Do you actually use pre-made palettes?

I do! I think I use them more now than I did when I wasn’t a full-time blogger. This is because I tend to take a palette that I liked and recently reviewed with me for travel, although I have been taking a customized Make Up For Ever palette for longer trips.

— Christine


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Fabi Avatar

I do! Most times there will be a shade or two ignored, but since I tend to travel a lot palettes are where it’s at! Eye shadow, contour, blush I have palettes of every kind! If I find myself using only a few shades I definitely de-pot and customize on magnetic palettes.

Ray Avatar

Not anymore. Obviously I love all things beauty, but in my real life I get a lot of comfort out of sticking to the same routine. I make my complexion look as clear as possible and rotate between 5 or 6 regular lip products and maybe the same amount of eye shadow singles.

Shana Avatar

All the time. I just cannot depot the colours like other girls, I don’t want to risk to break them, and I prefer to see them in their original packaging. So I DIY a plate (a big iPad size) where I add velcro (lighter than magnets), and I put most of the palettes of eye and cheeks stuffs I’m using daily on it, to have most of what I’m loving at that moment in one place. It’s reeeeaaally time saving for me in the morning ! I just change it’s composition when I have new loves. So it’s kind of a “customised palette” but without to depot anything. 😉

Jennifer Avatar

I do. I don’t always use every color in a pallet and I sometimes use multiple pallets together. But, I only buy a pallet if I like most of the colors in it. And it is much easier for me when I’m in a hurry (which are most days) to reach for a pallet and have multiple colors I like all together, rather than searching for a particular shade among singles.

Tracey E. Avatar

I do. If eye shadow is not in a palette pre- or custom-made), I tend to forget about it (sorry MAC singles). I have been using Charlotte Tilbury’s Eyes to Mesmerize cream shadows more regularly because they’re more unique in my mind. I decline a lot of palettes, so tend to use the few I buy or customize.

Kelsey | The Balmaholic Avatar

Because I am totally colorblind, it’s difficult for me to match shadows together. I almost exclusively use pre-made palettes, with the assumption that all of the shadows in said palette are going to match. I pay a lot of attention to reviews, to ensure that it’s pretty cohesive before buying it.

IRockFaces Avatar

I use mine quite often actually. They make eye shadow looks easy to come up with because you don’t have to hunt for the perfect complimentary colors to enhance your look. You get lid shades, transition colors, blending, and sometimes even brow shades in one place that already work well together. What’s not to love?

Wednesday Avatar

I rarely pull all the shadows for an eye look from one palette, but I’m definitely using my palettes on a regular basis. A couple of years ago I didn’t really own any; mostly singles, the odd quad or two and a couple of custom MAC palettes. I now have my top 10 palettes stored in a plastic bin for easy access. The others which I do not use often are in longer term storage.

Laura_Lou Avatar

I use some but to be honest most end up getting deported so that I can put my favourite shades in with my favourite shades of other brands in my own custom Z palette. I find with pre-made palettes there’ll always be a few shades I don’t like because they don’t wear well, they’re patchy and hard to blend or they’re just not my colour. I love my UD Naked Basics though, I take that with me everywhere and I have a small Bobbi Brown palette that has 4 shadows and a blush that I really like for travelling.

Kayle Avatar

Almost all the time! I’m too cheap to buy enough singles to make a custom palette and premade palettes often are a better value unit-price wise.
Also, Colourpop has one of my favorite eyeshadow formulas but it can’t be depotted, so if I’m not using a palette I’m using their singles! CP is the only brand I’m willing to buy singles from because of how unique the formula is.

Nicole Avatar

For what it’s worth, I depotted all of my Colourpop eye shadow singles just the other day and most of them came out with minimal effort. I found that the glue that they use on the bottom of the pan is goopy and doesn’t dry really at all (it reminded me of Vaseline), so if you can find a thin enough piece of metal to either get down the side of the pan or apply pressure to the side and move it back and forth until it gives way, they come out quite easily. They stick to z palettes without having to put magnets on, too.

Katherine T. Avatar

Oh no! You’re not suppose to depot ColourPop shadows because they need to stay shut in that container or they else they will dry out. It’s a hybrid cream-powder formula. That’s why their instructions say to close the lid tightly after each use.

Nicole Avatar

I hate singles also. That’s why I depotted them-I never used them and felt bad about it, so into a palette they go in hopes that if I see them I will actually use them. I’m keeping track, lol. I’ll update in a few months-see if they’re totally dried out or not.

Mariella Avatar

I sure do. I have a few “full face” type palettes (UD Naked on the Run, TheBalm Balmbini, some Too Faced ones) that are great for travel and my eyeshadow palettes are in constant use. If I could have my “wish” in the makeup fantasy world, it would be that all the elements of palettes (eye or full face) could be easily removed and moved around into another palette so I could easily customize all the makeup I have for whatever trip I’ll be taking or for what I feel like using that week.

Julia Avatar

Absolutely! I hardly own any eyeshadow singles, actually. It’s always such a better deal (per pot) to buy a palette, and they always look so pretty. Besides the pricing aspect, I am just a sucker for the way they look, like the gradient across a Naked palette. So beautiful!

Ginny Avatar

I use a few that happen to be really suited to me. Naked Basics 2, Too Faced Boudoir Eyes, a few Bareminerals quads, that’s about it really. I’ve mostly stopped buying them in favor of building custom palettes.

Nicole Avatar

Definitely. I’d say my eye shadows right now are an equal split between premade palettes and z palettes. I like the…I don’t know what to call it, uniformity of concept? (lol) that you get with a premade palette. I like that there’s a variety in a palette that still comes together to form one theme, basically. My z palettes are arranged according to color and as much as I like that, sometimes I don’t want to look through them to try and come up with a combination I can be happy with.

Paz Avatar

Well, I only have one custom palette, an Inglot one with 5 shades, and I never use it. I don’t know why, Inglot shadows are amazing and I picked the colors myself, but I guess I’m drawn to more elaborated packaging and whatnot.

Lauren Avatar

Yes! I hardly ever use my custom palettes. I use premade palettes every day. Like anything else, I have favorites and also go through phases were i use some palettes more than others. I also like most of my palettes because I know what colors I like and can usually predict whether a palette will be a hit for me. I stopped buying massive holiday palettes as well as palettes that are all matte or all shimmer or palettes that are too cool toned or have too many colors. I generally like warm and neutral Browns, coppers, peeterd, and rose golds with a mix of mattes and shimmers.

crystaldw Avatar

I have to make a plan to use my premade palettes ..consitantly reach for my customized palette with various brands from mac-depoted drugstore powder products. Every shade on there i love vs a pre made theres always 2-3 i never use…tho when we travel i will grab a pre made just because they are a bit sturdier.

Deborah Avatar

I use palettes a lot! I always feel like I’m getting a better deal than having to buy singles and an empty palette to put them in as well but I really want to make a customized palette, just need to start saving!

Brandi Avatar

I only own two palettes. The electric palette from UD and a really old palette from two faced. When I want to use them, yes I use them and my whole look is based on the palette. But, other than that. I’m a singles kinda gal.

Megz Avatar

No, never! I think it’s an OCD thing, Ive really tried to like em, but even in the super rare instance that I do like every single shade, I always feel like a color is missing or “doesn’t fit” or want to rearrange how they look. I’ve either sold mine or depotted them into Z pallettes.

ShirlJ Avatar

I’m traveling right now and used only carryon, so I’ve got my Too Faced Natural Eyes palette. NARS Fervor dual intensity blush duo. Sometimes bring Kevyn Aucoin Making Faces palette, which has shadow, blush and lip colours. I like the UD nakeds , but too big for travel.

Cat Avatar

Every time I do my eye makeup, I use a pre-made palette at some stage. I rarely use a palette on its own — I’ll grab single shadows, and shadows from other palettes, to mix-n-match and create the look I’m going for. It’s not uncommon for me to have two or three palettes open plus a single I’m dipping into. =)

Andrea Avatar

I am such a palette hoarder! I own about 20 palettes and only about ten shadow singles, and they are almost all cream shadows from elf and colourpop!

Olympia habib Avatar

I am 64 i would like a suitable primwr a foundation concealer and a highligter suggestions my skin is sagging not so wrinkled but lack of radiance i have a combination skin and living in UAE

Susan Avatar

I use palettes almost exclusively. I may use two palettes to get the colors I want. When using individual shadows, I tend t get iin a rut and use the same colors all the time. I may add a single to a palette also to get a look I want. I love playing with eyeshadow colors. It may be my favorite part of wearing make-up.

Andrea Avatar

I used to get bored really fast by my palettes and change them daily. Since I have been having a monthly make-up basket and choosing one palette to concentrate on I have new appreciation for how good these palettes really are.

Helene Avatar

Yes, I most certainly do. I love premade palettes, to experiment with all the pretty, or earthy, but still pretty, colours.
I also mix palettes, and use them with singles and with my hommade palettes.
I just got The Free Spirit palette from MJB, and I’ve had fun doing the looks they had thought out. Now after doing that I’m going to do my own mixings. It was kind of fun following their instructions.
I have loads of palettes, I think the ones I go back to most are Too Faced The Chocolate Box and UD’s Naked 3.

Kris Avatar

All the time!! I love working with palettes verses singles. I like to see all the colors in front of me at once when creating a look. I’ve deported most of my singles and have them in z-palettes for this reason, but I used the pre-made palettes far more often.

Although, I only use pre-made eyeshadow palettes, I never buy palettes that also have blush, bromzers, or lip products.

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