the same category of activity as showering, dressing, etc. I’m not in any way saying it’s COMPLETELY necessary to me (after all I HAVE TO do grooming activities for health purposes, and clothing keeps me protected from the elements and out of jail), but it’s as ingrained to my current sense of who I am, such that even if I didn’t enjoy it (perish the thought), I’d still do it to some degree regardless. So … not a hobby, regardless of how much I own or how I use it.

Kitty Avatar

Except for my eyebrows (which need help), I’d say that yes, makeup is a hobby for me. I’m mindful of the fact that I’m getting much older so have perhaps 20 or fewer years left when makeup will still look decent on me, assuming I continue to learn, keep up with trends (although maybe not adopt many of them) and am realistic about what is flattering and what I should give up on or change. Most women my age don’t wear any makeup at all, or just do the bare minimum.

Carla Avatar

Wow, Kitty, I’m 55, and have every intention of wearing makeup well into my 80s, if all goes well. My 80-year-old mother had to give up makeup about a decade ago, because her skin and eyes are irritated by *everything.*
I’m a little hardier than she, so I hope I can keep wearing the stuff for a good while yet. I do plan to adapt products and techniques, though; I don’t expect to sport the same black liquid eyeliner and matte red lipstick I’m wearing today when I’m 85.

Carla Avatar

The dictionary definition of a hobby is “a pursuit outside one’s regular occupation engaged in especially for relaxation.”
That fits my situation/attitude to a degree, but in my case it’s kind of like asking an addict if she considers cocaine a “hobby,” because makeup is something that I will do without only if and unless I am physically restrained, such as the times I’ve been hospitalized for lengthy periods. Even then, it wasn’t long before I was imploring my mother to bring me a few of my lipsticks (at least a pink, a plum, and a red). I’m also not too sure about the “relaxation” part – you should see me when my eyeliner goes on wonky, or my mascara clumps.
But since I don’t earn money by doing anything makeup-related, I guess it can be called my hobby.

CeeBee Avatar

Yes, definitely!

I really enjoy using, wearing and colour matching (or contrasting) makeup. The only other really productive hobby I have is making Swarovski cup chain jewellery, so as lacking in actual artistic skill as I am, these are my creative outlets.

I also cook and read a whole lot but makeup actually motivates me to get out of bed on Monday mornings, so I can play before I go to work!

Deborah S. Avatar

No, and this might be a distinction that not all would agree with but for me it is a form of artistic expression. For most of life, 2-40, I didn’t think I was very artistic and in many ways that was upsetting to me since both of my parents were artistic as is my sister. I mean they did serious art. My brother and I were the odd two out. I couldn’t draw anything, had no colour sense etc. I chose a profession that did not involve any need for artistic expression, nursing. I was 40 when my only child was born and when she was about 3 I went with a friend to a “Creative Memories” scrapbooking class. We were asked to bring 3-5 pictures with us and we would create a 2 page spread. I left that night with a passion for scrapbooking and from that developed a love of mixed media, altered art, creating paper architecture, origami, and the list continues. My sister and I were talking about it when I visited her in Idaho last month and I was surprised when she said that she always thought I was the most artistic one in the family. She made a comment about my love for interior decorating and how she had always envied me my ability to put rooms together, etc.
Anyway, makeup was my earliest expression of art and I started at 13 but didn’t think of it as art until later. Now I know that was the driving force. I needed to express myself in a way that was totally me while living with “artists” who expressed themselves differently.

Maelle Avatar

It used to be a hobby. But since I started to work in the industry of cosmetics, I realized every time I am playing with makeup it’s more for work than for my own “pleasure”. But I am still able to enjoy it from time to time ahah

Jackie Avatar

To me, a hobby is something that I spend a lot of time on because it gives me pleasure. Since I don’t spend that much time on it, I’d say it’s more of an interest for me than a hobby. I enjoy using it, but never feel like I need it. I’m just as comfortable going bare-faced as I am wearing makeup. I like to keep up with new products coming out, like shopping for it, but I don’t watch makeup videos or spend hours playing with it.

BlackOrchid Avatar

Yes, definitely, as collecting things. I have too much of a cosmetic staff to consider it as only useful. I’m especially keen on highlighters. And how many 10g highlighters are u able to use off in your live? Sometimes I even consider myself as a makeup hoarder…

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