How do you decide what to purchase from your wish list?

How do you decide what to purchase from your wish list? Share your method to the madness!

First, I like to prioritize – usually in regards to what will sell out if I wait too long. From there, I would look at how similar it was to other shades I have and weigh how often I wear that type of shade – the less frequently I wear it now, the less likely I need another one.

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I don’t buy much anymore because I am broke, but when I do, I generally just buy whatever I need the most. Like my next purchase will be a new foundation brush (followed by pretty much an entire new set of brushes.. they are getting super frayed).

I’m completely impulsive, so I’ll have a list of things I want to try that are permanent, but unless there’s a sale or something I usually only my limited edition product or new formulas, etc.

I hate buying foundations/powders/brushes… even though I love them when they’re new!

I usually consider price as welll as usability of the product. If I think it i will use it frequently so i dont wait and go ahead with the purchase.. else it all depends on the budget i have and how pretty the product looks.. 😀

I ask myself different questions like: Do I need this product? Will I use it often? Are there similar formulars, shades in my collection? How often do I use them? Is it just a hyped product by bloggers and youtubers? Do I still need the product 3 month later? Is there any benefit for me? It it worth the money?

With such simple questions I came to the conclusion, that I do not need to buy concealers (hardly use them), red or bold or nude lipsticks (have enough and don’t wear them that often), I have enough eye shadows, I don’t need more blushes, shimmer hightlighters or non-black, non-gray khole liners (hardly use them or I stick to the same 2, 3 shades I love). This saves me some money over the last year, which I can use for other things.

If something from my wish list is on sale, thats probably when I’ll get it! I’ll also consider what I’ll use the most at that time, for example if its summer I like matte, lightweight foundations so the next foundation on my wish list right now is Benefit’s Big Easy.

If a product is LE or not is a factor (there is always that “urgency” when I know something I really want or actually “need” might be gone soon). The only things that go on my wish list are items I’ve seen reviewed and which I know perform well. Then the deciding factors are things like sales/gift-with-purchase or other specials to induce me to buy or getting close to running out of a similar item. Of course, if I have a cash “windfall” or there’s a “gift” type event coming up (birthday, Mothers’ Day), and someone wants to know what to get me, I’ll gently suggest something from my wish list.

If there is any question in my mind whether I truly want an item, I play a waiting game. I frequently and spontaneously add many items to wishlists only to pare that list down, usually drastically, over time. I evaluate how similar the product is to others in my stash and read reviews. If an item hangs in my wishlist for a long time without purchase, I end up cutting it. Conversely, some items get the boot fairly quickly as I determine it isn’t necessary or I have plenty covering that territory already . Items I really want and for which I have previously read reviews, I tend to purchase within a short time frame especially if they are part of an LE collection.

I generally tend to buy something I know I will use right away. Like if it’s summer I will get some of the bright colors I have been coveting, etc. If a sale is going on (like Sephora VIB) I will opt for a bigger purchase.

I follow temptalias list of A n A plus items n then once I zero them I see it on different skin tones n different screen resolution …
this helps me decide what would look good on my skin tone n then I divide them accordingly …
like I am over lipstick n eyeshadow palette phase n now I want good base makeup …
so m adding more base makeup in my current to buy list …

And in my case 80 percent times its online shopping so I need a blog I can rely on 🙂

I wish I were nearly as logical as you are! I tend to purchase whatever I desire the most from my wishlist, which doesn’t always correlate to what I need the most.

I like to look at what I need the most (like if I’m low on foundation, moisturizer, etc.). For other items I grab them if they sell out super quick. It also depends on the feature I’ve been wanting to emphasize the most lately, like recently I’ve been wanting to improve my skin, so I’ve been purchasing some nice skin care items.

I take note of how many times I *would have* used it if I had it, say over a week. Like, if I’m thinking about purchasing a bb cream, I note how many times in the week that I actually had an itch to wear it. At the same time, I’m thinking about if I have something that performs a similar function and how much the wishlist item would actually “improve” this function in a very noticeable way.

If it passes this phase, I start imagining how long it would take me to use the item up completely. If it’s a new gel eyeliner, it will take more than a year. A stick eyeliner, 3-4 months. A lipstick… like 3 years. Etc. I also think about how long it would take me to use up given my current stock of similar items. If I don’t want to commit to using it up in the allotted time, it fails this test.

Finally, I get into the nitty gritty of thoroughly analyzing the product — seeing it in person, swatching, testing, reading reviews to an excessive degree.

If the wishlist item passes all that, I start patrolling websites and waiting for discounts for the ultimate purchase. If I don’t get a good deal, I still won’t purchase.

It’s a really drawn out process and it very rarely leads to a purchase. When a wishlist item fails any of the above steps, I sit back and let the endorphins rush in that it’s one less thing to worry about and I saved money 🙂

Oh man, I have this whole weird system that goes on in my head, haha. Usually I’ll go online and fill up my basket with anything that I want. Then I’ll go back later and start eliminating things. If something is LE that I really want, I’ll get that first. Then I go by what I use most. If something is permanent that I really want, I’ll wait until I have some extra funds or a coupon to use. For example, Ulta sent me my 20% coupon that I’m going to use toward the Naked 3 palette – I resisted the urge to get it when it first came out, because I have tons of neutrals and knew that I’d be able to get it w the coupon later on.

I have my list prioritized (ATM, it’s just NARS shadows & Multiples), so I check eBay first, buy from my “Top Picks” list first, then I check the prices for others. If I find something less than 1/2 retail price, I’ll grab it. Also, I hate ordering online from retailer’s sites (shipping takes so long), so if there are several items I can only get online, I make sure it’s a sizeable order. I also plan to take advantage of Sephora’s sale this weekend, and pick up a few things, then I’m done for a while…

I also prioritize. Limited edition is always at the top of my list. I hate having skipper’s remorse lol. Then if I have the extra funds I’ll tackle everything else based on how much I really want and will use it. I’m trying to work on my impulse buying now that I’m paying my own tuition

1( What I need – skin care and either a base or tinted moisturizer with SPF, lip gloss that doesn’t sting. Those are my needs.
2) After that, whatever suits my active lifestyle and what takes me out of my comfort zone without being scary.

I consider LE And sell-outs first as well as how much money I’m wanting to spend and what I can’t live without 🙂

I use to just buy,buy,buy.. But now i tend to get what I’m low on or need to replenish first. Then I’ll purchase directly from my list like what was on the list the longest and go down.. But now I need to get my powders,concealer, and setting spray so the lust will wait until I’ve completed the things I’m in need of. No need in buying more blush/lipstick if I don’t have the basics of makeup like foundation.

I generally list LE I may be interested first, then sort it by price, dupeability, and wearability. There are some items that sit on my list forever because I’m waiting to use up another product (foundation, concealer, etc.) or because I’m not so passionately in need of them that I can wait until the F&F or Sephora sales hit. For example, while red lipstick is generally my calling card, I have over fifty shades to choose from, so anything permanent obviously isn’t something I need to rush out to buy. 😛 (The exception is if I find out it’s being discontinued or reformulated…*sobs at lost chance at Chanel Rouge Noir*)

I’ll prioritise something that’s limited edition, or something that comes from a brand that’s on sale/having a deal/having a GWP.

Generally speaking, my wishlist only ever has two or three things on it that I’m really *really* keen to get a hold of.

right now i need brushes but i havent sat down to do my research yet. what i really need is face wash, i know what i like and what works for me i just like sales and discount codes

I separate by categories: product that is LE and I want it so much, products I really need or need a backup or a substitute ex: a new powder cause there´s too many hiting pan in my collection, and at last, new products I want to try out.

It usually depends on availability, price and what I would use the most; for example, I tend to buy eyeshadows and lipsticks more often than anything else because I wear different ones every day. Since I’m not sure when new stuff will arrive in Mexico, sometimes products in my wishlist sit there for a long time, so I do have to go back to check it whenever I know I´ll be doing some shopping. However, if an item is LE or if it´s absolutely love at first sight, my radar will be on from the moment something catches my eye until I’m able to see it in person!
It was fun reading everyone’s comments!

I would say I prioritize by need, usage, availability then whim (just to have it). Thankfully the ‘Do I Really, really need it” question snaps me back to reality pretty easily.

I try to only buy what I need. Like if I really want to try a new moisturizer I wait until my current one runs out. I also have a bad habit of “IT’S LIMITED EDITION! IF I DON’T BUY IT NOW I’LL NEVER BE ABLE TO AGAIN!” shopping. I try not to buy things I have dupes for in my collection unless it’s a frosted medium taupe eyeshadow or a peach blush.

I usually weigh my gut feeling (how badly I want it) against the price point and my budget, then consider how much I will actually use it. Even if something is LE, first and foremost it has to tick all the boxes. Example: I purchased 2 of the Aqualillies for Tarte Palette because it’s a full-faced look in one palette, the shades are all flattering on my skin tone, and I use it often enough to justify getting a back-up. Meanwhile, I’m going to skip the Too Faced Chocolate Bar Palette (though it’s been on my wishlist since it launched) because the colors are easily dupe-able, the packaging seems a bit bulky to me, and it’s expensive even with the 15% off sale at Sephora.

Other considerations: whether I already own a similar product, similar color, whether I would actually use it or find it too pretty to defile and end up “collecting” it. I try not to get very many collectors pieces since I know like I’m essentially wasting money haha. One last thing is that I prioritize things for the complexion over all others. If there’s a skincare item, foundation, or concealer on my wishlist I’ll definitely buy from that category before picking up another eyeshadow or blush.

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