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Thankfully, since I live on my own, I don’t have family or siblings around to dig into my stuff. Shaun has no interest in rifling through my goods! I’m very lucky that Mellan doesn’t seem to be phased by makeup and the like. He just seems to know it’s off-limits! I usually give my friends a “tour” of Temptalia HQ, so I think that satisfies their curiosity 🙂

— Christine

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I’m sure they would but I don’t let ’em
*cackles evily*
But really I mean… the only other person I live with who wears makeup is my mom and she only wants things very rarely. 😛

No, thankfully! I don’t have sisters, so I’ve never had anyone rifling through my clothes or anything either. I think it would really bother me to be honest, as makeup is something that I’m quite into and spend a lot of money on.

No thankfully, I don´t have any problem with that, sometimes my friends look at my makeup out of curiosity since I´m the only one that has high end makeup, even though many of them could easily afford to buy it but just don´t, however I have created interest in a few of my friends and one of them will buy her first high end Chanel lipstick for her birthday next month…lol they are now on the dark side of makeup lol thanks to me. But no one has used my makeup on themselves they just look at the product we all think it´s gross to use other peoples makeup, and the few times they have been looking at my makeup I was present. But as a child I would get on my mothers makeup when she wasn´t home and use the lipsticks…needless to say her lipsticks looked quite um…mistreated…lol I recently confessed to her that I did that as a 5-8 year old and she was surprised, she thought that they had melted like that because of the hot weather for all this years, she never suspected me lol 😛 .

YES! My 6-year-old has become very interested in makeup over the last few months. It started with nail polish a couple of years ago, but recently, she’s been wanting to play with face products. For now, she’s happy with arm & hand swatches, but I know it’s just a matter of time before she wants to start wearing it on her face. She actually prefers HE over DS, too. At least her coloring is completely different than mine, so if something doesn’t work for me in the future, maybe I can pass it to her, LOL.

As far as my friends go, they like to look through my stash, but it’s more of a thing of curiosity, because I have so much.

Yes! Most of my friends do, and they especially like testing products to figure out if they want them or not. And of course to use for a night out.

Oh, most definitely. I lived with my mother for about a year to help her out with the mortgage, and I would constantly find that things would “mysteriously” disappear here and there and reappear a few weeks later. 😛 My sister’s also raided my collection more than a few times for parties and whatnot. Currently, my roommate is less makeup-oriented than I am and rarely asks, but I’ve told her I don’t mind her using my stuff as long as she remembers to clean/sterilize the eye products before and after usage.

I don’t let my friends share my make up, my sister and I do though. Make up is already a cesspool of my own bacteria, I don’t need there’s in it too.

My sister is always “borrowing” my Nars Danmari palette. It always gets “returned” though, so I allow it. 🙂

At home, no since it’s just me and my doggies. They stay out of my make-up/clothing closet (spare bedroom). Mum enjoys seeing what I buy … Mostly to see where an item is made. LOL!

The make-up I have at work is basically under lock and key. I’m OCD about people touching my stuff. IF someone wants to see an item (which is rare) I make them use hand sanitizer. I don’t allow my friends/co-workers to swatch or use anything.

Omg…. My sister who is also in her 30’s always wants to borrow my MAC stuff! For her bday and xmas I get her her own stuff but she always wants mine! Argh…

But she’s my little sister…. I share.

i’m a bit of a show off when it comes to my makeup collection, so when my friends are over we do get quite involved with swatching/testing colours etc. BUT having said that, i get reeeeaaalllly annoyed when I come to use my makeup the next time and everything is in the wrong place! so i’m abit contradictory like that haha

Yes, they ALL do, since I have a rather large collection and like to get new things as soon as they come out. Therefore friends and family regularly try things out before they buy them when they come to visit. I don’t really mind, though, as they only try things once and do not use them regularly. I even have disposable mascara and lipgloss wands just for situations like these.

No, but I like to get into theirs. LOL

Actually, every time I go visit my family I like to do makeup swaps with my sister. I like to get rid of things I don’t use so I can lighten my makeup bag. I hate seeing products in there that never see the light of day. My sister on the other hand never throws stuff, and she’s always willing to take my (slightly) used makeup (but not mascara!). So there’s always a good chance that I’ll find something in her bag that I can use, and in exchange I’ll give her something else that I can’t use.

My kitten, Liam, REALLY loves to chew on my makeup brushes, so I make sure to keep them out of his reach which is difficult because he loves jumping on the countertops. Actually now that I think about it, he’ll knock anything off the counter if I’m using it, so I have to keep breakable things like e/s away from him too. He’s so naughty!

BTW I would love to see what treasures are in temptalia HQ 🙂

Am I the only one who gets REALLY annoyed if someone uses my make up? My faltmates last year even used it without asking :/ which was really annoying because all their stuff was all bought in a drugstore and mine is al high end :(. I mean, if you ask me for it I won’t say no..but at least tell me..

Yes. I have one teen daughter at home that uses my collection as her own. My oldest daughter loves to explore my collection and especially the nail polishes when she comes for a visit. My youngest daughter has no interest in makeup-yet.

I’m much more hesitant to show people my makeup collection than i used to be. I know its big but they no idea the amount thats behind those drawers. No kids to get into it. One very curious great dane is always interested in lip gloss 🙂 I think she just likes the way it smells.

Only my cats! They love kicking around eye liners and lip glosses. They recently started to play with my make up brushes.

No, but I generally don’t keep it out and available for others to play with. I think it would bother me to be honest, but I grew up an only child so I’m not the best sharer.

Not really! My friends are nice and polite 🙂 If they read about something on the blog that they’re interested in, I’m always willing to lend the pieces out for a while so that they can figure out if it works for them. Nobody has literally gone through my collection though, and I don’t think that’s going to happen!

My sister, mom, and I used to share makeup all the time when we lived together. Now we’ll riffle through each other’s collections when we go to visit during holidays but mine is always the most impressive. My friends will sometimes share my collection and are usually the recipients when I destash. I don’t mind at all. I own way too much not to share. I’m also pregnant with a girl so I’m sure it’s only a matter of time before she is digging through there too.

I have a 16 year old daughter, so nothing is truly mine anymore :S She does understand the importance of using her own makeup though, and will ask if she wants to use something of mine, like my Fluidline for example. She can use my powder eyeshadows any time, but rarely wears eyeshadow anyway.

yess! it’s annoying when my mother borrows a lipstick but returns it after a month. some classmates like to look through my lil make up bag i always have w/ me(im ocd about it fading cuz i got oily skin to i touch up all da time…)

I’m an au pair and I look after a 4 year old girl. She loves to look at my lipstick collection and always asks me to swatch them on my hand.

Not at all. Most of my friends do not wear makeup or very very little, have no interest and would probably fall over if they saw my collection. I keep trying to create a Drag Harald, but he emphatically refuses. I’ve even tried to put nail polish on one lowly little nail, but that apparently is also verboten. I don’t think I’m going to find converts here.

OMG, NO! i have had people WANT to see it/test/rifle through, but my large case is for clients.. I can’t have anyone playing my kits.. Thats why they are LOCKED!

Yes! My sister loves looking through my stash, and she regularly borrows my nail polish. I don’t really mind, because she never borrows anything else, and I’ve never finished a bottle of polish, so she’s keeping it from going to waste!

No, not really; my friends who are into makeup don’t live anywhere near me. When I buy things I swatch them and send pictures to one friend, but that’s as close as I get. I’m glad; my stash is totally disorganized and I’d be embarrassed to show it off!

Does it count if a cleaning person does it? I have someone come in every other week to clean/organize the apartment – we’re working up to being able to just clean it, but right now it needs a lot of organization. So apparently today while working on my office she organized all my makeup. It’s kind of terrifying how big my stash has gotten, and now I don’t know where to find anything!

One of the reasons I moved out of my parents’ house within 6 months of my college graduation was because my younger sister would steal whatever she could get her hands on, including makeup.

No children and a husband who couldn’t care less as to what I have unless he is trying to buy me something for a gift (perfume, etc.). I keep mine in my bedroom which is off limits to any visitors to the house anyhow, but if my nieces and sister ever found it, I am sure it would get attacked by the young girls and some items stolen from my older sister! Hence, we lock it up!

My 20 month old son… I dread they day when he’s big enough to get up on the bed and reach stuff. He even insisted on having his own mascara tube to play with. My mother sometimes borrows my stuff, but then I borrow her perfume. My husband has gone through it out of curiosity, but that far hasn’t worn any of it, lol…

Not really; I’m the only makeup junkie in the family and no one would be interested enough to get into my stash. My teenage niece has some interest, but she always asks if she can try this or that; she usually leaves with a small gift from her makeup-crazy aunt :)! My friends know I love makeup, but have no idea of how much of it I actually own (hee hee)! Anyway, if they were interested in taking a look, I wouldn’t mind. And because my pup is not yet as well behaved as Mellan is, I make sure to stock everything away from her reach!

If my roommate ever helped herself to my makeup without permission, I might just break her fingers.

Though I’m sure I’ve lost one or two items to a cat batting them around the apartment.

Thankfully, no. Before I moved in with my boyfriend I lived with 4 other guys and three bathrooms so the most that went missing was some shampoo. I have heard horror stories though. I know my best friend had some Dior, Mascara, and other high-end products, go missing when she lived with three other girls. I think i would go stage 5 ape-shit on them. Not only is that totally unsanitary, but RUDE. Buy your own.

My nail polish is stored in stow-away bins in the living room. Relatives and friends have gone through it. At least everyone is nice enough to ask to use it, put it on right then and there, and put it back. In my mind it’s a ‘live’ swatch test to see if a color looks good on them. I find sharing nail polish way more sanitary than sharing eyeshadow pots.

It’s going to take a lot to share my makeup stash. Even then, use our own brushes, make sure the brushes are clean before you use my stuff, return to me immediately after use. I would be the worst librarian.

My daughter is 5 and I’ve learned to store everything in a place she can’t reach. She’s particularly fond of lipstick and rather insistent that I put some on her when I do my makeup in the morning. I rub a blush brush all over her face and she’ll run off laughing.

Normally my sister will go though mine but hasn’t taken anything major as of yet. If she does borrow something, it’s normally some cheap eye-shadow I bought and she uses throw away applicators for it.

my daughter is almost two years old and she loves makeup already. she knows how to open my lipsticks and lipglosses so to keep her from taking my makeup when i’m using it I gave her some old brushes and empty compacts to play with. my husband also gets into my makeup but only when he’s looking for lip balm.

Oh God yes.. I have several gay male buds who delight in my raiding my Bobbi Brown stash after a few glasses of wine! I am more picky about sharing tools but I don’t say too much because when one of my friends puts it on me , he does a better job than I do. Lol

Yes! My almost 4 year old son always gravitates toward my limited edition MAC lipsticks (must be the packaging) particularly the Wonder Woman Collection from 2011 (?). And then my little girl who’s almost 1, loves to hold the brushes, and bang my powders. I had a painful mistake of letting her “hold gently” a new blush. She played with it and the powder cracked so now it stays in a ziplock because the loose powder gets messy. Do they still play with my stuff, of course. It buys me a few minutes of quiet bliss as long as I’m watching! =D

LOL!! I see I’m not alone in the toddler makeup games 🙂 My daughter is 1 and loves to carry around anything she can while I’m doing my makeup. Brushes, foundation bottles, anything. She loves nail polish bottles but usually just rolls them around on the floor. I give her brushes and old lipglosses to try to keep her out of the things I’d like her NOT to get into or break.

I had a roommate a few years ago who would take things of mine without asking, then keep them and make up some lame story about where she got them! I would have said sure, go ahead if she had only ASKED FIRST.

My mom or sister sometimes do if I allow them to, but when my friends just start touching things, I get nervous since I am a little OCD with my makeup.

Sometimes my cat jumps up on my desk where I keep my makeup brushes but I keep a close eye on her to make sure she doesn’t get too “interested” in them. She does enjoy batting around a few of my MAC eye shadows on occasion.

Well, my cats like to chomp on makeup pencils, or groom a makeup brush, whenever they can get hold of them. So I keep things out of their reach. As for human intruders, I strongly dislike the idea of anyone pawing through my stuff, and my dislike is known to those around me. IMNSHO, my toiletries & makeup are my very personal means of self expression, and touching, borrowing or using them without my permission is gross violation of my personal space.

I live on my own and my dog isn’t that tall to dig in, but my friends at work always digs on my makeup.. It is usually flattering that they like my stuff and I let them use more than often. But sometimes some of them gets grippy and I really don’t like that. One of them even asked me to give her some of my stuff :S

OH MY GOD. Literally EVERYONE who comes over to my house either tries to start using it or swatching and not putting back where it belongs. AAAAAHHHHHH! It drives me CRAZY!

My nieces sometimes ask me if they can have certain things when they come to visit. The ones that are not used of course. Sometimes, I don’t mind at all, especially if its back ups but once in a while I have to tell them to buy their own.

Just my sister and my niece, but they always ask before going threw my things and tell me when they want to borrow stuff. I don’t like to share eye makeup and they know that! My husband is not interested at all

Unfortunately not. I still live with my parents and my mother has no interest for make up!! She wears only a line of eye pencil and mascara. She hasn’t enough time, she says..My friends don’t have any interest in make up since they can’t wear it! I’d like to share my passion with them -.-

BOY HOWDY, do they ever! My 17-year-old daughter loves my makeup with a passion, and particularly loves it when I get bored and decide to do her face (and by “do her face” I mean EVERYTHING, from primer/foundation to blush to setting spray, I treat her like a client.

My 3-year-old son is fascinated by my makeup (and his sisters), and I often let him play with a few of my large face brushes–my huge Badger Kabuki Fan is is favorite–always supervised, of course, to prevent him from destroying them. He also loves to lend me a little hand to swatch lip, MSF, or eye colors on the back of his little paw. He then goes around the house to proudly show Daddy and Sissy his swatchy colors.

Unfortunately, my son’s long-standing obsession with mommy’s cosmetics has recently caused him to sneak off and destroy a few palettes while trying to swatch himself. Today, my daughter’s BH 120 1st Ed. palette was the latest victim of the toddler carnage. Thank God those are cheap :S

As for friends and other family? The list gets ridiculously long, and I am often asked to bring palettes or products or my airbrush compressor with me to other homes so they can play. Dragging around an airbrush for the sake of “playing” is too much trouble to do if I’m not getting paid for it. LOL

just now i am in 11th standard and i have a keen interest in makeup so can you just help me that is there any degree or something that i can get in make and can i do my graduation in an area related to makeup or i should first complete my studies and then go for it.

Usually just my grandma and a couple friends especially at Taekwondo. Mainly one in particular, she always looks through my makeup bag after class. It’s like our own little ritual by now, haha. (:

Yes! My sister and I go through each others’ collections and recommend products to one another on a regular basis. However, I absolutely hate it when anyone else touches my makeup mainly because no one else in my family wears make up so I don’t understand their interest in mine! I actually go as far as to lock my make up away when my family is coming over… It’s that serious for me! LOL

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