Do you compliment others on their makeup?

Absolutely! In general, if I notice something nice about someone, I try to let them know, whether their attitude, what they’re wearing, makeup, hair, etc.

— Christine
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I always seem to give a compliment on specific parts of their makeup, ie “I love that lip color or highlight”, even if I’m talking with a makeup SA I always point to something specific I like. However I always receive more general compliments, like “wow you look pretty” or “I love your hair”, and I have to say I really like the more general compliment. I feel like I should give the general, sense I like those, but for some reason they make me uncomfortable to just say someone is pretty—like that’s more acceptable in older people but not younger (I’m early 30s but look very young, in fact was told 2x this summer I look 18, hehe).

Specific compliments seem much more genuine and nice to me, not only related to make-up. It’s something more special when a specific lip color, blush, hairstyle, fashion piece pops out to a person. Someone once approached me once for my water bottle, and I found it oddly nicer than getting a general “wow you look pretty” (even if the two things are completely unrelated).

I think it’s about people seeing the small details… we’re all in such a rush, looking superficially at everything… that sometimes is refreshing to see that others take time to notice small details.

Yes! Makeup, hair, shoes, clothing, smile…whatever it is that catches my eye. A compliment from a stranger could be the one bright spot in their day.

I want to, but my social phobia makes it extraordinarily difficult to do simple things like compliment strangers. I know how a genuine compliment can brighten someone’s day, so I keep working through my anxieties until one day I can actually say something like “wow, your highlight looks amazing!” without feeling terror.

Sometimes I want to give someone a compliment on their makeup, hair, or clothes, but feel too shy. But I force myself and it’s always met with a smile. Try it in an easy, obvious setting, like if you’re at a makeup counter, tell the sales associate you love her lipstick.

Unfortunately, I’m quite bad at complimenting others on make-up (even when something looks amazing). It’s a combination of me being shy, introvert, overthinking that people don’t like to be approached / bothered, the fear of getting a bad / weird reaction, etc.
I actually feel more comfortable to compliment the make-up of someone working in a beauty counter, like a Sephora or MAC employee… I do that quite often. Someone random on the streets or a coworker I don’t know that well… 99% changes the compliment will be made only in my head.

That makes complete sense to me. People CAN give weird reactions to compliments so waiting for the right context sounds right. I probably wouldn’t randomly approach someone but if I was stuck in line at checkout and some person next to me looked great, I might say something.

Yep, I sure do! Whenever I see that someone did a really beautiful job of color pairing and/or application, I appreciate their work and let them know it. This IS art. I know that my snobby, houty-touty artist bio-mother disagrees with me on this and finds it laughable. However, I stand by this, that makeup artistry is truly an art form and SHOULD be recognized as such!

Speaking as an artist, your bio-mother needs to pull the stick out; that kind of reaction is generally seen in people who are desperate to feel like what they do is special, and they usually run down others in order to achieve that feeling. Sorry if I’m being rude, but the fine art world is full of people who claim that their art is somehow more *real* than everyone else’s, and worlds removed from anything “non-artists” (or, ugh CRAFTSMEN, harrumph) do, and it’s like poking the bear every time someone does it in front of me. Grrrrrr …

There’s definitely artistry in makeup; professional stage and screen makeup artists actually have it in their title! Ridiculous to think otherwise.

No, you’re not being rude at all, Alecto! She actually mocked my daughter working as a MUA for a short while at Sephora. My daughter (her biological granddaughter) has some seriously mad skills with makeup artistry! I agree with your assessment of my birth mother. She is someone who does feel that need to step on other people’s dreams and visions in order to make herself feel like somebody. I wouldn’t trade places with her, as it must be lonely in her rarified airs.

I do if I have the opportunity. I wouldn’t randomly approach someone and say something, as I would find it extremely awkward and out of my comfort zone. However, for example if I was in a store, and the person helping me had on makeup (or article of clothing, ect.) that I liked, I would definitely compliment them. I know it certainly does feel good to be complimented, it really can make your whole day!

I used to do it more, but I notice that I tend to comment less on peoples’ appearance these days unless they are beauty bloggers. I more likely comment when someone is just glowing with confidence in their whole look 🙂 Maybe twice a year, I may comment specifically on a really striking or eye-catching color.

Yes, always. I like to receive compliments on my makeup so it is important that I reciprocate. I tend to give specific compliments and usually appreciate specific compliments more because I generally feel that the person has actually noticed that feature rather than just giving a blanket statement that sometimes comes off as, “I feel like I should compliment you”, rather than actually noticing something. Just the other day, while eating at a restaurant, a woman stopped at our booth and told me that I have beautiful skin. I appreciate that so much more than, “You look nice today.”

Yes I do! I know I love getting compliments now that I’m much older, but have always appreciated getting them. I know others feel the same and with makeup or fashion, there’s so much choice and opportunity to show one’s personality that I want to compliment anyone who’s done a great job.

Always, and usually for something specific. But the question made me think of something from day job, with developmentally disabled adults. One of the site managers suggested (for a communication objective) that X person say Y# positive things about the program/their lives. That became give Z# compliments per day. Being beyond cynical, I thought what crap! But the fact is that it makes the positive statement/ compliment giver feel better about themselves and really boosts the mood. In addition to how good it makes the complimented person feel. My retail job at night reminds me that people are never nice enough to one another.

I do, but not very often, since I don’t see a lot of makeup-wearing people in my day-to-day life (my day job is in the construction field). I saw someone about a month ago that I desperately wanted to compliment on her glowing pale lavender duochrome highlighter (with black hair and moon pale skin — stunning!), but it was an odd situation … she was quietly pouring in a crowded wine tasting room, and the people around us had that “pinky out” attitude that you see much too much of in such scenarios, so I wasn’t sure she’d appreciate having attention drawn to her.

I have a thank-you card put aside that I’ve been meaning to send her (because she recommended another winery to us for a specific type of wine that hers doesn’t carry, and it turned out to be great!) — I think I’ll add an appreciatory comment about the highlighter she wore that day. 🙂

Yh because I know how nice it is to receive sincere compliments from other girls! I do it for clothes, hair and nails too, mostly when it’s a bit more unique or different not really classic beauty. I like to think that will be nice motivation to keep being creative. Although I usually just say it to shop staff or people i had another reason to talk too, although I’ve complimented girls on the tube and stuff too.

Yes I do – when it’s appropriate. Last week when I was in our local supermarket, one of the staff had done a really beautiful eye look, quite skilfully done too, featuring a mid tone red shade and with the rest of the colours used, it looked lovely. And I told her so. She was quite thrilled that someone had noticed and complimented her.
In the same vein, when I was getting my glasses adjusted a couple of days ago, the staff member commented on my lovely eyeshadow – which was Guerlain’s Les Gris. It is beautiful and I have hit pan on that perfect silvery blue shade.

I used to work in retail so I used to see many different people (and makeup looks). One day a customer came to my register. She had the most incredible eyes–light grey/green. She was wearing a blend of different shades of purple eyeshadow and the combination just made her eyes so alluring. I couldn’t help but compliment her.

Also, I love perfume so I always compliment someone when she/he smells nice. Once I was at Carter’s shopping for my boys and the sales associate had a lovely perfume. It turned out to be something by Estee that smelled blah on me. I also had a new mini bottle of it at home. So on my next trip to the store, I gave her the mini bottle. She was very surprised!

Yes, all the time. I appreciate when people let me see their creativity and aesthetic sense – it makes people watching so much more interesting, and I want to encourage the effort. Also I feel a connection, because we share a sensibility…whatever it is that make-up lovers have in common underneath the makeup itself. I’ve never gotten a negative response, and it feels great to give that gift of noticing and appreciating.

this is something about North America that I dearly miss!! The genuine niceness of people.
I live in Germany now. You can ask a stranger for direction or help, they will always help you! But giving a stranger compliments is received at best with a formal and distant thank you. At worst, it is received with an odd look that suggests you’re a creep. so only compliments for my friends!

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