Do other people’s opinions on your makeup influence you at all?

At this point, minimally if at all–often more in the vein that if someone says something negative, that comment might pop back into my brain next time I use that product/do something similar with my makeup. Being on the internet for so long teaches you that you have to find a way to get past the noise and focus on the many lovely people that exist or else it’s mentally exhausting.

— Christine
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Seraphine Avatar

Not unless it’s someone whose expertise I truly respect. Other than that, if someone gives me a positive comment on my eye look or lipstick, I take note of it. I don’t really care if someone doesn’t like my makeup. Someone once visibly cringed and said “OMG, that lipstick!” when I was wearing a purple lipstick. I thought it was rude, but I just shrugged it off. Didn’t make me stop wearing it.

Ana Maria Avatar

Sometimes people just don’t even have to voice their opinions, it’s the look on their face. 😆
I work in a more informal environment, not something costumer engaged (I’m an engineer) and when I go to work wearing lipsticks like MAC Cyber, most of my colleagues don’t say anything but by the stares I know some are more like “OMG, that lipstick!” But the nice guys I get along with better almost make the hint “Interesting lip color” in some way.

AB Avatar

On the whole, no. If someone says something positive, I’ll consider what might be basis of their reaction — am I wearing a new color or product, etc. Always keeping in perspective as anyone’s comment is always based in their own filters and triggers. On negatives, nope, I don’t take in negative comments at all.

Ginny Avatar

Only when my mom tells me my foundation is too light lol. She’s always saying “you’re not that pale.”

Occasionally a guy at work will say “hey, you’re wearing makeup today” (I wear makeup every single day lol) and then I will think maybe that look is a bit strong for the office. Doesn’t really bother me though. Other than that no one really comments either way on my makeup. A compliment here and there and I’ll think hey I should wear this look more, then.

Seraphine Avatar

Your mom’s comment about your light foundation reminded me that I often get sales associates pushing either darker foundation or bronzer at me to make me look “sun-kissed,” and they don’t seem to get it when I tell them I like my natural skin tone (plus a little bit of pink blush). Yes, I’m light, but it suits my features perfectly, thank you.

Ginny Avatar

Yeah… that happens to me sometimes when a counter just doesn’t have a match for me (like Chanel), but I know at that point the SA is just trying to make something work for me, because the alternative is turning my business away. So I get it. Years ago I used to get custom mixes at Prescriptives or Lancôme…. I bet they still do that but I haven’t thought to ask because now there’s so many more options and online shopping is so prevalent.

Mariella Avatar

Given my lifestyle, I don’t wear the sort of makeup that people are likely to comment on and I’m of the belief that if someone comments on my MAKEUP, I’m probably wearing too much. From time to time, people have commented that they liked my eyeshadow but, more often, if there is any comment, it’s that I look good or that I have lovely skin (as I’m closer now to 70 than to 60, this sort of comment means a LOT). So if I hear something like that, I know my attention to skincare plus, I guess, lucky genes, have paid off. But generally, I think if someone says “I love your makeup”, unless you’re a makeup artist displaying your skill or a performer, then you’ve gone a little overboard. I think Coco Chanel said something about how people shouldn’t notice your dress but they should notice how good you look; I guess I feel the same about makeup.

Brenda C Avatar

I totally agree. I’m close to 60 and I get the compliments on my skin, which makes me keep up my extensive routine. I want to keep what I have for as long as I can lol! I also have started to cut back on my makeup as I am finding that it will draw attention to fine lines.

Tara Avatar

I really don’t see how it means that you’re “going overboard” just because you might get compliments on your makeup. Personally, I’m not trying to fool people into thinking I was born with glossy red lips, filled in eyebrows, black winged eyeliner, etc. In my opinion, it sounds pretty sad to be getting so bent out of shape because someone “notices” your makeup. Honestly, this is exactly the type of thing that I ignore. Who cares what other people think about what you’re wearing? All that should matter is how you personally feel.

Ariel Riley Avatar

Only to the point where if someone says “You have pretty eyes” or “Your face looks so smooth” or “I like that color on you” and I make a mental note that whatever I’m doing that day works 😀

However, I’m pretty conservative on my makeup so I can’t imagine anyone would say anything horrible about it, they just wouldn’t compliment me, lol

Wednesday Avatar

Sure, in the sense that any advice comes from a good place and is meant to be helpful. I’m open to listening. That said, I’m still taken aback in public or on-line when others passive-aggressive or go after other people when their aesthetic doesn’t match their own. I do not understand it and fail to see why it matters in the least. That type of ‘opinion’ has no bearing.

Nancy T Avatar

“You have to find a way to get past the noise” – this is the best way of putting other people’s judgements of our choice in style into a clear perspective; they have their taste or opinion and we as individuals have our own!
The *only* thing I haven’t worn out and about due to my own insecurities over doing so, has been wearing one of my least “conventional” shades of lipstick. Bite Kale or CP Getty are stunningly beautiful shades, but my not wearing them out of the house may be partially a decision made from secret fears of others reactions to seeing someone my age range “going too far” “trying to look too young (or trying ttoo hard)” “doesn’t she know that this is for young people?”. YET. I walk out of hear wearing purple lipstick, even a blackened purple with Nars Nancy Audacious lipstick! Go figure.

Helene Avatar

I don’t even think of purple lips as unconventional, I wear purple a lot, some people might look, but I like it and will keep using purple lipstick as long as I want to. I’m with you on the greens, though I can’t get my hands on the most gorgeous green there is, Kale. I keep hoping Bite will come to Europe.
I wear the more “unconventional” lipsticks indoors and when I take the late walk with the dogs.

Ana Maria Avatar

To a certain point, yes.
If it’s a friend or a professional (for example at a make-up counter), I highly appreciate to be told make-up mistakes, make-up issues (maybe a patchy foundation or a bad color), colors that look not so good on me; it’s harder when it’s a totally random stranger. 😆 Someone else might notice something I don’t.
But there a point… a point in which I simply want to wear a specific color or look simply because that’s what I want.
So I like when make-up opinions are more conversational… I have more to learn when someone explains (even briefly) why something doesn’t go well on me or with the context.

CeeBee Avatar


It hadn’t really occurred to me until now that other people might have meaningful opinions on my makeup. Certainly no one has said anything to me other than “Love your purple eyeshadow today!” or “That’s a nice lip colour on you.” so as far as other people influencing me, nah.

But I’m not on any social media and really only interact online here at Temptalia, so “opinion havers” on the internet are not a thing I’m exposed to.

Deborah S. Avatar

I don’t think so and if they do it is on a completely unconscious level. For the most part I don’t pay attention to any negativity. When my ex husband was staying with us I wore Tainted Love perfume and the minute he smelled it he hated it and told me not to wear it again. Consequently, I wore it 3-4 times a week and it became a bit of a joke between my daughter and I as if I didn’t wear it, she would. He use to comment on my e/s once in awhile and it was like water off a ducks back. I am not wearing makeup for you whether you love it or hate it. At my age, I have earned the rite to wear what I want and how I want unless it has some actual impact on someone, ie allergies to my scent or something.

Deborah S. Avatar

I have read it and it is so true and so funny. My daughter majored in Women’s Gender and Sexuality and so I am pretty familiar with all of the “truths” about feminism, sexism, gender roles, etc. She and I get into some interesting discussions because although in general I believe and support what she believes, I am from a different generation and so sometimes things slip out that I don’t intend to have interpreted the way I say them. She will give me the “look” that says I just said something stupid, uninformed or outright horrible. I know I am going to get a lecture later, LOL!!
I am proud of her but she is tough as nails and is really hard on men and frankly, a lot of them just don’t stand up under her closer scrutiny. When she finds one that does then she will be happy but so many have let her down that she is gun shy. Right after her father and I divorced she went to visit him and his girlfriend and when she came home she had a card she had made for me and it said, “All men are idiots and I married their king.” She wanted me to make a sign with that saying and put it on the front door so that when he came to pick her up for visitation, he would see it. She was 9 at the time. I guess I should have seen her major coming!!

Jane Avatar

Like you Christine, minimally says it. My best judge is my son of 9, what he says can influence a bit because he’s honest and has similar tastes to mine, he’s likes it to pop color! LOL! So if he says, it’s too much or I look like a wicked witch, I’ll think twice.

Brenda C Avatar

Not a bit, I wear what I want. I don’t wear black lipstick, everyday, but I do on Halloween. If anyone has a problem it’s their problem not mine.

Bonnie Avatar

Not really. I rarely wear the same look twice. But if someone pays me a compliment, usually about how I look as opposed to my makeup specifically, I might like to use that product/those products again soon. Like, if someone says how relaxed/healthy/glowing I look, I probably have the right blush or other face products on.

As far as personal style, I just don’t care what others think of mine.

Helene Avatar

Frankly, no.
I wear make up for me, not for others. I don’t work, so I don’t have to consider patients and coworkers anymore.
I don’t use green lipstick outside, but that’s mostly because I don’t think it suits me, at least not the ones I have, these days I stay away from grey and black, unless indoors or when out for the late walk with the dogs, I imagine that my neighbours here in the countryside would get a chock if anyone wore black lipstick to be honest.

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