DiorSkin is My New Favorite Foundation

Diorskin Nudeicon ($45.00) is one of Dior’s newer foundations. It’s a liquid foundation that’s designed to be extremely lightweight–actually described as “weightless”–with a slightly dewy finish. According to Dior, it uses “[a] unique blend of 100% natural mineral pigments and Dior’s innovative Mineralized Water.” I don’t really know what that means, and I’m a skeptic and interpret most of that as marketing jargon.

Too Long, Don’t Want to Read?

Cliff Notes: MAC Studio Fix Fluid has been my holy grail foundation since SFF launched, which must have been about four or so years ago, at least. So for any foundation to displace my SFF has to be just that good.

Diorskin Nude comes in shades that range from Ivory to Light Beige to Medium Beige to Honey Beige to Dark Beige to Dark Brown. For those unfamiliar with Dior’s colors/numbering system for the Nude foundation, I thought I’d give you a little summary since I didn’t know myself. For reference, I’m currently about NC25 or so in MAC foundations (I used to be NC30, and somehow I got lighter… whole ‘nother story!). I tried about six different shades in Nude before finally settling on one, which is Linen #021.

The system of numbers starts with #010 and goesup to #070. #010 is the lightest, and it is neutral (no yellow, pink, or peach undertones). All numbers ending in a zero reflect neutral undertones. All numbers ending with a one (like #021) reflect shades with yellow undertones (warm/olive toned). All numbers ending with a two (like #022) reflect shades with pink undertones (cool toned). All numbers ending with a three (like #023) reflect shades with peach undertones (warm/not olive). Diorskin Nude has a good shade range for light to medium toned skin, with several options for deeper skintones, but only if you don’t find your skin has pink or peach undertones.

I’ve been struggling to find a foundation that matches my neck for some time now. For whatever reason, my neck is lighter than my face, and the rule of thumb is you should match your face to your neck… whether it is lighter or darker. It’s always easier to go darker than lighter! Nude feels nearly weightless as marketed, and the coverage is still there. It feels surprisingly thin and watery (but not like, ew, separated watery) while still providing me with decent coverage. I’d say it’s light-to-medium coverage, and you can definitely build it up to medium coverage on areas you need to.

Read the rest of this way-too-detailed-review!

At the counter, Dior artists always used sponges to apply the product, and I would agree it’s not a bad way to go. I do still like using brushes with it, however–especially for a heavier application. I’ve been using mostly Diorskin Nude for the past month or two, though in various shades as I’ve attempted to discover the just-right-for-me shade–so you’ve definitely see it in action. (And nobody’s gone, “OMG! Your face looks horrid, what foundation are you using? Toss it out!” — instead, I’ve had a few people comment on my skin looking better, more glowing!)

The price tag isn’t particularly high when it comes to high end foundations. Make Up For Ever’s HD Foundation is $40 for one fluid ounce, while DiorSkin Nude is $45 for one fluid ounce. I’d actually expect the Dior foundation to be priced more like $10-15 over MUFE, to be honest, so I’m pleasantly surprised. Of course, it does not compare with MAC prices (Studio Fix Fluid weighing in at $26 for one fluid ounce).

Regardless, I’m happy to pay $45 for this foundation, because I like it more than Studio Fix Fluid, which I’ve had some trouble matching to my skin lately (even NC25 seems too dark, but I swear, I am not that light-skinned!). I also think DiorSkin Nude is a fantastic choice for the warmer weather months, because it is lightweight and so thin. It’s also hydrating and doesn’t feel heavy. It gives you a glow, but it isn’t very dewy. It’s exactly what a natural glow looks like. Mind you, I dislike the majority of foundations with dewy finishes, because I just feel like my face looks an oily mess. Nude is definitely not that!

I would most heartily suggest popping by your local Dior counter for some shade samples if you’re in the market for a new foundation. Never buy a bottle of foundation without trying a sample first! I can’t tell you how many times I’ve done this only to return an entire bottle because the shade just wasn’t right. Samples allow you to try it and see it in different lighting, using your own techniques, and you can try it out for at least a week (one sample lasted me daily usage for 2 weeks!) to see how your skin reacts to it, too. No sense in wasting your money or the product itself by not taking advantage of samples, right? πŸ™‚

You can purchase DiorSkin Nude at your local Dior counters, Nordstrom.com, and Sephora.

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We hope you'll consider supporting Temptalia by shopping through our links below. Thanks!


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I am in total agreement. I usually stay away from foundations because I find that it tends to clump and cake eventually in application (or be times on my foundation brush) but this stuff rocks. Combined with the Diorskin Nude powder, it’s wonderful and your skin really looks polished without looking overdone!

I had a sample of this, but I didn’t like it, it felt too heavy for me. On the other hand my new favourite foundation is Givenchy Photo’Perfection, it’s fantastic. So light and gives great coverage. It’s similarly priced as the Diorskin Nude,

Heavy! Really? I’m really surprised, because it feels weightless to me! I’ll definitely check out Givenchy’s!

My main problem with Dior foundations come from their outrageously strong and outdated perfume. Does this one smell strong or did they improve that point? I once picked Diorskin Eclat Satin and nothing’s worse to me than a foundation that is charged in perfume (yet I’m wearing Dior perfumes). I finished it but with lots of unpleasant thoughts (plus it was too heavy, too covering for my skin). One of my favorite foundations though, was also a Dior one, Diorskin Icone in the transparent shade (001). Basically a photo finish transparent white foundation which bring no texture and no color but lots of light. Not for everyone but for pale foundations in need of clarity, it was perfect (close to Le Blanc de Chanel). Maybe should I go back to it because I found nothing in MAC that could fit me (and this silly MAC mua who always tell me I should take NC25/NC30 to ‘warm up’ my skin when I’m NC15 and barely NC20 in summertime, what’s the trend in darkening skins and how ridiculous is that when your face doesn’t match your body because your body is maybe NC5?…). It’s a hell to find the right foundation. I still haven’t. Lucky you that you found it, Christine! πŸ™‚

I can’t say I noticed any scent, to be honest. I’d have to go back and double check, though, because I’ve been sick for the past four weeks, too, LOL.

But there’s nothing wrong with giving it a shot though πŸ˜‰ Samples don’t cost you anything but a visit!

I’m glad you love it because i love it too!
I discovered it about a few months ago, after looking at realllly positive reviews about it on the amazing sephora website I decided to check it out.
It’s amazingly flawless and blends right in πŸ™‚
I also love the Airflash spray foundation!
Dior is just too amazing hehe ;D

This is really interesting Christine. I’ve been using MAC SFF and at first it was perfect for me. Flawless finish and no acne scars. I don’t know if i’m not using enough or what but lately i’m not getting that same flawless finish. I really think I’m not using enough or my skin color is changing. I hate using a lot because it’s pretty heavy.
Do you think with this Dior foundation, you use alot?
Anyhoo, Thanks for the review. Maybe I’ll check it out soon.

You can always spritz your brush/sponge/applicator with water to sheer it out so it isn’t so heavy. You can also mix it with a moisturizer if you find it too heavy. I use about 2 pumps for my entire face, perhaps. Not a lot at all πŸ™‚

I’ve been thinking about trying this foundation for a while now, I’m definitely going to test it now that you’ve recommended it! Thanks Christine! πŸ™‚

I tried this foundation and it was “ok” for me, but it didn’t top my MUFE HD standard. I’m not sure if any foundation can for me. The main differences I noted is that it wasn’t quite as scentless as MUFE. Scent is a huge deal to me after a nightmare of having to wear heavily scented MAC SFF foundation all day and getting a migraine. It’s no where near as scented as MAC but even the residue brings back bad memories. The coverage is lightweight like MUFE, but it didn’t cover as well as MUFE, or give me that “I look good in any lighting” effect that MUFE seems to. Also for darker skin tones there just weren’t as many colors so I had to settle. It did look natural though. MY problem is I have pretty good skin, so when I do wear foundation I want to look significantly better (or why even wear it), but at the same time I don’t want to hide my skin either. MUFE is the perfect middle ground. It’s also $5 cheaper, so that’s a bonus =p.

MUFE HD didn’t win me over. It just didn’t do anything beyond what MAC SFF does for me, to be honest. I don’t notice a pervasive scent with the Dior, though there might be something faint. I actually didn’t notice any heavy scent from SFF, and I’ve worn it for years, LOL.

You should try Dior Airflash spray foundation. It feels nothing and the coverage is great. You can build a full coverage with it if you want. The price is $60 per bottle. I spray it on my palm and use the foundation brush to apply it on the face. This is the BEST foundation ever made. I am down to my 5th bottle and i currently have 4 new bottles “just in case”. The one thing i notice about this foundation is that it is very photogenic. Because it is made to mimicks the effect/look of an airbrush foundation, it shows up in picture nicely.

Thanks for the heads up! I’m really happy with this one, though, so I think I’ll stick to it for a little bit, LOL!

I think the one thing that is important to mention here is that the foundation has fragrance (like many high-end brands, I suppose). Usually, I find that foundations with fragrance contain alcohol as well. I definitely loved the coverage of this foundation; I would describe it the same way that Christine did.

However, if you have sensitive skin, I think you should consider the fact that there is fragrance in this foundation and this may irritate your skin. It definitely irritated mine, and after two weeks of trying to deny it to myself (just because I really loved the coverage), I had to return it. I learned to go back to my old, but great, best friend – Clinique.

I seem to have sensitive skin these days, but I didn’t find this foundation irritated me at all, thankfully!

Like anything that has to do with the skin, it’ll definitely vary a bit!

Great point, Margarita!

thank you so much for the review!! i am definently gonna try this one out. unfortunatly i do have a little bit of acne scaring. does this foundation do a good job covering it up?

No prob, Kristin! Yes, I think so. I don’t think it’d be the *best* for heavy acne scarring, but it is buildable enough to cover enough of mine. You could always use some concealer in combination, too, so you don’t have to wear it heavily everywhere!

Thanks for the review!!! I actually got a sample of the Dior Nude and MUFE HD last weekend. I`m an NC20-25 but I have more neutral undertones. The Sephora MUA matched me to Cameo #022, but after reading your review, I think I`m going to try the Light Beige #020 and the Linen #021 before I decide (I haven`t actually tried it yet, been testing the MUFE this week).

I just have some concerns…
1. Is this foundation suitable for oily skin?
2. Is this foundation suitable for acne-prone skin? Is it oil-free?

I have acne prone skin, and this foundation has been fine for me — I actually don’t have the fleshy white bumps I had previously. I’ve been using this foundation regularly for 1-2 months now. I think it would be just fine on oily skin as my skin is combo and works fine all over!

Christine, so have you been wearing Dior foundation in your recent FOTD’s? I always thought the MB skincare was making your skin look so great but maybe it’s that + this new foundation! Thanks so much for the review. We’re the same skintone so I can’t wait to get to a Dior counter to ask for a sample. I’m also curious to hear what you have to say in regards to the poster above me’s questions as I want to know that, too!

Yep! I’ve been trying out various shades in my looks for the past month or so πŸ™‚

No problems with mild to moderate oiliness, especially towards the end of the day – holds up for me. I do set with powder (currently using MAC’s Prep + Prime Transparent Finishing Powder).

I have tried two or so Prescriptives’ formulas. You’ll have to ask me about something specific, just because Prescriptives has so many!

I’m a little bit wary about spending that much on foundation. $25-30, maybe, but I dunno about that much. Even though people rave about Makeup forever foundations and stuff, which are $40. But SFF is pretty good, and Revlon colorstay works just as well but doesn’t break me out. So if you’re gonna go for an expensive one that is really good advice to try the sample first.

If it works for you, that’s all that matters πŸ™‚ Foundation is a staple for me, and a bottle will last me a few months, so I’m not worried about the price so much as long as it *does* work for me.

Hi Christine, thanks for you review. Sounds exciting, but like some other readers, I’d love to hear your thoughts on how suitable it is for oily skin. Cheers !

Works just fine on my oily areas, Claudia! I am dry to normal during the day, but I get oily towards the end of the day, and this foundation holds up. I don’t have super oily skin, but I don’t find this migrates at all on me.

Thank you for this review!

I walked past Dior last week and tried a bit of this on my hand, and was really impressed. I have been meaning to go back for a colour match and sample. I also use Mac SFF, and I am quite pale. Sometimes it seems to give me a bit of an orange colour, other times it is perfect. Am over it.

Will have to go to Dior this week πŸ™‚

I find that MAC SFF tends to be long lasting but it will oxidize and give that darker effect after wearing it a long time or in really hot or humid weather when your skins sheds more oil. the yellow in the NC shade starts looking orange. Since I tend to work LONG hours i have went one shade lighter than normal so that it still matches when applied but when it oxidizes it doesn’t look unnatural and mismatched by the end of the day.

I have dry skin and I have been using this foundation for a couple of months now. I actually find it to be fairly moisturizing and it doesn’t accentuate dry spots at all.

Yes, I’d say so. It has a dewy finish, but it’s not overly so – so it doesn’t accentuate dryness or oiliness.

I am so glad you wrote this review! I have been using this foundation for the last couple of months and it has worked out fabulously for me. I adore the dewy finish and radiant glow it gives to my skin. It’s really a great lightweight foundation!

YAYY…FOUNDATION!!!! ……you almost always focus on eyes and lips..

I would love it if you did a bunch of comparison photos of your different foundations…just foundation so we can really see what they look like on the skin…

like a before bare face and an after with the foundation…list the foundation and application method. Even if they are ones you don’t like or don’t use often, even if you only have the mac and dior i’d love to see a comparison post, we could still see the brand on the face and have the description of what you do or dont like about the texture, weight, feel, etc.

also since its spring maybe you could do something similar with bronzers. These might be neat ways to showcase some of your fabu stash and who knows, some readers may love certain things after seeing them on real skin even if they were’nt your cup of tea πŸ™‚

i love your eye looks but they are a bit too bold for me to try on myself, so i just admire them from afar but a straight up foundation…bronzer…tinted mouisturizer..etc would be something i could really use instead of just admiring your colorful looks.

i hope this comment didnt come across as negative. I love your site and am not complaining.

this is just a request since this is one of the only foundation posts ive ever seen here and it got me excited.

I’ve actually done several foundation reviews in the past, you can see them by going to reviews > foundation πŸ™‚

I also did a bronzer series last month, lol!

So exciting to see a foundation post! Just curious, have you tried Chanel foundations? I’ve heard raaaaave reviews about them. I’m glad you found a great foundation!! I’m always searching for one better than the last!

I agree with the person that said you almost always focus on eyes and lips. I think having a perfect canvas to work with is much more important then eyes and lips to be honest. It would be nice to see more foundation/powder reviews.

I’ve been using this foundation for a couple of months now, and I agree, it is AWESOME. Blends beautifully, feels lovely and light and looks just like amazing skin. I don’t find the fragrance too strong though I do admit to finding previous Dior foundations too highly scented.
I was matched with 022, even though I have yellow undertones because we didn’t get 021 Linen in NZ but it is still a pretty good match!

I bought the powder as well, which is also lovely either layered over the foundation or just buffed over concealer for a more natural look.
I got Ultra Gloss Reflects in 877 Lurex Plum at the same time and it is SO COOL! Check it out…

Well, don’t be too tempted if you’re a klutz like me! I spilled a good deal of it all over my bathroom vanity this morning, even though the jar is quite squat and chunky (and yet still looks very glam!)- I use a buffing brush to put it on as opposed to my trusty big boufy powder brush because it gives more controlled application.

I’m also amazed by a sample! Gonna buy it, but not sure about the colour yet. The sample was 030 but it was a little bit too dark, but in the summer my face is darker then winter time (my hd is now diorskin forever 023)but my neck just doesn’t tan…

Hey Christine,is there any reason you opted for this foundation over the Eve Pearl one? I thought that was the foundation you currently use because of the good review. Is Eve Pearl’s foundation too heavy for summer?

I’m actually having trouble to get the Eve Pearl to match my skin tone πŸ™ It’s gotten to be a bit too much work trying to mix & match to get the right shade, but I still LOVE it. I definitely go the extra mile for when I really want flawless skin. But I’m also a beauty addict, so it’s hard for me to stay loyal to anything!

I know exactly what you mean. Once I start using something I can’t wait to finsh atleast 3/4 to buy another brand and in most cases as soon as I’ve bought something and used it just once I know what I want next…And you know what thats exactly the reason I’m skeptical about buying the Eve Pearl foundation, less choices and more work..not an everyday foundation..maybe I’ll change my mind after visiting her studio..who knows


Eve Pearl’s foundation is definitely one of the better ones I’ve come across, and I like it enough that it earns a spot in my foundation drawer (which is, by the way, tiny, and holds maybe 3 or 4 foundations total!). It’s extremely good for photography and special occasions!

Hey Christine, you replied to every comment but mine.I was hoping you’d list the positives/negatives of the Dior over the other foundation since I’m looking to buy a new foundation and couldn’t make up(pun intended,hahaha) my mind.

Not willfully ignoring your question, SN! I actually just haven’t gotten to your comment yet — I reply chronologically overall. I’m working on getting the rest finished now, so I am sure yours is coming up πŸ™‚

Sorry about that Christine..wasn’t(angry)complaining more like whining..stuck at home with a throat infection ,soo just kept reading and re-reading your posts:D

Hey Christine, I am shopping for a new foundation & I am stuck between 3 products, Fix & Select from MAC & Dior skin Nude. Have yo tried Select & Fix from MAC & which one did you like from MAC. Do you like/think the Dior Skin Nude is better then the 2 products from MAC.

I’ve tried both, and I am currently loving Dior Nude. I used Studio Fix Fluid for many years, but I prefer Nude over it right now. Select is OK for me, but not quite enough coverage. I don’t like Studio Fix Powder (breaks me out and it’s cakey).

Hey Christine, are you using the Dior Skin Nude Powder & if so how do you like it. Is it okay to mix the Dior foundation with MAC mineralize foundation/loose & select moisturecover concealer. what powder are you using after the Dior foundation?

I’m not currently using it, Suzi. I only was really interested in the liquid foundation, but the powder does feel nice (since I did swatch it).

I don’t see why you couldn’t mix them together. I’d just say to mix them once or twice (so don’t just start up your laboratory quite yet, ha!) to test and see how it goes.

I use MAC’s Prep & Prime Transparent Finishing Powder at the moment!

I bought this about half a year ago.. amazing stuff! covers up everything without looking like a “cake face”.
Only problem.. im not sure if the pump is broken but nothing more is coming out πŸ™ theres a bit left.. but i didnt pay all that money to throw out the last bits. any way i can open it?

That happened to me, too! I could tell there was stuff left in the bottle, but the pump wouldn’t budge. I ended up taking the back end of a hammer (the claw-like thing) and using that to pry the pump top from the glass jar. When I looked inside- the foundation was like CHUNKY! Which is probably why the pump got clogged… There’s a ton left and it still works wonderfully (this is HG foundation by far)- but I am considering writing to Dior to see if this happens all the time… what a nuisance.

I have been issues with my pump and it stopped working completely, so I thought it was out. I went to buy another bottle and the representative told me that they had to recall the bottle and redesigned the new bottles to keep this from happening in the future. Has anyone else heard of a recall?

Oh no! πŸ™ I’m not sure if you can open it. I’d just keep trying to twist off the cap portion… I am sure there is a way to bust open that sucker!

I think it would, but I can’t guarantee it. My skin is acne-prone, and I had good luck with this product. You could always ask for a sample!

Hey yea, I actually came on this site to see if anyone else had been going through pump trouble. Mine is not working and there is still liquid in there. Really annoyed cos I wanna get it out saying I paid good money for it. I’ve had the wee pump head off and cleaned around the area, that worked for 3/4 days but now I have nothing! haha

Just curious do you still use this foundation? If not, Why? And if so do you have any looks on your site with the foundation on? THanks.

I do! I tend to wear tinted moisturizer most of the time, but I break out Dior for longer days or special occasions πŸ™‚

Hi! I recently tried DiorSkin Nude after several Mac attempts at NC20 , NW20 , and NC25. Just can’t find a perfect match. See, I think I have a neutral undertone?? Maybe you can help me. I have dark brunette, w/ brown eyes. In the Summer, I burn first in the Sun, then tan easily. I am caucasian. I think I have a combo of warm and pink undertones if that makes any sense. The Dior consultant tried me with a #31 and I took it back. Another girl sent me home with #23 and I am just feeling like that is top dark too. My neck
is also light than my face. Do you think I should try the #21 like you did or possibly #20?? please help. I love this foundation and want it to be my HG foundation, just want a perfect color match. I wear bronzed usually too because my is so much lighter and I don’t tan my face (purposely). Thank you!!!

Nice review! πŸ™‚ I’m thinking to buy this or Chanel’s Mat Lumiere…What do you think? Could you possibly, write a review about it? It would really help me to decide! πŸ™‚ Ty!

I’m hooked after reading this review. i don’t use MAC foundation and not sure about my shade with MAC. Bobbi Brown warm beige (3.5) is my perfect match. I’m medium with yellow undertones. Do you think Sand 031 of this Dior Nude would be equivalent for me? Thanks a bunch!! by the way, congrats on the MAC for Temptalia collection.

Thanks for the helpful review :). Do you find that diorskin photographs well?. Would be very grateful if you could recommend any foundations which are photo friendly. Want to avoid the casper effect!. Thanks

I just got this a few weeks ago. Love the coverage–actually picked this over Giorgio Armani! I have dry sensitive skin and this does not make me flakey and covers redness well without feeling heavy. No idea how many foundations I have tried but TONS and this one is the best so far. The MUA matched me with Ivory 10 and I used it for awhile but thought I maybe looked a little masky. I just went back today and a different MUA matched me with the 021 Linen. Quite a difference! I think I may need a bit more color to perfectly match this shade but it makes me look less masky and I can always mix it with the 10:) No dreaded face/neck line with it so I think it’s a keeper shade for spring/summer.

I actually don’t wear foundation, but the other day the counter lady at Dior asked me if I’d like to try this new product. She applied Diorskin Nude with a brush, and my skin looked seriously flawless (it never ever does), and it sort of glowed, I was afraid that it would turn into an oily mess on my combo skin, but after a while it was still as perfect and dewy as before. What I found miraculous is that they actually had the right color for my skin tone. I live in Chile, where the majority of people have yellowish/olive skin tone, and almost every foundation I have tried has made me look like friggin’ Lisa Simpson; Dior successfully matched my pink undertoned skin. =)
I lurved it, and I think I just might buy it…

Hi Christine,
It has been awhile since you reviewed this.. So what is your favorite foundation at the moment? MUFE HD? Guerlain? or This? πŸ˜€ Do you think Dior Nude photographs as well as HD?

Guerlain is my favorite, MUFE HD photographs really well and I’m trying to get *through* the bottle. Guerlain is so $$, it’s my special occasion foundation, lol!

I like Dior nude when I’m having good skin days. Lately, those haven’t been so common!

I do think Nude photographs well, though – HD probably just a touch better since it has a more matte finish.

Oh boy, I am trying really hard to get through my Shu foundation, so I’d feel less guilty having yet another foundation.. But now I feel like I must try Gurlain foundation too!! I must resist Gurlain enabling! I want all of their new shadows though! Hehe

I just purchase this foundation. I wasn’t a member here at the time you reviewed this foundation. I must say that I am really loving it so far. It is so lightweight and the color match is perfect. It gives a nice natural flawless finish. My skin also has an nice glow. I think this just might end my foundation hunt. This could be my HG!!!

Either one – but the Dior is… glowier. It has a dewier look that Sheer Glow doesn’t quite have (which is not matte, but it isn’t as glowy).

theBalm’s Time Balm!

hi cutey,

I hv this foundation for 2 weeks, every time i wear it my friend alway said my face look tanner than usual.
I hv 030 medium beige by advise from sephora girl. I am 118 for MUFE HD and bunjab for Nars.
Should i go exchange to 020 like you. i like foundation that make my face look abit brighter.
I love the finish and how i feel but the color not exactlly match πŸ™

Hi ! I have this foundation and i love it, but i have a huge problem, the Pump doen’t work anymore, i don’t know why O.o so i can’t get product, what can i do? Break the bottle carefully? Hope you can help me πŸ˜€ have a good night

im using shu uemura face architect illuminating moisture foundation in shade 774. i think it’s ok but someone said that its a lil bit dark for me. which shade do you think is suitable for me ?

Just want to add yet another complaint about the DiorSkin Nude pump. Mine quit working with about 1/3 of the bottle left. I jimmied off the top and poured out the product into another container with a tight lid. Hope this works. It’s my favorite foundation ever!! BUT wasting $15 worth of product on broken packaging is completely unacceptable!

this is the best review so far – i have been struggling with the dior color range = and bless you = thank you for explaining it to me. and bless you, i too am NC25 in MAC!!! now i’m on the hunt for linen 021 =)

OMG, I am SO late in the game!!! I read your review before I bought this and saw that you LOVED it. I have to say this is now my HG foundation. I bought 2 bottles just because I’m so afraid they’ll discontinue it! I wish I met this foundation when I was getting married! Perfect color match, light weight, etc, etc- basically everything you said! I’m just so glad you l-o-v-e it too! Thanks for doing this awesome review, Christine!!!

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