Do you change your makeup routine based on the season?

Do you change your makeup routine based on the season? (e.g. switch foundation, colors, etc.)

I do start to use heavier creams/lotions for my skin as the winter season hits, because my skin tends to dry out!

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I hardly ever wear eyeshadow during the summer because its really humid where I live and I just feel gross if i have a lot of makeup on. so once it starts to get cool out i start wearing eyeshadow again

I change my make-up and my skincare routine during seasons.
I work outside at the marketplace, so i have to adept.

When it gets colder, i like wearing a richer cream that still balances oily skin.
I also go for heavier coverage, with a luminater mixed in.
My skin gets all dry and patchy when it freezes outside, the luminizer makes sure i dont look cakey!

In the summer i just need to make sure i dont get oily ande my make-up doesn’t run.
I usually go for an oil-control lotion with SPF.
And i stick to Studio Finish concealer with MSF natural.
When i wanna look dewey i opt for a tinted moisturizer with a ccb in Hush or Pearl on top and set it with a loose powder. For staying power.

Also a regular facial helps to balance out the skintone.
I suggest to buy something high-end or from the cosmetologist (i use Dermalogica) and give yourself a facial every week or so.


I really don’t change too much. I’ll wear dramatic smokey eye makeup year round, day or night. I supposed I change my nail polish up and wear more glittery golds, reds, or green for the Holidays.

i’m from italy. now here on the blog’s the BIO creme are very used.
i use weleda or only karitè 100 % bio. only 7 euro for 100 ml.
karitè can be used in every season.


For my oily summer skin – I use mostly mineral powder foundation & powder blush. For my drier winter skin – I switch it up w/liquid foundation & sometimes cream blush.

i live in the middle east, and honesty there is no weather change what so ever here….. so i would have to say NO…..
Also i’ve had difficulty trying to submit my “todays question” proposal, so i hope its okay that im writing it here…….
What is your go to lipstick, when you really don’t feel like wearing to much makeup on?

I switch my foundation color and kind. During the winter I tend to avoid powder foundations and use cream or mousse instead! For my eyes, I also use darker colors!

I do, I use two lotions in the winter. I also usually use less bright colors in the winter and switch to darker ones. I also have a different foundation in winter because my skin is much lighter.

Well in winter I use more skin moisturising stuff not to let it dry out. As for colors, in spring and summer my eye makeup is more colorful (light blue, green, orange, pink, yellow etc) and in autumn and winter usually monochromatic (grey, brown). And – in summer I use lip gloss and in winter I prefer lipstick because lip gloss tends to freeze when it’s really cold! ^_^

Yes my skin care, and make up change.
My entire skin care will be changed for my drying skin.

And I use warmer fall colors and cool dark bolder winter colors.

I only wear moisturizer in the winter (yes, my skin is really that oily the rest of the year). I tend to wear more dark nail polishes and makeup, but I don’t give up my lights and brights completely.

yes! i start wearing more taupes, darker greens and bronzes for eyes and more berry colors on lips and cheeks; not so much bronzer. i also start wearing darker nailpolish in the fall.

I do the same…I even have my stash in seperate drawers – winter season and summer season

In the summer I wear bright colours or pastels on my nails & Lips also.
In the winter I go to the darker, neutral colours and darkers lips and nails.

Skincare routine changes also…in the summer I am oily and in the winter dry so need to change it up

i do change things. i wear a lighter shade of foundation in the winter and spring. and i try to coordinate e/s colors and lip stuff to the season. at the moment i’m really into neutrals and warm browns. in the winter i try yo include festive colors like forest green, sparkling silver and gold and red into neutral looks and as soon as it gets warmer in spring i use corals more often. summer is the time when i use bold colors that don’t get much use throughout the year. oh, and i coordinate my nails in about the same way, but wear dark polish year round.

Yeah, I wear light to almost no makeup during the hot summer days but I will wear makeup at night, and I wear more makeup during the winter. I wear MAC studio fix powder all year long because it absorbs the oiliness during the summer yet it doesn’t dry out my face in the winter. I also change up my nail polish colors. I tend to wear darker shades in the fall/winter and more brighter shades in the spring and summer.

Oh yes definately. I’ve started using a richer moisturiser and need to be more strict with the use of an eye cream. No more slacking off or I start looking haggard. I’ve changed my makeup from mineral powder foundation to a more creamy foundation (illamasqua works well for me). Eyeshadows and blushes are great to add some ‘life’ and I’m loving a more berry coloured lipstick.
xx Ket

yes I do!
in the fall there isn’t too many changes, maybe I dye my hair dark brown, use warmer colors and more vampy lip shades.

In the winter I switch to creamier moisturizers like superdefense moisturizer by clinique for normal skin. I also use medium to full coverage foundations and more makeup in general.

In the summer and spring its all about light easy breezy makeup, tinted moisturizers, wavy hair and oil free everything. I typically just wear foundation, mascara and blush.

I do. Even though my skin is very oily, during the winter I have to switch to a gentler moisture rich face wash. I also use a heavy cream based moisturizer instead of the lotion i usually use in the summer/spring months. As far as my make-up, I usually wear more in the winter/fall. My eye make-up is heavier in the fall/winter and I use lipstick instead of just the eyeliner, mascara, blush and lipgloss I prefer for spring/summer.

I do change my routine slightly; I wear mineral powder foundation in the summer, because my regular liquid foundation doesn’t do too well in the summer heat, but I go running back to the liquid once it gets colder, since I have such dry skin and I really like the way it looks on me better. I tend to switch from coral blushes in the summer to berry colors in fall and winter, and I also wear darker lipstick through the day in fall and winter, but save it for going out at night during the summer.

I don’t change my skincare routine at all, it’s basically the same all year round. The only changes are my makeup. During the fall I’m heavy on the liner and dark lip colors, and the complete opposite during winter. Light on everything, nude or pink lips and silver on my eyes. Summer pretty much just liner and mascara.

The base always stays the same, but my color pallet shifts with the seasons. I don’t really feel like I can get away with darker lips during summer.

Yes. In summer I really don’t wear makeup, especially not eyeshadow. In winter I also prefer a coral to a rose blush. the former I feel like, in opposition to received wisdom, looks a little cray cray in the summer.

More likely to wear foundation. It feels gross when it’s hot and it’s too heavy. I’m better about using moisturizer. It’s not as oily so that’s good…

Not at all. In San Diego, we don’t really have defined seasons. It’s sunny and warm all year round, so I don’t change my makeup because of the time of year. It’s also nice to not have to buy multiple shades of foundation for different seasons. However I skip makeup if I’m going to the beach, which is a summer thing for me.

Well, I don’t have set products for certain seasons but I guess I tend to go with lighter and brighter colours in spring/summer and deeper, smokier shades in autumn/winter. I never bother with bronzer in the cooler seasons either…
Skincare doesn’t change too much, maybe a lighter moisturizer if it’s really hot and I probably use facemasks a bit more in spring and autumn.

I guess I wear eyeshadow less, and my combination skin sometimes gets dry in places but usually I don’t change my moisturizer since its a balancing moisturizer.

Skincare wise, I use a moisturizing mask once a week, and I usually need to use a heavier lotion on my dry spots. Makeup wise, ntohing really changes too much, but I wear darker colours on my nails. I’m wearing a beautiful dark shimmery dusty indigo/navy colour now, and I love it. Dark nails are really the only reason I like winter.

When I lived in the north, I had to change moisturizers etc, but with Fl.I still battle the sun in winter and humidity. Sometimes the havoc on my skin now is worse than the ice and snow of NH.

I do, but it’s not because of makeup trends or how different colors seem to be used in different seasons. I wear much less makeup in the summer because I live in New Orleans and by July it’s so humid, hot and nasty overall that there is almost no point. Even with the best primers, setting sprays and long-wearing formulas things tend to slip and slide. Colors fade and I think having my eyes all done up when my face is covered in sweat just looks wrong so I wear as little as I can get away with. By this time of year I’m ready to pile on half of what I own every day! I’m so excited to be able to wear what I want again. Yay for Winter in the South!

Yes I do !
In winters I use a tinted moisturizer and creme blushers , I also wear darker colours and ultra creamy lipsticks ( YSL rouge voluptes, MAC’s creme sheens)
While im summer and warmer weather I used powder for a light coverage and barely there eyemakeup , and a matte lipstick under a shimmery gloss

When it comes to color i.e. lipstick, blush, eyeshadow, I wear whatever I damn well please – pretty much whatever I feel like for whatever purpose. I have no concept of what colors are in for what season when it comes to makeup (and come to think of it…clothes too).

Changes in weather tho do force me to change my skincare routine and sometimes the type of foundation I wear. Like in the summer my skin is an oil factory so I use more mineral foundation/tinted moisturizers and lightweight moisturizers. When it gets cold my skin dries up and starts flaking so I use heavier moisturizers and switch to liquid foundations almost 100% of the time. I haven’t had to change foundation colors yet. SPF is a year-round thing for me – that doesn’t change!

I pretty much wear a full face year round. If it is really hot, I will put on a lighter coverage foundation, but I will still wear a ton of eye makeup.

I use heavier creams since my skin tends to become a bit dry. I am also more likely to wear foundation every day during winter. I usually go without during summer. I would also start to whip out more of the heavier, smokier looks.

On summer only use concealer and translucent powder, a very soft e/s, brown liner, mascara,m y NARS Orgasm Blush and Laguna Bronzer. I feel gross using foundations during this season cause it gets very hot where I live.
On my skincare routine I add a light non-oily moisturizer that helps minimizes my pores.

On winter I try to use a very thick moisturizer so my skin doesn’t get flaky and dry, also use face primer and my liquid foundation for more coverage. I get a little heavier on e/s (smokey looks, and lots of purples) my mascara and some a matte soft pink blush

You can still stick to your daily routine but the make-up colors you choose would still depend on the seasons of the year and where you’re heading to so it can be a night party, a casual date, prom, corporate look, etc. It should match your mood and lifestyle as well. Go on and experiment! Have fun!

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