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Because I don’t get outrageous with my makeup (no blue, green or black lips, no obviously pencilled and filled and traced brows and no really extreme shadow colours or eye looks generally), I don’t know that I’d consider it a “creative” outlet as much as it’s a relaxing and enjoyable one that allows me to enhance my looks and minimize (rather than obliterate) flaws.

I don’t think a lack of being outrageous is the same as not being creative, so please don’t sell yourself short. Your looks always sound quite pretty to me. I can tell you know makeup, and you know your own style and how to pull it off. That takes its own type of creativity, and experience, to accomplish.

Using crazy colors and styles doesn’t always denote creativity, either. Sometimes people are just being trendy or don’t have a clue what they’re doing (yet).

I guess I think of creativity as “pushing the limits” – I mean, you look at any creative field – music, art, literature – and it’s generally the “innovators” who are considered “creative” (in their days, Dali or Marc Chagall, James Joyce, The Beatles or the first punk rockers, etc.) so I guess I think of makeup creativity in the same way. Your words are so sweet and kind, Rachel, but I don’t think I’m selling myself short. I just look to makeup more as a “happy” outlet than a “creative” one (except, maybe, on Halloween, when I let loose!) I think it must be hard to have a job like Christine’s or some of the makeup artists who have to do new and different and keep changing it up. I remember someone here once saying to Christine that they hoped she sometimes got to wear makeup that she liked just for herself, rather than for testing purposes and for this site. As much as I enjoy makeup, I know I wouldn’t like having to wear a certain look because I worked for Sephora or a makeup company and had to wear what they were “pushing” that month.

Definitely! It takes true artistry to do a great makeup look. I am involved in many creative endeavors, from music to visual art, but makeup is one of my favorites. And I love that it’s so temporary (in this new world of constant selfie-taking, I am very camera-shy, so when I wash off my makeup, that look is gone).

Absolutely, I think makeup is a beautiful thing for that reason. So many people have misconceptions about makeup but I liken makeup to being an artist or painter. Sometimes I see eyeshadow looks that I can’t help but stare at for the longest time because they are like works of art. Also, creating new features on your face by adding ‘shadows’ is pretty amazing to me.

That’s an affirmative, ? YES! And the only one left that I still actively use as such. When I was child and young adult, I was considered (by others) to be an art “prodigy”. However, the intense pressure coming from my parents and academia shut me down and turned me off. There was still my dancing and creative writing, so I still had a steady outlet. Love for getting creative with makeup became an addition to that during my late teens and especially during my 80’s early 20’s. Dance no longer springs so effortlessly through my body. Lyrics no longer pop up into my head resulting in picking up a pen and writing on whatever happens to be available. There is still makeup, though!

I believe it. I’m betting you were good at painting. Just that quick consult video-call with you over my problems with the Dominique Lemonade palette helped so much. I used the kind of brushes you recommended, plus some sponge-tipped applicators, and it’s like a whole different palette. You must have been an awesome MUA back when you worked for MAC.

I’m just glad I was able to help you out with that somewhat finicky shimmer formula in Lemonade, Rachel! Actually didn’t do as much in the way of *true* painting as I did drawing, sketching and using pastel mediums or watercolor. Did do house painting, though! As for whether I was a great MUA, not so much on others, but I tried. Not MAC, but a makeup company that I do believe may have been acquired by them: Jean Pierre Cosmetique based in Toronto, Canada. I only believe this is possible based on the uncanny amount of exact replicas of JPC shades of e/s and the more extensive shade range of foundation shades than commonly seen in the late 80’s.

Not really.

I mean, I love it and enjoy applying it but I tend to stick to the same “look” with different variations of shades. If you asked people I work with, they’d probably tell you I look pretty much the same every day – I don’t contour or use wild shades, I don’t change my brow shape or line my lips and my makeup generally takes 20 minutes to complete to go to whoa. I like experimenting with colour transitions and different finishes and textures to a certain extent but I think my jewellery making is far more creative (and visible/tangible to other folks) – and even then, I’m not actually designing anything, it’s just putting different colours together in a pre-made base… I don’t consider myself a creative person at all, actually. And that’s not a bad thing – I’m a very practical person, I work in science and I can appreciate art, music and other creative endeavors but I have no particular talent for it myself.

Practicality and an artistic sense work very well together. I once saw an exhibit of watercolors done by a surgeon who went from not doing art to very skilled and well-regarded in no time, and he stated that he believed his profession gave him a big advantage; what worked well for him as a surgeon worked well for him as an artist: attention to detail, strong problem-solving, patience, etc. I was very impressed.

Absolutely I do! I love how you can create different looks by using the many colours and shades available now. Without being outrageous, you can still be creative and use makeup to accentuate your features. I love it.

I do! It amazes me that a young person can be made to look 100 yrs old and and elderly person can take years off with the right techniques. I really wish makeup artist jobs were available in the late 60’s. I would have signed on.
As far as real life makeup goes, we are able to use all the colors in nature and some that aren’t to create whatever look is desired. Magic!

Yes! That’s mainly what makeup is to me. It’s not about looking “pretty” for other people (using their standards), just me being happy with what I’ve done.

In my minimal ways is a yes! I’m no expert at it and am fair skinned so I apply a bit of everything and everything I blend, blend but I like my own results and do it mainly for myself. I really enjoy just to be able to choose different lipsticks, blush, eyeshadows, eyeliner and highliter. One other area I enjoy getting artsy with is with gardening love it also it is my favorite hubby besides walking/running long distances.

I it’s the one artistic, creative outlet I have right now. I think of it as a performance art, no on-lookers but in the evening it’s gone forever. I don’t know it this makes any sense at all, to me it does though.
I have so often tried to get people, mostly men, to understand that makeup isn’t just about making myself look better, prettier, more glamorous or a way to fool men to believe I’m actually pretty. For me makeup is about the surrounding things (clothes, accessories hair and also the nature and mostly how I feel).
I can’t paint or draw, but I can mix and blend eye shadows.

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