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I’ve always been one to wear makeup based upon the situation/event. My day to day makeup is pretty simple (Most often, it’s just base makeup, blush, lots of mascara, maybe some liner, and some kind of lip product.). Sometimes I wear less, and sometimes more. Usually when I visit extended family, it’s for a holiday or some kind of celebration, so I actually end up wearing more than my usual everyday look. If I’m just hanging out then I’ll wear pretty much whatever I already have applied. I don’t take it too seriously; I wear makeup based upon what I’m comfortable with/feel like doing for any given occasion.

Not as much as I used too. When I was in my early 20’s I favored much bold/dramatic looks. Now on my early 30’s I like color but in a more demure way, if that makes sense.

No, not really. It really comes down to what we’re doing, where we’re going, etc. My family has no real opinion on my makeup, but as I’ve stated before, I prefer to dress according to my environment. What I wear to a concert will differ from what I wear to the theatre, which will differ from what I wear to run errands, or go to work. I think if I wore something outlandish for a conservative outing, my family (or friends) might have an issue with it, but only because it would be inappropriate.

No. I tend to go for a neutral cat eye look with bold red orange lips or standout eyes. Where I’m living now, it isn’t unusual to see people made up to any degree. Back home though, I get a lot of looks on even the tamest days. I guess it’s not really done in kind of rural Maine. So when my mom sees me, she feels free to comment on whether she likes my lipstick or the exact flick of my eye makeup. I figure that it’s my makeup, and my family should be okay with it. Thankfully, my dad doesn’t care. My grandmother even asks for advice!

Generally, I also wear less makeup when going to see family. When I was in late middle school and beginning to wear makeup, I’d try to wear just enough to look older, but not enough to where it was noticeable and at risk to be brought up in conversation. I didn’t want my grandmother asking me why I was wearing makeup at a young age, but I wanted to appear older as well. Now that I’m not living on my own I try to wear my makeup more edgy, since I’m not embarrassed by talking makeup with my grandma; but I also keep it toned down so I don’t look like a clown. I’m a model and I’ve become accustomed to wearing all different styles of makeup. I enjoy incorporating different styles to mix up my personal style.

No. Why should it be different? I have to have a “professional look” for work. If people dont like what I wear, “tough”. In fact, I might wear wackier makeup because I cannot wear it at work.

I usually wear the same amount. I love my makeup, so I try to use all different shades. The only time I tone it down is during holidays or special events where proper looks are needed.

I generally prefer a very classic, utilitarian look anyway, so its rare that my makeup actually offends people – and if it does, its usually someone who is a little bit off balance anyway. I think that out of respect for some of my family members, I’ll gladly favour a fresher, more understated look and not pull out the red lips or dramatic winged liner so much around them unless its an evening event, but in general I think that my family respects me enough to let me wear what I want – I think it actually sort of fascinates some of them! My Mother actually considers me pretty tasteful.

There are certain distant relatives of mine, however, who DO have a problem with ANYTHING they think is “glamorous”, so I don’t always feel comfortable looking as I do around them. I might feel a bit tentative getting out the red lips around them, but I guess that my appearance is always too much for them anyway, so their criticisms and comments are just unavoidable. Its not really something I can change!

Not really, it stays pretty much the same. Only difference is when my cousins help me choose colors. Then it’s extremely bright, which is fine with me. xD

It depends, like you. My parents know I’m into crazy makeup sometimes, so I’ll wear whatever with them. With my extended family and my in-laws, I keep it simple.

I generally tone it down when I’m with my parents. My youngest daughter-16-doesn’t like to see me in anything other than very natural makeup. I tend to play it up a little more when I’m with my older daughter and my husband.

If anything I may wear a bit more makeup. I tend to wear little to no eye shadow on average, so if I’m seeing family I may wear a bit more.

Not really. I wear all kinds of makeup looks so I don’t really do anything different I just may be more likely to wear one of my lighter eye looks and more natural lips. But it’s something I would do anyway so I’m not really changing

I always tone it down for my family. I don’t wear heavy makeup usually, but I try to stick to neutrals around them.

I’m more likely to not wear makeup at all with my immediate family, since they don’t care and I’m lazy. Also because seeing my immediate family involves flying cross-country, I pack less makeup to begin with. Extended family…no idea, really. I have a family reunion this summer and I’m not sure what makeup I’m packing for it yet.

No, I don’t change my make up around my family. I usually wear more colors or more eyeshadow if there’s a special event. My daily make up is usually cat eyeliner and I change my lipstick to go with what I’m wearing.

Generally not.

My makeup most days is pretty neutral. Although I wouldn’t wear hot pink eyeshadow (I’m looking at you UD woodstock!) or some bright or unusual lip color if I am seeing my family.

But around my immediate family I wear whatever I want. They are used to some of the more adventurous looks I’ve done!

I go a little more “low key” on my eyeshadow around my family. Usually just a really neutral skin toned color on my lid just to even them out. & then everything else, foundation, concealer, blush, mascara & lipstick/lipstain/lipgloss.

BUT if it’s to go out to a restaurant with the family, I do my makeup all nice; including eyeshadow

I tend to choose my make up based on the occasion and less on the actually people I know I will be seeing. I tend to wear very simplistic make up regularly anyway, so I don’t feel the need to change up the look unless it’s a situation in which I feel like I can go a little outside my comfort zone. My family tends to react in two different ways to my wearing make up no matter what I’m wearing anyway: There are those who feel I’m always “wearing too much” no matter how little I’m wearing, and then there are those who don’t even notice I’m wearing any make up so it doesn’t matter what I have on. LOL

I never wear any make-up around my close family. I just feel it’s … respectful? … to show them the face that I was born with. Not that everyone should feel like that, that’s just how my family goes.

My wear-to-work look is eyeliner and brow powder. On weekends, I love the style and drama of make-up and go nuts 🙂

Maybe around my extended family, I might sometimes wear a little eyeliner or brow powder. I do try to wear more blush / bronzer around some of my extended family to try to keep them from commenting on how pale I am by comparison (I have ‘mixed’ ancestry).

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