Do beauty brands come out with too many new products?

I think there is a lot of new things, and it obviously keeps me with plenty to write about, but sometimes (especially this time of the year), it just seems like brands put out things to put out things, so with less thought and function.

— Christine


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Katherine T. Avatar

Absolutely. It seems like the DS brands comes out with a new mascara or eye pencil every week, can’t even keep track anymore. And some of the “new” stuff is re-packaged colors that already exist ( ie Tarte shadows). And look at MAC, cranking out new collections like there’s no tomorrow. After a while, I just get really cynical. A lot of the stuff isn’t really new, and in the haste to rush out a new product, they cut corners on QC and testing. In the meantime, good quality stuff loses shelf space or gets discontinued to make space for the latest

Flaky Avatar

You’re right about the drugstore. I was just there today looking for my favorite Maybelline foundation & if I counted correctly, they have 10 foundations out right now. Probably that many mascara so, too. Is that necessary?

Nancy T Avatar

It seems like THIS particular holiday season’s LE products came much too fast and furious ( September???) , and in most cases the quality went MIA. So far, only a small amount have lived up to the hype. As for the rest of the year? No, not really, except for MAC. Not in comparison to these past 2 1/2 months of these brands ODing us on a perpetual onslaught of subpar offerings lacking creativity!

Lacey Avatar

I think when brands sacrifice quality and/or originality for quantity, then yes! I feel like MAC is a brand that’s been guilty of this for some time now. There have been so many collections with a high number of repromotes/common dupable colors or just mediocre products in general. And we can’t even get past one collection before they release another! I still like the brand, but trying to keep up is dizzying.

Anne Avatar

I definitely think brands put out too many products. It’s to the point where if you keep in touch with it, it starts to seem almost grotesque in the face of an increasingly unequal society. Particularly when the price tags keep going up, and the new things coming out aren’t that much different from the last release, that it’s just about the “gotcha” factor and of course profit. I think it’s also been driving down the quality of many new releases, as the focus is now on quantity.

Theresa Avatar

i do think we’re reinventing the wheel over and over and companies are almost forced to keep putting out constantly because of the Internet age, ie. youtube. I know there are different tones of red but, in general, a red is a red is a red.
And nobody is going to say, my Gosh, that girl is wearing $200 (what it is going for currently)MAC’s Whisper of Guilt, because, well, that is impossible to say. A gold is a gold is a gold.
They put different packaging on the same item 6 months later and young girls’ do not realize this or maybe they do, I don’t know. It becomes life or death to hunt the item down and if they can’t find it they go ahead and pay 5 times its value on the Internet. I was a teenager and young woman in the 90’s and don’t remember anything like this, especially from MAC and I have been buying from MAC since the early 90’s.
I wish I could tell young women just to wait and that gorgeous color will be out again, just in new packaging and a new name.

Ray Avatar

Yes, I do think there are too many “bulk” releases. UD is resting on its laurels by releasing palette after (lackluster) palette and MAC is constantly on overload. Even Tarte, which I think of as being relatively low-key and under the radar, released some overwhelming sets this year. I don’t judge it too much from brands like Too Faced and Benefit, since those collections are 50% about the packaging and they have a lot of fans who wait all year and only buy those sets.

I’m interested in seeing how ColourPop’s holiday sales shake out. I thiiiiiink they’re testing the sales of limited edition sets (the holiday collections) versus singles (the Boogie Nights line). I hope they listen to fans who say they’re starting to feel overwhelmed. I’d hate to see good permanent shades fall out of production because people are too distracted by all of the new stuff.

Gillian Avatar

I really think they do. I’d much rather they brought out a small handful of really great products throughout the year than lots and lots of mediocre ones. It’s hard to keep up! My mind eventually becomes numb to the words ‘limited edition’ and I ignore a lot of those releases in case I like something I won’t be able to repurchase. There are a few exceptions though (Guerlain, shower me with Rouge Gs please)!

In short, I get much more excited about new and innovative, permanent products than I do the constant tide of limited edition and ‘Spring/Summer/Autumn/Winter’ collections. However, as I mentioned above, this isn’t true for everything that comes out, just the majority. πŸ™‚

Elizabeth Avatar

I think some do. That’s why I don’t buy a lot of MAC products. I hate when something works really well for me, and it’s LE. Then another hunt begins. I only buy things in the permanent collection and very few of the collections. I also find with many brands, they will stop making my favorites to make room for new colors, collections, or formulations, and if I get a heads up, I buy a few backups. Replacements just don’t seem to be found easily. Your dupes section Christine, has really helped me quite a bit, but there are some things I just can’t find a good dupe for.

Pearl Avatar

Same here about MAC – I’m a MAC diehard but I don’t buy any LE from them anymore for the same reasons. I hated finding a product I really loved or was HG and it not being permanent, only to have another collection roll out 3 weeks later. It was dizzying not to mention annoying.

Katie Avatar

Yes! This time of year, it’s overwhelming! So much so that I struggle with what TO buy so sometimes I don’t buy at all (i.e. Too Faced ‘s Paris collection.) There are too many choices and not all stores carry the same item so it becomes easier if I don’t pick anything at all.

The Silver Nail Avatar

I agree, too many new things or at least new releases that are too similar. For example, Too Faced — too many glittery shadows, and it seems like they push their Better Than Sex mascara (which I loathe, always flaky on me) in everything. Tarte — ten million shades of clay brown. Bobbi Brown — ten million shades of brown, period.

Pearl Avatar


Good question, actually. It’s hard to tell if they are creating products to respond to a demand among consumers or if they are just throwing a product out there and seeing if there will be a demand for it. At first I was overwhelmed – like in Finding Nemo, when Marlin enters the current stream with all of the turtles? That was me getting back into the beauty scene. That means that you are kind of like Crush, Christine, ha! Weird connection, I know, but I just watched it last night – but now, I feel comfortable and have found my niches and brands because I know what I like. Until the next big innovation comes out, of course.

Boobie Avatar

LE though nice doesn’t mean as much to me anymore. I generally prefer permanent collections of any brand. That way, I can take the time to think about whether or not I *really* want the item, and if I’ll use it. I do have a few regrets though. Like Hourglass blush palette. It’s okay, when I miss out or regret something like that, I think to myself, money saved for the next purchase.

Marie-E. Avatar

Yes definitely, especially MAC, color pop, Too faced and UD come to mind. To me, it feels like you need to find out what’s worth splurging on and because it takes time (gods know how your reviews are helpful)… you then have to hunt the desired object. And fast this all process restart. It feels a bit restless, so I try to step back (in fact I don’t even bother with some brands anymore) and enjoy the pearls I have now in my collection.

Rachel R. Avatar

It depends on the brand and the quality. For example, ColourPop, Nyx, and e.l.f. have been coming up out with a ton of new stuff. They are in periods of growth as companies, filling in products they didn’t sell before, and the average quality of products has remained good. So I’d say “no,” even though both companies are releasing a lot of stuff pretty steadily.

MAC, on the other hand, would be an example of a brand that definitely does come out with too much. They are constantly releasing LE collections and their quality is suffering. When quality is compromised and customers are feeling overwhelmed and burnt out, then it’s too much.

Then there are brands like Stila, which in my opinion don’t release enough new products.

Mariella Avatar

I think for those of us who have a bit too much love for makeup (most of the people here, I’m guessing) it can be overwhelming and it can be hard not to succumb to temptation just because something is new and pretty and sparkly (even if it’s not all that different from 3 products you already have). And so often, rushing a product out seems far more important than making a good quality product (those new UD waterline liners come to mind, and that MAC eye gloss too, though perhaps that was meant to be dreadful).

HeavyMetalJess Avatar

For sure. How many palettes does Urban Decay really think I’m going to buy during the holidays? There have been what, 4 released so far? I got the Vice 4 and I’m not getting any of the others. Which is sad, because the Spectrum palette was nice, too.

doroffee Avatar

It’s not necessarily the amount that is the problem. It is what is being put out. What I see is brands getting rid of good products every few years just to put out something new, not always better, to have publicity and be the talk of the town… and making campaigns, having celebrities… but without actual effort put into the products, Stuff that we’ve seen a 1000 times just with a cooler design and fake claims, new products that sound interesting but don’t work at all, mediocre products, celebrities selling otherwise doomed for failure products, fake youtube hype and wayyyyy too many limited edition products.

txabela Avatar

If is a nightmare for us just to keep track of new launches ( and still trying to make sense and “remember” the existing ones)….. just imagine how it must be for the sales reps in the different companies! And for the profs who have to control the stocks and the logistics for all those products!

Paola Avatar

Yeah, it is too much. It gets to a point were you don’t enjoy as much each purchase, because you are already thinking about the next one. ColourPop is great, but come on a new collection every week or Anastasia Beverly Hills something new every 2-3 weeks. Let us savoir our purchases, enjoy them for a while and then come out with something new. The matte liquid lipsticks are starting to all look the same, nothing wow this days.

koolchicken Avatar

I don’t think it was always like this, but in the past could of years, yes. Some brands I think are doing it right. Like say Marc Jacobs. He doesn’t have a huge range with eighty billion products and he didn’t then add to that by essentially repackaging half of them into “holiday” palettes and kits. But Marc Jacobs did one eyeshadow palette, one eyeliner set, and one lipstick set. Do you really need more from each company? Do you really even need that much?

I think the problem though is companies need to show restraint, and that’s something that’s in short supply these days. Too Faced doesn’t put out 8 palettes would anyone really be disappointed? Probably not. But given that this time of year tends to drive people towards excess, and then you have that collector mentality, couple that with the face the company doesn’t really do things like singles and I’m willing to bet more than half of their yearly revenue comes from these holiday kits, and it’s the same for most companies. So until everyone can sow restraint, both companies and consumers alike, this will never stop.

Catherine Monsell Avatar

I must say, most definitely!

I admit that I am a lurker here, but I lurk every day and Christine, your blog is the ONLY ONE I READ! Not kidding!

I am a Sephora-holic, and buy lots and lots of makeup, and not just everything from them, but from other companies directly, Clinique, UD, ColourPop, Nars, MAC, BΓ©same, and recently Too Faced (I wish I knew the two lipsticks I fell for recently were sold from Sephora, because VIB points were lost and so was money due to paying shipping!
I have to shop online for everything, and it’s so difficult! To see and hear about all of these Fall collections already offered in July and September! Holiday palettes wayyyyyyyy too soon and why must Marc Jacobs Beauty, whom I love…. show their Spring 2016 collection so soon?
Too many limited edition items and collections, from every company…..and the prices keep going higher and higher! It’s so crazy!
It’s hard to know who to even trust to make high quality products that don’t leave you broke!
Definitely too much, too soon, and too often! We get bombarded by every company….low end and high end!

I love this blog and everyone who posts here! I love the reviews and question of the day! You keep it interesting and fun, Christine, and everyone in this community makes such a beautiful well-rounded cross section of many different people, with many different types of ages, price ranges they buy from and the best? The TRUTH FROM EVERYONE!

I am privileged to be a part of this incredible forum, and while it’s rare for Mr to speak up or out…..I’m certainly reading EVERYTHING, everyone has to say, every single day!

Thanks for reading, my makeup loving friends! πŸ™‚ <3

Happy Holidays to Everyone! <3

Catherine from NY πŸ™‚ <3

Kayle Avatar

Agreed! I’m pretty disappointed that many brands are sacrificing quality for the sake of releasing a bunch of new products. The new Colourpop releases don’t seem to be lacking the quality, but I’ve noticed that they tend to buff the newer products while totally ignoring their old/perm products, and I hope that the older stuff doesn’t go out of production because of this. I don’t know the last time I’ve seen the classic lipsticks from the permanent line on their Instagram page, and even many of the permanent liquid lipsticks are falling into obscurity. Same with most of the permanent eye and cheek products. It’s sad and overwhelming! I’m going to keep supporting them, but I do hope that they listen to their fans and slow down a bit.

Linda Avatar

I’m not as concerned with too many products as I am with discontinuing my faves and/or reformulating them, which seems to happen to me often! *cough* MUFE HD, Urban Decay jumbo lip crayons, Revlon Photoready foundation, MAC Warm Soul blush, Givenchy Photo Perfexion (no longer shipping to Canada), etc.

Zoe Avatar

Hmm, yes I think you’re right. But on the other side of the spectrum, there are more products to suit different types of skin, tones and features. Although, I do think some are just not worthwhile. For instance nobody is going to buy some cheap trashy bulk that fills the stands. I think brands should have a clean out and ask people which products were not worthwhile or not liked, and just discontinue them: it is a waste of money, effort, and resources. I also think that people are more concerned about whether certain products ruin skin, and people are wary of chemicals out into them. So yes, if a product works and gives a desired result, they should be kept, but many of the bulk products are not worth it.

Maria Avatar

Yes. Being there are soooo many different makeup brands I wish each one would specialize in a few things and perfect it. It would be so much easier shopping. Like one brand perfects all mascara’s and eyeliners and another perfects all different types of foundations. My favorite eyeliners and I believe they perfected them besides Gucci eyeliners is a Japanese company Three. Their Flash Performance eyeliner pencils are the BEST hands down I have never used a better quality eye pencil.

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