Do you change your brow shape based on your makeup?

Do you change your brow shape based on your makeup? Or do you keep the same brow shape?

I keep mine the same 99% of the time! On occasion, I might extend them just barely further out or use one shade darker if I want them to be more dramatic in color.

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Nope. I keep my brow shape the same pretty much all the time because it is the shape that looks best on me. 🙂 I may go lighter or darker depending on the makeup I’m wearing, but the shape remains the same.

No, I try to keep it the same look 100% of the time! Ironically however, my brows don’t look exactly the same every time. 🙁

Sometimes, I really like how my brows look, but then other times they’re just ehh… Lol! That’s because I actually have to shape my brows and I draw in areas that don’t have hair in order for my brows to look good.

But no, I only WISH that my brows look the same every time!

The only time I change anything about my brows is when I get them waxed and shaped, every four to five weeks. Other than that, I don’t even fill them in. (I lucked out; my brows are naturally very full and dark, and every esthetician I get compliments me on them. I point out it’s all their doing – I just lie there and let them rip hot wax off my face.)

If you can find a good threader it’s much better.

That being said, individuals skilled in the art of threading without completely mucking things up are hard to find.

I’ve heard that, but I prefer waxing. I have to get the rest of my face waxed anyway (thanks to PCOS, I have a lot of facial hair 🙁 ) and I wax the rest of my body hair, so it’s just easy. Also I have a really, really good esthetician, and I trust her. I don’t want to have to find someone else.

No…I dont even put brow powder on them…makes me look too old and harsh…them hair dont grow back like they used to….so I just let it grow in all different directions…wish I had brows like Christine.

Not especially. Most of the time I don’t even fill them in, since they’re pretty thick to begin with. They more or less keep their own shape, and all I have to do is pluck a few stray hairs now and then about once a month.

Hair color, on the other hand, is a different story. When I dye my hair darker or redder, I often fill them in fuller to balance out the contrast between my face and hair.

I tend to do them a tad bit fuller when I don’t have a lot of eye makeup on, but usually they’re the same all the time(that’s if I’m not too lazy to even DO my brows)


Pretty much the same as you Christine, I don’t really change shape per se, darker/lighter, level of emphasis and level of extension at the end (mine peter out into nothing) but not what I would think of as shape/arch.

It was a total revelation when I started to sort out my eye brows. I think if I had time for only 1 item of make up it would be brows, over foundation or lippy or even Mascara.

No! It’s hard enough keeping them in check and shaped; Now they’ve turned half white! With high cheekbones and strong brows I put on my skin and then my brows and there’s the basic face. I use a powder, pencil makes me look like a crazy woman with wire coat hangers. So change is not an option. Besides, Standard Brows pop out the contours in my face. Why mess with that?

I will use mascara to go purple or blue on the eyebrows. Fun!

Not for make up, but I have went through so many different brow styles. From overplucked (yikes), to natural brow (plucked, but not arched), and now a more natural arch (as a sort of halfway point between the popular arch and my natural look. I can’t pull off a dramatic arch!)

I’m lucky (that’s debatable), though. My body hair grows back like nothing else. So my brows have always grown back in.

My body hair grows back like nothing else, as well, and I can’t maintain a hairstyle to save my life (as it grows way too fast, and I’d have to go back to the salon every 2 weeks or so to maintain it), but for some inexplicable reason, my eyebrows just won’t grow back. I over-plucked in the mid-90s, when it was the trend, and still, nothing…

Often if I’m doing a dark or dramatic eye I will make my brows darker or stronger as well. But I don’t change the shape, no. I’m having a battle with my eyebrows recently – I found a beauty therapist who was AMAZING at eyebrows, but then she quit and isn’t even doing beauty therapy anymore!

My question! Eeek!

I asked this question because brows seem to be a major part of the beauty routine of a lot of people on here, while I and most of my friends in real life don’t touch them on a daily basis, just the odd tweeze or a shape in the salon.
But I suppose I have quite thick dark brows already so maybe that’s why I’ve never felt the need to fill them in!

just fill them in to make them more strong, shapewise not that much. i wish i could have more stronger eyebrows than i have so i dont dare overpucking them just to draw different shapes – although i love the effect some people can create. other thing is i am too affraid that its too much noticible that i’ve drawn up my real eyebrow!

I do change the shape, but not because of my makeup. These are my reasons:
1) I’m never able to fill them in the same way two days in a row.
2) I have trouble grasping the whole idea of shape and/or symmetry.
3) I can’t make up my mind about what shape I want. It’s still a work in progress.

Since I do my brows prior to my eye makeup, it’s usually the shape of my brows that determines the rest of my makeup. The only thing about my brows that changes significantly is the color, but that’s determined by my hair color (which changes from time to time).

I do! But to be honest, it isn’t always a conscious decision. Like if I do a nice soft smokey look I often make my brows stronger and more angular to compensate and give more structure to my face without even thinking about it, and vice versa.

I keep my brow shape the same 100% of the time using either Mac Wedge eye shadow or Anastasia Beverly Hills brow pencil in Strawburn. The only different thing I do with my brows is that I will use Mac Omega eye shadow when I’m using green shadow on my lid, because I have red hair and I find that Omega makes my brows look less like Twizzlers because of the red/green contrast.

I change it up depending on the intensity of the rest of my makeup, but there are days where I have done my brows and they look particularly good and I wish I could duplicate them to look the same every day. I have to agree this seems an impossible feat. My eyebrows have always been rather sparse and pathetic, but due to medication, they now require filling in and grooming every day. If I go for no makeup, I still touch up my brows. Rather than feel crappy about it, I look at it as just another element to play with on my face.

The basic shape remains the same, I have some evening up to do since my brows are very different from each other both in shape and size.. but I do change color slightly based on the intensity of my makeup and general look. I have a product slightly lighter for really casual days when I’m hardly wearing any makeup.. and one slightly darker which looks really nice when I’m going for a more dramatic look. I use Revlon brow fantasy, it’s a great product. Easy to apply with little talent- very forgiving of mistakes, very natural colors (I’m one who has the worst time finding a good color in a brow product, with my fair skin, light auburn hair, and very greying brows. Normally I can’t find one.. with this product I have three that look good), and stays put all day.

I don’t change the shape really – they’re fairly good (as in thick enough and shaped) on their own. I might even out the top of the arches, or make them a little more dramatic, or thicker, or even out the tail on the one side that is shorter (just doesn’t grow!).

It depends on the rest of my makeup. Sometimes I just fill in gaps, sometimes I use Soba to fill them in and warm them up while keeping them lighter or sometimes I will use a medium ashy brown powder or pencil. I was given Espresso (by a MAC rep) the first time I ever decided to fill in my brows but I find it too dark and too red for me.

My hair is medium to dark golden brown so I can vary quite a bit with my brow colour. But the overall shape doesn’t really change.

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