Do you apply your makeup sitting down or standing up?

Do you apply your makeup sitting down or standing up? Is one easier than the other?

Standing up — I’d prefer to do it sitting, but the size of my apartment just doesn’t make that possible at the moment!

Thanks to Alison for today’s question!

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It can not be that small. lol

I apply my makeup sitting down infront of my mirror on the table. I feel uncomfortable though whether sitting or standing!

I think it’s about 800 square feet or less. Better than an NYC apartment I’m sure, but it’s not much space for two people!

At the moment yes. But that is because I don’t have my vanity set up yet. I rather sit down with a mirror on a stand so I could move it around.

depends where i’m getting ready. if i’m getting ready in the bathroom, i stand. in front of my giant mirror, i sit. the bathroom is for quick simple looks, the big mirror is for going-out looks.

Standing because then i have the mirror at the perfect height for me… if i had a vanity with it in the perfect lighting and mirror height i would probably sit

Sitting down. It can really takes time for me to apply my makeup sometime, and I’ll get really tired from standing up. Also, all my makeup stuff are in my desk drawer, so it’s easier for me to reach them sitting down.

I always do mine while standing up simply because my bathroom doesn’t have a chair per say, and it’s the only place with good lighting and a giant mirror. :]

Sitting down. When I moved into my new flat I built myself a real little make-up corner in my bedroom. Complete with appropriate lighting and big mirror. Every woman’s dream! hehe

i used to do it sitting down, but i got too lazy for work, and ended up wasting lots of time just sat there, standing up means that i can do it in less time.

Sitting, always. Even when I’m at school, I use my desk as a makeshift vanity (priorities, right?) because I like to spend so long that I’d get exhausted if I was standing.

I do both. I finally have an awesome yet compact vanity that I can sit at, but sometimes I do prefer to do it standing up in either my bathroom or the full-length mirror I have in my bedroom. It just depends on how I feel!

definitely sitting down. I recently made space for a small vanity table (using an small hallway console table with a drawer) and an upholstered bench. Before that I sat on the bed to do it.

Standing, as it’s the only way I can get close enough to the mirror to see what I’m doing (I am terribly short sighted and of course I have to take my glasses off to do my eye makeup). The mirror on the bathroom door is the only one in the house where I can get decent lighting during the day, too.

Sitting, no question! I always bring a hand mirror when traveling so I won’t have to stand at the bathroom counter. Standing and applying makeup absolutely does not work for me. I must be very close to the mirror and a bathroom vanity is a big impediment.

I bought myself the hollywood girl vanity for my 30th b-day… I will never stand and do my make up at home again… LOL… It’s so relaxing… You really feel pampered and prepared for your day…

I am fortunate to have a nice vanity built into my bathroom with about 4 feet of area to sit down. All my makeup is displayed in clear acrylic contairs right in front of me. I have a huge lighted mirror to use as well. It is at desk level. I gave up my second sink for this and have never regretted it for a moment. I sit all my stuff out the night before according to what I wear to work and try to relax and enjoy. Being over 50, I could never do that anymore standing at the sink.

Standing up. I used to yearn for a proper vanity so I could do it all sitting down, but I just moved into a new apartment with a new set up and I’m realizing that I really DO prefer standing up.

Now I have a big ole Ikea Alex holding all my makeup (and nail polish, and loose electronics cords, and even a few empty drawers!) and a mirror on top to do my makeup in, so it’s like a standing vanity!

I used to do it standing up but then I converted my dresser into my make-up vanity with lights and a mirror so now I get to sit!! Looove it!!

I stand and lean over the sink to get close to the mirror. I think I’d still stand even if I had a place to sit just because I’m so used to it!

Standing up but not my choice. I am 59 and have wanted a makeup vanity for years. I have been looking at consignment store for one. Now that I am older and have increased the steps in my makeup looks, it is getting harder for me to stand.

Standing, I live in a NYC apartment and I have no room for a vanity table. Sometimes (not often) I will do my eye makeup sitting at the dining table but the ligthing is better in the bathroom.

I put a folding hand mirror on my window sill and throw a few pillows on the floor and kneel in front of it when I need natural light. Otherwise I stand in the bathroom.

My husband just bought me a makeup vanity as a 5 year wedding anniversary present. Wow…he must really love me if he is willing to support my makeup obsession!
I’m still working on getting the lighting right…but it feels like such a luxury to sit while doing my makeup!

My makeup drastically improved when I went from standing perched over the sink to sitting. I have a counter next to my toilet and a drawer that slides open that has my shadows. So I sit sideways on the toilet with a mirror on my counter and I love it! So much better for detail work…especially when you have shaky hands.

I don’t know if anyone is still going to read this as there is always new and interesting content here, but I must weigh in. My Makeup Shrine is an antique vanity to which I have added lights. I prefer to sit for my makeup and, once I’m there, my husband and son do not ask for me to get up unless it’s an emergency. They understand that my morning ritual and my other time organizing and caring for my makeup collection is important for me. I also make sure that they have what they need before I start, lol.

I don’t know if it’s possible for all of us but, whether we prefer to stand or sit, it’s extremely important to have a space and a time for us to apply whatever makeup we feel is necessary, place our jewelry and to adorn ourselves in whichever way we like. This isn’t the venue for it, so I won’t go into detail, but I truly feel that the Feminist Movement of the ’60’s and the ’70’s caused many of us to believe that we were somehow subjugated by makeup. I guess that we were, in a way, because the cosmetic industry has done some truly Nazi-like things to us. One of my hopes for this beautiful time of loving to adorn ourselves is that, this time, it’s based in what we want individually and in no way external. So I encourage everyone as much as possible to set time and space aside as you’re able to paint, play and love yourselves and your makeup.

Thank you for asking this, Christine. I’d been wanting to write that for some time.

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