Do you adhere to any makeup rules?

Yes and no. I think the one I follow often is makeup that is appropriate for the occasion. Like I would wear pretty barely-there makeup for a job interview vs. bright blues and greens (unless it was one of the few job interviews where that would be a PLUS!). If I go heavy on the eyes, I’ll usually go softer on the lips, but there are times where I think bold on bold on bold works well.

— Christine
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My only makeup rule is that my skin shouldn’t look caked in makeup. It should look as natural as possible, otherwise I’d rather not wear makeup.

I definitely agree with you about job interview (or any other somber or serious occasion) make-up! For that, I would go more subtle than normal.

That said, my idea of normal probably is NOT that of the average woman of my age! I push boundaries and go very edgy and/or even quite colorful for a 56 y.o. Grandmother 3 x’s over. Not bragging when I say, I probably ONLY get away with it because people take me for much younger. Just good DNA. My 79 y.o biological mother looks around 60-65!
And oh yes, I do sometimes love putting a rich vivid red or bright plum lip with a dark smoky eye! And love very colorful eye looks, too. Not the Granny of years of yore here. I’m a Glam-ma!

Thank you, Spring! No, I don’t have any YT videos , at least not yet….I have always been rather camera shy. Weirdly, I REALLY hate my own voice when I hear it!

You go girl! I love your term Glam-Ma 🙂 I’m 46 but I’m still rockin’ skinny jeans, smoky eyes, shimmery shadows, and purple lips. Not all at once, but sometimes 😉 And sometimes, I go for the more natural look. It all depends on my mood. Oh, I’m a Mama too to a little one, hoping to be a Glam-Ma one day, cause I have enough makeup to last me til I’m about 90. I’m too vain to “let it all go” but that’s a good thing 🙂

Yep, Katherine, EVERYTHING you said: skinny jeans ( and I’m not even thin, lol!), smoky eyes, shimmers, purple lipsticks! Keep on keepin’ on! There is NO reason why turning 40 or 50 or whatever, means having to go plain faced or frumpy!!!

I’m pretty much the same in terms of tailoring my makeup to a particular situation, though lately I haven’t had much occasion to. For things like work (if I can have one health-wise in the future), family functions, etc I tend to stick to the barely there neutral type makeup (or none at all), but for something like tickets to the ballet if I’m going to dress up, I might go a bit more gussy-ed up.

I prefer the word guidelines. Yes, I adhere to quite a number of them, but only from the perspective of learning and experimenting on what works best for me. Perfect is boring:
I usually play up only one feature at a time. I look clownish trying to pull off both, but my wardrobe is about 98% neutrals so…
Hooded eyes and winged eyeliner=fuhgeddaboutit (I’ve learned how to fudge it, but it’s not my best look so why go through the torture and bother)
I do not carry blush past the center of my eye. I used to wear blush on the apples of my cheeks. I see photos now and think ugh, what the hell was I thinking not to mention it did absolutely jack for my bone structure.
Bronzer is not contour. Super fluffy uber light application around perimeter looks so much better that mud hollows in face.
Brows: Scouse brow and digging into arch (forcing an arch): autoimmune illness did a number on my brows not to mention over-plucking in the 90’s. I’ve worked on my brows for ages to try and get them right I’ve managed to coax some growth back; particularly stopped digging into and forcing an arch. So now I see photos even from only a couple of years back, and I cringe at how false and blocky and drawn in I used to do my brows. It just made my face look harsh and drew attention away from my eyes.
I’m sure there is plenty more..

I think the best makeup rule is to do what feels best to you and trust your instincts. I have used eye shadows as setting powders, lipstick as cream blushes or lip stains, bronzers as transition colors and more. It doesn’t matter if it was advertised as a certain kind of product, just feel it out and rock it however it fits you.

Nope! I wear what I liked and pay little attention to trends as well. I’m well past 40 and the pundits say women my age shouldn’t wear frost. I say they are so wrong and clearly don’t know what they’re talking about!

I love it, Mariella! Yes, I do love to use frost and shimmer eyeshadows, cheek highlighter & sometimes lip products, even micro-glitter eyeshadows at times, myself, and I’m 56. All matte actually ages the face by making it look dried up, I believe.

I’m totally with you, Mariella. I can’t live (of course I CAN) without shimmers. Nancy, I agree completelly, you can’t go all matte unless you have really perfect skin on the lids, you need a bit of contrast in the texture, or at least I think that is what works for me.

Yes….I always wear a natural, soft look for day…..medium gray or brown eyeshadow, pink blush and lips. I save my more intense stuff for at night….deep smokey eyes, dark red lips. Also, I never wear two sparkly or shimmery products at once. If my eyeshadow has some sparkle, I do a matte or sheer lip. 🙂 And I’ve learned over the years that anything pink on my eyes or anything orange is a no no. Makes me look tired. I also look much better in cool shades than warm.

I also do the appropriate for the occasion rule – interviews for example or information/networking sessions. Honestly, there are so many more beauty “rules” I don’t follow than that I do follow.

Hmmm. Yes, because I stink at color matching and I don’t like making it up as I go because it never looks right and I don’t know how to correct it without taking everything off and starting over, having now wasted product. I have to get a coordinated set of colors to work with (a.k.a. a palette or makeover) but I am getting better at placement of them, like I know what colors and textures look best here or there.

I would agree with Christine about wearing what’s appropriate for the occasion. My workplace is somewhat conservative, so I have to work bright colors in subtly. But I would definitely stick to neutrals-only for an interview or a meeting with the higher-ups!

I personally like to change up my color palettes with the seasons, but I don’t consider that to be a “rule.” For me, it’s just a fun way to get into the spirit of things. I think bold-on-bold looks can work well if they’re done carefully.

I agree – makeup for the appropriate occasion, but in general .. I don’t follow rules. I just did a blog post on an online article that I read .. something like “10 don’t do this makeup” and one was never match makeup to clothing .. well, I do this all the time. I’m not talking matchy, matchy, but .. I get inspiration from my clothing. You know, so what .. lol.


I learned one quite recently that I’m going to be sticking to because I made the mistake of doing very cool colors on the eyes and then bronzing my face. I was SO unhappy all day. From now on, cool with cool, warm with warm. I will only bronze if I am doing a warm eye.

Let the makeup speak to the occasion! And, if you’re going to try something outrageous or trendy, make sure you’ve got the technique down pat before venturing out in public–we don’t want to be scaring small children 😉 LOL

I’ve been wearing makeup for about fifty-seven years. During those decades, I’ve seen trends come and go, dos-and-don’ts come and go, and rules established only to be shattered. During all those years there have always been beauty experts who try to make a name for themselves by propagating a bunch of silly rules such as women over forty can only wear matte neutral eyeshadow or women over fifty can’t wear lipgloss. Poppycock! Let good taste and good judgement prevail and have fun. After all, it’s only makeup 🙂

-If I am going for an interview I will makeup in a more subdued way
-If I am doing a more smoky eye I will go with a more subtle lip and vice versa
-I never do my blush to look like clown blush
-I usually only play up on feature at a time and most of the time that is my eyes

-I wear all different colors of eye shadow to work and have never had anyone complain (though I never wear anything too crazy or off putting)
-I don’t always wear seasonal colors during the correct season, I wear whatever matches my mood
-I usually never match my makeup to my clothing or accessories in anyway

No, not really… I remember when I first started wearing makeup seriously, and all the “experts” were placing such emphasis on warm/cool/neutral coloring, and which colors were supposed to be more “flattering”. Well, being as I have warm-toned hair, neutral/fair-light skin, and dark/cool-toned eyes, many recommendations just looked bad… I eventually learned to work around it, and I now have a good idea of what will work, and how to make things work. I also go against the “rule” that one should go with the darker option when in between foundation shades; this works for some, but going with the lighter shade seems to work best for me.

I have had thin brows since the mid-90s, and find it a more flattering option for my features/personal aesthetic.

I do adhere to environmentally-appropriate looks. However, although I’m 42, I look much younger, so I can “get by” with the same looks I did in my 20s.

I love the fact that makeup lovers are more likely to be creative and ignore the ‘rules’ than not, or so it seems to me. The only things that can go wrong with makeup are poor execution and unawareness. I mean, if you apply your makeup sloppily and create a sort of look you didn’t consciously intend to, it probably won’t look good. There are always exceptions though, I’ve seen plenty of pretty women with smudged, poorly applied eye makeup that nonetheless looks fantastic.

YES!!! I am super-embarrassed if I accidentally have a “line” under my jaw from the wrong foundation color, raccoon eyes, smeared anything, lipstick on my teeth, etc. That’s probably why I’m not super adventurous with my eye makeup: I know what skills I have and what I don’t:) That’s my only rule: look polished in whatever you do.

I stay situation appropriate, but love bright lips and bolder colours when I can get away with it. I embrace the term Glam-ma. I’m not a grandmother, but I’m over 50.

Most of the time I do whatever I want, but there are certain situations and occasions where I don’t. I’ve followed makeup rules for work, such as when I worked in insurance. I don’t do anything too weird when I’ve gone to my husband’s work-related events. I go with more traditional, low-key looks at weddings, as the bride and groom should be the focus. The same with funerals or memorial services: I keep a more neutral, low-key look out of respect.

Other than that, I don’t think I really follow any rules. I wear what I think looks good and what makes me happy. I don’t really give a rat’s patootie if other people think I’m too old to wear glittter or blue lipstick… or think that I shouldn’t wear vampy lips in spring, or pastels in winter…or that bold smokey eyes should only be for night….or think I shouldn’t wear purple eyeshadow that matches my purple shirt exactly.

We’re very alike in that neither one of us gives a “rat’s patootie” about what others think we *ought* to do our color or texture choices!

I really only wear situational appropriate makeup for job interviews and weddings. Anything goes elsewhere. I like smoky eyes with bold lips. Maybe not for everything but I think it’s great! I do think it looks better on strong faces though.

Not really. Count me amount the women over 40 that still wears bright, shimmery, sometimes-even-glittery eye looks. Wearing a look from my UD Vice 4 palette today!

Rules? Rules? I don’t need no steenken rules!!!
Actually, I didn’t know there ARE any rules and am probably too old to train at this point!

As a goth girl with a love of vampy looks at heart, I do wear the appropriate makeup for the occasion (neutral/minimal for conservative job interviews), but aside from that, I chuck the “rules” right out the window. Considering that most of them are arbitrary and many of them seem to exist just to prop up questionable and frequently racist beauty standards (eg “dark skinned black women shouldn’t wear a bright lip” I was told frequently as a teen, and I ignored it then), I ignore them at will. Makeup is about creative expression for me and I like to have fun with it. I don’t let rules, fads, the seasons, or boring people’s opinions dictate my look. I wear what makes me happy. It’s my face after all.

Yes and no. I do follow guidelines for serious occasions, job interviews, family photos etc what I dont like is the rules for women of a certain age, you know no brights after 40 etc, that blows and I absolutely will not follow someone elses idea of appropriate for age. That being said tasteful at any age is appropriate I think.

The only makeup rules I follow are those that suit me. I don’t think foundation should look caked on – and these days there are plenty of great foundations that look sheer and natural. Finding your foundation shade is a must. Using a daily moisturizer and primer is important too.
Over doing eye brows and black eye liner around the eyes can make your eyes look harsh and draw attention to any under eye imperfections, so I don’t do that.
Nude lips just don’t work for me – they make me look ill. So it’s about what works for you.

No rules ! Makeup is not only to make us feel and look better it also stimulates creativity and I’m all for that !!!! I’m 54 years young and I embrace everything from frost to glitter to red lips and smokey eyes ! Do you ! Fahhget about everyone else and above all any rules ?

Not really. I’m the one doing all the “nighttime” looks at the office, dorking around in blue/grey/black lipstick and the like. I’m 43 and I don’t see it stopping anytime soon. (Or ever, really. Except when I’m dead …and in that case, just toss some black glitter in my ashes.)

Most often I won’t follow the rules. As I have kind of hooded eyes I realise there are a few rules about what you can’t/shouldn’t do however whats the fun in that, I will wear my frost eyeshadows and do winged eyeliner etc., it’s just about experimenting to see what ways you can make things work for you. And I like a slightly unnatural look, even if it is with lavender blush or lilac lipstick or anything. I guess I do stick to similar tones in makeup, usually cool. Also, there is nothing wrong with playing up more than 1 feature all bold like eyes and lips. If I feel like it I will go to uni with smokey eyes, or pop to the shops with false lashes, but I guess for work I wouldn’t, say, do a full on going out look but that’s just in the handbook… Overall, I’m just taking every opportunity to have fun with makeup, it’s for me, not anyone else.

If I do a smoky or colorful eye, my lips are toned down.

If I do a red lip, eyes are in pale neutrals.

Otherwise I look like I’m in drag or something.

If there’s an occasion where it truly matters, like a job interview, I’ll keep it neutral and toned down. Otherwise, I pretty much ignore the “rules.” I live in Austin, Texas where the concept of dressing up barely exists and you can literally wear anything you like and no one will look twice. I work part time from home and spend a lot of time volunteering at an animal shelter, so I don’t ever have to dress nice for work. But I love eyeshadow, so I’ll wear shadow that is brighter/multi-colored, much more than a person would usually wear with jeans and t-shirts. It’s Austin so no one cares.

I absolutely do not follow the age/hair length rule (no longer than your shoulder in your 40s, no longer than your jawbone in your 50s and above your ears at 60+). I’m in my early 50s and my hair is about 5″ below my shoulders. I love having long hair and I will continue to have it.

My one unbreakable rule is sunscreen every single day. As I said, I’m in my early 50s (52) but people think I’m in my early 30s because I have no lines/wrinkles on my face. I’ve worn sunscreen on my face every day since I was about 12 years old. I love the beach but when I go I put on several layers of sunscreen and sit under an umbrella.

I follow some rules or guidelines, like not trying to play up too many features at one time. But I mainly try to do what looks good for me. For a long time I never wore red lipstick because it made me look like a clown until i found the perfect red lipstick by Nars (it was in their birthday present this year) and i was like “woah i look good!” haha. i think its important to do what looks good on you and what makes you happy 🙂

I do a natural makeup for funerals, also for a job interviews, not that I have any interview in a foreseeable future.
I would probaly go neutral but with vivid lips for a wedding. Other than that I have no rules except for cake-y looking skin, I can’t go out if I feel or look a bit cake-y. I have removed all foundation more than once to redo if I have failed with the base. Not fun, but caked skin does age you. IMHO, of course.

There are some rules I follow. Definitely respecting the occasion is one, I would never wear harsh and too colorful makeup for a job interview, for a funeral, for a strict office job, for a wedding as a guest, for school (esp. primary and high school, but I don’t feel it is appropriate for most types of colleges, either). Also, I more or less stay true to what shades looks good with my skin tone, hair color, outfit, teeth shade etc. And applying makeup carefully (blending, creasework etc.).

Like you and Nancy T, I agree more toned-down makeup is appropriate for job interviews, funerals, maybe weddings. I Iove to play with vivid colors that complement my blue/green eyes. I’m also in the good genes (plus a little cosmetic enhancement) category and at 61 can rock full eye makeup with falsies and a bold lip. I work as a receptionist partly because I present myself so well and sometimes get asked out by men 20 years younger. So, younger ladies, take care of your skin and body now. Good habits will serve you well later on. No makeup can “make up” for dry, splotchy, lined or sagging skin.

I don’t follow rules per se, but I’m very conservative in my makeup look, mostly going for a “my face but better” style where it’s not too obvious that I’ve put on makeup. I go with what I’m comfortable. When I’m feeling more adventurous, I go for it without restricting myself.

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