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We hope you'll consider supporting Temptalia by shopping through our links below. Thanks!

I am a member of an Internet forum challenge whereby we try to be no buy on those items we already have a stash of and a low buy on items we really need. I also like watching pan that palette blogs on You Tube and am determined this year to pan my MUA Undressed palette. Have treated myself to one subscription box though just so that I get something new to try each month.

Hey, I love your’s, and I hope you get to do that, too!
Mine are as follows;
1.)ALWAYS read reviews, especially yours because they are refreshingly honest, BEFORE buying the latest release or even an oldie, because that can be $$$ saved!
2.) And I will try to be more open minded concerning a manufacturer having something ugly in their past, be the ultimate deciding factor in whether or not I’ll buy from them. And hopefully, it really is in the past, and not ongoing! UNLESS of course it’s constantly poor quality products or unethical business practices, ie;LC.
3.) From here on in, be more selective and only buy something if it’s really different from what I already own. In other words: carefully curate my stash.

I wouldn’t call them resolutions exactly. My goal is to spend less money on beauty products this year as last year I spent WAY too much. I am going to do my best to resist most of the new collections unless there is a product that I don’t have, is a very different color from what I currently have or the formula is just so amazing that I need to have it. Also my goal is to use up/hit pan on lots of products, which I started doing earlier this week by only using the same products to do my makeup this week.

I didn’t write any down this year but I am going to continue what I have done the past 2 years, which is:
Keep it organized
Rotate the stash
Buy quality, not quantity
Purge (older items in stash) as needed

Happy New Year! 😀

Yes, to use more of what I have. I’m really good about this with skincare, hair and body products but not always with makeup. I invested and indulged in 2015 and want to enjoy what I bought.

Yes, I’m a no buy (or a low buy if I can’t totally make it) till March. I need to use more all the things I already have, save money for other things and enjoy my birthday shopping more once it’s March!

To make less frivolous beauty purchases, i.e., to just buy what I need, and to return items that I don’t need or that didn’t work out for me.

1. Use up my samples–I have drawers full!
2. Finish up skincare I’ve started–no more pots of creme with 1/4 left, etc.
3. Pitch stuff I don’t like. Life is too short to spend it using stinking body lotion, clumpy mascara, and not-quite-right makeup shades
4. Pare down my massive accumulation to a well-organized, well-thought-out collection

Use what I own before I buy more. I’m sure I could go over two years without needing much in the way of skincare, and the rest of my life without needing more makeup (except for the pesky going off thing).

Well my resolution WAS to buy less makeup/skincare and to use up my existing stash, but with all the shiny pretty new things coming out in spring 2016 , I give up. Resistance is futile!

NARS, Dior, Chanel, and Tom Ford are all coming out with great spring collections, and UD is launching a new palette. And that’s only some of the brands! Bye-bye money bye-bye

Oh, you don’t say! I’m going broke!

Can’t wait for Nars and Urban Decay’s!! Haven’t really tried Tom Ford Beauty before but I’ve heard so many great things about it!

Not really but if I were to make one it would be to buy less makeup. There’s very little I really need and I need my money for other more important things such as bills and saving for uni/a deposit for a flat/etc. ?

Yes. To not miss out on the “good stuff”. If I want something coming out in the future, I need to properly save for its launch. I want a 100% unregrettable, no hesitation beauty purchasing year.

I went through my stash.
I figure I have enough make up for at least 3 yrs.
I resolve to not buy any makeup this year & use what I have before it gets too old & unusable.
This is going to be rough, y’all!

Bibi, that’s exactly how I feel, too! Like I really do have way to much to ever use it up within, say, 5 years. Or more. It has become ridiculous! At 56 y.o., I may not get to use *everything* up!

Based on my inventory count and what i used up in 2015, I figure I had 8 to 9 years of make up! Doing the inventory count helped me not buy in 2015 and I hope to continue that and put a serious dent in my stash. Good luck to you!

I want to use up some stuff before experimenting with newer things. That includes lotions, hand creams, and lip balms, and also big-ticket items like perfume and Becca.


I don’t think I made a formal resolution, but I think I hope to 1. stop buying new releases when I deep inside know they won’t be great for me and 2. check in on how things wear more, so as to be better informed on how primer, or shadow or blush or foundation is *actually* doing in specific conditions.

Get back into wearing full face makeup on a regular basis. I’ve literally spent the last year wearing nothing but cream eyeshadow, lip gloss, and concealer.

I decided not to make New Year resolutions this time because every time I do, I fail spectacularly. I’m pretty sure I’m jinxed when it comes to that.
Anyway, I just want to use my palettes more and try my best not to buy new ones, unless it’s something truly amazing.

Yes, definitely! I want to use up more make up items before I purchase more items. Especially lipgloss. I plan to use what’s in my stash since I stocked up during the holidays.

I’m going on a no-buy January through at least March. I will only buy if I run out of all categories of a beauty product. Starting in April planning of allowing myself one purchase a month through September. October through December up to 3 purchases a month. I looked over my past purchases and 80% of what I buy is in the last 3 months of the year.

Good for you – I find a planned beauty budget works really well also. I know what you mean about the last 3 months of the year – when the holiday sets start rolling out, it’s dizzying with the onslaught of all the glam and glitter and collections.

Regarding makeup use:
I want to start using a basket for the week and shop my stash for what to use for the week. This way I can rotate better through my 50+ eye palettes and 200+ lip products and give it all some love.

My resolution is to use the wonderful products that I have instead of buying the newest pretty thing that turns my head. I’m on a three month no buy to help me focus on my current stock.

I’m going to nail winged liner and try to get false lashes down finally.
Also, my stash is still a mess. I need to get it organized. I get overwelmed every time I start! So, That is a biggie to that needs to be done ASAP.

I’m going to explore the possibility of working with makeup — see if I can get part-time work selling makeup, look into the possibility of going to school to get an esthetician’s license. I need a change from taking care of older people with dementia depression, and I want to do something creative. Hopefully there’s some kind of a market for older makeup artists (I’ll turn 60 this year).

To buy a LOT less! I’d love to do like, just one item per month. I bought a ton of makeup this year, so the good thing at least about that is that it should be hard to really justify new purchases against all my dupes. I can be super choosey, with help from Temptalia! 🙂

Spend more on the charities I believe in than makeup. Already started w/ Little Paws Dachshund Rescue. The others will be primarily animal related. Limit new acqs significantly. More/massive depotting. More stash rotation, more pruning. Brushes in lieu of m/u. My wish list and direction have changed substantially, as I age. Work on muted acqs. Spend on healthcare, rather than m/u, e.g. glasses or gym. More on skincare and less on color products. I have enough stash until I die. Seriously. No apeshit stalking of LE offerings. Anybody my age that signs out of work and drives an hour to a dedicated MAC store should have her head examined. (for Rocky Horror). Yeah, I’ll probably do that, too. Haven’t been to the psychopharm MD in 5 years. Don’t think he wears m/u. Replace, rather than expand. Spend on an adopted sibling for Jussi, rather than on my face.

Preach!!! Yeah, I sometimes believe I’ve lost my mind too, when it comes to m.u.! Like I need an intervention. Seriously. At 56, 57 in March, how am I ever going to use all this up?

My main goal is to start wearing the makeup I like on a regular and public basis. I’m the kind of person that likes to use weird highlighter colors (my current fave is NYX mermaid prismatic eyeshadow on my pale skin) and do extreme eye looks but I’m always too timid to wear it outside. If I like it, I might as well get use out of it!

I’ll be shopping my stash, throwing out items that are over the hill, and generally streamlining and downsizing.

I’ll also be working on my facial skin via dietary refinements and pH balanced products.

Two really:
1) Drink more water and try to eat as many superfoods as possible every DAY: blueberries, oats, broccoli, salmon, avocados, apples, carrots…………………..
2) Make a table with best products of each skincare, makeup, haircare etc of every brand…. ( day 2 in the year and I have already a list of 150 brands…. and growing)

Like so many, and already reported, buying ban on makeup and clothes. Clothes is probably my own idea though. It’s not a new year resolution, more of some common sense.
My one new year resolution was/is to use face masks a lot more, I’m really lazy and it always feel so good, and hopefully does good too.

Buy less makeup! I have too much and I need to use what I already have. I need to realize I don’t need everything I see. I don’t even go out that often to wear makeup so why buy so much? I’m going to buy a few more necessities and that’s it!! I’m going to deal with what I have and be satisfied with that. 🙂

I actually did! I made a calendar & am doing a “Brand of the Week” project. I don’t have to use that brand exclusively – but I do intend to focus my looks on the items I own within that brand for the week.

Christine – you are the Queen of Reviews – just make sure you don’t exhaust yourself – that is my wish for you!
My beauty resolutions are: to make sure I love all my eye shadow palettes this year, purchase wisely and throw out my old purchases – a good cull.

I didn’t buy anything in 2015 (unless I ran out) and hope to continue this for 2016. I also have picked out 55 products to use up in 2016 as part of the 2016 Make Up Use Up Tag. Wish me luck! ♥ Elle

I have decided this will be the year that I UU A lot of my nail colours and lip products as these are the two make up items I have in real abundance. I have decided to earmark very old lip products and mini nail lacquers first so this month have pulled out OPI Bubble Bath and Radiant lipgloss by Smashbix. I also want to pan my MUA Undressed palette. I have hit major pan on three colours.

I’ve already been trying to buy only things I need, or unique shades and its been going well the last few months. But I need to rotate through my stash better, I often get stuck in a rut due to time constraints, I need a better system to start using everything I have. And if I don’t ever want to use it, get rid of it. I’d also like to experiment with highlighters, though I’m super pale so I don’t know how much they are “for me”.

Of course thats the one I’ve been eyeing the most! But it sounds so great maybe I’m better off just buying it instead of experimenting with a bunch of others!

It is definitely a great highlighter to start with, especially for fair skin because it is a good in-between pink and silver. Plus it doesn’t have sparkles so it’s perfect for everyday wear (see swatches below with another highlighter I have). Lastly, you can go for both a light or strong highlight with the appropriate tools…and it’s permanent 😉 !


Dont buy anything at all until the visa is paid off !!
I need to keep telling myself there is nothing I need that I don’t already have .
And I should use more , I have tons of everything so I could be wearing a full face everyday , eyeliner , brow pencil , powder , gel . Line the lips use lipstick , gloss .. Ect ect

Like in 2015 I bought some new vanish with the sale and won’t during do it again before next year. Same with highlighter (God helps me, I fell in love with it in 2015!lol), blush or lip products… ok let’s say with all kind of make up.

I’ve been on a make up rampage last year and I want to focus on using up and enjoy what I have. I already hit pan on a few eyeshadow -or soon will- and powder 😀

I am so badly addicted to every new beauty and skin care line that comes out.. I have enough of beauty product to last me another 10 yrs or so. I am very organized with all my makeup and I usually go through it at least 1x a month. I also give my 3 granddaughter who love makeup alot of my stuff too. What also doesn’t help is the fact I live 15 minutes from Sephora and Ultra. So now I am going to try and not buy anything until March or April. But I don’t think this will be possible, especially since the spring line will be out real soon, and temptation is too good . Oh well I look at it as I could have a worse addiction. Happy New Year to everyone. And I love this site.

Happy New Year Christine and everyone! I’m going to try real hard not to buy things because they are pretty knowing full well I won’t use them. : )

I have decided not to make any makeup purchase till spring,also I want to use up or rather hit pan on atleast one makeup item…I did a lot of purchases last year so now is time to use up

Stick to my routine. Buy only what I need when I am running out of my favourites (1 BB cream, 1 concealer & 1 blush). I buy just once a year when Sephora has the $15 promotion for BIs. My purchases last for a year and sometimes even longer (blush).

I also do the same with skin care. Just got Fresh Seaberry Oil and a simple sunscreen and once those run out, only then will I replace it.

I plan on enjoying what I have even more than I did last year by continuing my good habits. 1. Keep shopping my stash.
2. Use whatever I feel drawn to the most so I’m actually doing quality checks on what I do have in stock.
3. Have fun with my looks and come up with combos I haven’t tried before.
4. If there is something I may need to get more of make a plan and save up for what I really want. I don’t do mediocre anything.

My goal is to start using my clarisonic again. I had a bad experience the first time. I’d like to try a different brush head this time. Another goal is to start using my opal again. I need to finish organizing everything. I also need to start taking care of my neck.

Well the biggest resolution is to buy considerably less makeup and only buy good quality, no point in investing in something that i think it is not worth it this necesitates a lot of research on my part :D. And second would be to rotate what i have in order to finish up the products 🙂 I added great stuff in 2015 it is time to fully enjoy them.
looking forward to 2016 and to new reviews from you Christine :* hugs from DK

2015 was an abundance of makeup shopping for me. Im on a three month no buy (except skincare) to really use and explore what I have. I’ve cancelled Ipsy and only kept my morphe monthly brushes subscription.

I have just counted my skin- and bodycarestash and decided to use everything up before repurchasing. I have enough for, I guess, a year!

I am resolving to attempt to reserve my spending for makeup, as I have so much already and am putting most of my funds towards my wedding this September. I am also going to try to pull the trigger faster on the products that I absolutely cannot live without, and will return them if they don’t pan out as opposed to debating for so long that I miss out on them. Also vowing to master a smoky eye that doesn’t look like a bruise, winged liner and lashes like Nicole suggested!!!

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