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Audrey Hepburn has always been an icon to me for as long as I can remember, and she made me love thick eyebrows. I don’t follow any celebrity in particular, but I like to see some looks Lisa Eldridge does with Keira Knightley, from time to time. She really gets her, and that often inspires me.

I hate to admit it, but Kim Kardashian. Love her contouring, neutral lips and above all, smoky eyes using shades of brown, usually metallic. This is EXACTLY the style of makeup I aspire to every day, minus contouring since I personally hate stuff caked on my skin. But for special occasions, why not.

Lauren Conrad, because her makeup is so simple yet so suitable for many occasions . I love her winged eyeliner and how she simply changes her lip color to create a different look. I also love Jennifer Aniston’s simple, yet pretty makeup no makeup look, she always looks so glowy and healthy. She makes the most of her eyelashes due to hooded eyelids, pink highlighted cheeks and nice rosey lip colors. On the other hand I also love Katy Perry’s bold, glamorous makeup.

Ditto on the not really following celebrities. As a natural segway from my obsession with Bones though, I do adore Emily Deschanel’s make up (and general style!). She always manages to look gorgeous while still letting freckles, blemishes, etc. show. I really admire that, because so many celebrities cake on the make up in an attempt to look perfect, and no matter how expertly it’s done, you can pretty much always tell in a hi-res photo.

I absolutely adore Kristen Stewart’s style and make up! She has the most amazing fashion sense (on the red carpet) and she’s just gorgeous 🙂

If I had to pick anyone I guess scarlett johansson. I like when she does the old school glam look. It works well on her. She makes simple look beautiful

I loved the makeup look of Mariah Carey in the 90ies. It was so natural and classic. I also like the makeup Sandra Bullock and Kate Hudson wore in several movies.

From tv series of cause the makeup of the SatC ladies (especially the eye makeup look of SJP) and the Gilmore Girls looks, pretty up-do-date but not too much.

JLo = Queen of the Smokey Eye. 🙂

Beyonce and Rihanna are really daring too.

As for chameleons or ladies who love to change it up, I like to follow Kristen Stewart and Emma Stone.

for me it would have to be Nia Long…her makeup is always glowy and somewhat understated with great impact…but i do think that’s attributable to her genetics more than the actual makeup lol

I don’t really follow celebrities. When I am looking for inspiration, I try and google celebrities with similar skin tones to mine. I’m slightly darker than Alicia Keys and Jennifer Lopez. I’m a little lighter than Beyonce. So I usually look to them for inspiration. In my opinion, celebrities don’t seem to have signature styles as much as years ago. So it’s just a matter of finding a picture of their makeup looking great and trying to copy or adapt that look.

I can’t think of any celebrities now. In the early 90’s I loved every [makeup] look that Christy Turlington wore. I am big fan and admirer of Lisa Eldridge’s style, makeup and otherwise, and a closet Kardashian fan! (but don’t tell my hubby!!LOL)

I tend to like Jennifer Lopez’s makeup. I think her makeup always looks great, and her skin always just has this glow and she doesn’t take it too far. Sometimes I like Christina Aguilera’s, though 9/10 times she goes overboard on the bronzer / tanner / everything recently. But sometimes I really do love her super dramatic, sparkly eyeshadow looks and the bold lip colors she dares to wear.

I think for me the biggest makeup influences were-Eva Green in Casino Royale, THE best smokey eyes I’ve ever seen, and Lisa Eldridge’s youtube channel, in fact I watch ONLY Lisa:)

For me, it would have to be Mila Kunis. Her makeup (especially her eye makeup) is always on point. Whoever does her makeup, they’re doing something right and I like they don’t overdo it.

I like the make up look from Angelina Jolie, Victoria Beckham, Megan Fox, Eva Longoria and also the pin up style from Christina Auguilera. 🙂

I heard recently that when women are asked this exact question – the overwhelming majority will list celebrities that they think they look similar to (skin tone, etc.) I thought that was interesting! 🙂

I don’t really think I look like Prince – LOL – but that’s about as close to answering this as I could get. In high school I did my makeup like, and often took clothing cues (including butt-less pants, much to the dismay of my German instructor) from His Royal Badness 😉 LOL

Agree on that. Even if her look is almost the same, she has truly mastered it. Also, she doesn’t has a stylist and does her own hair/make up AND fantastic dressing!

It depends on the style. I love Jennifer Lawrence’s smokey eyes, Lauren Conrad’s simplicity, Dita Von Teese for retro, and among many others, Halle Berry’s no-makeup look.

Them gals all wear too much makeup especially those Kartrashian sisters. Without the makeup, they just look like us or worse. Though this is not really what the question asks for and I am a gal, I do wish I age as well as Tom Cruise. Like him or not, he really looks good for his age. Whichever way he takes care of his skin or whatever makeup he applies, he has that look of eternal youth. If you look at his counterparts like Val Kilmer or Charlie Sheen, you will see the difference. I dont look like them celebrities..but I do like the look of Audrey Hepburn…

i like celebs who usually wear natural looking makeup. i love rachel mcadam , and Jennifer anniston has nice natural looks too!

i also love the way megan fox darkens her eyebrows!

other than Marilyn Monroe and Von Teese, I love the simplicity of Diane Kruger and Kiera Knightly, maybe because I am asian so I envy their colouring.

Kate blanchet has amazing looking skin. I notice her skin before I notice her make up. Of course, I have to mention my favorite Amy Winehouse who owned her bold eyeliner look and I believe had an influence in bringing a heavy liner look into the magazines. Other than that I find it so fun to study the make up of people on tv and in movies. That is where I get most of my ideas from. Example.. In the movie. , Hancock .. Notice when CT character becomes her super hero self I was fascinated by how they used a lot of white highlight all around her mouth.. A lot! It was kinda neat. I always notice stuff like that in the movies .

Hands down, Michelle Williams. Her makeup style is always simple yet stunning. I looove Ginnifer Goodwin’s edgy makeup looks too. I also like Kate Bosworth, Kate Winslet, Kate Beckinsale, Sienna Miller, Jessica Biel, and Rachel Weisz. They all seem to look fresh and glowing.

I love Kate Middleton’s makeup at each and every event she has been photographed in so far. Does she count as a celeb? Others include the Kardashians’ ultra glam looks, Julia Roberts’ soft looks, Lauren Conrad’s simple and elegant looks, and Amber Heard’s subtle but sexy looks!

I love Christina Aguilera’s makeup. She is never afraid to push the limit and have fun with it! After all, it is makeup. It’s meant to be fun and you can always wash it off.

I don’t follow celebrities either, but I will second the comment on Halle Berry’s natural style. AND I will also agree about the queen of blending….I love everything she does and her fun attitude about it all.

Hoestly, Cristina Aguilera. As much hate as she gets for it, I really love that she doesn’t shy away from trying so many different looks. That said, I do think she looks best with more neutral-toned makeup but she rocks the heck out of the red lipstick and bolder looks. It looks so much fun and I wish I could do that every day 😀

I don’t really follow celebrities too much, but I do like Emma Watson’s makeup style. Also Anna Karina’s makeup circa 1960s is my other favorite.

I was also going to say Kate Middleton. She always looks polished and does seem to have her own signature look. She always sticks to kohl rimmed eyes, but it works for her. Her hair always looks great too.

I have neither Kate Middleton’s or Princess Diana’s skintone…but I prefer Princess Diana’s looks….She looked more refreshing and not harshed or old like her daughter-in-law with that kohl eyeliner and tanned makeup.

I don’t necessarily look at a celebrity’s entire style as an inspiration, but there are certainly some ladies I’m a bit obsessed with, visually speaking. I’ve been enamored with Ginnifer Goodwin, Emma Stone and Mila Kunis for ages.

I will occasionally get obsessed with a certain actress’s lip colour or eye makeup in a particular film or photo, though. Most recently, I spent a couple of days trying to recreate the peachy-pink glossy lips I saw on Taissa Farmiga in the first season of American Horror Story. I think I mostly succeeded with Revlon’s Candy Apple lip butter, too!

Probably Selena Gomez or Vanessa Hudgens. (: They’re both super pretty with or without make-up. Also Rihanna, because I really like some of her more daring looks. And of course the Queen of Blending. (:

I should shoot myself for saying this, but Kim Kardashian (MAKEUP ONLY!!!). She is the celebrity closest to me in coloring. Regarding REAL talented people, I like the no makeup-look that Tilda Swinton sports, I like the rawness. Also a big fan of Cate Blanchett, lovely skin and, while not a conventional “beauty”, is always stunning to look at. The beauty is from within.

i love some of the emma watson lancome looks she has the megenta blue based lip color in one add that is my most lusted after lip color ever. i love Pinks style hair makeup cloth the whole package. i love popping dramtic look even for day time

As a huge fan of the “no makeup” look, I tend to admire Beyonce’s signature natural look. I love the simplicity and femininity of the natural makeup.

Since I was a young girl I think my 3 top makeup/style idols have been (and still are) Morticia Addams, Shirley Manson and Dolores O’riordan ^_^

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