Disney Ariel Collection (by Sephora) for Summer 2013


SEPHORA has created a series of captivating beauty collections inspired by beloved Disney Princess characters entitled Disney Reigning Beauties. Each limited edition seasonal collection focuses on the individual style, personality and story of a specific Disney Princess, bringing her to life in a way that inspires women to create their own princess moments.

This summer dive into a daring journey of curiosity and discovery with the Disney Reigning Beauties Ariel Collection by SEPHORA, an assortment of color cosmetics, a signature fragrance and princess-worthy accessories that are inspired by the world under the sea and bold determination of Ariel from the classic Disney animated film, The Little Mermaid. The Disney Reigning Beauties Ariel Collection by SEPHORA captures the ethereal, yet vibrant colors depicted in the film in a stunning array of treasures, beyond your wildest dreams.

Storylook Eyeshadow Palette Volume 3 Ariel Edition ($55.00) (Limited Edition)

Chase the life you desire with this customized palette of 20 bright and brilliant shades, each inspired by and formulated to match the hues from the film. Encased in a keepsake box with original artwork that portrays Ariel in her grotto of collected treasures, these lustrous shades invite you to dare to dream and let your curiosity lead the way with a complete eyeshadow wardrobe.

  • Blue Lagoon The moon shimmering on the lagoon (shimmering blue)
  • Scuttle Ariel’s skintone while talking to Scuttle (shimmering pinky beige)
  • Flounder Flounder coming out of the water (matte nude)
  • Sebastian Sebastian’s face (matte coraly pink)
  • Flotsam Flotsam in the shadows (deep blue charcoal)
  • Sea Shells Ariel’s sisters singing (shimmering ivory)
  • Les Poissons Chef Louis’ bloodthirsty shadow in the ‘Le Poissons’ scene (dusty satin muave)
  • Caspian Sea Light reflecting through the water on Atlantica (shimmering rich turquoise)
  • Your Voice Ursula striking a deal with Ariel (glistening silver pearl)
  • Unfortunate Souls The smoke during Ursula’s finale (matte lavender grey)
  • Atlantica The shimmering turquoise colors of Atlantica (shimmering sea foam green)
  • Fins Ariel’s fin under the sea (glittery mermaid green)
  • Sick of Swimmin’ Ariel’s first breath of air with legs (shimmering opalescent)
  • Ursula Ursula’s skintone in the shadows (pearly purple)
  • Sha La La La Fish chorus singing to Ariel and Eric (matte dark fuchsia)
  • Triton The King shooting his triton (shimmering gold)
  • Wanderin’ Free Ariel imaging herself with legs (shimmering pink champagne)
  • Jetsam Jetsam’s fins in the shadows (deep teal with dark iridescent glitter)
  • Sea Witch The Sea Witch in all her power and glory (pearly violet)
  • Treasures Untold Glistening water from King’s triton (opalescent pale pink)

Part of Your World Eyeshadow Palette ($30.00) (Limited Edition)

Open your eyes to endless possibilities with this captivating palette with four vibrant shades that are easy to apply and blend for a variety of mesmerizing eye looks. Let your eyes shimmer like the sea with these inspiring shades, including:

  • What’s-It Matte clay grey
  • Who’s-It Glittering white
  • Dinglehopper Iridescent light teal
  • Snarfblat Violet with iridescent glitter

Sephora X What Cha-Nail-Callit Nail Lacquer Set ($24.50) (Limited Edition)

Make a splash and get into a sea of trouble when you discover these six delightfully daring lacquers. Each sea-inspired shade brings Ariel’s underwater kingdom into a whole new world. Shades include:

  • We In Luck Here Creamy coral red
  • Hotter Under The Water Creamy plum
  • Ariel Rich pearly turquoise
  • Off The Hook Ppearly silver chrome
  • Life Is The Bubbles Iridescent glittery shimmer
  • Devotin’ To Floatin’ Pearlescent teal

Mermaid Song Lipgloss Set ($38.00) (Limited Edition)

Be empowered, be bold, and find your voice with this set of four pigmented, glistening glosses that are fun and flirty, with a hint of feisty. Shades include:

  • Dream Girl Perky pink
  • Sea Witch Bold berry
  • Redhead Rich red
  • Mermaid Courageous coral

Kiss the Girl Eau de Parfum ($58.00 / $19.00) (Limited Edition)

Feel the passion of the moment with Kiss the Girl Eau de Parfum, an invigorating new fragrance inspired by the magical moment of true love’s first kiss. This captivating scent opens with a refreshing burst of bergamot, wet cucumber, and ozonic accord, and is brought to life with a splash of water notes, wild lilac and starfruit, all fused together with warm sandalwood and sensual velvet sensations of ambergris to make the moment last forever.

Set the Mood Compact Mirror ($20.00) (Limited Edition)

Bat your eyes and pucker your lips with this beautifully designed deep sea treasure.

Availability: June 2013 @ Sephora online, July 2013 in stores

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Nicoletta Avatar

WHY?? SO SAD! I don’t understand why they wouldn’t tab this market…it would definitly sell here! And we have Sephoras (almost) everywhere too…

Christine Avatar

I read a comment (I can’t remember if it was here, on Twitter, or on Facebook) that they were done to coincide with the re-release of the movies on DVD/Blu-Ray, so that might be it. I agree that the collections have seemingly done well, so that should be motivation enough to continue but who knows! The large palette and mirror always seem to sell out quickly, but the other items linger much longer – so maybe they do well enough but not as GREAT as we think.

Cheyanne Avatar

I am so in love with that mirror, I missed out on the Cinderella one and don’t care too much for the Jasmine but I will have the mirror for Ariel!

Miss_Silk Avatar

I’m soo excited for the palette and the perfume sounds lovely. I’m just a little sad with the design of the mirror…like its missing something hmm, I still want it regardless!

kimee Avatar

look at this stuff… isnt it neat? something something… collection complete!

Okay, so I don’t remember all the words, but I can’t be the only one that is somewhat disappointed they didn’t use quotes from the actual movie!

Codename Duchess Avatar

“Wouldn’t you think my collection’s complete?”

Seriously the entire song could be about the cosmetic collection of the average Temptalia reader with just a few tweaks. Hoarding a larger collection of pretties than she could ever use is clearly a vice Ariel knew well! Sephora had a lot they could have used!

Dhari Avatar

All of the names of the nail polish set are lines from sebastians song “under the sea” even ariels name which he said in the beginning of the song to get her attention.

Melissa Avatar

OMG that mirror! I must have it! btw i’m new to your blog and I absolutely love it, you are so thorough with your reviews, Thanks!

Stephanie Avatar

These stock photos are gorgeous, but I can’t tell if the perfume in the bottle is clear or if it is just empty. Cinderella’s was clear, but Jasmine’s was kind of purple-y, wasn’t it? I know it is a stupid thing to even think about, but the bottle is so pretty and I want the perfume to be colored. I’m really looking forward to a couple of things from this line, but the lip glosses in particular seem extremely boring to me.

Jessica Avatar

Did they change the nail polish? I swear it looks totally different on Sephora.com. It looked just like the Jasmine nail polish but with different colors. The colors were different from these colors also.

Jessica Avatar

Sorry, never mind. I have mistaken it for the Cinderella nail polish. Wow, I didn’t realize the Cinderella nail polish was so pretty.

Britt Avatar

Amazing color collection. I love Disney, especially the princesses πŸ™‚ The pallet is great. This is a must have and the mirror is too cute. I love it! Great post

Alexa Avatar

The compact mirrors of all of these Sephora/Disney collections are beautiful. I’m so sad that this is going to be the last one, I was really hoping to see a Mulan or Belle inspired collection.

wendy Avatar

I’m so upset I missed out on the Cinderella compact πŸ™ and I only want the Ariel story look book for the box -.-; I just can’t justify spending that much for just the box!! I might pick up the quad though, the picture is just so beautiful I can’t wait for the review πŸ™‚

Sophie Avatar

I’m from Ireland and Sephora don’t do international shipping πŸ™ wish I could get my hands on this! I managed to get both Cinderella and Jasmine as I had friends going over to America and they managed to pick them up for me! Do you know if this is the last princess collection being released? I love your blog Christine always trust your reviews!

Nikki Avatar

I love that the mirror say’s “You’re got to be you” when the moral of the film was “Shut up and change what you are and he’ll like you!”

Oh, Disney. You so crazy.

Terri Avatar

As an FYI for Sephora VIB’s, I was one of the many who did not get an advance notice email from them about this palette. I sent off a question and got my reply today. The person from “customer service” actually had the nerve (and stupidity) to state that “Due to a limited supply, only a SELECT group of VIB’s were actually notified of the release.” Excuse me? What does that even mean?

I wrote back basically asking how they tell who “select” is, mentioning that they have had no problem taking my “non-select” MONEY for all these years. I mean, nowhere on my welcome packet (yes, I still have it) does it say the advance releases for VIB’s are only for a “select group”. I am really disgusted with Sephora frankly. It’s been growing for awhile as I watch my local store deteriorate both in cleanliness and lack of customer service but at least I could shop on-line. Now I don’t even want to do that because if my money is not “select” enough for them then I am certain other retailers will happily take it. Especially Nordstrom. Now THAT’s customer service.
Sorry for the rant but I think people need to know about this. Not cool.

Jessica Avatar

That’s ridiculous! Sephora admitted to many of the complaints on facebook, that a glitch on the site made the palette available before any notifications went out to ANY VIB’S.

Niki Avatar

Right there with you, Terri. I sent a complaint in, but got a fairly stock response. To just stay tuned the collection in its entirety would be launched in the next few weeks. I honestly do not know what to think of Sephora lately. I’ve been feeling the same way and after hearing the response they gave you, I’m finding myself even less happy. Especially reading all the great reviews and happy VIBs that got their Ariel notifications and got the palette. What is the point of being a VIB, if you are a second class VIB?

And now hearing that there will be no more princess palettes, I’m finding myself even less interested in Sephora. They already finished Tokidoki (which I loved) and no more princess collection. I may be done with Sephora for a while after this collection. Unless they present something amazing and/or start treating their loyal customers better. They are gonna have to come up with something really good to come back from this. And should really do something to make it up to the VIBs they slighted.

As far as the collection, it looks just as great as the other two. The colors are great. The packaging looks amazing again. They really did out do themselves with these. It is a real shame they are stopping with this one. I’d have loved to see a Mulan and/or Belle at least. Definitely will have to get the Storylook Palette and mirror to go with the other two. We’ll see about the rest.

Nekona Avatar

I didn’t hear about the palette through VIB either and nothing in my spam is from Sephora…

I wasn’t interested in this palette but for those that were that isn’t right.

Amelia Avatar

Terri, I am furious with them. I had asked them publicly via FB if the You Tube video stating online in June is correct? They answered back “the collection is being released this month online and in stores in August.” Then this morning their answer was edited and said “Releasing this summer. Stay tuned.” So I asked again if the You Tube video was incorrect. They replied “Coming this summer. Stay tuned.” The lack of honesty in this is just appalling.

Shayna Avatar

I received the lipgloss set and perfume from PR and I’m not a huge fan of both. I love the colours of the glosses but find that I have to work with the a bit to make the colour look even. They are really pretty layered over a lipstick, but for the price of the set, I think they are a bit more of a hassle than they should be.

As for the perfume, it’s not my fave scent, but that’s just personal opinion:).

Andi Avatar

I’m in love with these mirrors. I have the Cinderella one, but I missed the Jasmine one which I like a lot more. I’m gonna buy it off eBay. But I won’t miss the next one!

Cait Avatar

I know one of the palettes has already been released, but does anyone know when the rest of the collection is coming out? My best friend is obsessed with Ariel and the compact mirror would be the perfect b-day gift for her.

Also, anyone know if Sephora is planning on coming out with anymore Disney collections or is this it? I was really hoping for a Belle and Snow White collection.

Ceres Avatar


I’m looking forward to the Ariel storylook palette for my upcoming vacation, and pretty much any excuse to show off the compact.

Really? This is the end for the collaboration? I hope Disney realizes they’re missing a great thing. These items sell out quick at my local Sephora.

Simmi Avatar

Hi, I super agree with Terri’s comment since, I to was just told the same thing over the phone by Sephora. They also told me that I was unsubscribed to their e-mails which is a lie, because I get all the emails and most of the time I am like great, I did need to know that another mascara was released within the span of 24hrs. Basically just so mad at them because now I am going to have to stalk my Sephora for the storybook palette .

Maureen Avatar

The palette and the mirror are already sold out! I got an email notification at 9:00 PDT and when I saw it and went to purchase two hours later, they were gone… Sephora needs to consider limiting the number of these items one can purchase. (Saks limits high demand beauty items to six per person per month, at least, online.) The palette is already on Ebay for $120 and the mirror seems to be going for $50-$70.

ProperIntro Avatar

Why is it sold out? sigh great now I will have to talk my store-sephora for these when they are actually released…#sadface

AngieButterfly Avatar

Meh. I am done with this collection. Sephora is doing a terrible job in how they’re handling their failure of prematurely releasing this collection. If they are low on stock and messed up, tell us about it and push it back when you’re more prepared. I am a VIB and have yet to receive a single email about anything. Not saying I am anything special or the only VIB/BI, but this is ridiculous. I only found out about the crappy parts of the collection being released because I double checked a couple of days ago. I’m not going to bother trying to get my hands on the mirror and buying from them for a while, which really bums me out. I’m normally not a demanding customer that complains, yet here I am because they are handling this very badly.

Beautifully jasmine Avatar

I’m so excited!!
My mirror arrives in the mail today!
I purchased a couple to gift and I was sad to see some people annoyed if someone purchased more than one. It’s a beautiful gift item and such a stunning collectors piece to own! I missed out on the Cinderella mirror so I know what it’s like to miss out. I kept checking their website and I guess I got lucky…thank you iPhone!!

I think too many people complained the popular items were out of stock. It’s disappointing seeing those items taken off the website, no one can review or read up about the items but perhaps it was too much work removing inappropriate comments etc.. and too many people were upset. I do think that sephora should try to put out more stock online because not everyone has a sephora near them.

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