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I’m still technically in my “teens” (19) but I’m out of high school. So YES I have them and still do! I thought they’d at least lessen as I got older but it hasn’t. Maybe a few more years….

Wait a few more years! Mine has gotten much better, starting around 22-23 (I’m 25 now). I still have 1-2 spots active at a time, but it is MUCH better than the face full I used to have. Just keep up with your routine, wait, and it will get better : )

i had fantastic skin when i was a teenager up until about a year ago and i’ve been dealing with blemishes ever since… it’s calmed down a bit, so hopefully they’ll be going away soon. i’m optimistic, at least πŸ™‚

Differin takes a *long* time before you start seeing results…and your acne can get way worse before it gets better! I’m just seeing results after a couple months…

I was very fortunate to have inherited my mother’s genes for porcelain skin — never had zits as a teenager and only occasionally have one pop up if I’m under extraordinary stress.

Unfortunately, my skin comes at a price. It is ultra sensitive to most skin care products, sun exposure causes hives, and I’m allergic to the emulsifiers that bind SPF to moisturizers. That said I have to live like a bat, but my complexion is beautiful. You’d never know by looking at me that I’m in my 40s because I avoid the sun at all costs.

It sucks having to buy 8 different skin care products to get my needs met and winding up with chemical burns every time I try a new product that gets rave reviews that my skin won’t tolerate. I am grateful to have my complexion though.

Fortunatley, no teen acne but nos I get occasional adult acne so I use a neostrata compound and differin (actual vs. Generic) and clyndoxyl gel for spot/specific area treatment. Maybe I will have to try blue light therapy?! (Tanda?!). I wish there were products besides Accutane to actually treat acne, rather than long term maintenance and management.

Yes, My acne started in highschool. I dealt with cystic acne for years trying everything I could to stop it. Everyone told me was just hormones. When I was 27 I finally started self-testing for food allergies and found out my acne was an allergic reaction to dairy. As soon as I stopped eating dairy my acne cleared within a week. But to this day if I eat any dairy I breakout within 48hrs. Giving up dairy was the best thing I ever did for my skin.

Oh god, this sounds so familiar.. my bf has really bad acne (also cystic) and he’s in his late 20’s, and he drinks milk and eats cheese like crazy.

He’s been to a few doctors and tried different medication but nothing worked up until now. I hope giving up dairy does the trick for him too, thanks for sharing!

I’m 25. Benzac 2.5% has worked for me. It doesnt get rid of acne immediately but it’s the best product Ive ever tried. MY SKIN IS SUPER SENSITIVE AND ITS SOOO OILY. Its a nightmare.

I’ve also tried tetracycline and IT REALLY CLEARED UP MY SKIN. Its kinda expensive though =( and Ive never liked pills… thats why I dont take those pills anymore.

Good luck!

I might get one or two acne in my T-zone area while I was a teen, but now (I’m 22) I have acnes around my chin area. And they come pretty frequently which sucks!

I AM one, lol, aaand sort of. Before I got into skincare I would get the occasional break-out, and my skin was overall not very healthy, but now I never, ever get breakouts. Besides a random pimple appearing and disappearing within a few days a couple weeks ago, I haven’t had one in AGES. And I’m not even that religious with my skincare XD

Yes, I did. It took me till the age of 21 to find my HG acne fighting ingredient: Tea Tree Oil! I’ve tried a couple different tea tree face washes and they all work fantastic. The Body Shop has a good one but right now I am using one called Dessert Essence. I purchased it at a health food store.

i have it now… really badly too. i have pcos which is cysts on the ovaries which causes reallly bad acne so im going on birth control to level the hormones from pcos and accutane too. oh lord

I didn’t have acne as a teenager, but now, I’m 34 and have 2 childeren I have!!! I can’t find the right skincare… all acne-products are for very (young) oily skin and I have normal to dry skin…

I am blessed to have pretty good skin in that I dont really breakout, I do get the occasional pimple or two , but nothing too major

Christine, are you still using Strobe under your makeup daily? It’s pretty common for people who do that to have issues with their skin. Strobe Cream was originally meant to be for effect only (read: used for special occasions, photoshoots) only the MAC staff forgets to tell people that. I had tons of clients who told me one they stopped using it so often, their skin cleared-up. Just a thought…
Kisses to Mellan!

I didn’t have acne when I was a teenager, but got it when I started university. Stress makes my acne worse. I tried a lot of different treatments, but they only work as long as I use them.
I recently got a tip to use green clay and my skin has never been better!

OMG. Ive tried a lot of different treatments as well and nothing has worked permanently . I will use green clay since you highly recommend it =)

I used Differin as a teenager and I found it worked very well! I used it along with something else and I now hardley ever experience breakouts!

No, I got it when I was 22, and I suffered for 5 years, because the doctors gave me some salve only. I wish I had known not to accept a treatment for symptoms, but the cause.

No I did not. It is only in my mid twenties that I can maybe remember 1 or 2 zits on my forehead. I have always considered myself lucky with my clear skin. (though it is quite dry during the winter)

I’m still waiting for my pimply skin to just GO AWAY! I remember learning that zits meant skin that looked less wrinkly over time but that’s what moisturizer is for and I’d rather have wrinkles I can plump up with moisture than scars that are too hard to cover. grrrr

i started differin two months ago and it really has made a difference!! it took about 6 weeks to show effects but it is definitely noticeable. The only problem i find is that it can be drying. Good luck!!

I’m 21 and have acne problem areas….and it’s frustrating, so this year I
going to the dermatologist

I’ve had acne since I was 10/11 and I’m in my 30’s. I’m extremely cautious of ingredients in facial products including makeup. No liquid or cream foundations. I take a quality vitamin, drink a lot of water, no dairy except yogurt due to the hormones. I use an asprin toner daily.

Yes! Lots! But as soon as I got on the pill it diminished significantly. I did use products for it but nothing really worked. I still have some blackhead and stuff of course, since my skin is oily.

I did get facial whiteheads as a teenager. I’m in my late teens now and it’s gone from my face. I never used any acne products when I had facial acne. Now I get acne on my chest during summer. I was prescribed an acne bar soap for that.

I got acne early around the fifth grade. It was terrible in middle school. But by my sophomore year of high school, it was pretty much entirely gone. Once in a while I have a breakout but for the most part I consider myself lucky!

I was just thinking about this, this morning – because I think the LM Translucent loose powder I’m trying out is making me break out! I didn’t have many skin problems as a teen, but at 25 when I went of BCP for a while, my skin went haywire! I’m back on a good BCP that is working for me, and for a while was taking abx every day (I know, not the best idea – I’ve since phased them out). So, (knock on wood) my skin is like 95% good on most days. Although I do need something to brighten my skintone…any recs? πŸ™‚

I had back acne too until I found out that panthenol, found in many shampoos and conditioners, causes back acne for many people. (Pantene and almost all regular hair care products have this ingredient.) I changed my shampoo and conditioner and have never had back acne again.

Maybe check your shampoo and conditioner and see if eliminating panthenol helps, if you have not tried that already.

uggggh I’m dealing w this now at 29, mild acne since I stopped taking birth control (trying to get pregnant within the next two years). My face is a mess! my derm put me on finacea and a low dose antibiotic. I mostly break out around my period but still get little bumps in between whereas before I had smooth skin. I swear by my clarisonic and always wash any makeup off my face at night. I also wash my face and body with Aveeno’s Clear Complexion Cleansing Bar for Acne (it has salicylic acid in it but does not dry out your skin)

I suffered with it as a teenager and now I still do as an adult. The only thing that can really treat acne is retinol (increases cell turnover so zits can’t “root” themselves). Retinol is in Differin, Retin-A and other acne medications. Any retinol prescribed to me was too strong and caused severe inflammation and peeling so I use any over the counter anti-wrinkle cream that has retinol in it. Gets rid of acne and small wrinkles too!

Fortunately, I only had very minor acne as a teen and so my skin is now smooth and scar-free. Unfortunately, though, i have lots of blackheads on my nose, but i keep those under control by using Neutragena foaming scrub and occasionally Biore pore strips. six months ago i started experiencing adult acne out of the blue and it sucked! in the past few weeks it’s receded and i hope it was a random event and doesn’t come back!

I did, but not like I get it now. Oh my gosh is it bad! It seems somewhere between 25 and 30 things started to go all wonky on me. Thanks to you, I’ve been using Renee Rouleau’s Anti-Cyst Treatment which seems to be helping me quite a bit in that area. But I’m also on Solodyn, Spironolactone and Tazorac. My doctor may put me on Accutain because he’s just so fed up with seeing little improvement with my flare ups. But given my age (nearly 32) my hubs is pressuring me for a kid and so I don’t know what I’m going to do. It’s a nightmare!

Styrch- if your Acne is bad i would discuss with my Husband about using Accutance. I suffered for 10 years with hyperpigmentation and bad acne and now my skin is as smooth as a baby. It seems that your derm is prescribing the same meds i was on..I started on Solodyn for a month, then I switched to Accutane twice a day with Spironolactone, and Atalin Gel..that combo worked a miracle in my life. U can begin your kid thing one month after being off the Accutane.

I did have bad acne (is there any other kind?) as a teenager and it didn’t completely go away until I started on the pill. After that it was incredible skin on none to little work. Last year I took a break from it and had a trully horrible explosion of acne, including infection and all those goood things. πŸ™ I started on the full Uriage line for acneic skin and some antibiotic (for the infection) and in 2/3 months got it under control again. I also went back on the pill faster than you can say acne! lol I’m now on another try out for a “pill vacation” and so far so good. I recently did a Darphin facial and oh. my. god what a difference! I looked like I had done a microdermoabrasion plus filler injections. It is very expensive, but so far totally worth it!

I didn’t have a problem with acne when I was young, but did get adult onset cystic acne in my mid 20s. I went through a round of Accutane that kept me acne free for about 6 months, and mostly zit free for another 6 months. I am now on generic Retin A, birth control, and use BHA which is working pretty well. I am glad I did the Accutane, I rarely get more than one zit at a time, which is a vast improvement.

I used Differin, too, when I was in my twenties and it helped, without the irritation of stronger retinol products. I also used a mild oral antibiotic for flareups and regular extractions and exfoliation. Neutrogena anti-acne body wash helped tremendously with stripping sunscreen off at the end of the day so that I could use it without a reaction. In my late 20s, suddenly, my skin got super-dry, as in showers every other day in the winter or severe consequences!

BEST ACNE TIP: Don’t treat your skin like a construction zone!!! Use gentle products on your face.
I’m 17, and for the most part my acne has completely cleared up. It was slightly moderate when I was younger. I used birth control, and Tazorac, and when I would break out badly, I’d do doryx antibiotic to make it go away. Great stuff. Also eating healthy, changing your pillowcase often are all good supplements.

I’m fortunate enough not to have acne during my teens, just an occasional zit around my PMS. I did experience cystic acne last year when I had poly cystic ovaries but it all cleared up when I took hormone replacement therapy.

I was lucky when I was in my teens and had only the occasional spot on the forehead or chin. But two years ago I had to take medicine containing cortisone and suddenly got acne. Luckily I don’t have to take it anymore and my skin is now normal again.

My acne actually got worse in my 20’s & 30’s, it’s hormonally driven and I only break out certain times of the month.
I handle it by using a 2.5% benzoyl peroxide solution which works as well as stronger solutions but isn’t as drying. I also use Differin but it seems to help more with keeping my skin looking fresh (not dull and flakey) by helping cell turn-over.

I get cystic acne on my chin about once every 4 months…I can’t figure out why it so sporadic! I use Proactiv and it seems to help. I think they are mostly due to stress. I am considering going to the Derm to get an oral medication to hopefully keep them away for good!

Since I was 12 or 13, I have the occasional really big pimple or two. It was worse when I was in high school (maybe 4 or 5 zits at once), but now I’m in my mid-20s and I just get one or 2 at a time every couple months.

I never broke out when I was a teenager or even during college. I rarely even washed my face and still had perfect skin! (Gross, I know.) Once I started law school, I started breaking out like crazy on my cheeks and jaw. I thought it was stress, but I’m done with school now, and while philosophy skincare has helped a LOT, my skin is still bad. I realized that I’d switched to Seasonale right around the beginning of law school too, so I think it’s hormonal, not stress.

I’m switching to Yaz as soon as I’m done with this round of Seasonale – I hope it helps!

I had acne as a teenager but it got worse after 20. I tried a lot of things then finally accutane. I’m so happy I did. It was a long, pain in the butt choice of therapy but it seems to have worked! For me it was a last resort.

I am 42 and just got over one of the worst breakouts I have had in years!! I had to go off my medication due to my primary care doctors recommendation. I had taken accutane 2x with great results but its been years….minocycline and solodyn……the clarisonic has helped i believe in my age treatments but the acne battle is neverending. i am not talking pimples either…i am cursed with cysts!

I still get acne, and I’m 31! It’s not bad, but I have a zit or two at least once a month. Mostly, it’s hormones. I mean, I know I have young skin, but for Pete’s sake! :p

I have never had any problems with my skin as a teenager.In fact my skin used to be perfect. Then at the age of 21 or so I gained about 20 pounds :'( and I have some blemishes ever since … My blemishes aren’t too bad, only 1 or 2 every once in a while but for someone who is used to perfect skin it’s a biggie lol … I am not sure if it’s reletad to my weight gain,I didn’t become over weight but from 105 pounds I went up to 125 … Im still considered normal weight but I was skinny as a teen.

Had it in my teens but it went crazy now that I’m an adult. I used BenzaClin and believe it or not, I’m considered too ‘old’ for Differin so my doc has to write a, “Yes she NEEDS Differin so give it to her” note every year. So long as I keep my face clean at night (I’m lazy about taking off my makeup), use facial washes with glycolic acid and keep up with the acne meds, I’m okay. So far so good.

FYI, brands like Murad acne and others don’t do squat for me. Philosophy Purity, Olay acne wash, Olay regenerist serum plus my prescription meds keep me clear.

On the bright side, I’ve been told I age very slowly. I just turned 40 but I look 30. And more often than not I get asked for ID.

It started having cystic acne in my teens and I still have it… πŸ™
Unfortunately, it runs in the family; I inherited my dad’s skin.

I’ve used oral antibiotics and benzoylperoxide gel in 5 and 10% and I took Diane35 (birtcontrol pill with benefits for acne skin). Besides that, I tried every over-the-counter product but nothing really helped in the long run. Currently I’m on the Clinique Anti Blemish Solutions regime and it seems to control the worst parts.

By covering my face with a plastic bag thats how! lol. I was unfortunately cursed with acne for about four years back in my early teens but thankfully since than I’ve discovered how a gentle moisturiser every morning and evening and a regular moisturising routine can help!

I’m 24 and I’ve had acne since I was 9. I went on Accutane two years ago which greatly cleared things up. Now I use a variety of Lush products ( 9 to 5 cleanser/ Tea Tree spray/ Grease Lighting/Enzymion) to keep things under control.

I didn’t have much of a problem with acne as a teenager. (I’d get a pimple every now and then.) I developed a problem when I was about 25 or 26. I’d get 2 or 3 painful ones near the corners of my mouth and sometimes near my nose. I couldn’t use Proactive or benzoyl peroxide because they would turn my skin bright red, so I’d try to sooth and calm them down w/ tea tree oil. The dermatologist gave me Differin, which didn’t work for me, and then I tried the Murad acne system. It was the only one that was gentle enough for my skin. I also went on the pill because my acne would always flare up at that time of the month. Aside from the painful zits, the worst part was the red marks the acne would leave behind. They take forever to fade and they’re hard to cover up. πŸ™

Yes, and I still do at age 22! When I was a teen my parents took me to several dermatologists, who prescribed me all sorts of pills and topical treatments and even light/laser therapy but none of it seemed to work. Finally one day in college when I ran out of milk I noticed that my skin cleared up. I’ve read some articles online about how cystic acne along the chin/jawline (exactly what I had) is mostly hormonal and a lot of cow’s milk has added hormones. I don’t know if that is the true cause or not but my advice is to modify your diet to see if it’s something internal causing the problem.

I had really good skin until I hit my thirties and my hormones went haywire. I struggled for a little over a decade with constant breakouts and ridiculously oily skin. I tried various acne-fighting kits from L’Oreal, Neutrogena, and Philosophy, as well as The Body Shop’s Tea Tree Oil line, before finally realizing that all of the products I was piling on were irritating my skin, causing more breakouts and increased oiliness. Oy.

I finally had enough, and asked my doctor for a prescription for Retin-A. I also started taking Biotin supplements, and scaled way back on the number of skincare products I use. I also stopped wearing mineral foundations, which were exacerbating my complexion issues. Within a month, my skin was clear and I no longer looked like I’d just had a close encounter with the Exxon Valdez. I still have oily skin and get the occasional zit, but my complexion is in very good shape these days.

I will say that the one advantage of having oily skin, is that I have no wrinkles and look much younger than my age. I’m forty-five and everyone thinks I’m thirty! πŸ˜€

Oh, l yes. I did every cream and antibiotic known to mankind. Nothing ever really worked till Accutane. It didn’t work perfectly, but now at least the acne is manageable now. I control it with Benzaclin now, the stuff is amazing πŸ™‚ Now if I could just find something for acne scars…

I find that facials that include salicylic helps with the scars. Mine are not completely gone but it has faded enough that foundation can easily hide it.

Oh yeah! And I had it until I was 23 and took Accutane. The acne I had after the age of 18 was worse than the acne I had in high school.

Through junior high I had the worst acne, tried all sorts of perscriptions and creams and when I was 14-15 my doctor put me on birth control to control the hormonal issues that cause teen acne and it cleared up the acne caused by hormones. I would still get a few breakouts so I started using Cliniques 3-step system and I love it. The only time I break out is if I use a makeup product that doesn’t agree with my face (Smashbox Photofinish Primer). The consistency in routine helps me see what products are causing the break out very easily, so I only try one new product at a time aswell so I can stop using it as soon as I notice a break out!

Yes, and I used Accutane, which dramatically cleared my skin. I didn’t have any problems with Accutane back then. I got on it when I was about 16, which was 15 years ago. Since then Accutane has supposedly caused problems for people.

I had some acne in high school, but it blew up into really horrible cystic acne in college. I was on doxycycline for years, tried minocycline (actually developed medication-related lupus due to it), tried Retin-A and Benzaclin, Proactiv, none of it worked at all. I finally went on Accutane for 6 months and have been acne-free for the two years since then. The results were really fantastic, I have perfect skin now, but if I had it to do all over again I’d think seriously about taking the Accutane. It can have some serious side effects, and the reports about it being linked to colon disease are scary.

I’ve always struggled with acne, my silver bullet was clindamycin gel; it’s a clear anti-bacterial gel that doesn’t dry me out. In fact I think it improves my skin beyond just getting rid of the zits! It was recommended to me by my gyno, of all people, years after I’d given up on prescriptions as a waste of money.

I had pretty oily skin as a teen but was fortunate not to have acne. Sure I’d get the occasional pimple, but it was easily covered with makeup. However, I did get minor acne in my early 20’s. Nothing major or cystic but it was frustrating being that I was an adult. I used Proactive and that cleared it up and it’s been fine ever since. I am now 33 and have dry skin…LOL. I’d rather deal with dry skin than pimples though!

I have always had a problem with it, and still at 21 I’m constantly having problems. In fact, I think it’s gotten worse as I’ve gotten older. I have such oily skin, that I doubt I will ever be free of it. I’ll find something that seems to help, and then after a couple of weeks it starts getting bad again. At this point, it might take a miracle.

I had it then and still have it now at 27. Most times I can keep it in check. I am using the Clean and Clear acne system now. I usually switch items every year or so because my skin becomes used to the products. The only other items I’ve used that worked really well are Mary Kay Timewise, Mary Kay Velocity, and St. Ives Apricot Scrub.

I had quite bad acne as a teenager, but no cysts, and no scars from it. I’m in my early 40s now, and I still break out and have noticeably oily skin. I use topical erythromycin to deal with breakouts. One plus – the oil sort of helps smooth out fine lines, and I think oily-skinned people have an advantage as they age. I need to be careful about which makeup I use, especially foundation; some of it really seems to clog my pores. Many sunscreens seem to do the same thing.

I’m 17 and I get acne once every while but I get WHITEHEADS most of all! Ugh! Practically everyday there is a new white head! It’s so annoying!

My teenage acne, while it felt awful then, is nothing compared to the hormonal acne I started getting at 30. I have been on everything people have mentioned in these comments, but they all either made my eczema flare up, or gave me chemical burns. Antibiotics make me very sick as well.

I started using, thanks to Temptalia, Renee Rouleau’s products and things are much better. They do consult with you over email so I have been going back and forth to tweak my system. I still break out, but much less, and I think if I keep working with them, we will get the correct system for me. This is the only time a skincare line has not made my skin peel off, which is great!

As another person commented, Renee’s Anti-Cyst treatment is amazing and so is her Night Time Spot treatment.

I had occasional acne as a teen, and even during my college years, but it went away naturally.. now I’d still get acne whenever I’m stressed out or due to pms, but they fade out and I’ll just work on lightening the acne marks. I’m pretty much loyal to skincare with AHA and BHA, and I recently tried Neutrogena, which works really well in making my skintone more even.

Not in highschool, no. Though, now is a completely different story. My skin doesn’t react to the washes like it used, and I’m having trouble finding a moisturiser that doesn’t leave my skin greasy after half an hour. On the plus side, I’m blessed with skin that doesn’t scar easily.

Ummm…Yes, it was bad, really bad but thank goodness it was not cystic acne, unfortunately, I wore a lot of liquid foundation to try to cover it but it only made my acne worse. When I went to college and could no longer afford my Estee Lauder foundation, my skin cleared up and although I have a break out every now and again, I am happy to report that my “pepperoni pizza face” days are in my distant, distant, distant past.

all natural & organic products!!!!!
“never put anything on your skin that you wouldn’t put in your body”

our skin should be seen like a sponge instead of a barrier, so everything that we are trying to fight our troubles with are actually causing our problems to worsen

BEST PRODUCTS out there come from nature!

*MANUKA HONEY (miracle product, you can use it as a mask & as a spot treatment, aim for +UMF of 15 or higher… it lasts FOREVER, use as a mask once/twice a week, and everyday if needed as spot treatment…)

i work as a model & don’t naturally have great skin (not genetically blessed like some of them:) ), i have to treat it kindly, DRINK buckloads of water, sleep a good 7.5-8 hours a night, take multi-vitmains, fish oils & have been vegan for 8 years (for environmental & health reasons)

best advice. treat your body like gold & be gentle with yourself. Live a happy, green and healthy life

k….here’s a long one :/
From high school until now (im 22) ive dealt with variant forms of acne but the worst was just a year ago when it was so bad and destroyed my self-esteem. im now holding on to makeup as my only vice for being feminine. In the past I’ve used Proactiv, Murad, Neutrogena, Clean&Clear, asian remedies (weird and disgusting “cleansing” drinks), Dr. Wexler, and whatever was in the bathroom at the time, but this was when my acne was very mild (tiny colorless bumps on my forehead or chin). When the acne got worse about a year ago, it started with an experiment with Philosophy (On A Clear Day) kit, which broke me out like crazyyy. I went to the doctor and they gave me antibiotics, which didn’t help, I tried Clinique’s 3-Step system which made my face turn from dry to oily. I ventured into the Bliss skincare line for a bit but it didn’t make a difference. So I wanted to give up and just got Cetaphil from my local Target store and just waited til it was over. It wasn’t as bad as before but still enough to keep me from trying to look my best. Then I tried one more thing which was the newly formulated Proactiv and honestly…it worked after a week. I wanted to be one of those and say “I noticed results after a week” and I finally got to! So I’ve been on it for a month now and it’s starting to lose it’s “umph.” My skin is better than before but I’ll still be searching for the right products…perhaps dermalogica?

I’d say go back to the doctor. They can change your antibiotics, and/or give you something topical. The topical antibiotic that changed my life is called “Aknemycin.” Ask your derm for an Rx, and if they haven’t heard of it (its not a commonly used drug), ask them to look it up. Stay away from liquid foundations and any skin care products that are heavily scented, as the added perfumes could be adding to your infection. If all else fails, try mixing a little bit of baking soda mixed with enough water to make a paste and using it as an exfoliating mask/scrub. Massage it into your skin gently and leave it on for no longer than 5 minutes and then rise. Baking soda is a natural cleansing and disinfecting agent and can greatly help your skin. If you can tolerate it, do this process a few times a week or every other day and if necessary you can follow up with a bit of apple cider vinegar on a cotton ball applied like a toner to help balance out your skin’s PH.

I had terrible acne that started at around 10 yrs old and got worse as I got older-I finally visited a dermatologist and went on Accutane about 5 yrs ago, which truly saved my skin. I had nodular acne that had spread to my chest and back, it was painful, embarassing and made me feel absolutely ugly. Now, at 28, I still get breakouts every now and then and my once oil-free post-Accutane skin has become oily again, but thanks to my Clarisonic, oil cleanser, Biotin, weekly skin-care masks, Zeno acne treatment and a new devotion to keeping a regular skin care routine, my skin is at it’s best! I must admit that I truly do miss the days when I took Accutane and it made my skin truly matte and smooth. People used to ask e me if I was in love! But I also DO NOT miss the constant blood tests, eczema,liver enzyme/cholesterol screening,giving up cheese/constantly eating Cheerios, pregnancy tests and the neverending search for a good facial moisturizer to quench my skins thirst. And now I have perma-dry lips. But it was worth it and I wish I had gone on the drug sooner.

I am still a teenager and I used to have awful acne. It was these big red bumps on my forehead that couldnt really be covered up with makeup and that couldnt be popped either. I tried differin, tons of different face washes, and all sorts of medicated creams and none of them worked. so one day i just gave up with all of the soaps and treatments and just washed off my makeup in the shower before bed with water only. my skin was clearer the next day, so i kept just using water. now i have great skin and i have the easiest skin care regimen ever! to anyone struggling badly with acne who has tried everything, i would recommend giving up all products for a week and just using water. it probably wont work for everybody but its worth a try.

I’m trying this right now, and I will say I am seeing some improvements so far (I’ve tried a few times, but would always give up quickly, and usually used a washcloth soon after to exfoliate and would break out more). How did you go about washing with water? Just splashing your face? Or did you rub your skin down? Use warm water, hot water, cold? I’m really looking for some inspiration I guess from others, and more personal stories!

Sigh, I’m 20 and I still get occasional zits, but they have majorly died down since high school. I actually have clear skin now half the time, with some acne scars though.

I’m 17 right now and I break out so bad! It’s really sad and I feel like it ruins me. I hope it goes away when I’m in my 20’s cause it seems to get better then. AHHHH.

Yes, but not THAT bad. Like a couple pimples at the time plus a lot of blackheads.
Today, I get a few pimples a month and I’m still struggling with blackheads..

Yes I did! But it took a turn for the worst right after my 18th b-day. It became cystic and painful, and began around my jaw line. Within weeks, it’d spread up to my cheeks and the rest of my face. My face was hot to the touch and not one part of it was smooth. The acne cysts were huge, some as big as pennies in diameter, and of course they were swollen and painful. I looked like an alien, it was terrible! I finally dealt with it by going to a dermatologist who explained to me that at 18 or so, hormonal changes cause your body to not be able to fight certain types of bacteria as well, that my acne was basically a giant bacterial infection in my skin. She gave me an oral antibiotic, an Rx for various topical antibiotic and BP cremes as well. She also told me to buy an antibiotic OTC cleanser that has since been discontinued. Finally, she told me to quit wearing liquid foundation and buy Mac Studio fix Powder for my makeup, as it will not cause further breakouts. That was 14 years ago, and what started my obsession with Macs! As for my acne, it was gone within 4 weeks and to this day, I use an oral and the same topical antibiotic she prescribed to keep my skin clear.

The best thing I ever did was go on isotretinoin (Accutane). That is a miracle drug and I seriously suggest that anyone with acne to go on it. My face is smooth, and I suffered from acne for years. I never had really bad acne (mostly mild to moderate), and it was never cystic, but it was just unresponsive to other treatments. Accutane is expensive if you don’t have medical insurance (like I would have to pay $500 a month, but I only pay $4), it’s worth it. Please try it and I think you will be amazed!!

Turn 20 on the 12th, and still breaking out. I was pretty clear until this past summer, and have broken out badly since. I’m currently giving not cleansing a try. In fact, I’m not using any skincare, body care (except for antiperspirant), or hair care products, just water. Washing my face every night by rubbing my wet face down with wet hands to help break down sebum. I’ve been doing it for less than a week, although before this I went about a week washing with a washcloth daily, which broke me out (and irritated my skin, I was super flaky the whole time!) I tried this in the summer, but I didn’t wash at all, partially because I was too sick to even shower, let alone wash my face. And my inflamed acne healed waaaay faster.

Medications just irritate my skin. I didn’t develop acne until I started using skincare products and makeup, so I’m thinking most of my acne is due to ingredients and irritation, not from hormones or genetics, so I am hopeful this works. If anyone has had success, I’d love to hear your story!

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