Dior – Spring 2008 – Flower Blossom Collection Review

As far as I’m concerned, spring has sprung, because I’m diving head-first into all of the tantalizing spring collections launched. Dior’s Flower Blossom collection is no exception, with its flirty, fun springtime colors in pastels and feminine hues. I haven’t tried everything there is to be had from it, of course, but I played with one of the most gorgeous quints I have ever laid eyes on (Pink May), discovered a gorgeous my-lips-but-better-color im Amber Camera (and Brown Close-Up is surprisingly lovely), found a great lid contour color in Flirty Brown, and a darling pink highlighter in Blooming Pink. I really wish I could have had tried out the Flower Blossom palette, as well as the Spring Bouquet quint. Maybe next time πŸ˜‰

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Pink May is one of Dior’s two quints launching with Flower Blossom, and I have to say, it is just the prettiest thing. The color combination is not only the embodiment of spring, but they make an amazing subtle eye. I found that the shadows were smooth and easy to work with, not at all chalky. There was a definite amount of shimmer in them, though, so those who prefer less frosty shadows may want to check this out in person. I loved the pink the most, but I liked the deeper purple for its richness.

Blooming Pink is an opalescent cool, pale pink that is sure to be a hit for paler skintones, but it makes an awesome brow bone highlighter, as well as a cheek highlighter (hey, I go for a multi-tasking product!). Flirty Brown is a darker neutral shade of brown with a bit of reddish tint to it.

Brown Close-up is such a nice shade of fleshy dark pink, and I think the name is a bit misleading! There really is not much brown–at least not visibly–because it merely tinges the natural lip color and enhances it. Dior lipsticks are smooth, go on easily, and the texture is just fab all around. I find that they last quite awhile as well.

Pink Liberty is part of Dior’s Ultra-Gloss Reflect line, and if you have ever wanted a medium pink gloss without a ton of shimmer nor a shade of bubblegum, this is it. Despite how many pink glosses there are in the beauty world, I find that there are very few that are just that right shade of pink that is universally wearable.

Amber Camera is beyond gorgeous with its perfect combination of reddish pink and glossy finish. I love a lipstick that has its own sense of sheen, because I know that sometimes, a lipstick is all you want. I think this is a fitting color for the spring season, because it isn’t so cool or pale or pastel that it is hard for most skin tones to really pull off. Instead, it is a great shade of a bright pastel pink with subtl eshimmer.

Flower Blossom will be available at your local Dior counter and www.dior.com this Spring.