Did/Would you do your own makeup for your wedding day?

Did/Would you do your own makeup for your wedding day? Share your tips/experiences!

I haven’t decided yet! πŸ™‚ On one hand, it would be one less thing to stress over, but on the other hand, I’m really trying to keep the costs down.

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Definitely. I think it’d be a frivolous expense, but then again, me and my fiance are trying to cut costs as much as possible, to put as much money towards immigration processes.

Congrats again on your engagement, I hope you keep us updated on makeup ideas for the big day!

We are much more about putting money towards things that will last a lifetime πŸ™‚ We want everything to be pretty and memorable, but we don’t think it’s necessary to spend an arm and a leg on it to do so!

Never. Even though I am confident in my abilities I would be too nervous and doubt myself. I would be fine with the extra cost after all it will reflect on the photos and if you look/feel good on that day. I feel like when all the attention is focused on you it is best to be pampered on that day and have someone else take care of your hair/makeup while you sit back and enjoy. To cut back on the cost I would get a friend that I trust and I know does makeup well.

this. i plan on spending more on makeup than on like.. my dress. im going to spend it on just TRYING different artists. im great at makeup but i’d be so worried about screwing up and my ocd would kick in and i would start over and repeat stuff again and again.. i plan to try like a hundred different artists.. i hate anything too natural πŸ˜›

Are you engaged?! Yay!

I don’t have any personal experience, but I’d guess that it would be more stressful to have to effectively communicate your vision to someone than to just do it yourself. It would be different if you weren’t really skilled, but you’re as good as any professional!

I did… twice! It rained so hard on my wedding day that after the ceremony, everything was totally ruined. I had to shower before the reception and reset EVERYTHING. I still think the makeup looked great!

I should have done my own makeup for my wedding day. It looked fine the way the girl did it, but the makeup I did for my engagement photos was better.

Yes. I know how to do my own makeup well enough that it wouldn’t be worth it for me to have it done professionally. Even if I had a freebie, I’m more comfortable doing my own just to prevent “surprises.”

I’ve heard some horror stories about people entrusting their makeup to other folk on their big day. I’d definitely do my own.

The hair, on the other hand… someone else can take care of that, hehe.

i would trust myself to do it. but to me, part of the bridal experience is having like.. handmaidens! so i’m gonna totally spoil myself for my wedding. other people are gonna help me dress, paint my face, do my hair, etc etc. “oh one of you is going to put my shoes on for me? sure!”

Congrats on your engagement!!! I’m so excited for you. Since I was married on the beach in the dead of hot humid summer in FL. I kept my look light. A light touch of foundation, lipgloss and tons of mascara. Thankfully, my skin was free of acne that special day.

Great question! I’m getting married next year, and I still can’t decide if I want to do my own makeup. I think it would be nice to invest in some nice products and do it myself, then I will have them after the wedding. I hope you will do some wedding related makeup posts in the next year πŸ™‚

I am getting married in July 2012 and I decided to do my own makeup. I think this will save me some trouble, because I can practice beforehand and the result will be predictable. Also I can check if the makeup photographs well and choose the right colors. I hope Christine you’ll give us some recommendations regarding how to get the best wedding makeup photos.

Indian Bridal Makeup is wayy too elaborate for me to do it on my own. Plus part of the ritual involves sitting around a fire for a REALLY long time. Im pretty sure even if i did mine well, it would just melt off!! Other functions yes, but not the weddin day itself..

I did. I’ve had my makeup done a few times by professionals and I never really like the way it comes out. I felt more comfortable doing it myself, and the day of the wedding it was one of the few things I felt like I could really control on such a hectic day.

No. That is the fun part to have someone do your makeup and the MUA knows about lighting….how much to apply so one doesnt look garish in certain lights…..This gal I know had the traditional Cambodian wedding and an American white gown wedding….two different makeup artists….both applications were done beautifully catered to the type of wedding outfit she wore….but I dont think the one doing the Cambodian wedding would do a good job with the white wedding gown and vice versa…The bride really had two different looks

NEVER…for one i dont have enough knowledge and experience about makeup for videos and photos and which need to stay perfect for a long time and second i would be a mass of nerves on the big day…i doubt i could keep my hands steady to draw eyeliner..plus the tension of accidentally smearing makeup and removing it ooooh …no chance ,a makeup artist is my choice :).

This is such a tough question because it’s hard to trust anyone with your face on your wedding day unless you know they are really good. I think I am going to have lash extensions put on for my wedding day and I will probably do my own makeup. Its one thing to stress about but at least itd be done how I want it.

i had my wedding last year and i did my own makeup. i thought nobody would know my skin type and face shape better than me plus i have a large collection adjusted to my skin type and skin color (i’m very fair). on your wedding day you want to be yourself and i feel like maybe i wouldn’t if anybody else would do my makeup.

I did my own, I took lessons beforehand and planned and practiced beforehand. It was one less thing to do the day of… That way I didn’t have to drive to one more place. Also that way I was using my own products and was super familiar with how it works best for touchups

Hi Christine πŸ™‚
I did end up doing my own makeup for my wedding and I am soooo happy I did because it was perfect. I went to 3 trials with highly recommended makeup artists in my area but It just didn’t do anything for me. I felt like they did a good job but I had better products and could do a look better on myself. It is hard because every time they picked up another product In my head I knew About the product already and thought ” I tried that before and it’s awful” lol its hard when you know too much about makeup lol

I didnt, i had too many reasons not to
1- it would be too much stressful
2- its better to make someone more proffessional that yourself to do it
3- its fun to see what others think of u and translate it into a makeup
4- who knows, you might end up prettier than what you have planned lol!

I’ve had my make up done professionally a couple times and I always ended up regretting it! It’s not worth the price. I did my own makeup for my wedding – simple eyes and a red lip. A classic and timeless look!

I definitely would! So far, I’ve had nothing but negative experiences with others doing my makeup. I’m kind of a perfectionist, but I do know what flatters me the most.

For the first part of the wedding, a professional make up artist made it -I was thinking same as you about the stress-

After a week for the second part of the wedding (it was like a big crowded party in another city for the groom’s side)I was so stressed during the wedding day but finally I decided to make my make-up , I made also my sisters & sisters in law πŸ™‚ We had a great time while we were trying to make it and I was so relaxed after all.

I actually didn’t do it myself, I went to a profesional salon where they did my hair and makeup, but back then if I was interested and knowledgeable in makeup like these days (thanks to temptalia :)) i will do it my self, because I think if you have good makeup skills you are the best person who knows what do you like and what suits you including knowing well your own features and practicing on your own face almost every day so I think i will be able to do it myself and like it maybe better than when it was done to me by other person.

And by the way CONGRATULATIONS Christine for your engagment, although I was expecting that for you guys I was shocked/excited by the good news πŸ™‚

Um. I dont think I would do it for my wedding day. I’d be too stressed out!! I’d probably ruin my eyeliner thanks to my quaking hands or something. I prefer it if a professional would do my makeup. If there’s something I don’t like, I can always say so.

You’re definitely skilled enough to do your own makeup Christine, plus you would look ‘like you’, how your fiancΓ©e knows and sees you. Congratulations once again :))

I did my own make up for my wedding! I booked an appointment at MAC a couple of weeks out. They put together a look for me, showed me how to do it and I bought a ton of products. I spent more on product then I would have spent hiring a make up artist, but I learned a lot and and still have most of the products I bought so it was well worth it.

I did my own makeup on my wedding day. I also did my two sisters’, my mom’s, and one of my bridesmaid’s makeup. Since I knew how to do it, I didn’t really think it was necessary to get someone to do it. We started hair at 5am, so there was plenty of time to get makeup done as the girls finished with their hair. It was a bit stressful, but in the end I’m glad I did it myself. My ladies looked stunning!

I did my own makeup and it was fine. The trick is to practice ahead of time. That way you can do it even when you’re nervous. This is normally my advice for the truly budget-crunched.

I did, and I really don’t regret it. I didn’t have much time, so it was a little stressful, but if I had to add one more appointment in my schedule, I would probably have had to get up at 4 am!
I kept it simple and soft, because it’s the best way not the ruin everything at the last minute because you’re too excited, and I also wanted to look fresh and natural.

So I worked on the complexion a lot, but kept the eyes and lips very simple: 2 colors on the eyes, a duochrome light pink and a dark gray, the dark shade on the outer corner and crease (both Bourjois) ; and a natural pink long lasting liquid lipstick (Kiko).

On my face, I used Stila one step corrector primer, MAC studio finish concealer, YSL Touche Eclat, Caron loose powder on the T zone for a medium coverage, and Guerlain MΓ©tΓ©orites in Mythic. As a blusher and highlighter, I used Guerlain Blush G Serie Noire.

I had a LOT of compliments on my flawless skin and also my simple but romantic eye look.

You can see a picture here:

Congratulations, Christine!! So excited for the both of you πŸ™‚ My sister’s getting married in July 2012, so I’ve been helping her a bit with the plans – so exciting!

I would probably have my makeup done – I like the idea of being pampered a little bit on my wedding day, and this is one of those little pamperings I’d like to do. I’d rather do my own nails to save money than do my own makeup – especially since most wedding photos will focus on my face and not my nails! I’m confident in my own makeup application abilities, but whenever I get my makeup done it always seems to be just slightly better than when I do it myself. But that’s just my experience! If you’re getting someone else to do it though, I would certainly have a test run prior to the day with the specific artist; that way you can see what it’s going to look like.

Congrats again!

I’m pretty good with makeup (if i d say so myself), however I really didn’t want the stress of ding it myself. BIG MISTAKE, the wedding started 20 minutes late because I have to pretty much redo it myself. I got my makeup done by Mac, I kept emphasizing that It was my wedding day and that I was a freelance makeup artist myself, and yet they stuck me with a trainee that knew nothing. I told her that I want studio fix fluid in nc15 just to speed things up so she wouldn’t have to ‘match’ me herself. She grabbed the nc50 and I was like….woah! She said, “oh I misheard you, I just figured you were going to get fake tan”.

She forgot to use an eye primer of any kind, thankfully it didn’t crease. Also she took 30 minutes doing my false eyelashes. AAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!

Haha, yeah, highly possibly! I don’t want to look unlike myself for my big day, and I have an icking suspicion that local (Belgian) makeup artists wouldn’t know how to deal with my features very well. That and yeah, it’ll cost next to nothing.

So when is your big day??? Were your family exhilarated when you told them about the engagement? xx

I would absolutely do my own makeup, but I am not sure I’ll ever have a wedding day (my boyfriend and I aren’t really worried about that right now or in the foreseeable future) I am going to be attempting makeup for my friend on her wedding day in July and am super nervous. I don’t really like working on other people, they’re too squirmy, lol.

I did my own. I thought about getting it done professionally, but I knew that ultimately, I would not be happy with someone else’s work. I wanted to showcase my own! However, my hair was a different story. I suck at doing my own hair, so hiring a hairdresser for the day was a no-brainer!

I wouldn’t, simply because I’d be way too stressed out to even be able to think about it! Whenever I get married, I know that’s the one thing I’m insisting on – having my makeup done!!

I did my own, but I did try out some things with Sephora artists ahead of time. I decided against a professional after one of the Sephora ladies “scoffed” at my wanting a “natural” look. (I’m pretty sure my husband knows what I look like.)

I did, it wasn’t stressful at all! Looking back at photos, my technique has improved a lot since my wedding three years ago, so I kind of wish i knew then what I do now. But i don’t regret it. I looked great and would do it again

i did my own makeup for my wedding. i took the money i would spend on having it done and bought products that would last all day and photograph nicely instead. win win for me, since i got more makeup out of the deal πŸ™‚ no regrets at all!

I did my own after a Bobbi Brow MUA walked me through it (and I bought a bunch of the items). It turned out amazingly well in photographs so I’d definitely do it again if I ever remarried.

I think I would work out the perfect make-up with a makeup artist, I trust. So I can practice before and can test, how long the look lasts, which is an important fact. I believe I don’t want to worry about my makeup on that day and I want to look like myself, but better.

I did, and now that I’ve seen the pictures, I would haven’t had it any other way! One the one hand, I saved money by not hiring a makeup artist, but on the other… I bought all new products for my wedding day look and spent about what I think it would have cost for the service. πŸ™‚

I wanted a look that was pretty and timeless but relatively natural – something that looked like me, but taken up a few notches. I also wanted to take the guesswork out the whole process by having someone else collaborate on the look with me. I buy my skincare and foundation from Clinique so that’s where I headed (with my most beauty-conscious bridesmaid in tow) and where I ultimately bought the products I used. For reference, I’m NW15/Acne Solutions Fresh Alabaster with blue eyes and blonde hair. Briefly, we did the Pink Chocolates quad on eyes with a subtly smoked out crease, dark brown liner, waterproof mascara, Quick Blush in In a Rush Blush (gorgeous shade, and easy to tote for touch-ups!), and Vitamin C Lip Smoothie in Strawberry Bliss over a rose-toned liner. It was really gorgeous, and I still have and wear all the products I used! I think that Clinique sometimes gets overlooked but their products are pretty fab for the price point and honestly, MUCH better than I had remembered.

I wish I had a picture of the look to share here, but we just got married on November 5th and haven’t gotten the digitals yet. Also? She took over 850 pictures so choosing just one might kill me, hah!

I did and am glad to have done it. I did use a hair stylist at the resort and wish I had not. I think the thing to remember is you want to look like you, even on your wedding day.

I did. Planning/practicing my wedding makeup a couple of years ago started my makeup addiction. I know more tips/tricks now, but I’m still proud of what I did.

I didn’t do my own makeup on my wedding day, and was thankful I didn’t! The MAC artist I chose did a beautiful job, and I couldn’t have felt prettier.

Although im hoping to be a qualified makeup artist by the time i get married, I would rather pay for someone to do my makeup, i just feel as though its my day, so im going to pamper myself as much as possible.

Yes I did it. I never thought of someone else doing my makeup since I’ve been into makeup since I was 15 and I got married at 24. I planned what colors to use, I have brown eyes and used some plums/neutrals, my bouquet was all shades of pink from baby pink to hot pink so it was perfect, at least in my opinion. I received lots of compliments on my makeup and I felt beautiful that day! πŸ™‚

I did my own makeup for my wedding day, I know what I like the best and how I like it done so I went ahead and did a natural looking face, and I love how my pictures and I looked for my special day

I wouldnt. Even though I have tons of knowledge on products I still always like the results wayyyy better when someone else does it (as long as I like the makeup they’re wearing, I should be okay lol)! I would be very open to taking lessons and then doing it myself. However, I’m fairly certain I’d want to be pampered on my big day.

Absolutely not. I’m pretty good myself and in the years until I get married my skills will be better, but I do not trust myself to do it right and make it look perfect, because I’m never 100% happy with my makeup (mostly eye makeup) anyway, even when it’s just to the mall or dinner or something.

I would like to think that I could relax and let someone else take care of something like that on my big day but I think I am too much of a control freak!

Also… as a makeup artist who has done many weddings it is sometimes stressful for me knowing I am doing the face of what is hopefully this woman’s only wedding day and although my work is always received well I can only imagine being on the other side!

I did, frankly, we’re poor. Our wedding was shoestring and we only had immediate family. My sincere interest in makeup has only cropped up since our wedding 2 years ago, but I think my makeup looks ok in pictures, and my skin was miraculously pretty clear leading up to our wedding day so I can’t complain. I wish I had ponied up for a hair stylist though!

No, I hired a makeup artist because I wanted airbrush makeup. I was (and still am!) confident in my own abilities, but it was nice to be pampered πŸ™‚ A trial was included in the price, so I had no worries about the MUA’s abilities.

Yes I did my own for my wedding day, it was very low key we got married on the london eye and I had a very strong opinion that I wanted to look like me on my wedding day so I did my own hair and makeup. I used Mac foundation and concealer, Guerlain eyeshadow quad in Mysterious Butterfly, Bobbi Brown gel eyeliner and lipstick in peony and then a simple blush ( I think I used a l’oreal mineral one) and lashings of max factor waterproof mascara.
The best btw were shopping for the makeup I wanted and then being able to practice until I was happy and confident. I then of course still had al the products for touch ups throughout the day and I could add a little more liner and smoke out the eyes a bit more for the evening.
Apart from marrying my husband it was the best decision I made about the day πŸ™‚

I did my own makeup for my wedding this past July, and I did my mother’s and helped with my bridesmaids as well. Far from being stressful, this was one of the most memorable moments of the day. While doing my makeup, I thought about all the moments when Andre had told me I was beautiful. Every occasion where I did my makeup before meeting up with him… all those special moments. A makeup artist wouldn’t have known that Andre seems to notice the colour of my eyes more when I wear a certain shadow…or that his jaw dropped when I showed up with a certain lip colour. Being able to incorporate makeup elements that had meaning and memories attached to them made everything more special….and I knew that my husband would think I was the most beautiful person in the world on the day of our wedding.

I opted to have my makeup done despite always doing my own makeup and still being on a budget. I cut out others things in the wedding that I deemed unnecessary, such as a limo, when were driving to a hotel a mile away. I don’t regret it at all because I didn’t have to worry about having a steady hand and she did my hair and many of my attendants and family members hair too. I highly recommend weddingwire.com for finding vendors in your area. I went with a Best of 2010 award winner and she did a fantastic job. She was so good that my sister-in-law who had a 20 hour flight home to Kuala Lumpur Malaysia from Florida still had perfect hair when she arrived home!

Chances are I’d do my own makeup, but that is because I am so not having a typical white wedding. πŸ˜› My dress would give a bridal MUA a heart attack!
If I had to have someone do my makeup, it would be one of my drag queen buds.

i’m a makeup artist for MAC PH – but somehow i think i’d prefer it if one of my other artist friends would do my makeup on my wedding day.. πŸ™‚

i think i probably would. don’t want all my years of messing with makeup and my gigantic collection to go to waste! plus i’ll put my faith in trial and error and make sure i pick something that photographs well. it’s all about preparation i think!

Oh, I didn’t realize you were engaged. Congratulations!

It depends on what I’d want done. If I decided to go for something simpler, I’d probably do it myself. But if I decided to go for something more intense, like a complex smokey eye, I’d probably book an artist.

I did my own makeup on my wedding day and I think it came out looking very well. I practiced what I was going to do for almost a month before the big day and I had every thing down, even knowing how long I could go in between touch ups and such before I started to look oily. If you’re good at doing makeup, and you can’t afford or don’t want to pay a makeup artist, go ahead and do it yourself!

First of all, congrats (again :p) Christine! πŸ˜€ I may change my mind by then because I’m not getting married any time soon, heck, I’m single πŸ˜› But I’d rather do it myself, I’m pretty particular about the way I like my makeup to look and feel when it’s on. It might be my OCD but I think I’d probably more stressed out if I had someone else do it and it didn’t come out the way I had it envisioned it (even though I know makeup artists do tests, but regardless).

If I were you and I had your mad makeup skills, I would totally feel comfortable doing my own makeup for the wedding! Shoot, I kind of wish I could just hire you to do mine if I ever ever get married haha. I feel like I’ve gotten much better at doing makeup that lasts this past year… but I’m not sure any of my makeup looks would be dance-sweat-proof πŸ˜›

I did my own makeup for my wedding day, and it was a great decision. i didnt trust anyone else with my face on such a special day! i’ve seen too many brides come out looking so fake and with bad makeup…round blush circles on their cheeks, crooked eyeliner! i knew my bridesmaids were there for me if my hands weren’t steady enough, but it turned out they were. i did my mom’s makeup and my own, and we looked awesome. and, it served the benefit of keeping me busy and distracting me from the nerves. with your knowledge and skill – i’d say go for it!! one rec – transfer proof lipcolor! i used maybelline superstay and it was perfect the whole night! no lipstick on the hubby – there’s lots of kissing! πŸ˜‰

I think I’d rather have a close friend do it for me (assuming said friend is good with makeup,) I’d probably be too nervous and shaky to do it myself.
So you know, best of both worlds, no worries or or extra expenses.

I would, definitely. I did my sister’s makeup for her wedding and portraits. She never even considered hiring someone for that, as we did everything except the ceremony photography ourselves… I even did her portrait photography!

For myself, even if money was no object I’d be wary of having someone else do my makeup. I know what I like, and what my skin likes, and have plenty of my own makeup. Even with plenty of pre-wedding consultation I’d be worried I’d end up with something I didn’t like, especially since I’d prefer NOT to have the more neutral look that seems to be a wedding standard.

I did! I figured with the stash I have, and the skills I’ve built up, it would be silly to pay a makeup artist. I wanted to look like myself at my wedding, and I obviously do my own makeup every day. I also ended up doing part of the makeup on my mother-in-law and two bridesmaids!

I am a professional makeup artist so I wanted to do my own hair and makeup on my big day but I have to say if I had let someone else do it I would have been able to sit back and relax for a bit, on what was a very hectic day. I was really pleased with the results though so I can’t really complain, can I???

I did my own. It saved money, and I got to choose exactly the look I wanted. πŸ™‚ I can definitely see why others might not want to, but for me it was actually less of a hassle to do it myself because I didn’t have to worry about how to get a makeup artist to the location/how the timing should go/etc. I did my maid of honour’s makeup, too. It was fun!

Yes, I did do my own makeup for my wedding day. I didn’t have the money to pay to get it done. It was nearly 20 years ago…I think people were more likely to do it themselves back then. It was easy. I think women should look like themselves for their wedding day, and wear simple makeup, but that’s just my personal opinion.

Christine, I don’t know if you remember me but I’ve met you several times at various events (used to work at MAC Oakridge), and have since relocated to the Sacramento area, but I just adore you and have for years, so I’d love to offer you my professional services as a wedding gift! If you’d ever be interested, just shoot me an email :)I would absolutely love to work with you!

perfect timing for this question! I am actually going to be doing my future sister-in-law’s makeup this Saturday for her wedding! (Yes she’s getting married on NYE lol!). As for myself, I think I will do my own makeup for my wedding day, just because my skin is sensitive, breaks out at many things, and I am probably going to be really picky about it!

I plan on doing my own makeup (November next year) for our wedding and I already have an idea of the products I plan to use – Dior Crush Glow quint, Chanel Rouge Allure Incognito or Confidentielle lipstick or maybe Guerlain Gems, not sure on the blush yet, maybe Rouge G…

I haven’t checked your blog for a couple of weeks, what with finishing work a week before Christmas and only just buying a new laptop today so I assume from the comments so far, that Shaun proposed (or maybe you did!)… either way, congratulations to you both on your engagement!
I’ve decided to only get as stressed as I choose to be, and when something goes wrong (as it inevitably will) it won’t be enough of an issue to stop me marrying my HoneyBee, which is, of course, the most important part!

All the very best wishes and I hope you both have a great time planning your wedding πŸ™‚

I did my own makeup for our engagement shots and my wedding. Since I have the whole pale skin thing going on I did red lips ( make up for ever aqua lip liner in bright red (forgot the color#) and Mac viva Glam 1 on the lips with a Smokey brown eyes so it would turn out well in pictures. My mother had her makeup done on my wedding day and I just had the mia put on my false lashes and do a quiick airbrush foundation because everyday I onyx use a bit of concealer and matte translucent powder. I felt good being in control.

Sorry for writing so much!

I think it really depends. I’m a makeup artist also, but I think that day can be SUPER stressful and I’ll keep trying to make everything perfect and stress myself out more. When this day comes for me, I’ll just have one of my fabulous makeup artists friends do it and I won’t stress. Lucky having makeup artists friends πŸ˜‰

I did do my own makeup for my wedding in 2002. I’ve also done makeup for other family members (nieces) for their weddings and everyone said it looked pretty. Even though, technically, I am not a “makeup artist”, I felt comfortable doing my own as I know what I like.

My fiance and I are in the process of planning our wedding and I definitely plan to do my own makeup. I feel like I want to look like a more polished version of myself rather than looking very different, so I’m not sure I could trust anyone else to do it quite right! Saving money is a bonus because getting married is expensive enough already.We’re trying to keep the cost of the wedding reasonable so we can spend more on our future life together, which at the end of the day matters most, getting married is just the beginning after all

This is too funny, I read through this thread yesterday, and last night I had a nightmare that I was having my makeup done professionally for prom! None of the people doing my makeup could get it right, I kept getting handed off to different artists, and they were all running very late! So I guess I’ll have to go with yes, I’ll probably just do it myself if and when the time comes, to avoid any further stress dreams!

I’m a professional makeup artist who specializes in Bridal hair and makeup and I chose not to do my own. I’m always doing everyone else’s makeup every single weekend so when it came to my wedding, I wanted to get the royal treatment. My fellow hair stylist and makeup artist, who are also some of my best friends, did my hair and makeup for me and for the entire bridal party. Though they did not charge me, I still paid them for the entire wedding party. I had my hair and makeup kit on deck just in case we were running behind and they couldn’t finish the other girls.

Oh heck no. I never thought my makeup looked good in photos and didn’t trust myself to do it well for the wedding. Went to the local department stores, had a few people do a trial to see if I liked anything, ended up going with a lovely lady at the Chanel counter who did an excellent job on my wedding day. Understated, came out looking natural and beautiful in the pictures, and wasn’t thick enough in real life to make me uncomfortable.

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